Top Ten Best Baby Jumper Reviews For 2018: Safe Jumping Play To Promote Strong Legs

Baby jumper After nine long months of waiting for your longed-for baby, you’ve now reached the stage where you’re wondering if being a mum really is as good as you expected.  This of course is now because your baby is growing he or she is becoming more and more demanding.

There are no longer enough hours in the day for you to do the little things that are needed. Then it’s time you thought of purchasing a baby jumper. You’ll be amazed at how it will help your child’s development and give you the few minutes’ peace that you need.

Our Top 10 Best Baby Jumper Recommendations

With so many products to choose from, whether you want a portable baby jumper or a baby jumper and walker combo, it’s difficult to decide which is the right one. To help you with your decision read the following list of our recommendations.

#1 - Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean
Top Of The Range Features
  • Flash cards will awake your child’s curiosity
  • Rotates 360 degrees
  • Adjustable to 4 height positions
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Fisher-Price Woodland Friends
Nice Compact Design
  • Different levels for when baby grows
  • Lights sounds and mobile keeps child occupied
  • Easily transportable as it folds flat
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Bright Starts Bouncer
Great Value For Money
  • Supports and cradles your baby
  • Easily removable toy bar
  • Seat can be machine washed
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Baby Einstein Neptune’s Ocean: Top Of The Range Features

This product is designed so that it won’t take up too much space. And with so many features you’ll get good value for money.

Some features will help with your child’s language while others are designed for co-ordination. Your child will be able to hear colors and numbers spoken in English, French and Spanish. He or she’ll also be introduced to sounds, music and lights. At the same time, it offers education in learning about ocean life.

The turtle station is even removable so you can take it with you anywhere to keep your child amused.

There’s a cushioned seat so your child is comfortable at all times. And he or she will even be able to spin around 360 degrees to reach each of the many toy stations found there.

It’s suitable for children from 6 months onwards and has 4 height adjustments. But it can’t be used if your child weighs more than 25lbs.


  • Teaches your child numbers and colors in 3 languages (English, French + Spanish)
  • Flash cards will awake your child’s curiosity
  • Ocean themed toys are easily removed for washing making it hygienic
  • Adjustable to 4 height positions so grows with your child
  • Rotates 360 degrees so child can reach all parts


  • It’s heavy on batteries – make sure you purchase enough!
  • Not enough growing room for bigger than average children

2. Fisher-Price Woodland Friends: Nice Compact Design

Its space saving design is practical as is the fact that you can fold it easily for transporting. The seat cover is printed with delightful woodland friends and is also removable for machine washing when needed The position can be adjusted to either left, right or center facing and reclined.

Your child will have easy access to all the toys, which are at the front of the chair. It even has a toy bar overhead with a squirrel roller ball and other woodland friends spinners.

Other toys include a colorful piano that lights up, a frog teether for chewing, a caterpillar that clicks, and a ring bar with rings of 3 different colors.

As it rocks from side to side, and from head to toe with 6 speeds, it will be completely soothing for your child. While it’s rocking it even plays songs or just plays soothing nature sounds.

As soon as your child is able to hold his or her head up with no assistance you can use this chair, which could be possible be from 4 months onwards. It takes up to a maximum weight of 25lbs and can be used until your child measures 32 inches.


  • Different levels for when baby grows
  • Lights sounds and mobile keeps child occupied
  • Doesn’t take up too much space
  • Seat can be removed for machine washing
  • Easily transportable as it folds flat


  • Not as bouncy as other products
  • The seat is not adjustable enough

3. Bright Starts Bouncer: Great Value For Money

You’ll be able to use this bouncer for your baby at a younger age than some of the other products as your child is supported completely while also being completely comfortable. You’ll be able to put your newborn in it to watch you while you do your chores.

But it’s only recommended for babies weighing under 25lbs so it’s not suitable for older ones who can sit up alone. You’ll probably find that it’s not suitable once your baby is 6 months old.

When your baby’s cranky (yes, they do all get cranky sometimes!) you’ll be surprised at how easily the vibration of this bouncer soothes him or her. Once baby is soothed there are the interactive toys to play with. They encourage the development of co-ordination and held develop concentration.

You’ll be able to machine-wash the seat so no need to worry if you baby suddenly throws up over it. The toys and the frame can also be easily wiped over.

As the chair is so lightweight you won’t have any problem moving it from one room to another as needed.

What’s more, you’ll have a great choice of design and color to choose from. Maybe you want an animal design for your baby boy or pretty pink for a girl: you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice.


  • Supports and cradles your baby
  • Offers vibration for soothing your baby
  • Has interactive toys to keep baby occupied while you’re cooking!
  • Easily removable toy bar
  • Seat can be machine washed


  • Seat doesn’t vibrate enough
  • There could be more padding to the seat

4. Baby Einstein Activity Jumper: Easy To Store

This is definitely the best baby jumper: With more than 12 activities in 4 stations this jumper will be a favorite of all little ones. It will also be a favorite of parents as there is volume control for the sound. You can adjust the level to suit your own mood when it gets too much for you.

