Top Ten Best Breathalyzer Reviews For 2018: Get Accurate Readings From Portable Devices

You know what it’s like, you decide to go for a drink after a busy day and then you worry that you may be over the limit and will have to leave your car in the parking lot overnight.

Okay, so getting a cab home and leaving your car is better than running the risk of being over the drink drive limit. But it does cause hassle.

This is where a personal breath tester comes in very handy. It may be a case of being at a party the night before and you need to check that you are safe to drive to work in the morning. By using a breathalyzer you will be able to self-regulate before making an informed decision.

All the products featured in this top ten best breathalyzer reviews for 2018 have been independently reviewed so that you will be able to gain some knowledge about the ten best products available to buy in a crowded marketplace.

Rather than spend endless hours researching the details of different products, you can take advantage of all the hard work summarized on this page.

Our Top 10 Best Breathalyzer Recommendations

#1 - Alcomate AL9000 AccuCell
Apprioved By The Department Of Transport
  • Accurate readings
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Is suitable for professional use
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - AlcoMate REVO Police Caliber
Easy To Use And Highly Accurate
  • Comes with fuel cell technology
  • Four-digit display screen
  • Includes hardwearing clamshell carrying case
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - BACtrack S80 Professional
BACtrack S80 Professional
  • 1 rated product by Wirecutter
  • Has a pro-standard Extend Fuel Cell Sensor
  • Fast results in just 10 seconds
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Alcomate AL9000 AccuCell: Apprioved By The Department Of Transport

The Alcomate AL9000 AccuCell model is arguably the best choice featured in this article in terms of overall performance. It is quite expensive to purchase but that is to be expected due to it being a pro-grade model. It has a high-tech alcohol sensor which means it is able to provide you with accurate readings.

While some models may prove to be temperamental, this one is very accurate which is what you require when you have been drinking. It has an easy one-touch operation which is simple to use. You can also connect it to a USB device so that you can record your results on your Windows PC if needed.

You will find that this machine is portable thanks to it being lightweight and it also features fuel cell technology. This technology is said to be far more accurate than those models that run on a silicon oxide chip.

Thanks to having FC technology it will also deal with a higher level of testing, without it affecting its performance. The results will come back quickly to give you a totally professional feel.


  • Will give you accurate readings.
  • It is both lightweight and portable.
  • You will be able to save the results on your PC via a USB device.
  • Is suitable for professional use.
  • Has the advantage of having fuel cell technology.


  • It is very expensive to purchase.
  • The batteries don’t last that long, so make sure to keep some backups.

2. AlcoMate REVO Police Caliber: Easy To Use And Highly Accurate

The AlcoMate REVO Police Caliber model is very expensive to purchase but it is designed to be compact and discreet. This model has a four-digit display which shows the reading both clearly and quickly. Thanks to having one-button operational functionality it is easy to use.

The price is high due to it having fuel cell technology which means it will not need factory calibration on an annual basis. When you need to recalibrate you simply swap the sensor cartridge with a brand new one. This can be done in a matter of minutes saving you time and hassle.

If you decide to purchase it then you will also receive five one-way flow mouthpieces, two AAA batteries and also a durable clamshell carrying case.

It must be pointed out that some buyers said that from time to time the breathalyzers reading could be a little bit out.


  • You will find a four-digit display screen simple to read.
  • Comes with fuel cell technology.
  • You can recalibrate it yourself easily by changing the sensor cartridge.
  • You will receive a hardwearing clamshell carrying case.
  • You will also get five one-way flow mouthpieces.


  • It is on the expensive side to buy.
  • Some people have reported that the reading can be a little bit hit or miss.

3. BACtrack S80 Professional: Highest Rated Option

The BACtrack S80 Professional model is arguably the best option featured in this article largely because it is of a professional standard which produces a more accurate reading.

It was rated as the No.1 personal breathalyser on the market by Wirecutter when tested in comparison to law enforcement devices. It has an Extend Fuel Cell Sensor which is the same technology that is implemented by hospitals, doctors and the police.

The fact that it’s trusted by professional bodies proves that it is highly accurate at all times. This machine is able to produce totally reliable BAC results every time. It can trace alcohol levels easily and has an accurate reading to within the third decimal place.

It has been designed by the US Department of Transportation and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and produced for commercial use.

Easy to use, thanks to a one-button system, the BACtrack S80 displays your results on an easy-to-read LCD screen. The results take 10-seconds to display and you can change the measurements of the unit if needed. You can also adjust the BAC thresholds to suit each individual user if required.

You will also receive two free AA batteries which are simple to insert into the device. As well as this, you will also be provided with a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • 1 rated product by Wirecutter.
  • You receive a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty
  • Has a pro-standard Extend Fuel Cell Sensor.
  • User-friendly and simple to use.
  • Can display results clearly and accurately in just 10-seconds.


