Top Ten Best Ceiling Fans Reviews For 2018: How An Old Idea Can Still Brind Cool Air On Hot Summer Days

 Summer will soon be here, and the days of cold weather will be gone. For many, this may be a welcome experience yet for others in warm climates, the idea of days turning hot and sweaty could be nerve wracking. Whether you don’t have an air conditioner set up in your home or you don’t like to use them, you may not be prepared for the weather to become warm again.

That is, unless you have started looking into the best ceiling fans. A good ceiling fan that is both powerful and effective can make a world of difference, especially in larger living spaces or bedrooms. They can also be added to your covered patio to keep you cool as you relax outdoors.

From a flush mount ceiling fan with light to an outdoor ceiling fan with light, there is a large variety of styles to choose from to suit your needs. You can invest in one for your living room or dining room, or simply install one on your porch. Wherever you expect to get the most heat is where you will definitely want a fan.

To help you determine which kind of fan is best for your needs, check out the following ceiling fan reviews to get a glimpse of the options available. Whether you’re looking for an antique style fan or you want a modern smart fan, there is plenty of variety to go around.

Our Top 10 Best Ceiling Fans Recommendations

#1 - Haiku Home L Series
Ideal For Smart Home Integration
  • Quiet and doesn’t rattle
  • Remote control feature
  • Available different colors and Clean design
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - 52″ Minka Aire
Nice Antique Design
  • Its light is sufficiently bright
  • It has a sleek, attractive design
  • It provides a dependable air flow
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Westinghouse Brentford 52-Inc
Ideal For Indoor And Outdoor Use
  • It won’t wobble easily
  • It’s an aesthetically pleasing fan
  • It has reversible blades and variety in speed settings
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Haiku Home L Series: Ideal For Smart Home Integration

The Haiku may seem a bit pricey for what seems at first like your regular ceiling fan. But, the Haiku is something that you may have never seen before. With the Amazon Alexa to work with it, you can easily control the Haiku without ever having to get up from your comfortable spot. With an IR remote, you can easily control the fan with minimum effort. The Alex isn’t included.

As a factory balanced and sound tested product, you can trust that if what you want is a quiet fan, this is it. Long gone are the days of wobbling and rattling when you invest in a Haiku. It can provide coverage for spaces of 15 x 15 feet. It has integrated LED with 16 different brightness settings for you to choose from.

With 10 different settings to choose from, you can easily put your fan in sleep mode, timer, natural breeze, and change the speed. The Haiku is available in different colors so that you can choose the color that best fits in with your home’s décor and style. It has an elegant design that won’t clash with your home’s furnishings or setup and saves energy. What else could you ask for?


  • It’s quiet and doesn’t rattle, making it a perfect option for bedrooms
  • It can be controlled by remote or by Amazon Alex
  • It’s available in different colors and has a clean design
  • It is effective and will work wonders in warm months
  • It has a broad range of settings not often found in ceiling fans


  • It’s pricey and may not be the best for budget-conscious shoppers
  • It’s challenging to install and assemble

2. 52″ Minka Aire: Nice Antique Design

If you want an option that blends in with your home’s décor and antiques, this charming design lends an old-time feel to modern features. The distressed koa finish motor and distressed koa finish molded ABS blades are top quality. The blade span at 52” is enough to provide cool coverage for your living room or bedroom.

If you want to be able to control your fan from the comfort of your bed or couch, the Mink Aire includes a hand held air control remote system. It also had LED lighting that is extremely convenient and as bright as can be. The finishing on this fan is done beautifully and this option will look good in most homes.

The Minka Aire has a reversible direction function and a wall switch can be installed with the Minka Aire (it’s not included). It provides a good, reliable air flow, so that you can be sure it will cool you off in the summer months. If you want a reliably cool fan that looks good and isn’t priced unfairly, this is a convenient option.


  • Its light is sufficiently bright
  • It has a sleek, attractive design
  • It includes a remote-control system
  • It provides a dependable air flow
  • It’s relatively easy to put together


  • The motor buzzes a bit
  • The remote isn’t always reliable

3. Westinghouse Brentford 52-Inc: Ideal For Indoor And Outdoor Use

With a highly unique and old-fashioned design, the Westinghouse is an attractive and functional option for different needs. It can be used both indoors or outdoors, making it a more versatile fan than many. With an airflow efficiency of around 92 cfm per watt, the Westinghouse provides enough coverage to keep you cool in the summer.

It includes 54-inch lead wire for easy installation and with a 153-milimeter by 17-millimeter silicon steel motor with a triple capacitor, you can depend on its function. With three different speeds, you can be sure to get the room as cool as you need it. Its low speed is ideal for days when the weather isn’t too warm and you just want a light breeze in your home.