One super feature is the piano that even lights up. Your child can hear classical tunes, different key tones, and have an introduction to three different languages: namely English, Spanish and French.

While there are many different kinds of toys to amuse, there are also some loops so you can attach baby’s favorite toys as well. This is an advantage over most other products.

There are five different height settings so you’ll get value for money as the bouncer will grow with your child. Your child will be entertained in comfort and development will be encouraged at the same time.

Comfort is guaranteed by the high back as your child will be sufficiently supported with it. And, of course, the seat is machine washable – a must when dealing with babies and young children!


  • Choice of languages to help your child develop
  • Sound, music and lights entertain your child
  • Seat rotates at 360 degrees so child can maneuver easily
  • Many features for exploration
  • Volume of sound features can be controlled for parents’ sanity


  • The seat isn’t easy to remove for washing
  • The swivel seat isn’t easy to operate

5. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper: Cheap And Effective Solution

For developing your baby’s motor skills this is a great product. Unlike other products, this one won’t take up any floor space as it hangs from a frame. You can rest assured that there is no fear of it loosening as there is a clamp for securing it. You just need to be sure that your doorframe measures at least 3 inches and no more than 6 inches.

You can have peace of mind that you child will be perfectly supported as the seat is framed. Being as it’s padded your baby will also be completely comfortable. What’s more you can remove it for washing.

Being so compact you’ll be able to take it with you when you travel. Let’s face it: Who wants to have a fretful baby when on holiday if you can have a happy one!

But at what age can you put your baby in it? As soon as he or she can hold its head up alone you’ll be able to use this bouncer. It holds a weight of up to 24lbs by which time your child will probably be walking anyway.


  • Helps develop your babies motor skills
  • Offers entertainment and exercise
  • Fits securely to door frame with a sturdy clamp
  • Compact so doesn’t take up any space
  • The framed seat offers optimal safety


  • The spring is rather squeaky, which could be annoying
  • It fits so tight to the doorframe that it’s difficult to remove afterwards

6. Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo: Excellent Age Range

If you want something to keep your child amused while you at least try to do some housework then this is just great. You only need to be aware that you shouldn’t put a baby in it until it can hold its head up without assistance.

Ideally this would be at about the age of 4 months and can be used until your child measures 32 inches providing he or she isn’t walking yet.

It’s particularly interesting as the music, sounds and lights get activated as your baby jumps around. There’s even a musical toy that lights up in the front when baby spins a drum.

The two toy bars overhead have leaves with toys dangling from them to keep your child amused. The toys even make animal sounds.

Should it become soiled – no problem – just stick it in the washing machine. It’s advisable to hang it out to dry, though.

In all there are five stations with various toys that light up and play music so maybe you’ll get more housework done that you expected.


  • The spinning seat rotates 360 degrees allowing access to all toys
  • A great variety of toys to entertain baby
  • The frame is sturdy so baby can jump about safely
  • Grows with your baby as it has 3 height adjustments
  • Easily foldable when not in use and also portable


  • The base is rather big if you live in a small apartment
  • Rather cumbersome when moving from one room to another

7. Graco Bumper Jumper: Easy To Move

With its jungle design of monkeys, elephants and giraffes, your child will love this product.

And you’ll love it, too, as it can be easily fixed to your doorframe. What’s more, the clamp won’t mark the frame at all. For extra safety, it offers a safety cord with a sturdy spring that is completely hidden.

A great feature is that it can be adjusted to suit your child’s measurements. It’s adjustable for babies weighing from 5.5lbs onwards with a limit of 25lbs. But don’t just take the weight as a guideline for using it: Your baby will need to be able to hold up its head without your assistance before you put it in.

One advantage over other doorframe jumpers is that is even has a toy tray. Two soft jungle animals are also provided and are attached to play rings that can be adjusted.

And when it gets dirty just pop it in the washing machine. As the seat pad is made of nylon it is easily washable and quick to dry. It really is the best baby activity jumper.


  • The jungle pattern and jungle toys stimulate your child
  • Also provides a toy tray to keep your child amused
  • It’s simple to put your baby in and take it out
  • Provides a hidden safety cord for extra protection
  • Won’t leave any marks on your door frame


  • Not suitable if you live in a building with large doorways
  • Not completely suitable for babies who are larger than average

8. Jolly Jumper: Great freestanding Option

A portable freestanding baby jumper that offers good support for baby’s back and body. As it is freestanding you can put it wherever you want in the room. That means that baby will never be out of your sight.

