The Top 10 Best Promise Rings For Women In 2018

Promise rings are the one big step before engagement rings – they show a couple’s devotion and commitment to each other, their love and dedication. Although promise rings can also symbolize all different kinds of promises (for instance, a promise between friends or even a personal promise that you’ve made to yourself), their primary and most popular use is as a symbol of devotion in a loving partnership.

Choosing a promise ring for the woman in your life can be a stressful experience. Especially if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. Or perhaps it’s the first time ever that you’re looking for a ring. In order to help you out, we made a list of the top choices for women and the best promise rings for couples that you can get this year, and each of them is chosen to fit all types of different personalities with different styles and budgets.

What is a Promise Ring?

Many of you might know that promise rings generally represent commitment, but these rings have multiple meanings to them. They can signify future engagement. Or just a simple devotion to one another.

The idea of the promise ring is actually fairly old, dating all the way back to 16th century England. They were originally called posy rings, with romantic poems printed on them. And acrostic rings, which spelled out words in gemstones, were quite popular in the Georgian and Victorian eras.

sapphire promise rings

Rings representing loyalty go back to Rome in the 2nd century BC even, but have you wondered why the ring is usually worn on the left hand? That’s because the vein in that ring finger runs all the way to the heart.

It’s only been about ten years since promise rings became popular despite their long history, mostly thanks to famous owners in the media. People also love the fact that they don’t force a label on relationships, or make you stick to a timetable.

Promise vs. Purity Rings

Promise rings and purity ones have been getting confused for years now, but they aren’t the same thing. Purity rings have both a different meaning and history behind them. These types became trendy in the late 90s as religious groups used them to symbolize abstinence until marriage. For the most part, purity ones are given by parents to a daughter and are replaced eventually by a wedding ring.

In contrast, the promise ring is meant to be a commitment to a relationship and does not symbolize abstinence. They both do have to do with commitment but are focused on different types.

Promise Ring Etiquette

Promise types may not be the same thing as engagement rings, but they’re not something that you give to someone just for fun. While there is no specific etiquette per say, we do have a few guidelines you can abide by:

  •         You should be dating for at least a year
  •         These are perfect if engagement rings are a little out of your budget
  •         Use them to show a partner how serious you are
  •         Perfect if neither of you is ready to be engaged yet
  •         Be prepared for a larger commitment

best promise rings for couples

Of course, make sure you communicate with your partner too so you both know what these are meant to symbolize, what style they prefer, and how you see the relationship progressing. You can even give one earlier in the relationship if you and your partner are comfortable with that. But again, be sure that you’ve talked with your partner about it, and that both of you are on the same page.

After you’ve discussed what you have in mind, give one at any time. Be careful with how you present it though. You don’t need to do this like a marriage proposal. And for the most part, you shouldn’t. Getting down on one knee and preparing a huge event for it isn’t necessary at all.

When it comes to presenting your jewel, it’s ok to have a simple candlelight dinner with flowers together. Some people even do a church ceremony if there are religious connotations, or read out poems, share them as a birthday gift. Or use them to commemorate an anniversary. As long as you’re sure your partner knows what your intentions are, you can give one out at any time.

In terms of what finger to wear it on, it can be placed anywhere. Lots of people choose to put it on their left hand until marriage, although some people wear them on the middle finger instead or on a chain around the neck.

As depressing as this may sound, don’t worry if your relationship ends either. These aren’t meant to be terribly expensive and don’t have to be returned in that case. That being said, most people do return them if promises are broken, as it’s generally considered proper to return it like you would with an engagement ring.

Other Meanings or Uses

While many people give their promises to their significant other, these really do have whatever meaning you attribute to them. Lots of women give them to their friends as a form of platonic bonding, kind of like half-heart necklaces. You can buy one for yourself too. Use one to represent your religious beliefs, your goals, to commemorate events, or celebrate achievements. Really they can be used for any purpose, but are most often used romantically.

Who Gives One?

Since there are so many meanings and uses of promise rings, there are many people who can give one as well! You can give one to yourself, a friend can give one, or most commonly, a romantic partner can give one. They don’t need to be a symbol of romantic love as long as they show how much the other person means to you. When giving to a romantic partner though, be sure you’re prepared for the commitment.

Wearing Your Promise Band

We’ve already talked just a little about this already, but let’s go more in-depth as to how you should wear your promise ring. There are three basic ways.

If it is preceding an engagement, it’s worn on the ring finger of the left hand, where a wedding or engagement band would later go. When you finally do exchange engagement bands, you switch the promise one to another finger. It’s worth noting that you should keep track of finger sizes in this case since you might need resizing if you will switch fingers at some point in the future.

