Top Ten Best Back Massager Reviews For 2018: Find A Portable Massage Machine To Relieve Muscle Pains

Life is too short to live with back pain. Whether it’s caused by sports injuries, your lifestyle, or simply day-to-day tension, achy backs do nothing for good moods. It could be affecting your hobbies, your work, or your personal life.

As much as you want to visit a local masseuse, finding the time to book an appointment can be tricky. How do you get the relief that you need without a moment to spare? A great way to ensure that you can keep your back from aching is to invest in a portable back massager.

It can keep you from having to go through your days feeling achy and annoyed. The best back massager can provide the pain relief that you so desperately need.

Granted, there are a lot of options out there and it can be challenging to know which one is best. Our back massager reviews will offer you a variety of different types to choose from. There is no need to fret over back pain anymore. The solution is around the corner.

Our Top 10 Best Back Massager Recommendations

#1 - InvoSpa Shiatsu
Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat
  • It has different speed settings
  • It has a heating option
  • It’s highly portable
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Naipo Handheld Percussion
For Deep Pain Relief
  • It isn’t expensive
  • It has a comfortable handle
  • It’s lightweight
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - AMEISEYE Shiatsu Kneading Massager
Ideal Pillow Style Solution
  • It’s highly portable
  • It has a heat option
  • It’s easy to use
4.0 stars out of 5

1. InvoSpa Shiatsu: Back Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat

A highly unique and innovative design, the InvoSpa is what every home massager should look like. It’s extremely easy to use and take with you, with the included bag. It has 4 big nodes and 4 small ones, so you can adjust the intensity according to your needs.

While it’s most comfortable for your back, the InvoSpa Shiatsu can be used for different areas of your body. From your neck to your feet and legs, you can use this baby for your whole body.

As one of the best options for personal use, the InvoSpa Shiatsu has 3 speed strength levels. Whether you want less or more pressure, the speed settings can help you adjust it as needed.

It also has a Bi-directional control for its movement, so you can get that massage that will make you feel like you’re in a chiropractic office. It also has a heating feature, that can be turned on or off, according to your preferences.


  • It has different speed settings
  • It has a heating option
  • It can be used for different parts of your body
  • Pressure levels can be adjusted
  • It provides cost-effective value
  • It’s highly portable


  • The adapter cord isn’t very long
  • It has a funny smell

2. Naipo Handheld Percussion: For Deep Pain Relief

If you want a handheld option, the Naipo is a dependable product that can help you get those tough knots. It has interchangeable nodes to ensure that users can get personalized massages in trouble areas.

It has some that are made from silicone and others made from plastic. As some people have allergies to certain materials, this is definitely a convenient feature. It has wide-range speed. A variety in speed settings means that you can change intensity and pressure to ensure you get the massage you need.

It has a powerful motor which ensures you can get the pressure level you need. Its ergonomic design allows for easy handling. The handle is anti-slip and is long enough for you to reach difficult areas.

As a highly-affordable option, the fact that it has optional heating makes it a great buy for the budget-conscious shopper. If you’re looking for the best handheld massager, then this should be your top pick.


  • It isn’t expensive
  • It has a comfortable handle
  • It has a variety of speed settings
  • It has options in node materials
  • It’s lightweight


  • It may feel too rough for some
  • The heat function isn’t very strong

3. AMEISEYE Shiatsu Kneading Massager: Ideal Pillow Style Solution

The AMEISEYE is a convenient option as it comes with straps to use it anywhere you please. As a busy person, you could get a massage in your car or as you work at your desk. The adjustable straps make it possible to adjust it, no matter where you use it.

It also has a safety pillow with heat, if you prefer warm massages. The 4 deep-kneading massage nodes are especially beneficial if you need profound work to relieve tension.

Massage therapists will often massage by alternating direction for a deep massage. The AMEISEYE mimics this method with a Direction Change function.

Because this option comes with a car charger or AC adapter, you can use it almost anywhere, making it one of the most portable options around.


  • It’s highly portable
  • It has a heat option
  • It mimics a professional massage
  • It’s lightweight
  • It’s easy to use


  • It isn’t for whole body use
  • The car adapter may arrive faulty

4. Naipo Shiatsu Heat: Great Value For Money

The Naipo is fancy-looking, but it’s value goes beyond aesthetics. With 8 Shiatsu massage nodes, you can trust this baby to get those tension-filled areas. It has a heat function that can be beneficial for those with poor circulation.

The Naipo shuts down automatically after 20 minutes, which is a good feature for those who like to nap during their massages. It comes with a car adapter, as well as a UL power adapter, so you can use it anywhere.