The three Torpedo 40-watt incandescent light bulbs provide enough light for a relaxed environment but may not be as bright as some would hope. The clear-seeded lantern-looking light fixture adds style to any home décor.


  • It won’t wobble easily
  • It’s an aesthetically pleasing fan
  • It can be used inside the house or on a patio
  • It is inexpensive for the quality it offers
  • It has reversible blades and variety in speed settings


  • It’s a challenge to install
  • It doesn’t include a remote control

4. Hunter Key Biscayne 54″: With Reversible Blades

The Hunter Key Biscayne is a pretty fan with a unique light fixture. If you’re looking for an option that adds style to your home while being inexpensive, this may be the one for you. The WhisperWind motor provides enough power for you to stay cool yet helps the fan to run quietly.

With a reversible motor, you can change the direction of the blades for air circulation during the winter and cool air in the summer. This option can be used in covered porches or patios, so technically it can be used in outdoor spaces. Just don’t install it where it can get wet. Even if it’s an ETL damp-rated fan, you want to be careful with it.

It has an integrated light kit with cased white glass and two standard medium base CFL 14w bulbs. If you’re a fan of unique light fixtures, you’ll appreciate the light on the Hunter Key Biscayne. It’s easy to turn on and off with a pull chain. The chain also works for changing the speed settings.


  • It looks good with nearly any home decor
  • It’s a quiet option that can be used in bedrooms
  • It can be installed in covered outdoor patios or porches
  • It is effective in producing cool air in the summer
  • It has a durable, sturdy construction


  • The lights aren’t as bright as many would like
  • It can be a challenge to install on your own

5. Hampton Bay Hugger 52 In: Cheap And Effective

With a traditional design, the Hampton Bay Hugger isn’t fancy, but it is a reliable option for a great price. With reversible blades, you can use it in the winter or summer. The blades have walnut finish on one side and maple finish on the other. This unique finish makes it an attractive design that won’t clash easily with your home’s decorations.

With a multi-capacitor, the Hampton Bay Hugger works quietly while also providing optimal air flow. It has a flush-mount installation for low ceilings. You can use it rooms that measure up to 20ft. x 20ft. It works with a medium-base bulb but be aware that you’ll need to buy it separately.

It has two chains, one for adjusting speed settings and the other for turning the light on and off. As nice as this fan looks and as convenient as it is, it won’t cost you much. It’s an attractive option for a low price. What are you waiting for?


  • It’s easy to install
  • The Hampton Bay Hugger provides maximum air movement
  • It’s highly affordable
  • It is a traditionally attractive design
  • You can easily adjust the speed


  • The light shade dims the light provided
  • It’s a bit noisier than one would expect

6. Honeywell Sabal Palm 52-Inch: Hand Crafted Design

Life is too short to be boring. At least, that’s what they say and if you’re in agreement with this overused phrase, then you may like the Honeywell Sabal Palm fan. One can’t deny that is an originally beautiful design that will add style to any home’s interior.

This hand-crafted design has a bronze finish and a Tuscan sand glass bowl light that gives it a tropical feel. The quiet reversible motor will allow you to easily change the speed whenever you need to. It won’t make a lot of noise and can be used to aid in air circulation in the winter.

It can fit in all kinds of spaces in your home’s interior. Whether you want to place it in your bedroom or living room, the Honeywell can cool rooms of up to 450 square feet. It’s a tri-mount compatible, so it isn’t too challenging to install this beauty at an angled mount or close mount. You can easily change speed and turn on the light with hanging chains. For all it’s convenient features and attractive design, it’s priced surprisingly cheap.


  • It has a highly unique, aesthetically pleasing design
  • Its speed can easily be adjusted
  • It’s conveniently affordable
  • It isn’t noisy
  • It’s an original design that can add style to your home’s decor


  • It doesn’t produce as great air flow as some other options
  • Assembly can be a challenge

7. Litex E-UB48BC4C1 Urbana 48-Inch: Cool Modern Design

If you’re all about antique designs and wooden finishing, you may not like this option. But, if you have minimalistic décor, the modern design will fit in perfectly.  It includes 1 x 60 watt candelabra bulbs for quality lighting and the sleek brushed chrome metal finish adds to the quality look of the Litex. The light provided is bright and dependable, so you can place it in areas where you need optimal lighting.

With a down-rod mounting installation including a safety cable, installation isn’t too challenging. It’s not the biggest fan around, but it provides a relatively effective air flow. It includes chains for easy speed adjusting but is also compatible with wall switches.

Its motor is quiet, yet one should consider that the blades do make a whooshing sound. This means that it does provide reasonable air flow, so if you don’t mind a steady sound from your fan, then this may be a good option. The blades are reversible, and the light is bright enough for you to depend on.


