The Top 10 Best Dog Beds Furniture of 2017

Making sure that your dog is comfortable and secure when they sleep is an important thing for us pet owners. It’s also particularly helpful finding a good dog bed for the purpose of trying to keep them off your own bed or sofa. There are so many types of dog beds and furniture on the market, so we have helped narrow down your search by reviewing the top 10 ones that are worth your money.

First Things First – Why Should You Have A Dog Bed For Your Dog?

It benefits your dog’s physique

Older and bigger dogs often have problems with their hips, joints, and skeletons in general and it is extremely important for them to have a place where they can rest. A dog bed offers great support to your dog in a way no old rug or blanket can. If you have ever spent a night sleeping in a thin sleeping bag on a hard floor, then you probably know how your dog feels. Sleeping in the bed is something people take for granted but is something your dog will appreciate every day. If your dog has a place where he can sleep and call his own, it will help him feel more secure too.

It keeps your dog cool/warm

You probably don’t pay attention to this because most dog owners think that their pet’s fur is enough to keep them insulated. The truth is, your dog feels every atmospheric change – they certainly feel the warm floor during the summer and the cool floor during the winter. All of that can cause discomfort to your four-legged friend and it might even lead to health problems, especially if your dog is older and more prone to problems with his health. Having a dog bed will greatly reduce the risks of potential health problems.

It will save your furniture

Most people don’t allow their dogs on furniture and dogs do usually respect that deal. At least while someone is there watching them. When you leave your dog inside your home alone, he probably rushes right onto your furniture as soon as you close the door. Dogs don’t like to sleep on the hard floor and when they don’t have any alternative, it is inevitable that they will hop on your furniture. This way, your furniture can end up getting destroyed from sagging, fraying and breaking. You can avoid that problem by buying your dog a proper dog bed. This way you can save your furniture from disaster, dog hair and keep your dog happy at the same time.

10 Kinds of Dog Beds to Choose From

There are basically 10 different types of dog beds that you can choose from:

Standard Dog Beds

The most popular type out there. A standard dog bed looks like a simple cushion with no edges or rims and comes in all possible sizes and shapes. Aside from the different shapes that you can choose from, these beds also come in a variety of materials (flannel, denim, faux suede) and often come with a foam padding or a polyester filling.

Nest Dog Beds

These are almost the same as the standard dog beds. The only difference is that they come with raised edges. The shape of a nest dog bed can be compared to the shape of a sofa with the rims surrounding the whole bed or sometimes just part of it. A nest dog bed is a great choice for dogs that love curling up.

Donut Dog Beds

Probably the coziest type of all. The donut bed looks similar to the nest dog bed with the raised edge that is perfect for curling up and sinking in. A donut bed is usually oval and super soft and fluffy. Dogs usually love them, especially the ones that love to curl up and get cozy. They might not be the best choice for old dogs though – since all the plush makes getting in and out of them a bit more difficult than other beds.

Orthopedic Dog Beds

Speaking of older dogs, an orthopedic bed is definitely the best choice for them. These are unbelievably comfortable and especially designed for dogs with arthritis, other orthopedic problems or just exhausted older dogs. They provide extra support and put less stress on your dog’s joints.

Kennel Dog Beds

Those are beds especially designed to fit kennels and dog crates of different sizes and shapes, so if your dog spends a lot of time in a kennel / crate, you might want to consider getting a bed like this. They are comfortable, handy and easy to clean.

Raised Dog Beds

Just as the name suggests, a raised dog bed is a bed that looks like a sofa and is raised from the floor. They look nice, come in different sizes and shapes and keep a distance between the cold floor and your dog.

Covered Dog Beds

These cozy beds look like tents and provide great plush retreat for your dog. They’re the best choice for smaller dog breeds, but dogs of all sizes do love them. They can be made entirely of plush bedding or can consist of a dog bed placed inside a rigid house.

Heated Dog Beds

Best for dogs with joint pain, a heated bed will give your dog some extra warmth. They work like a heating pad or electric blanket and are very therapeutic.

Cooling Dog Beds

Opposite to the heated bed, a cooling bed will give your dog some extra coolness. If your dog loves laying on the cold floor to cool down, this might be a great choice.

Top 10 Best Dog Beds & Furniture of 2017

10. Ombré Swirl Dog/Cat Pet Bed

Ombre Swirl Dog/Cat Pet Bed

This pet bed is available in seven different sizes ranging from 18 inches to 48 inches, and it will fit your dog no matter what breed it is. It is also available in three colors which are all neutral and will go well with just about any home decor. You can fit this bed into a crate or it also works well by itself.

This bed is made from soft synthetic fur and have a non-skid bottom surface – this way you can put them on hardwood and tile floors. It is pretty easy to clean as it is machine washable.

  • 100% washable
  • Soft and fluffy
  • Durable and lasts long

  • Can flattens out over time
  • No removable cover

9. Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed With Knitted Knitted Fabric

Coolaroo Elevated Pet Bed with Knitted Fabric

This dog bed is available in five different sizes and is perfect for dogs of all sizes. You can also choose from 4 different colors to match the décor in your home. This bed elevates your dog more than 7 inches off the ground and keeps it cool with the increased air flow. Your dog will be more comfortable because of the low impact areas to a dog’s pressure points and joints. The fabric is made of highly breathable polyethylene fabric that can help eliminate hot spots.

This bed is resistant to fleas, mites, mold, and mildew. It’s easy to maintain and wash and the steel frame is strong but lightweight. It is also pretty portable and can be used both outdoors and indoors.