It also means that if you live in a place that doesn’t have average size doorframes you won’t have to do without a bouncer for your baby. It’s also collapses easily so you can take it on your travels without worrying whether it will fit or mark other people’s doorframes.

When your child is ready to use a bouncer – normally around 4-5 months – it’s a great product for exercising his or her legs and strengthening the muscles. Besides: just think of the fun baby will have jumping up and down to its heart’s content. And, of course, the fun you’ll have watching it.

With no distraction of toys your baby will be able to focus on the pure enjoyment of bouncing. And you’ll know that he or she is safe while you are doing your chores. Even doing your chores won’t be so boring as you’ll be watching and listening to baby squealing with delight while in motion.


  • Helps strengthen baby’s muscles
  • Excellent for co-ordination and balance
  • Comes with a stand so in sight wherever you are in the room
  • It’s easy to set up
  • Easily stored as it folds flat


  • Not an ideal product if you live in a small apartment
  • It’s awkward to put the child into the harness

9. Summer Infant Pop N’ Jump: Great For Outdoor Use

For babies who are between 6 and 12 months during the summer this is absolutely great. You can take it away on holiday with you and use it on the beach or just sit in the garden with your baby. You won’t need to worry about the sun’s harmful rays harming your baby as there is a canopy for protection.

Being lightweight it easy to transport: But to make it even easier it comes with a travel bag that has a shoulder strap.

The interactive toys may not be enough but there is a possibility to hook on your child’s own toys to it. It comes with a rattle, a spinner ball, a mirror book, and naturally a teether. But the most fun your baby will have is being able to jump up and down. When you hear his or her squeals of delight you’ll know that it’s the right thing. And there’s no need to worry about baby’s feet when using outdoors as there’s a soft fabric base to this bouncer.


  • Has a canopy to protect baby from the sun so can be used outside
  • Has interesting interactive toys for baby to learn from
  • Folding frame is lightweight and adjusts to 3 levels
  • The seat is removable for machine washing
  • Travel bag is supplied so it’s easy to transport


  • The bright colors attract bees when used outside
  • Not enough toys supplied with it

10. Disney Baby Door Jumper: Reasonable Price But Limited Functionality

It can be attached to almost any doorframe (provided they are basic sizes) by means of a door clamp and there is also a safety strap for extra protection. But it does tend to mark the frame.

With an easily adjustable strap you’ll be sure that your child is bouncing at the right height. It’s suitable for children up to 26.5lbs in weight but there’s no mention of height in the amazon description!

As the seat is made of a crinkle material your baby will enjoy the sound when he or she grabs it. It also has a seat ring that is padded to ensure baby is comfortable. And, of course, the seat is Tigger’s face: Something your child will enjoy. It can be taken off for washing which is a must with children’s products.

The frame is lightweight so there’s no problem in dismantling it for storage or in transporting it.

This product is okay but as it’s not great we recommend you avoid it. But if you are budgeting, it is cheap.


  • The seat looks like Tigger’s head and has crinkly ears
  • The seat ring is padded for comfort
  • Fits securely to the doorway
  • Can be adjusted to baby’s height
  • It’s easy to transport and to store


  • It marks the door jam
  • Doesn’t offer enough to entertain baby

What Features You Need To Focus On

When making any kind of purchase you should first inform yourself of its features to be able to decide exactly which ones are important for you. But when considering baby’s welfare, it’s even more important that you do this. Take a look at what we consider to be the features necessary to baby’s welfare.


Just how safe should a bouncer be? Well, you certainly won’t want your baby to bounce right out of the bouncer or topple over when in it. Neither will you want one that fits in a doorframe if you’re afraid of the clamp loosening and the baby falling out. So, ensure that the product you choose is safe.

Size and Weight

Are you looking for a product that will be kept in one place? Then you won’t be worrying too much about its size and weight. But if you want something that you can either move easily from room to room or take with you on holiday then it is important. Some of the products mentioned are easy to transport and others aren’t. A carrying bag is also a bonus here.


Does the seat need to be padded or isn’t that important? Some of the products we mentioned have padded seats, while others only have padded rims. Whichever you decide on you can be sure that your child will be comfortable. Of course, another factor to think of with the seat is whether or not is can be removed for washing.

Height Adjustment

Most products can be adjusted in height as your child grows. But some products allow for more adjustment than others. Consider how much use you want your child to have from this: this is especially important if your child is of above average size.

Activity Stations

The doorframe products don’t offer activity stations but take up less room. If you want your child to be entertained with enough activity while in the bouncer you need to check out the other products. Also, you need to think about how many and what kinds of toys are offered. Some products also offer the chance of three languages if that’s of importance to you.


Now you know what is on offer on the market you just need to decide what exactly you want for your child. Do you want a stationary product or are you looking for a combo. Whichever product you choose we hope you and your child will have a lot of enjoyment with it.

The Top 10 Best Reviews