5 Absolute Must Have Kitchen Gadgets And Accessories For Modern Life

If you are in the process of modernizing your kitchen, or maybe building a completely new house, then there is lot of work involved in getting your kitchen just right. There are the obvious large appliances like cooker, oven and dishwasher. And these all have to blend in with your chosen design.

But there are also a lot of small appliances that will make your life easier while at the same time giving your kitchen that modern touch. In this article, you will find some information on the best kitchen gadgets to have today. They are all available at reasonable prices. So, they won’t add a huge amount to your budget.

And the benefits will be so worth it:

Just imagine getting up in the morning to the smell of freshly baked bread. Add to that, the smell of your favorite coffee roast freshly ground. And before you leave for work, you turn on your slow cooker to have a delicious meal ready for when you come home.

You might think that you need a maid or house keeper for such a daily dream routine. But with some simple appliances you can start and finish your day in style. And we’ll show you exactly how to do that.

Air Fryer

The very first thing on your list of must have kitchen appliances should be an air fryer. If you love your fried food then you know that nothing else comes close to it. There is just nothing like that crispy and juicy flavor. It’s comforting and just cries out for more.

But you’re probably also aware of the fact that it’s not exactly the healthiest type of cooking. And if you’re very good then you only occasionally treat yourself to it.

But what if there was a way to get the style and flavor without all the negative health impacts. Imagine fries every day without feeling guilty about it all the time. This might sound like a fantasy to you, but there is a solution.

Air fryers are fairly new and have only really become popular in the last few years. They essentially work by heating a small amount of oil and then circulating the hot air and oil mix around your food.

The results are amazing!

Now, we won’t claim that it tastes exactly like deep fried food. But it is close enough to fool most people. And once you have tried it you’ll be a lot happier to use that considering the health benefits.

What makes deep fried food so unhealthy is that it retains all its fat and absorbs some additional fat as well. With air frying you only add about a spoonful of oil and that is used to slightly crisp the outside of your ingredients.

You can have all the food pleasure without feeling guilty.

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Slow Cookers

Next on your list of must have kitchen items has to be a slow cooker. If you have a busy work and social life then you cannot go without one of these. Imagine coming home from a busy day in the office. You’ve spent 45 minutes on your commute home and as you open the door you’re welcomed with the smell of a freshly cooked meal.

You might think that this is only possible if you employ a chef or home help. But there is a much simpler way to achieve this.

It just takes a little bit of preparation and planning.

The best thing you can do is prepare a meal the night before. You chop up ingredients and get everything ready and mixed. Store it all in the slow cooker pot in the refrigerator. Then in the morning before you leave for work, you can simply set the timer and head away.

Cooking times can vary from 3 to 12 hours. But with timers and auto off functions you don’t have to worry to get home on time. While you are at work, your meal will cook at low temperature. That results in amazing flavors, tender meat and a smell that you cannot wait to get home to.

It is truly that simple. All you’ll need to do is make up a few healthy fries in your air fryer and you’ll be ready to sit down to a home cooked meal. No matter how busy your day was.

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Coffee Grinder

Every day should start with freshly made coffee. If you’re lucky then you might live close by a coffee shop or Starbucks. But that little pleasure can end up costing you a lot of money.

Instead you can get your own freshly ground beans at home. Grinders are available from very cheap to professional grade. But no matter how little you spend, you’ll end up with a sensational smell every time.

Then you get to take advantage of the flavor that you get from fresh ground beans used in a coffee maker. The great thing is that once you invest in one of these you can achieve different levels of fineness.

That’s just like varying your beans and will give you completely different experiences with your home-made brews. It’s a wonderful start to the day and can set you on the right foot every time.

All this can be achieved with one of the best small kitchen appliances you could possibly buy.

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Coffee Maker

There is nothing quite like having a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning before work. Or on a lazy Sunday morning. Sometimes you just don’t want to leave the house. Maybe it’s raining or cold outside. Or maybe you’re in too much of a rush to get to work.

The best way to overcome that dilemma is to invest in a good coffee maker that will take care of it all. You can even buy them with a timer function. That way your favorite brew can be ready and waiting for you to pour before you leave the house.

Now you can spend anything from $20 for a mechanical plunger style or several hundred for an almost commercial grade set up. It really depends on how much time and money you have and what results you want.

If money is no issue then try to spend a bit more. This will give you timer features and the ability to set different strengths. That way you can get it just perfect and always get the same flavor. Some machines also come with milk frothers. These are great if you like a morning cappuccino or latte.

Of all the things you can buy for a new kitchen, this is really one of the must have kitchen accessories. It gives you that pick-me-up first thing in the morning and is the best way to get your day starting the right way.

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Knife Sharpener

The final item on your list of must have kitchen gadgets should be a device that we see missing in most kitchens. Have you ever gone to chop up some tomatoes only to find that your knife is squashing them more than cutting? Chances are you haven’t maintained your knife by regularly sharpening it.

Reality is that even cutting soft food will start to blunt your knives over time. In just a few years you can end up with a mess rather than finely cut food that you’d expect in a restaurant. It just looks nicer. And when your food looks great it tastes so much better.

The best solution to this problem is to invest in both a mechanical and electric knife sharpener. The mechanical ones require you to run the blade of your knife along it at a certain angle. This is great for a quick touch up on a daily basis.

Then for getting rid of chips and to deal with severely blunt blades you should use an electric sharpener. This will apply a very precise angle and amount of pressure. When you use one on a monthly basis you will get years’ worth of cutting. It’s something professional chefs do on all the time because the results are better and it makes life so much easier.

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At this stage, you know exactly what your must have kitchen gadgets are. If you buy them in order as above you’ll start to build up small things that will really make your life easier and so much more pleasurable. Small guilty pleasures can become a normal daily routine.

And with all the above links you get the best advice on each product. We cover all budgets and styles so you’ll be guaranteed to find an option that suits you. They will complete your kitchen and give you some additional small pleasures in life.

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