  • The battery will run out after roughly 200 readings.
  • Fairly expensive to purchase.

4. AlcoMate Premium AL7000: With Professional PRISM Technology

The AlcoMate Premium AL7000 Professional model is fairly expensive but is approved by the US Coast Guard and has also been approved for accuracy by the DOT Law Enforcement Agency.

It has a single-button operation system which means most users will be able to use it without too much hassle. The fact that it has PRISM technology means that it is pre-calibrated which will ensure the accuracy of the analyzer in the short and long-term.

Due to having replaceable sensor module technology, this machine can continue to perform at a high standard as the sensor panel is easy to replace in just seconds when required.

With this personal breathalyzer, you will be able to easily read the results within 30 seconds on the clear 4-digit LCD screen. It is worth considering that a small number of people have reported that it can be difficult to use and takes a bit of getting used to.

If you do decide to buy this one then you will also receive a free 1-year warranty.


  • Approved by the DOT Law Enforcement Agency for accuracy.
  • Has been designed to use PRISM technology.
  • Includes a 1-year warranty free of charge.
  • Has an easy-to-read 4-digit LCD display screen.
  • The sensor panels can be easily changed when needed.


  • This item is fairly expensive to buy.
  • Some people found it tricky to use.

5. VPOW Portable Breath Alcohol Tester: Cheap And Very Portable

The VPOW Portable Breath Alcohol Tester is available to buy for an excellent cheap purchase price which will appeal to many potential customers.

It is very easy to use and gives you the ability to carry out your own breath test which provides you with a BAC reading within seconds. So if you have had a drink you can easily test your alcohol level with this handheld portable device.

Equipped with sensor technology it can chart how much alcohol is in your system which allows you to make clear decisions after drinking. If you decide to purchase this item then you will also receive 10 mouthpieces, a user manual and a portable storage bag.

In addition to this, you will also be given total peace of mind by receiving a 3-month money-back guarantee and an 18-month warranty.


  • This portable handheld machine is easy to use.
  • Available to buy at an excellent price.
  • You will also receive an 18-month warranty and a 3-month money-back guarantee.
  • Has upgraded sensor technology.
  • You will also receive a portable storage bag.


  • Sometimes doesn’t start at a reading of zero.
  • Some people reported that it feels cheaply made.

6. AlcoHAWK PT500: Lowest Chance Of False Readings

The AlcoHAWK PT500 is easy to use and can be used as a personal or professional alcohol breath analyzer.

If you are having a few drinks you can easily carry out a home breathalyzer test with this device. It has been designed with new PT Core Fuel Cell Sensor Technology which provides you pro-standard readings. The technology is trusted by the US military and also law enforcement roadside screening units.

It has a large backlit LCD digital display screen which is easy-to-read so that you will always be able to see the reading clearly. You can adjust the BAC level to each user and an audible and visual warning will alert you when the BAC level is over the required level.

The AlcoHAWK PT500 personal breathalyzer has a simple user-friendly menu operation system with a wide testing range from 0.000-0.400 percent BAC.

There are just a few downsides. It does feel a bit cheaply made and it is bit too large to carry with you on a night out.


  • Good for professional and personal use.
  • Trusted by the law enforcement roadside screening units and the US military.
  • Easy-to-read large LCD screen which is backlit.
  • Designed with new PT Core Fuel Cell Sensor Technology.
  • The BAC level can be adjusted for each user.


  • Design feels a bit cheap
  • It is a bit too big to take with you on a night out.

7. BACtrack Trace Professional: Sotres 10 Readings

The BACtrack Trace Professional model is good for both personal and professional use and has the added advantage of being small and portable.

Designed with platinum-based Xtend Fuel Cell Sensor Technology it uses the same technology that is used by law enforcement agencies and those in the medical profession. This machine is trusted by these organizations because of its ability to produce reliable BAC readings almost every time.

Most people reported that this product was simple to use thanks to its one-button operation. It also has an LCD digital screen ensures you can read your BAC recording within 10-seconds. You can even store your last 10 BAC readings on the built-in flash memory which is a stand-out feature.

There are a number of other features such as a built-in mini-solenoid pump breath system, temperature checker and an adjustable BAC user warning levels. It is great for taking with you on a night out as it is very portable and can easily fit into your pocket or purse. Your purchase will also include two AAA batteries.

You will also receive a 30-day money-back guarantee along with a free 1-year warranty.


  • Is trusted by medical professionals and law enforcement agencies.
  • Your BAC reading will be recorded in 10-seconds on the LCD screen.
  • You will receive a free 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Has the ability to store 10 readings on the built-in memory flashback.
  • There is a mini-solenoid pump breath system built-in.


  • Some buyers have said that the battery cover keeps on popping off.
  • At times it can not show a reading requiring you to repeat the test.

8. BACtrack C6 Keychain: Smallest Available Option

The BACtrack C6 Keychain is ultra-portable, is great for taking out on a night out and is also available to buy for a good price.

