5 Home Gym Equipment Ideas: Boost Your Performance And Results

If you are serious about fitness and are sick of going to the gym then there really is only one option. Setting up a home gym can be the best way to achieve your fitness goals.

Just imagine the amount of times you said you’d go to the gym, but you didn’t get up early enough. Or maybe you go after work, but had to rush home to your family. Are you really going to head out again once you got all the kids to bed?

But now picture this. Your alarm goes off and you know it’s been snowing overnight. Despite that you get up and change into your gym gear. 5 minutes later you’re in your garage starting your warmup routine. 45 minutes later your all done and ready to face the day with tons of positive energy.

That is exactly what you can get with a gym setup at home. While all the below products will cost quite a bit in total. The great thing is that you can buy them one by one. And overall, it will give you a set up that would be paid for with just a few year’s gym membership.

Beyond the savings there is the convenience of working out at home. You don’t have to wait for equipment to become free. And you don’t have to have idle conversations. Best of all, you save a ton of time travelling to and from the gym.

So, let’s find out how to setup a home gym.

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If you work out what you spend on gym membership and traveling to and from the gym, then it quickly becomes obvious how much it actually costs you. And it’s this cost over years that you need to keep in mind when you plan your home gym.

You should also keep in mind that you don’t have to buy gym quality machines. These often cost many thousands of Dollars. And the reason for that is that they are designed to be used for 10 or more hours every day. Chances are that you won’t be spending that much time on them.

So, don’t be put off by the costs of some equipment. The great thing is as well that you can buy these machines over several months or years. Thereby you spread out the cost and can still buy great quality products.

Obviously, there are a lot of different pieces of equipment that you might need. You could even have specialty requirements due to a sport that you play. But, no matter what your personal needs are, there are a few must have home gym equipment items that you should put on your priority list.


Top of the list of our home gym equipment ideas is a treadmill. It is the go to machine for warm up, cool down and cardio workouts. If you live somewhere with lots of snow in the winter then this can be an excellent way to keep up a running routine no matter what the weather is like.

It’s a lot easier to motivate yourself to go running in bad weather when you can stay indoors!

For a full home gym set up you do need a bit of space. But even when space is limited there are some great options for you. There are treadmills available that you can fold up and down in a matter of seconds. That gives you the flexibility to still have a bulky machine in a relatively small space.

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Exercise Bike

Exercise bikes are an excellent way for all types of athletes to do some intense cardio. It also makes it easier to strengthen your leg muscles with very little impact to the ankle, knee and hip joints. This can be very important if you have any type of leg injury or maybe suffer from joint problems like arthritis.

People often think that exercise bikes are really only suitable if you are into street cycling or mountain biking. While it is important for those types of athletes it provides huge benefits for general fitness levels.

The good thing is that these machines generally take up a lot less space than a treadmill, so if space is a problem you could even work with just one of these machines. Keep in mind though that recumbent bikes do have a much bulkier seat and this can make it almost as big as a treadmill.

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Rowing Machine

In addition to a bike and/or treadmill you should seriously consider a rower. Every basic home gym setup is lost without one of these and they will transform your fitness levels. The great thing is that these machines provide a very low impact exercise.

That means that if you suffer from any injuries, you can quickly get back into getting and staying fit. Once you get used to using one of these you’ll also understand how much they work out your entire body.

Everything from your legs to your chest and shoulders and arms is put into action. It is a great way to tone up and it really activates your core muscles. There is no better machine for weight loss and building up some muscle.

Usually, such heavy workouts will quickly put a lot of your body under stress. But because you are in a seated position with no weight bearing down on you, it will have very little impact. The only time you want to be careful is if you have lower back pain. In situations like that you have to be very careful to keep your back straight at all times.

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For the best home gym setup, you are going to have to invest in some dumbbells. People often think of them as only being needed by bodybuilders and anyone who wants big biceps. But fact is that they can be very easily used for intense cardio and just some targeted toning.

If you have some stubborn areas of fat on your arms then just regular exercising will not get rid of them. The more you can physically target an area the more success you’ll have in getting rid of the fat.

At the same time, you might indeed want to do some very targeted muscle training. Dumbbells are great for all your arm muscles, as well as shoulder, back and chest. And with some simple dead lifts you can target your legs, buttocks and core areas as well.

They really are extremely versatile and once you get started with a few exercises you’ll quickly see results. If you don’t want to have a huge set taking up loads of space then the best thing you can do is buy an adjustable set. Some of these can be modified in a matter of seconds.

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Heart Rate Monitor

The final item on this list isn’t really a piece of equipment but a gadget. See, when you go to the gym there are instructors and trainers that can help out to make sure that you hit the right intensity. They also encourage you to stay motivated and that is worth a lot.

If you invest in a decent heart rate monitor then you can almost have a personal trainer with you all the time. First of all, you’ll always know when you’re in the right heart rate zone to target your goals. But the more advanced models will also keep track of loads of data about your workouts.

This means that you can analyze things like calories burned and time spent in different zones. At the end of each week that will tell you how far you got towards your goals. This data is great to see how different changes to your training are helping. And once you implement a diet plan as well, then there will be no stopping you.

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At this stage, you should have the most important home gym setup ideas. There are huge advantages to working out at home. And if you live in an area where winters are not designed for travelling to a gym, then a home gym will likely be essential. There is no reason why the weather should stop you from staying fit!

With a few simple pieces of equipment, you will be set up for years to come. The savings on gym membership will be huge. And you can use those savings to gradually buy more machines. And then there is the saving in time spent travelling to and from the gym. Or even waiting around for machines to become free.

If you have a bit of free space then do yourself a favor and start your set up today.

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