You can also wear your one on a finger of the right hand. This keeps your left hand free for future engagement rings and solves the problem of resizing. Of course this also stops people from asking if you’re engaged.

There are other ways to wear a promise ring too, so try other fingers, or even on a chain around your neck. As long as it represents what you want it to. It doesn’t matter where you end up wearing it.

Trends & Styles

Just like the promise ring itself has become popular in the past decade, the way they’re worn, purchased, presented, and styled have become trendy.

One of the more recent trends is to wear matching promise rings with your partner. These show the connection two people have with one another by using a physical symbol. Using simple ones like this will work extremely well when exchanging with a friend or family member.

Another trend that’s gotten popular is to let your partner pick out their own ring instead of really surprising them. There are many different types to choose from after all, and especially if you’re feeling lost, picking some out together is a great idea. It may even help you add meaning to your choices and feel closer as a couple.

Ring Styles

So you’ve talked with your partner about what the ring is meant to represent and the both of you have decided that promise rings are a great idea. That’s wonderful! But as you’re sitting there in front of your computer or in a jewelry store, you have absolutely no idea which ones to pick out. There are a few things to keep in mind before you grab any ring you think looks great.

Generally, they should not be as elaborate or ornate as the usual engagement ring. They should not be so nice as to be mistaken for engagement or wedding bands, no matter how beautiful they are. Ultimately, that will only lead to confusion between you and everyone else who asks if you’re engaged!

There are some popular options if you’re curious though:

  •         People love to use matching gemstones or birthstones to symbolize your connection
  •         Engrave the promise ring with names, initials, or some sort of promise
  •         Figural types with a unique design have been growing more popular too
  •         Smaller carats or less expensive precious metals are definitely acceptable; promise rings are not meant to be like engagement bands after all
  •         Avoid anything that screams “engagement,” like diamond solitaire ones

Right now, black diamonds are quite popular, and smaller diamonds are made to have a bigger appearance. Gemstones like rubies, emeralds, and sapphires are common too, along with square black bands and bands that merge in the back. As I’ve said though, promise types are less flashy than engagement ones, so look for less expensive or flashy metals.

In the end, the thing you should consider most when it comes to style is if your significant other will like it. Be sure to pick up something that they’ll be happy with it for a long time to come!

Choosing The Best Promise Rings For Girlfriend In Your Life

Now you have somewhat of a style in mind and are wondering how exactly you should choose your ring. It’s not only about the style you’re looking for but about practicality too.

time for love


The whole point of receiving and wearing a promise ring is to show your commitment to one another. Of course, this means that you want your partner to be able to wear the ring all the time, so be sure to pick something out that fits comfortably on your partner’s finger. Don’t pick out something that’s not consistent with their style either. If you want them to wear it every day, it should be a ring that matches their style without being over the top.

Future Plans

It’s important to talk to your partner about their style and what they’d like to wear, but you also need to be on the same page when it comes to future plans; this can determine the exact look of the ring you end up picking out!

If you and your partner plan on trading out promise for engagement rings at some point, you have more freedom to choose trendier styles and more affordable options. If you’re planning on wearing that ring for years, however, you might want to go just a little higher quality. This is to ensure that it not only stays in perfect shape but that your partner doesn’t get tired of it either.

The Metal

Most of the styles you’ll find are made of precious metals. For the most part, trying to use a cheaper metal like nickel or steel isn’t worth it. These tend to discolor the skin and cause irritation. Your partner won’t wear it every day if it ends up bothering their finger!

Gold provides the least amount of irritation, but if you don’t love yellow gold, try white gold or silver. Be aware that silver may cause some irritation too. Rose gold is also a great option, as it’s a mix of gold and copper. You can also go for titanium and platinum, although these are more expensive than gold blends and not great for those of you thinking of affordability.

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The Setting

Once you pick your metal, take a look at the setting style of your ring. Lots of them feature a heart-shaped symbol, but you can go for any design your partner will like. Solitaire rings always work thanks to their elegance, while eternity bands are very popular too. Three-stone styles have also become notable, with stones representing the past, present, and future. No matter what you pick, stones can add some great color.

On top of that, you can add on some metalwork to give your one a little style, or add an engraving to give it a bit more meaning. In this case, be sure the band is wide enough to fit words onto it.



Be sure to pay attention to the size of the ring in general too! Narrower bands make them easier to wear daily, so consider these types for very active people. Of course, you need the right size band too. If you don’t know the size and you’re going for a surprise, find another one they usually wear to be sure. After you’re sure about all the details down to the size, you can pick out your promise ring with no problem at all.