  • Works great with dogs who have joint problems
  • Does not move around as long as your dog calmly gets up and off of it
  • Steel frame is designed to be durable and sturdy
  • Easily portable and lightweight

  • Might stretch and sag over time
  • Can be a little hard to assemble

8. MidWest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats

Midwest Deluxe Bolster Pet Bed for Dogs & Cats

Choose from 8 different sizes for this pet bed and from 5 different colors and materials. The bed fits in dog crates, can be put in carriers and pet houses and can also work as a stand-alone. Your dog will feel comfortable in this bed with its fleece or plush cover and it also has a padded polyester bolster cushion which makes it comfortable for your dog in any season. Designed to be easily maintained, it is 100% machine washable and also dryer friendly. This bed can be folded so you can bring it with you on trips or fold it simply for easy storage.

  • Your dog will not overheat in this bed
  • 100% machine washable and dryer friendly
  • Can be easily folded
  • The material does not shed

  • Stuffing can come out
  • Not ideal for heavy chewers
  • Can be easily ingested by your dog if you have a persistent chewer

7. American Kennel Club Orthopedic Circle Stitch Cuddler Pet Bed

American Kennel Club Orthopedic Circle Stitch Cuddler Pet Bed

This orthopedic bed is available in three different colors: Gray, Burgundy and Taupe. It has a non skid bottom to help keep the bed still while your dog is getting on and off it. It is machine washable and provides soft and cozy comfort for your dog. Made of soft canvas and ultra plush stuffing, it can fit a dog of just about any size. Your dog will be warm on this bed, even on really cold nights. It is durable and will last long, all while remaining soft and comfortable.

  • Sides can be used by your dog to put their head on
  • Fits small to medium dogs best
  • Comes with a non skid bottom design to keep it in place

  • Foam is quite thin
  • Bed fibers do fall off over time



There are four different colors for this pet sofa bed and it is designed to fit small dogs. Made from a stylish serpa fleece with sude bolster and a gusset, its non skid bottom will keep it in place. The bed can easily be maintained, the exterior unzips and it is also machine washable for convenient cleaning. It has supported sides to help give your dog a feeling of security.

  • Great for small dogs
  • Comes with a non skid bottom to keep it secure and in place
  • Exterior unzips for easy washing
  • Comfortable and secure

  • Made of flimsy material
  • Does not fit larger dogs

5. Furhaven Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats

Furhaven Deluxe Orthopedic Mattress Pet Bed for Dogs and Cats

This pet bed comes in a range of sizes from small to jumbo so dogs of any size can fit in it. Made from convoluted foam core with a faux fur fabric covering, this orthopaedic bed will feel soft on your dog’s nose and paws. The cover is zippered and removable with a water resistant base so that you can wash it in your machine.

For better health, this bed helps support joints and soothes your dog’s pressure points and will give them a deep restorative sleep. Your dog will ready for another day of activity after resting on this bed.

  • Firm, soft, and gives ample support
  • Great for dogs with arthritis and joint problems
  • Fits dogs of all sizes

  • Foam can flatten over time
  • Bottom is not skid proof
  • Cover tears if your dog is a digger

4. Aspen Pet Oval With Bone Applique

Aspen Pet Oval With Bone Applique

This bed has raised sides to help your dog feel safe and snug. It will also keep the draft from getting to your dog on chilly nights. The filling of this bed is made from recycled polyester fiber fill that will give your dog a comfortable rest. It is machine washable for easy cleaning and is sized perfectly for small or toy breed dogs.

  • Allows a nesting feeling with raised sides
  • Has a thick soft padded bottom
  • Well made and soft

  • Does not fit bigger dogs
  • The bed can be smaller than expected

3. BarksBar Large Gray Orthopedic Dog Bed


This one’s for the larger dogs out there, but can fit medium to large size dogs. Or you can also use this for multiple smaller dogs for optimal snuggling. This bed can hold up to 100 lbs. and is made with great craftsmanship and premium materials. This is perfect for dogs of all ages, but is especially helpful to older, arthritic dogs or those with joint problems. The solid grooved orthopedic foam is also designed to help relieve your dog’s aching joints while the padded rim cushion will help contour to your dog’s neck.

  • Cover is removable and machine washable
  • The foam has a good thickness to it that keeps your dog from feeling the coldness of the floor
  • Helps to relieve aching joints and provide good neck support

  • The cover is not made of a very strong material
  • Cover does not withstand scratching very well

2. HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed with Dog Paw Printing

HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed with Dog Paw Printing

Available in four different colors, this soft and plush pet bed fits slightly larger dogs. The bed’s covers are also reversible – one side is plush for the winter months and the other is smooth for the hotter months. Conveniently machine washable, the durable filling will ensure your dog is comfortable. It has tall raised sides to provide security for your dog and can also be used as a neck support for when your dog is taking its naps.

  • Can fit two small dogs or one medium sized dog
  • Panelled floor bed
  • Tall raised sites help make your dog feel more secure
  • Reversible covers for colder or warmer months

  • Might be too soft for some dogs
  • Not very good for chewers

1. K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot

K&H Manufacturing Original Pet Cot

This bed is made from a waterproof fabric. Its mesh center provides breathability to help keep your dog cool and it is tested for strength so you can be assured that it will last you a long while. It’s pretty easy to assemble this one and requires no tools. The rubber feet help keep it non-skid so your dog is safe climbing on or off.

  • Great for sharing for small to medium dogs
  • Gives air circulation in the hot months and keeps them off the cold tiles during the winter
  • Waterproof fabric with cool mesh center
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

  • Can get droopy over time
  • Can rip when scratched



Choosing the perfect dog bed can be a challenging task but hopefully, this article has helped to narrow your options and point you in the right direction! When it comes to our top pick, our recommendation would be the HappyCare Textiles Reversible Rectangle Pet Bed with Dog Paw Printing. We love that it is perfect for different seasons and has raised sides to keep your dog feeling safe and comforted.

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