Top Ten Best Baby Bath Tub Reviews For 2018: From Small And Portable To Full Size Safety

Bathing baby should be a pleasurable experience for both mother and child. But how is this possible if you have a squirmy child and only two hands? To make the experience fun and stress free you should consider purchasing a baby sink bath. It’s all very well bathing babies in the kitchen or bathroom sink when they’re first born, but not so much fun as they grow. And, of course, an adult bath uses far too much water and is not exactly the safest and most comfortable place for a six-month old child. So, if you’re looking for the best baby bath tub read further.

Whether you’re just looking for a baby bath or a baby bath set or even an inflatable baby bath there’s something here for you.  Whatever it is you’re looking for, amazon has just what you need. You may want a product that’s collapsible to save space or one with a bucket form. There’s an endless amount offered that you’re spoilt for choice. To help you decide which is best we’ve reviewed some items and come up with a list of what we’ve rated the 10 best on the market. So why not read our reviews before making a choice!

Our Top 10 Best Baby Bath Recommendations

#1 - 4moms, White: Most Convenient Features
Most Convenient Features
  • Has side drains for removal of dirty water
  • Built in digital thermometer
  • Has three drain plugs
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Puj Infant Bath Gift Set: Suitable For Use In Sinks
Suitable For Use In Sinks
  • It can be placed into a sink
  • Made from a durable material
  • Portable
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - PRIMO EuroBath: Ideal Up To Toddler Age
Ideal Up To Toddler Age
  • Simple to drain
  • Shape prevents baby from slipping
  • It offers support for legs and forearms
4.0 stars out of 5

1. 4moms, White: Most Convenient Features

This bath is great as it can be used at any sink – in
the bathroom or in the kitchen. Whether you have a single or a double sink you’ll be able to use it in comfort.

It’s amazing how it allows you to add fresh water, while at the same time the dirty water flows out. This is possible because of the two side drains. For emptying the water out when you’ve finished there’s also another drain at the bottom.

To be sure of getting the water temperature just right there’s a digital thermometer that is color-coded. There’ll be no fear of the water being too hot or too cold for baby’s sensitive skin.

To protect the little one the sides are made from soft foam – no bruises or bumps to be worried about. What’s more, there’s a cup holder on the side with a cup included for rinsing off baby.

It’s not a cheap item, but what is when you want the best for your newborn?


  • It has side drains for removal of dirty water
  • It has a digital thermometer built in
  • It will fit into either a single or a double sink
  • It has three drain plugs – one at the bottom and one on each side
  • It has a holder for the rinse cup that’s included


  • It can’t be used once your child can sit up
  • It could do with a positioner for a new born baby

2. Puj Infant Bath Gift Set: Suitable For Use In Sinks

Whether you’re purchasing this for yourself or as a gift for a baby shower it’s a great product if you travel a lot. Everything you need, including an extremely soft towel and 3 washcloths are included. There’s even a peel and stick hook for hanging it on the wall.

The bath itself will fit into most sinks, but not all.

Baby can only be bathed in an upright position and if you have a large baby you’ll find it doesn’t work after about 3 months. For an average size child you can expect to use it up to 6 months.

The bath is made from a durable material and the towel and washcloths are made from 100% ultra soft cotton which you’ll be able to machine wash. Any expectant mum will be thankful for such a gift with so many accessories at her baby shower.


  • It’s ideal for traveling as it comes in a box that has a handle
  • It’s compact with everything you need included
  • It can be placed into a sink
  • It’s made from a durable material
  • The towel and washcloths are completely soft


  • It’s not suitable for an above-average size infant
  • It doesn’t fit in all sinks

3. PRIMO EuroBath: Ideal Up To Toddler Age

This really is one of the biggest baths on the market. It’s so big that it will only fit into the bath, which means that you’ll have to bend over to wash baby. On the plus side, you’ll get use from it for the next two years. It’s so big that you’ll be able to use it for bathing your child for at least 24 months.

But there’s no need for you to worry about it being too large for a newborn. There is a recliner setting for bathing newborn babies and the shape will prevent them from slipping. It also offers support for legs and forearms.

Once your child can sit up there’s plenty of space for splashing about. You won’t be wasting water by filling up your bathtub, either. Being as it’s placed in the bath, there’s no problem with draining it out after you’ve finished. So if size is important to you that you’ll be able to use it longer this product is ideal.


