5 Must Have Gaming Gadgets: Bring Your Game Play Experience To A Hole New Level

If you love gaming then you have probably been called a gadget geek on many occasions. But what most people don’t realize is how much entertainment a lot of the latest gadgets will bring you. Whether you play on a console or a PC, there is no end in gadgets that will make a huge difference to your gamin experience.

There are some very obvious things every PC gamer needs. But sometimes it can be tough to keep up with the latest technology. To help you find some of the best new gaming gadgets, we have put together this list of cool products.

The great thing is that on each one of these you don’t have to spend a fortune. Some of them are available at very reasonable prices. And even one of the cheap option is better than not having it all.

You might not need every one of these. Or maybe you can’t afford them all in one go. But if you start with just a couple of them, you’ll make a huge difference to your game time.

Keep reading and see how you can even more levels of fun.

Our Top 5 Gaming Accessories Recommendations

Gaming Laptop

Our number 1 item on the list of must have gaming gadgets is a gaming laptop. If you already play regularly on a PC then you know that it’s a lot easier to stay up to date with technology. With consoles, it often happens that new games come out that will not work with older models.

That can happen with PCs as well. But you can upgrade you PC over time to install more and better hardware.

Another huge advantage of a dedicated gaming laptop is that you can bring it with you. Maybe you’re heading away on business or vacation. Or you could be meeting up with gaming friends. And that can become difficult when you have to unplug larger computer equipment.

Up until a few years ago, you will not have gotten enough power out of laptops. The processors and especially graphics cards were just not good enough. But a lot has changed and you can get amazing frame rates on very portable devices now.

The best thing is that you can get a pretty decent set up for under $500. But for real enthusiasts you would probably need to get into the $1000+ range. Two of the biggest factors in determining price will be the screen size and graphics card.

To be honest, it’s probably better to save a bit on screen size. Even the largest ones are quite small and you’ll possibly hook it up to an external screen like your TV.

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Wireless Router

Another one of those must have gaming accessories is a powerful wireless router. If you got one with your Internet setup, then chances are that it’s a very basic model. It’ll work fine for browsing the Internet and watching cat videos on YouTube. But for high end gaming at full frame rates you could end up struggling.

The range of these basic models is also usually very limited. That means that unless it’s in the same room with you, it will start slowing things down. And that is not something you want to have happen when you’re gaming online.

Another thing you want to consider is the contention ratio for multiple devices connected. If you have friends over for a gaming party then the router can quickly become a bottleneck. Even when you’re connected locally, that can quickly result in dropped frames and stuttering.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a gaming suitable router. Wireless speeds over 1 Gigabit are quite common. And the better models with 1.6 Gbit are available for around $100. Now you do have to keep in mind that your wireless router will ensure high speed in your home. If your Internet connection is not as high speed then that can still cause problems.

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Wireless Speakers

Another one of those gaming desk gadgets that you have to consider is wireless speakers. We’re not talking about those tiny portable ones you can stick in your pocket. They are fine for listening to music on the go. But when you’re big into gaming then you want to have some speakers that give you a bit more volume.

The reason we prefer wireless speakers is that it just makes things tidier. You won’t have cables running everywhere. And if you want to have a few speakers set up for stereo or even surround sound then it can become really messy.

For a long time, wireless speakers really fell behind in quality. They really were just gadgets. This was mainly due to the wireless signals not being good enough to give you HD quality sound. But that has changed a lot with advances in Bluetooth technology. Unless you’re an audio professional you probably won’t be able to tell the difference between wired and wireless.

You can pick these up for a reasonable price. But we would recommend not going for the really cheap ones. They will work, but you will notice that they are lacking in the bass. If you can’t afford a high-end model, then we suggest that you save up a bit to go for one of the mid-range ones. They are usually from less well-known brands and don’t look as cool. But they will give you good sound.

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Wireless Earbuds

If you’re struggling with a budget then the best cheap gaming gadgets you can look at are wireless headphones. Let’s face it, there are going to be times of day when you can’t crank up the volume. And you might not want to give away to everyone around you how much time you spend gaming.

But as with all out tips, they revolve around not having annoying wires hanging all over the place. Similar to wireless speakers, you can now get earbuds that will receive Bluetooth audio in HD quality. As with most earbuds and headphones you won’t get the same amount of base. But it’s still going to be better than turning your speakers down low.

If you like interactive gaming where you can chat with other players and friends then you want to make sure you keep following in mind. Not all wireless earbuds will come with a microphone. So, when you pick one out just make sure to check out that feature. It would be very annoying otherwise.

The good news is that you can get some really good headphones for quite a small investment. It’s the ideal thing to buy on a budget.

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VR Headset

One of the latest cool gaming accessories is virtual reality headsets. They have been around for a while. But it’s only recently that they have improved enough to make it a truly amazing experience. They are essentially a large pair of googles with display sin them.

Some basic models also allow you to insert your smart phone. But for a really good gaming time you want to go with something you can hook up to your PC or console.

You can get these for about $100 and they will be fun to use. But if you really want to dive deep into a virtual world then you’re probably better off investing a bit more. The higher end models will come with hand controllers.

These controllers essentially allow your hands and fingers to manipulate the virtual world. You pick things up and use them. You can even move stuff around and interact with other people. It is really amazing how well this works and you will experience a totally new way of gaming. It is a revolution that is starting to spread.

The number of games that fully take advantage of VR is still a bit limited. But more games developers have committed to improving and updating new games. We would expect that over the next year or two it will become a very popular set up.

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At this stage, you’ll know the top 5 computer gadgets you must have. They will all improve your gaming fun. And with just a little bit of money you can get started. Each of the above products comes in various prices ranges. And if you follow the links then you will get a full review of the ten best options.

The options all give you a choice from entry level to high-end. If you’re serious about gaming and take part in competitions, then do yourself a favor and save enough money to get some of the better gadgets. To get the full benefits you really don’t want to pinch too many pennies.

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