  • It has a sleek, modern design
  • It has dependable lighting
  • It’s an inexpensive option
  • It’s easy to install
  • It has optimal air flow


  • The blades make quite a bit of noise
  • The blades are very sharp and require caution while handling

8. Westinghouse Elite 48-Inch: With 3 Spot Lights

This trendy fan belongs in your home if you love fashionable décor and fixtures. With 3 spot lights, it’s the perfect fan for adding accent lighting to living rooms or dining rooms. It has a three-blade design that will cool rooms that measure up to 144 square feet.

The silicone steel motor with a triple capacitor provides enough power for optimal air flow. The fan also has a reversible switch, so that it can be used for air circulation or for cooling your home. The airflow efficiency is at 82 cfm per watt, making it convenient for all types of use.

The Westinghouse Elite includes three GU10 base 50 watt MR16 halogen light bulbs that are great for adding brightness to any shared living space. If you’re looking for an affordable and contemporary fan, the Westinghouse Elite may be the one for you.


  • It has a very unique design
  • It’s affordable and dependable
  • It’s reasonably quiet enough for bedroom use
  • It has variety in speed settings
  • It’s a reversible fan that can be used in the different seasons


  • The fan tends to get off balance with months of use
  • It’s a headache to install

9. Westinghouse Harmony 48-Inch: Great Value For Money

Yet another Westinghouse design, this Harmony fan is unique yet reliable. With two lightweight blades, it’s ideal for bedroom use. With four different speed settings, you can easily use it for year-long use and be sure to get you room as cool as can be in the summer.

The silicone steel motor has a triple capacitor for reliable use. And, the reversible switch allows you to get the air flow you need for the weather. With two candelabra-base 40-watt torpedo light bulbs, you won’t get as much brightness as you would with other options, but it’s enough for bedroom use.

If you want a stylish option that will look good with almost any décor, this is the one for you. It offers great value for its low price.  While it’s not the most dependable for shared spaces, it’s convenient for personal bedrooms or offices.


  • It’s a stylish design that will look good almost anywhere
  • It has dependable air flow for small spaces
  • It’s easy to install
  • It’s an inexpensive product
  • It isn’t noisy


  • The lighting isn’t the best
  • It doesn’t include remote controls

10. Westinghouse Bendan 52-Inch: Cheap But Limited Effect

The Westinghouse Bendan is another attractive design from the Westinghouse brand. It’s also another inexpensive option and instead of only two blades, it includes five. The fan can cool rooms of up to 360 square feet, so it can be used in living rooms or dining rooms. It shouldn’t be used outdoors.

The cold-rolled steel motor with dual capacitor, it’s powerful enough for cooling air flow. It has three different fan speeds for you to adjust, according to the weather. The Westinghouse Benda also has a reversible switch, so you can use it in the summer, spring, fall, or winter.

The fan includes a R7 100-watt halogen light bulb and a remote control, as well as a 9-volt battery. While it does provide reasonably good features for a low price, it doesn’t have as many top functions as others on the list.


  • The fan includes a remote control for easy use
  • It’s convenient for bedroom and living room use
  • It can be used throughout the year
  • It looks good in almost any home setup
  • The fan provides good air flow


  • The instructions are nearly useless
  • The light is too dim for some people’s preferences

What Features You Need To Focus On

Choosing a fan that you can rely on takes time. There are several things to consider about your living space and about your needs, before purchasing. The following features are important to consider before spending money on your new ceiling fan.


The blades on your fan are important. While a two-blade design may be convenient for a small room, you wouldn’t want to cool your living room off with only two blades. Another thing to consider is the material used on the blades. For example, metal blades are great in that they are great for air flow, but they make a lot of noise. They can also be a bit dangerous if accidentally touched.

Then, you will want to consider the style of the blades when shopping. You may like intricate hand-crafted designs but be aware that the blades may not be the best in terms of air movement.


While shopping for a fan is primarily about the function, you will want to consider design. First of all, the design does have a bearing on the effects. A fan also stands out, so you’ll want to make sure that the design you choose combines well with your home’s style and décor.


You want a motor that has enough power but that won’t be so noisy that you can’t sleep while the fan is on. Typically, you’ll want a three capacitor when shopping for a fan for quiet yet reliable use.


First of all, if you’re only buying a fan for its cooling effects, lighting may not matter to you. But, if you’re depending on the lighting as much as the blades, consider investing in one that promises bright lighting.

Remote/Smart Features

Some fans come with chains for adjusting the speed or turning them on and off. Others can be controlled by a wall switch while others are used with a remote. There are even options that can be used with products like the Amazon Alexa. The remote and smart fans are a lot easier to use, but it’s important to consider their quality beforehand.


Whether you want ceiling fans without lights or you’re looking for the best ceiling fans for patios, there is something for every style on this list. The important thing you need to do is be prepared for the warm months before they arrive. You can be sure to find a reasonably priced, quality option on the above list.

The Top 10 Best Reviews