Its ergonomic design makes it easy to use anywhere at any time for those deep back, neck, or shoulder massages. It also comes with a bag for easy carrying and to keep it clean when not in use. It isn’t the cheapest one around, but it provides great value for what it costs.

If you want a good-looking, dependable option for everyday use, this could be the winner for you.


  • It is effective in providing pain relief
  • It has an automatic shut-off function
  • The Naipo comes with a storage bag
  • It has an optional heat function
  • It’s easy to adjust pressure


  • It’s a bit too rough for some
  • It doesn’t fit everyone comfortably

5. FlatLED Massage Roller Ball: Cheapest But Effective Option

A unique option, this massage roller ball is affordable yet also effective. It’s easy to maneuver with a 360 degree rolling mechanism, which makes it easy to massage your full body. As a handheld massage ball, you can massage your body or ask a partner or friend to help.

It can be used on your shoulders, back, legs, calves, neck, shoulders, and feet. It’s extremely portable due to its small size and is perfect for after-gym use. It’s very easy to use while paying attention to other things, making it ideal for on-the-go massages.

The FlatLED can be used with massage oils, unlike some fancier options. While you will have to put effort into using it, it’s a handy option for those moments when you need immediate relief. For anyone looking for a handy massager at a low price, this is ideal for you.


  • It’s small and portable
  • It’s highly affordable
  • It’s effective
  • It can be used with oils
  • Its aesthetically pleasing


  • It has to be handheld
  • It isn’t made from durable materials

6. VIKTOR JURGEN Double Head: Suitable For Whole Body

If what you want is a full-body massager, the VIKTOR JURGEN is ideal. While it’s a bit clunky and not that attractive, it has some fabulous settings. With three different, removable heads, you can be sure to use the one that best suits your needs.

It has a strong motor that can run up to 3,350 pulses per a minute, so you can trust that it’s dependable. It also has speed settings which allow you to set the intensity that you want. The handle allows for a non-slip grip, which is so important when using a handheld massager.

The 3 massage heads provide you with different types of massages. Whether you want a shiatsu massage, acupressure massage, or a Swedish-style massage, this option can do wonders.

Because it’s weighted, you don’t have to put too much effort when using it. It’s relatively affordable, has enough power for deep massages, and is easy to carry around with you.


  • It provides variety in massages
  • It has a strong motor
  • It’s affordable
  • It has a convenient, non-slip handle
  • It’s weighted


  • It’s a bit bulky
  • It has an odd smell

7. LiBa Cordless Shiatsu: With Excellent Battery Life

The LiBA is comfortable and easy to use. It’s the massager that can go with you wherever you go. Because it can run two hours on battery and without being plugged in, you can take this out in the car or while busy away from a plug. The battery is easily recharged, making this the most portable baby around.

The strong motors on this massager put others to shame. They help to make it one of the most effective deep kneading massages. With nodes that can move in counterclockwise and clockwise directions, you can get that chiropractic-level massage that you’re dying for.

The LiBa has an optional heat function, so if you like heat for your massage, this is an ideal feature. It also has adjustable forearm straps, so it works for all kinds of heights and sizes. With a soft leather exterior, you can rest assured that it is a quality option you can trust. While it isn’t the most affordable one, it definitely offers beneficial features that make it worth the price.


  • It has an amazing battery life
  • It can be used anywhere
  • It has optional heat functions
  • The nodes can move in different directions
  • It’s effective


  • The heat doesn’t get very high
  • It isn’t cheap

8. Yosager Shiatsu: Very Easy To Use

The Yosager is a no-frill option that is easy to use. Unlike some massagers, you don’t have to do anything with this baby. Just sit back and relax while it does the work for you. It has 8 deep kneading nodes that can massage anywhere from your neck to your feet. It also has infrared heating, which is great for circulation.

The Yosager has 4 buttons for controlling power, nodes, pressure, and heating. With comfortable handgrips, it’s easy to simply relax while using the Yosager. The handles are made from PU leather which means they are durable and easy to clean.

If you’re looking for an option that can be used at home while relaxing, this is ideal. It can help you get a professional-feeling massage without having to leave your room. While it can’t be used with batteries, it’s perfect for home use.


  • It’s made from quality material
  • It can provide deep massages
  • It’s easy to control
  • It includes a car adapter
  • It’s relatively affordable


  • The nodes can be too rough for some
  • It can’t be used with batteries

9. Naipo Shiatsu Back Massager: Ideal For Car And Office Chair Attachment

Whether you want a massage on your way to work or at home after a long day, the Naipo is perfect. Just because you’re a busy person, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get the massage you need. The Naipo helps you to get pain relief without ever having to go to a chiropractor.