  • It’s suitable until your child is 2 years old
  • It has two positions – recliner for newborn sitting for later
  • The shape prevents baby from slipping
  • It offers support for legs and forearms
  • It’s simple to drain after bathing


  • It can’t be used anywhere other than in the bath
  • It doesn’t have drain holes in the soap dish

4. Blooming Bath: Ideal Safety Solution

If you want to make bath time into fun time you’ll love this product. It’s made from a soft cuddly material that’s shaped like flower petals. The petals cradle baby while bathing and the soft cuddly material offers comfort like no other. Why should baby be bathed in a hard plastic product when there is an alternative option such as this one?

The so-called Blooming Bath will fit in the average size sink, but if you have a larger sink there could be a problem. The petals need to be supported by the sides of the sink.

As with most baths, this one is only suitable for use until baby is about 6 months old, depending on the size of your baby. But it’ll definitely be fun using it!


  • It’s made from a cuddly soft material
  • It is petal shaped and fits in the sink
  • It will cradle your child while bathing
  • It’s completely comfortable to use
  • It makes bathe time into fun time


  • It’s too small to fit in larger sinks
  • It’s not possible to bend or shape the petals

5. The First Years Sure: Deluxe Comfort

To ensure your newborn doesn’t slip in the water while bathing, this deluxe product has a mesh sling insert. It holds the baby in a secure position, but you may find that baby isn’t emerged in the water enough. There’s also a headrest to it so you won’t need to worry about baby’s head bumping against the hard plastic. What’s more the sling and headrest are resistant to mildew.

By removing the sling as your child grows, it can recline in shallow warm water. There’s a build in bump to prevent sliding down while reclining. As baby becomes a toddler there’s enough room for sitting and having fun splashing around. But only until your toddler reaches a weight of 25lbs.

There is a drain plug for draining the water but the bath needs to be tilted to do so. This shouldn’t be a problem as it can be used in most single or double sinks. This is a product well worth considering.


  • It’s designed to hold baby in position while bathing
  • It has a mesh sling with a headrest that’s padded
  • It has a built in container for toys
  • It’s pads are resistant to mildew
  • It can be used up to a weight of 25lbs.


  • It’s not so easy to drain
  • It’s made of a rather hard plastic

6. Boon Soak 3-stage Bathtub: Slip Resistant Design

To help make bath time stress-less for both mother and child this is a great product. It can be used from birth until your child is a toddler. This is due to the bump that is adjustable. Your newborn will be able to recline while your toddler can sit up in it.

For comfort and safety the back wall is contoured and also covered in non-slip foam. There’ll be no hassle of baby slipping down while bathing. Also to ensure that the water temperature is correct, the drain plug changes color. You’ll be aware of the water temperature so can add warm or cool water as needed.

It is rather large, but does fit in almost all double sinks, or, of course, in the bath. Emptying it is no problem either as it has a drain plug.


  • It’s designed to hold baby in position while bathing
  • It has a mesh sling with a headrest that’s padded
  • It has a built in container for toys
  • It’s pads are resistant to mildew
  • It can be used up to a weight of 25lbs.


  • It’s not so easy to drain
  • It’s made of a rather hard plastic

7. Shnuggle: With Compact Support Seat

If you need to be able to bath baby anywhere – in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in the bedroom or in the nursery – this is a great product. As it has non-slip feet, you can use it on absolutely any surface. It’s also lightweight so there’s no problem with carrying it about even when it’s filled with water.

The large backrest is tilted and covered in foam to ensure that baby is comfortable during the bathing process. This is especially good for babies who have reduced mobility and need extra support. Until baby is able to support its head alone you’ll need to use one hand for support. The shape of the bath is also helpful in developing muscles needed for sitting. What’s more: the shape helps keep the water warm so you won’t have to worry about adding extra warm water.


  • It’s practical as it only needs 2 liters of water
  • It’s lightweight so can be carried around easily
  • Its backrest is large and covered in foam
  • It has non-slip feet
  • It’s suitable for use until 12 months


  • It’s difficult to wash your child’s back and bottom
  • It doesn’t have a drain

8. Skip Hop Moby Bath: Smart Sling Included

You won’t need more than this one tub until your toddler reaches a weight of 25lbs. There are two positions for the sling to lock into. For the early months you can use the full body support position and then change it to seated support as your child gets older.

As it has a mesh sling you’ll be sure of baby being cradled up until the age of 3 months. This sling can then be rolled up to provide a seat that can be used up to the age of 6 months. For the following months you can remove it completely for your infant to sit alone.

You won’t need to worry about your child slipping as the bottom of the bath has a nonslip texture. There’s also a plug for easy drainage when you’ve finished. What more can you possibly want?


  • It’s interior is nonslip
  • It offers support to both a new-born and infants
  • It has a mesh sling for extra comfort
  • It has a swivel hook for hanging up when not in use
  • It’s suitable up to a weight of 25lbs.