1. Sterling Silver With 10KT Pink Gold Round Diamond Promise Ring (1/6 cttw)

This model is made of sterling silver, and comes with a 10K pink gold part around the main diamond. With a total number of 25 round cut diamonds, all of which natural and not treated, this fashionable model comes with the main bigger ring placed in the center and surrounded by the rest 24 smaller ones. The diamonds of this ring are 0.16 carats and placed in a prong setting and miracle-setting.

  • Very well designed comes with very beautiful colors
  • Made of sterling silver, and a 10K pink gold part around the main diamond
  • Total number of 25 round cut diamonds
  • All the stones on the ring are natural and not treated
  • Looks even better in life than it does in photos
  • It will take years before you will need to clean it for the first time
  • Amazing product for the price
  • Great choice of correct sizes

  • The main part of the ring sticks up a bit and gets easily caught on clothes like gloves and sweaters
  • The diamonds are a bit cloudy
  • Some of the smaller rocks can fall off and are not so well attached


2. 1.15 Carat G-H Diamond Forever Us Two 2 Stone Infinity By Pass Engagement Promise Ring 14K Yellow Gold

This amazing model also comes with a story – the band shaped in the infinity symbol represents your never ending love for each other. This is a perfectly mounted, very beautiful round brilliant cut natural diamond ring with two main stones surrounded with smaller ones. The band of this one is made of solid 14K yellow gold. The center stone of the ring is made of 1 carat, while the side stones are all 0.12 carats.

  • Amazingly made, very beautiful high-quality diamond ring
  • Band shaped in the infinity symbol represents your never ending love for each other
  • Comes with perfectly mounted,l round and brilliant cut diamonds
  • Main diamond is 1 carat and side diamonds are 0.12 carats
  • The band of the ring is made of 14K yellow gold
  • Very sturdy, made to last a lifetime

  • This model is more expensive than the other rings on the list


3. 3 Diamond Promise Ring in Sterling Silver (1/20 cttw)

Gifting a promise ring like this one comes with a story, a 3 diamond one expresses your love for her yesterday, today and tomorrow. It’s the perfect symbol for a promise that lasts a lifetime the past, the present, the future. And this elegant model is made of sterling silver and conflict free diamonds. This ring comes with a beautiful blue presentation box or pouch.

  • Three diamond ring that expresses your love for her yesterday, today and tomorrow
  • Beautiful, elegant and very feminine design
  • The band is made of shiny sterling silver
  • All diamonds are conflict free
  • Comes with a beautiful blue presentation box or gift pouch
  • Great price for the quality

  • Some of the small stones might get loose and fall after some time
  • Band is not made of gold


4. Dainty 10k Rose Gold Promise Rings

This beautiful expertly handmade with rose gold in fine polished finish comes with a 10K rose gold band will not limit you – it doubles as both a promise and an engagement ring. The minimalistic, yet elegant design of the ring comes with a total number of 7 white round cut diamonds, one of which bigger in size and placed in the center, surrounded by the other 6 smaller diamonds. The item is fully made in the USA and comes with free special jewelry gift box.

  • Expertly handmade in the USA
  • Works as both a promise and an engagement ring
  • Comes with a 10K rose gold band
  • Comes with a total number of 7 white round cut diamonds
  • Comes with free special jewelry gift box
  • The rose gold color of the band is the perfect shade, not too pink and not too yellow

  • The sizes run a little big
  • The metal band is gentle and a bit bendable, so you’ll have to take good care of it


5. 10KT White Gold Round Diamond Twisted Promise Ring (0.12 cttw)

Тhis tasteful promise ring comes with a twisted white gold 10K band. The total number of stones on this ring is 13, all of which natural and not treated, 0.12 carat diamonds. The rings come in a prong setting and pave setting, where the biggest one is placed in the very center and the other 12 diamonds surround it on two sides.

  • Amazing looking and very well crafted ring for the price
  • Looks like an engagement ring so can be used for many purposes
  • Comes with a twisted white gold 10K band
  • All stones are natural and not treated in any way
  • The total number of stones on this one is 13
  • This design comes with 0.12 carat diamonds
  • The stones on this ring come in a prong setting and pave setting
  • Takes years before you need to clean it for the first time
  • Looks exactly like in the photo
  • Perfect choice for women with small hands and thin fingers

  • The box it comes with is not well made and can get broken easily
  • The diamonds on the setting can get cloudy after some time


6. Sterling Silver Infinity Wave Promise Ring with Diamonds (G-H,I2-I3) (0.32 ct. tw.)

This prestige looking promise ring comes in three different colour metal bands to choose from – sterling silver, rose gold and sterling silver, and yellow gold plated silver one. The promise ring comes with a total number of 24 white diamond stones of 0.32 carats, one of them bigger than the others is placed centrally on the gold band and surrounded by the smaller 23 stones all of which natural and not treated in any way.

