How To Bring Your Home Into The 21st Century

The life of the Jetson’s is slowly arriving. If you’re too young to remember that cartoon show, then look it up online. Even today it’s great fun to watch. Even if you’re not travelling to work in a floating vehicle on auto pilot, there are a lot of technologies now available that will automate a huge amount of your life.

And we’re not talking about the first experiments with self-driving cars and trucks. There are loads of really simple devices that will help improve of a lot of your daily life. Some of these gadgets will automate chores, while others will just make your living space a healthier place.

On this page, you’ll find some tips and tricks that you can use to gradually make your home a high-tech place. And the great thing is that this is not a onetime huge investment. You can pick one of the below at a time. That way you gradually introduce new gadgets and won’t break the bank.

For all of the below products we have dedicated pages where you’ll a huge amount of details to help you find the best products. Simply use the links at the end of each section to find out more.

Robotic Vacuum

Dust is a part of life and you just cannot avoid it in your home. And vacuuming on regular basis is very important to avoid the buildup of dust mites and many other allergens.

But who can really say that they enjoy vacuuming?

In many cases, the process of cleaning up dust can trigger strong allergic reactions. For asthma sufferers that is a common thing to happen. So, if you suffer from allergies and still have to vacuum on a regular basis, then is your only option to hire a house cleaner?

Absolutely not! You can now spend about $150 and have a fully automated vacuum machine. These robotic devices can be set on a timer and will start to roam around your home, cleaning up as they go along. The sensors built in will detect when they bump into things and will take a random alternate direction. This ultimately results in the whole floor space being covered.

You can even buy robotic cleaners that will learn the layout of your rooms. This improves the efficiency of the process, and means that you get more space covered faster.

The great thing is that you can set up these machines to start cleaning while you’re not at home. By the time you get back, you will find that any blown up dust has settled again. And that means less airborne particles to aggravate your breathing.

But it’s also an extremely convenient way to get more stuff done at home. If you have a busy life with work and kids then regular vacuuming is just too time consuming. With the help of a little robot, you will have more time to focus on other stuff.

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Home Automation Systems

The very first simple automation devices have been around for a few years. These include light switch and socket timers. And even some early smart thermostats. But things have very much changed in recent years. And they have changed in a way that allows you to gradually make your home smarter.

You can now buy central controllers that will allow you to connect over the internet. From these controllers you can check security cameras and the status of an alarm system. They will even allow you to check the temperature in your home and switch on the heating before you get home.

Over time, the thermostat function will learn your favored temperatures. And it can then adapt to your work days to make sure that your home is at the right temperatures when you need it to be.

But it doesn’t end with just your heating system. You can also set up a central automation system to control lighting. If you’re gone from your home on a vacation then it’s best to have lights come on sporadically. That makes it look like your house isn’t unoccupied is a great way to keep it safe from burglars.

Finally, there is Amazon Echo and the help of Alexa. If you haven’t used this yet, then you’re in for a treat. Essentially, you can have a small speaker like device in your home and it accepts commands from you. It can be to turn on music or lights. Or even order stuff online. This is amazing when combine with Amazon Prime.

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Water Softeners

Whether you live in an urban or rural area, hard water is a very common problem. This basically refers to the fact that most water is pumped out of the ground. And dependent on the type of ground water, there can be a lot of minerals in the water.

The most common problem is lime and this can cause serious issues for your appliances. The lime crystalizes into lime scale and that can clog up everything from kettles and showers to your washing machine.

There are also health impacts. It isn’t a poisonous substance. But you can find that it will irritate your skin and isn’t so kind to your hair either. Overall, it is a pretty unwelcome problem. But there also isn’t much you can do unless there is a difference source of water.

The only solution you have is to install a water softening filter. This will be placed where your water comes into your house. And it can there filter out impurities and lime before it can develop into scale. Filtration systems are quite simple and the cheapest ones will operate with a type of salt that you just need to keep topped up.

More advanced systems will include infra-red filtering. But this is only really needed if there are traces of bacteria. For most people the simpler salt based systems will work perfectly fine. And for a small investment you can ensure that your appliances last a lot longer.

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Air Purifier

Next on our list of technologies to make your home healthier is an air purifier. You might think that just regularly opening windows would take care of clean air. While that is an important thing to do on a regular basis it doesn’t always solve the problem on a constant basis.

Many impurities in the air come from plant, flowers, pets, dust and many other things around you. As soon as you close your windows allergens and other harmful particles will start building up again.

And then it’s not always convenient to be opening windows for long periods of time. Maybe you live close to a noisy road. Or if you hit a particularly cold spell in winter, then it’s the last thing you want to do.

This is where air purifiers can make a huge difference. Essentially, they circulate air and filter it at the same time. If you strategically place these in your living areas you will quickly remove pollen, pet dander and dust particles. If you suffer from any allergies or asthma then this simple peace of 21st century technology will bring you huge relief.

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Humidity is not just an inconvenience. It is one of the leading causes of many dampness related issues around the home. One of the biggest problems is mold. It grows in cool, dark and damp places. That generally means areas of your home you almost never can see.

That mold will create spores which are at the least going to cause allergic reaction. But these airborne particles can cause much more serious issues. Long term lung damage can be done when certain types of mold spread. And fixing mold issues can be a very expensive to fix.

If you know that you have humidity problems or have had some recent water damage, then you cannot be without a dehumidifier.

But even if you just live in an area of high humidity, then you can make a huge difference to your home and health. Dehumidifiers come in various sizes, so you can get one for small apartment or even your entire home. It collects water out of the air and stores it in a container. You will be amazed at how much they can remove.

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Making your home a more modern place doesn’t mean bringing in huge robots. But some automated devices and small robots can make a huge difference. They will make your life a lot easier and free up tons of time. And, the above devices will help you to make your home a much healthier for the entire family.

Start investing in these right now and you will be wondering how you managed to live without them for so long.


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