This handy small device has a built-in BluFire Fuel Cell sensor and uses technology that is used and trusted by law enforcement agencies and medical professionals. It is the smallest home breathalyzer on the market and is the size of a 9V battery and weighs just 1.5oz which makes it easy to attach to your keys or simply put in your purse.

Due to having zero line technology you’re able to estimate when your BAC reading is back to 0.00 percent, this allows you to make clear decisions.

As well as being super portable it has a dual-mode system that allows you to choose between seeing the reading on the clear OLED display screen by choosing the Standalone Mode. The other mode you can opt for is the App Mode which delivers your BAC reading via Bluetooth to your Smartphone.

Some people did report that they found the instructions hard to follow and they also found the BACtrack C6 Keychain a bit flimsy to use. On the plus side, you will receive a 1-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


  • The smallest pro-grade model on the market.
  • Available for a good purchase price.
  • Has built-in zero line technology.
  • You will get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 1-year warranty.
  • You can see your BAC results on your Smartphone via Bluetooth


  • The instruction can be tricky to follow.
  • Can feel a bit too flimsy for for carrying around.

9. Aoxin Professional: Very Reasonable Digital Option

The excellently priced Professional Digital model has dual input for right and left-handed use and is portable enough to take anywhere with you.

One of the best features is that has Smart MCU control which means it will deliver a video or audio warning to tell you when you are above a certain BAC. You will also receive 10 mouthpieces free of charge.

Most people found it to be useful but some did report that the readings were slightly hit or miss. The reading usually takes five-seconds to be displayed. This machine also has a built-in automatic-calibration and fault sensor system that checks itself. It also has the ability to automatically shut itself off to save the battery 5-seconds after finishing the breath test. There is also a built-in battery indicator.

On average you can run 200 tests before needing three new 1.5V AAA batteries, these have to be bought separately. However, when you buy it you will receive a user manual and cloth bag to help protect your product.

You will also receive a money-back guarantee which lasts for up to 90-days when you purchase this item.


  • You get receive a user manual, 10 mouthpieces and a cloth bag when you buy this item.
  • Available to buy at an excellent price.
  • You will receive a 90-day money-back guarantee with this product.
  • Has Smart MCU control.
  • Will automatically shut itself off in order to save battery.


  • Unfortunately, batteries are not included.
  • The readings are not very precise.
  • It feels a bit cheaply made.

10. ACE II Basic Professional Digital: Cheap But Not The Most Reliable

The ACE II Basic model is available to purchase at a good price but it is fair to say that there are better models featured in this article.

It is highly portable and will fit into your purse or shirt pocket easily. It has a digital display screen that shows you your BAC results within 30-seconds. It has a police-grade fuel sensor and is an FDA approved device.

However, people who bought this model noted the batteries needed changing more than they expected. Some customers also reported that device felt cheaply made and didn’t always produce an accurate reading.

If you opt to purchase this product then you will receive a hard case box, a carrying pouch, a hand strap, two AAA batteries, a user manual and five mouthpieces. All this is covered by the free 1-year warranty.


  • Portable enough to fit into your shirt pocket or your purse.
  • Includes a 1-year free warranty.
  • Is available to buy for a good price.
  • You will also receive a carrying pouch and a hand strap.


  • The batteries need changing a lot.
  • Not the most solid design.
  • From an accuracy point of view there are better options.

What Features You Need To Focus On


Most of the products written about in this article are considered to be lightweight and portable. Each product will differ in size and weight but nature of the product allows you to carry it around with you at all times.

Some of the products featured in this article also come with a carrying bag or pouch which allows you to protect the device when you are out and about. One of the products featured is so small that it can be attached to your keys and act as a keychain.


It goes without saying that a vital feature of a breath tester is how accurate a reading it is able to produce. The majority of the products written about are suitable for both personal and professional use. The most accurate products are the ones that feature fuel cell technology which is police-grade standard.

Most of the products on this list have been endorsed by professional bodies such as those in the medical profession, US military and law enforcement agencies.

Value For Money

We all like to this we are receiving true value for our money whenever we buy any product and the price of the product is just the beginning. To be sure that we are getting real value for our hard-earned cash we must consider what we are getting in return.

Most of the products on this top ten list offer value for money in some way or another. Some products will come with a free warranty, others will come with free batteries and some with come with additional free accessories such as a carrying bag or a number of mouthpieces.

You have to assess which product will offer you the customer the best value for your cash on a personal level.


Having read this article in full you will have hopefully got a better understanding of which products are available to buy. You will have gained a greater knowledge of the many features each model offers and what it will mean for you the customer.

You may be looking for a professional-standard product which you can use on a personal level between yourself and family or friends. The pro-standard devices always offer a more accurate reading but come at a far higher price.

You can purchase any one of the products featured on this list by following the link to the Amazon website.

The Top 10 Best Reviews