  • Comes in three different color metal bands to choose from – sterling silver, rose gold and sterling silver, and yellow gold plated silver
  • Comes with a total number of 24 white diamond stones of 0.32 carats
  • All stones are natural and not treated in any way
  • The ring comes with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Great diamonds made with very good cut

  • The band is skinnier than it seems in images
  • One of the small stones might fall off and need to be reattached
  • The prongs holding the center stone have not been filed or smoothed down so the prongs catch on knit fabric, sweaters


7. 10K Yellow Gold Natural Turquoise Ring Oval 6x4mm Diamond Accent sizes 5-10

This vibrant promise ring, made of 10K yellow gold band, is the perfect choice for the lady with a soft spot for vintage, ladylike colorful style. The petite style comes with a centered all-natural, carefully-set Turquoise stone, accented with 3 genuine, white, round shape and sparkling diamonds set on each side of the main stone. It is made in the USA and comes in a style matching, beautiful free red gift box.

  • Beautiful, picturesque stylish design
  • Very well made and sturdy will last a long time
  • Comes with one main picturesque turquoise stone, surrounded by 3 diamonds on each side, all placed on a 10K yellow gold band
  • Perfect choice for the lady with a soft spot for vintage style
  • The ring is fully made in the USA
  • The diamonds on this ring are white, round-shaped, all natural and not treated in any way

  • The design is a bit smaller in real life than what you might expect from looking at the photo
  • The band bends very easily so you’ll have to take good care of the golden band


8. 14K Gold Round Cut Pink Sapphire & White Diamond Ladies Bridal Heart Shaped Promise Engagement Ring

This is one of the nicest sapphire promise rings comes with white diamonds and pink sapphires positioned in a prong and channel setting. All the stones on it are sparkling and completely natural and conflict free. The amazing total number of 49 stones on this ring are held by a 14K white or yellow gold band, by choice. This one comes with a stylish free gift box and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

  • Dazzling ring that comes with a total number of 49 stones
  • Two band colors: Comes with both yellow and white 14K gold band to choose from
  • Comes with both white diamonds and pink sapphires positioned in a prong and channel setting
  • All stones on this one are fully natural
  • The ring is made of all conflict free diamonds
  • Comes with a stylish free gift box

  • The small stones might get detached after some time and will need to be reattached
  • Sometimes the color of the stones might vary from one model to another
  • Not a good choice for the more traditional, minimalistic woman


9. 10k Yellow Gold Princess-cut Diamond Promise Ring (1/10 cttw, I-J, I1-I2)

Тhis is a very picturesque 1/10 cttw diamond promise ring. A shining 10K yellow gold band holds a beautiful sparkling princess-cut diamond, for a dazzling impression. Additionally, the diamonds are conflict-free and in accordance with the Kimberley Process Certification System, a UN-backed practice that certifies that origins of our diamonds are from sources free of conflict and acquired through friendly mining. The stones on this are fully natural and not treated in any way.

  • Minimalistic, elegant looking design
  • Comes with one 1/10 cttw princess-cut diamond positioned in the center of the ring
  • Made of 10K yellow gold band
  • Conflict-free diamond
  • The stones are fully natural and not treated in any way
  • Durable, well-made jewel that will last a long time

  • The design might be too simplistic for some women


10. 10KT White Gold Princess and Round Diamond Promise Ring (0.13 CTTW)

This gentle and feminine looking promise ring comes with a band made of 10k white gold. In the very center of the it, there’s placed a natural, not treated white princess shape diamond surrounded by 12 smaller round shaped ones. This beautiful promise ring has a stone weight of 0.13 carats.

  • Made of 10k white gold
  • Beautiful center stone: Main stone is a natural, not treated white princess shape diamond
  • Comes with a total of 13 stones: Main diamond is surrounded by 12 smaller round shaped diamonds
  • Stone weight of 0.13 carats
  • Very well made, good quality that will last a long time
  • Diamonds are sparkly and feminine looking even though pretty small
  • Comes at a great price when compared to similar rings on the market

  • The center stone is a little smaller than what you might expect


Nothing says you’re ready to take things to a whole new level like a beautiful promise ring. It’s the perfect way to promise your love and partnership to someone. And regardless if you’re looking for one that will symbolise your romance or your everlasting friendship, there are many models to choose from nowadays, so make sure the ring you decide on suits perfectly the style and personality of your partner or your friend.

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