  • It is rather large
  • It doesn’t have a water temperature control feature

9. Honey Bee Baby Bath: Foldable Travel Design

The perfect alternative for the perfect honey bee baby! To ensure that your baby doesn’t slide it has a seatbelt. But this also has a double function. It’s easy to open to clean baby’s private parts, but there’ll be no fear of baby urinating over you when it’s closed. As it has a hidden pocket underneath, there’s no chance of the plastic buckle hurting your child.

It fits into any baby bathtub so will add fun to bath-time. It also fits into the kitchen sink or any other small sink so you’ll be able to take it with you when you travel.

It’s made from a particularly soft cushion material for comfort and dries out quickly after use. You’ll be able to use it until baby is 12 months old providing you don’t have an extra large child. A great fun product for both mother and child.


  • It has a safety belt
  • It’s made from a soft cushioned fabric
  • It can be machine washed and dried
  • It fits perfectly into any baby size bath tub and into most sinks
  • It’s can fold easily for traveling


  • It won’t fit into an extra large sink
  • It’s not possible to use long term if you have a large baby

10. Summer Infant: Cheap But Limited Features

Unlike most products, this one can be used in four different stages – first three are from newborn up to toddler. But as it has a motorized shower unit that’s portable, you’ll be able to gently rinse your child with it even when it’s being bathed in an adult tub. This is great for rinsing soap from their hair without getting water in their eyes. But, as the water container doesn’t hold much water, you might find that you don’t get all the soap off with it.

This one is OK but not great and ideally avoided


  • It’s motorized
  • It has a new-born sling
  • It can also be used for toddlers
  • It has a shower unit
  • It has a flat bottom so can be used for a longer time


  • Its spray attachment can only be used once your child can sit up
  • Its water container for the spray doesn’t hold enough water

What Features You Need To Focus On

If this is your first child you won’t be aware of just what suits you best to ensure a pleasurable bath time. That’s why it’s important to inform yourself of the features that are offered by the different brands. But informing yourself won’t necessarily mean that you’re any the wiser if you haven’t first considered which ones really are important.

In order to help you consider what the best infant bath tub is for you this we’ve put together a list of questions you should ask yourself.

  • Up to what age can it be used? Many baby baths are only suitable for using until your child is 6 months old. Others are suitable until 12 months and some can still be used for a toddler up to 24 months. You’ll need to think just how much use you expect from it. Will you want to purchase a new product in six months time or are you happy then to bath your 6-month old in an adult bath? Maybe it’s enough to use a baby bath for the first 12 months and then you’re happy to use the adult bath. But, it’s really important to decide this before making a choice otherwise you might find yourself wasting money.
  • How much water does it hold? The smaller the tub the less water it will hold. It’s all well and good to save water, but you’re not saving anything if baby is extra large and can only use the bath for 4 months instead of 6 or even 12 months! You’ll need a tub that will hold enough water – it’s hard to bath baby in shallow water.
  • Does it have a temperature gauge? It’s not easy to assess the temperature of the water. Of course, you can test it with your elbow as your grandmother did, but can you be sure that it really is the right temperature then? Some products today have color changing temperature gauges that also let you know when the water is cooling down. You can either add some warm water to the bath then or decide if it’s time to take the bather out. Other products have the temperature gauge on the drain plug – decide for yourself which one you prefer.
  • Will it fit into any sink? Do you really want to fill the tub then carry it across to your worktop? Then carry it back again to empty after bath time is finished! A lot of products nowadays fit onto both single and double sinks so it’s easier for filling and draining when you’re finished. Many products even have a drain plug to make emptying it easier. Of course, you’ll always have the possibility of placing it in the bathtub, but you’ll need to bend over when bathing baby then.
  • How important are extra features? The most important thing is that the product is sturdy and made from materials that are BPA-free. It’s also an advantage is it’s non-slip on the outside as well as on the inside. You won’t want to have any accidents. If you choose a bath with rounded edges you can be sure that baby will be cradled and kept safe. The bath should keep its shape when you fill it with water otherwise it won’t give the support you need. There should also be enough room for baby to grow – and they grow so fast it’s amazing! Also ask yourself if you’d like to have any extra features – a showerhead can be fun, but will you really use it?

Should it be foldable so you can take it with you when you travel? A foldaway product is great if you travel a lot. Perhaps you’re happy with a white bath or would you prefer it in blue or pink? We wouldn’t really recommend going for an inflatable product as they don’t offer enough support.


No, it’s not easy to decide, especially as there are so many products on the market offering so many different features.  But at least now you should know which features are most important to you. Don’t forget: however much you want some features, if the product doesn’t fit into your budget it’s not the right one for you.

The Top 10 Best Reviews