With a heat function of up to 113 degrees F, you can be sure to get that relief you’re looking for. Because its design is ergonomic, it can be comfortably used in all kinds of chairs. Whether you want one for your office or to use in the car, this baby will fit.

It’s easy to carry because it has a built-in handle and with the two included power cords, you can charge it at home, office, or in the car. It’s lightweight and is relatively effective for most people with back pain.


  • It massages effectively
  • It can be used almost anywhere
  • It’s easy to carry
  • It has a heat function
  • It works wonders for lower back pain


  • The cushioning isn’t as soft as most would like
  • Heat function takes a while to work

10. VIKTOR JURGEN Car Back Massager: Not The Most Effective Solution

This VIKTOR JURGEN is designed for use in the car. While the idea is sound, the results may be faulty for some. It is a cushion with 8 different massage programs that can be set on your seat.

With 10 magnets and heat functions, it can offer you a relatively beneficial massage for your full-body. Because the nodes are placed for different areas, you can do more than just massage your back or neck.

It has six built-in motors that focus on everything from your upper back to the lower back and thighs. This car massager has an attached control for easy switching between settings and an LCD display for you to see it clearly while in the car.

The VIKTOR JURGEN car massager also has straps to ensure that it stays put and doesn’t easily slip off your seat. For those who get sleepy with massages, it has an automatic shut-off function that works at 30 minutes of use. This is convenient for when you use it in an office chair.

While it does do a decent job at massaging you while in the car, be aware that it can be quite noisy. This could end up being a distraction for you while driving.


  • It helps you get massaged while in traffic
  • It helps improve circulation
  • It’s easy to install
  • The attached control device is easy to use
  • It has a good heat function


  • It’s pricey for its quality level
  • It can be much too intense for some

What Features You Need To Focus On

Now that you have an idea of what’s available, which one will work for you? Better yet, what are the features that matter to you the most. The following features are some of the ones that most interest people looking for a personal back massage machine. Take a look:


A massage with some level of heat can be extremely relieving. It helps to improve your blood circulation and also help your muscles to relax. Whether you’re in pain after a workout or have frequent back aches, using heat in your massager can provide you with better results than if you don’t. Heat is usually suggested for those who have frequent back pain, and not so much for those who may have an ache or two after workouts every now and then.


You want to look for nodes that alternate directions if what you’re looking for is a deep massage. The pressure that can be provided by the massager itself is best, especially if you’ve invested in a hands-free option. If you just want to feel good and relax, you may not be looking for such strength in your massage. Weighted massagers help to ensure that you get the right amount of pressure along with the movement of the nodes.


If you find yourself short on time for massages-even with a home massager-try out car massagers. You have to be sitting down in your car to get to work or run errands, so take advantage of this and consider portable massagers. Keep in mind that you’ll need one that has a car adapter or a very good battery life.


Speaking of car adapters and batteries, consider how your massager is powered. If you just want to use one at home or at the office, the option with your typical AV adapter should be fine. If you want to be able to use one wherever you are, then consider a massager that can be used with batteries.

Also, when considering power, research how strong the motors are in the option that you are checking out. You want something that will provide the level of intensity you need. The more powerful the massager is, the more in-depth massage you can expect.


While it’s not the first feature you should look for, you probably care about how the massager looks—especially if you’re using it at work. While function is important, it’s always nice when your product looks amazing too.

A material that promises quality and aesthetics is leather. A massager with leather hand grips can last longer and also look better.


You may only have pain in one area. This is typical with chronic back issues. Or, you could be an athlete who feels sore everywhere after playing your sport. When choosing a massager, you’ll want to consider what areas of your body you’ll use it on. If you only need massages for your neck, shoulders, and upper back, the ones that wrap around your shoulders can work well.

If you need one for your whole body, consider looking for a hand-held device with a long, no-slip handle. This kind of massager will help you to be able to get those achy areas, wherever they may be on your body.


Nothing beats a massage after a long day at work. Your job may require you to do physical work or you may have a lot of tension from stress. Our work can cause pain in our bodies. It’s easy to ignore it if you don’t have time or money for a masseuse or chiropractor.

Whether you have tension build-up or aches from working out or playing sports, you may need to invest in a back massager.

The above-mentioned massagers are all priced accessibly and can provide you with months and months of pain relief. Whether you want to spend more for a fancier-looking option with multiple features or want a small handheld ball massager, there is plenty to choose from.

Consider your needs and your pain to determine the option that is best for you. Once you reward yourself with a portable massager, you’ll wonder why you never considered one before. Sit back and enjoy that massage. You deserve it!

The Top 10 Best Reviews