6 Must Have Power Tools For Your Home DIY Work

If you like getting your hands dirty and fixing stuff around the home then there are a lot of things you need. Screwdrivers, spanners, hammers and chisels will all come in handy at some time or another. Building an inventory of these things does take time. And often you don’t know what kind of tool you might need, until you actually need it.

But there are a few power tools that you should really start to invest in. Whether you are just fixing up a few things around you home. Or maybe you have started cabinet making as a hobby?

The good news is that for most DIY and hobby jobs you will be able to use the same tools. You can get some very specialized machines, but for most people they really are not needed.

And by staying away from such specialty products you will also be able to keep your spending down a bit. As with anything in life you can spend a fortune on tools and end up with features that you’ll never use.

When it comes to power tools, higher prices are usually related to products that can be used professionally. They are designed to be used 8 hours a day for months and years at a time. If you’re looking for DIY use, then that type of investment is totally overkill.

Instead, you should take a look at the following list of tools and choose a more entry level option.

Power Drills

Absolute top on the list of must have tools for DIY is a power drill. Everything from hanging a picture to making furniture will require a drill and ideally a set of different drill bits as well.

When it comes to drill bits, you don’t just want to focus on size. It is equally important to focus on material. Ideally you would get a selection of bits that can be used for wood, stone and metal. Avoid getting these mixed up as they are made from very specific metals to provide best performance.

Modern drills will also work perfectly well as an electric driver. If you’ve ever put together some flat pack furniture, then you know how much time can be saved by having a power driver at hand.

If you will be doing some hobby woodwork as well then you might need to invest in a specialized drill guide. These are essentially designed to hold your drill very stable. You’ll be able to make very precise movements when you need specific drill depths for example. These guides are quite inexpensive and for about $20 you’ll get great precision.

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Circular Saw

If you do any kind of work with wood then you will need to be able to cut timber. And you will need to do it a lot. The problem is always down to making extremely straight cuts. This is as much the case for setting up a nice decking, as it is for making furniture.

So, another one of those must have DIY tools is a circular saw. The smallest ones you can buy have a 5-inch blade, but we wouldn’t recommend going that small. It leaves too much room for ending up with curved cuts. You don’t have to go all the way to 12 inches either.

The best option is a mid-size 7-inch blade.

When you’re trying to figure out how much to spend it’s generally best to spend less on the power tool and invest in a higher quality blade. For DIY use that will make a much bigger difference than a more powerful or durable motor.

If you intend to cut other materials like stone, concrete and metal, then you have to be careful. You would need a water based cooling system attached to the saw, as these materials will end up generating too much heat.

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Table Saw

A table saw is not one of the most essential power tools for DIY use. You can achieve much of what this machine does with a circular saw above. But it is one of the must have power tools for woodworking.

When you need to cut lots of long pieces of timber in a very precise way then a circular saw will not give you enough precision. Table saws do come in different sizes. But even a small one will give you better results than any size circular saw. You will also be making your work so much safer.

Table saws generally come with safety features that will help you avoid getting hurt. Some even have automatic cut out features if your hand or fingers makes contact with the blade. If you have to do a lot of cutting then it is safer with one of these. And you’ll get much better results as well.

The great thing is that if you have limited space there are portable models available. These have extending tables and can be packed away when not in use. And they won’t cost you too much either.

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Angle Grinder

Angle grinders are possibly one of the most versatile cutting tools you can get. In many ways, they look like a small circular saw. But their features and uses could not be less similar. Yes, they are both used for cutting. However, the way they cut and the materials they are used on are vastly different.

It really is one of those inexpensive must have power tools. You can pick up a cheap model and just have it for those rare occasions where it becomes the go-to machine.

From a cutting perspective, you would really be looking at using it for cutting through hard materials like steel and other metals. For example, if you need to shorten a small pipe or steel rod, then just grab your angle grinder. It will make short change of it in a matter of seconds.

Where it really becomes essential though is for polishing down metal. Especially for welds or sharp edges on broken or cut steel. You will need different disks and blades, but these can be swapped out very easily.

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Caulking Guns

This is one of those tools that you will always need to have handy for so many jobs. Essentially it is a mechanism that allows you to create a constant stream of caulk or silicone.

The reason they are called guns is because they kind of look like one. And you have to pull a trigger to start the flow of material. You can get hand powered ones for just a few bucks. But if you have bigger jobs, like sealing fittings for a bathroom, then a motorized one will become very helpful.

The advantage is that you will get a constant and uninterrupted flow. With the hand powered ones you can only pull the trigger so far before you have to release it again and start over. Those short moments can make it more difficult to get perfect results. Especially in very visible areas.

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Paint Sprayer

If you are planning to paint any furniture or doors in your home, then spray painting them will give far superior results. You simply cannot get a smooth finish with a brush or roller. Now sometimes the brush stroke effect is exactly what you want. But in many cases, it just doesn’t look right.

For those times, you’ll have to get one of these must have painting tools. The great thing is that paint sprayers are pretty easy to operate and you can buy them quite cheaply. Now, if you plan to spray a dozen doors in your house, then it might be a better idea to invest in a more powerful machine.

But for most uses an entry level sprayer will work just fine. Essentially, you have different size nozzles for different types of paint. This controls the flow and avoids them becoming clogged up.

The results are truly amazing, and you’ll be able to cover huge amounts of areas in no time. Because the paint droplets fall evenly you end up with the perfectly even finish. This is ideal for bringing painted furniture back to a completely new look.

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With this list of must have power tools you will be able to tackle pretty much any job around the home. Most of them are available as inexpensive entry level machines. And for occasional use they will work just great.

If you’re more into hobby DIY and woodworking then you need to figure how much you’ll use the tools. If you spend many hours each week in your home workshop then getting a bit more professional grade will ensure you don’t need to replace tools too often.

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