6 New Baby Essentials To Buy For New Moms

If you or someone you know are expecting a new addition to the family then there is a long list of things you need for a new baby. The list can become endless and the task can seem intimidating. The good news is that you should have plenty of time to get organized.

To help you with the absolute must have products we have put together this list. If you have these items then you’ll be doing quite alright. Yes, you’ll need diapers, and changing stations, and clothes and on and on.

But for those first few weeks you will be well prepared for looking after your new bundle of joy. Those first few days and weeks can be quite stressful. Especially if this is your first one. So, the important thing is to prepare yourself in a way that puts your mind at ease.

That means having a safe way to transport your baby, somewhere for her to sleep and ways to make sure you can feed and monitor her. These are all new baby essentials that you should have ready set up and tested well in advance of the big day.

Now, let’s dig into the question: What do I need for a new baby?

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As mentioned above this is not a full list of new baby items you need. There are many more things. But once you have these and take care of clothing and diapers, you will be in a pretty good position. At the very least these will make sure that you have provided a safe and comfortable environment.

Baby Monitor

One of the first things you should consider on your new baby essentials list is an audio, video and motion monitor. This serves several very important purposes. First of all, you don’t have to be constantly listening out for your loved one. You can close doors and the monitor will pick up sound.

With a video feature, you can then quickly check if everything is OK. And motion detection will sound an alarm if your baby stops breathing. That means you can react quickly to an emergency. And you will sleep a lot better at night, knowing you will be woken if there is a problem.

Infant sleep apnea is not that common. But if you’re a new parent to be then it is a big worry. Without an apnea alarm you can end up with restless nights where you are constantly checking that your new arrival is still breathing.

You can even get monitors with two-way audio. These are great to quickly say some soothing words. This is often all it takes to settle an infant. The good news is that all these benefits are available in quite reasonably priced products.

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Breast Pump

Another one of those baby essentials for new moms is a breast pump. If you plan to be breastfeeding from day one then it is likely that you will occasionally have to express some milk. This can be for several reasons.

If your supply is greater than what your baby needs then it can become very uncomfortable for you. Relieving that pressure will be essential and there are gadgets that can help you with that.

Also, you might still be breastfeeding when you go back to work. In that case, you need to be able to bottle breast milk for the day. This is also important to ensure that your supply stays constant and doesn’t dry up too soon.

To help with this you can use either mechanical or electric pumps. This might sound like an uncomfortable experience, but with the right investment you will make this part of your routine in no time. The best options are the electrical pumps as they are less tiring to use. They are also better at providing a constant flow rate. And that is important to avoid pain and discomfort.

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Baby Stroller

You will be going practically nowhere without a stroller. And it should be top of the list of things to buy for new baby arrivals. Yes, you can use a carrier as well. But for all and everyday use you just cannot beat a good stroller. They will make it so easy to go about your day and bring an infant or toddler.

One of the really important factors to look into is that it should be as comfortable as possible for your baby to be able to sleep. If it doesn’t fully recline then it could be difficult to work out nap times while you are out and about. And changing sleeping routines is never a good idea.

The great news is that so many modern strollers have all the features you could possibly need. You will even be able to get ones for two or more children. And for the fitness mom and dad you can buy jogging strollers.

These specialty devices will allow you to keep your daily routines and activities going. No need to make drastic adjustments. If you head for a run every afternoon, then just bring your baby with you. They will love it!

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Baby Thermometer

The unfortunate reality is that there will be times when your baby gets sick. One of the problems with infants is that they cannot tell what’s wrong. And you can quickly worry and expect the worst. One of the things you always have to keep an eye on with a sick child is their temperature.

This is one of those tell-tale signs that something is wrong. And the sooner you know that there is a fever developing the quicker you can react with medication and medical attention. The good news is that taking an infant’s temperature is quick and easy to do.

You can even buy thermometers that would be commonly used in hospitals and pediatric environments. Using a simple digital in-ear or forehead thermometer will give you an accurate reading in a matter of seconds.

They are really simple to use and will save multiple temperature readings. That way you can keep track of whether the temp is heading up or down over a given time period. This could be vital information for your family doctor, if you did have to get medical attention.

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Car Safety Seat

You will not be able to bring your newborn home by car unless you have a car safety seat. These are required by law. And without a doubt, you would not want to chance not using one. Safety standards have improved hugely in recent years and you can buy car seats that provide a huge amount of protection.

The important thing to look for is safety standard approvals and that you stick with trusted brands. You just don’t want to be taking chances with something that could literally protect your infant’s life.

You also need to be aware that newborns have to be in rear facing seats. And from about 18 months can go into a front facing one. That does mean that you will go through several of these safety devices until they are old enough for a booster style one.

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Baby Cribs

The final item on our list of new baby essentials is possibly one of the most important ones. This is one of those items that you have to get right. This is because your baby will be spending a lot of time in bed asleep. And you don’t want that bed to be your own.

The more comfortable and versatile a crib you can find, the more use you will get out of it. The first thing to consider with all baby products is whether the materials are safe and free from harmful chemicals. This ensures that your baby will not get injured or be exposed to materials that could cause sickness.

If you want to plan ahead for several years then there are excellent cribs available that can be modified. They are height adjustable as your baby grows. And can even be transformed into a toddler bed once they are old enough. That saves you time and money and means that you can get up to 4 years out of the one piece of nursery furniture.

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That concludes our new baby shopping list. It is not a full list of everything you need. But with just these 6 items you will have made some significant provisions. It’s enough for you to be able to get from the hospital home and then make sure you provide maximum comfort and care.

Check out the extensive research pages linked to above. They will give you all the info you need to make fully informed decisions.

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