Top Ten Best Deep Fryer Reviews For 2019: Delicious Food With Commercial And Countertop Options

What is deep fat frying? Unlike the conventional method of shallow fat frying, deep fat cooks the food faster. It also ensures that food is cooked evenly. We tend to think of this as a rather more modern method of cooking due to the gadgets we use. But it has really been around for centuries. Actually, it’s been around since about 1000 -5000 BC. But nowadays it’s been made much easier for us with the aid of a deep fat fryer. It’s something that everyone can benefit from owning – so why not buy one for your kitchen!

You’re probably asking yourself: ‘How do I know what to look for when buying an electric deep fat fryer?’ Of course, there are many points worth considering. As style and a cool design play a big part in what we purchase these days, you may want to consider that. That’s okay if it’s on show on your counter top. But do you really need it if it’s kept in a cupboard? Only you can answer that question. We think it’s more important that you consider the 3 Ss’ – safety, size and smell! You won’t want to worry about burning yourself or accidents happening when using it. Neither will you want a bulky product that doesn’t fit into your cupboard and leaves your kitchen stinking after use. Luckily, most products nowadays are portable and have a filter that does away with unpleasant smells.

It may be a product that you don’t use regularly. After all, deep fat frying is not really considered to be healthy. Too much of it will rise your cholesterol level, which could be dangerous. But it is nice to be wicked sometimes! It’s a handy thing to have for when you want to cook something different. Or maybe even for cooking finger food when you entertain guests. It really does enhance the taste of your food. And think of the time you’ll be saving as well.

Our Top 10 Best Deep Fryer Recommendations

It’s not easy to decide which is the best deep fryer as there are so many on offer. Some products are cheap, while others are extremely expensive. So, first thing you need to do is decide how much you are really willing to spend. This is to avoid being disappointed when you find that the one you really want is way out of your budget. We’ve put together a list of products that can be ordered over amazon. Take a look at these deep fryer reviews to help you decide which is the one for you. There’s something for everyone whether you want a cheap deep fryer or a mini deep fryer.

#1 - KRUPS KJ502D51
Professional Commercial Grade
  • 3 baskets for frying
  • Odor filter to reduce smells
  • Handles don’t heat up
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - T-fal FR8000
With Convenient Oil Filtration
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Adjustable thermostat controls temperature
  • Two basket positions allow for cooking and draining
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer
Flexible Dual Basket
  • Provides double baskets for cooking 2 items together
  • Timer is adjustable
  • Temperature can be adjusted
4.0 stars out of 5

1. KRUPS KJ502D51: Professional Commercial Grade

If you’re cooking for a large family this is just what you need. With a capacity for 4.5 liters of oil you’ll be able to cook up to 2.6lbs of food. It even has three frying baskets. Why three frying baskets? You can either cook one large batch of food in the larger basket or two different foods together in the two smaller baskets.

There are four preset functions that automatically adjust the temperature and time needed for individual foods. It’s also possible to manually customize the fryer to your own settings. To ensure safety when checking food that’s cooking there’s a large viewing mirror. You certainly don’t want to burn yourself by opening the top to check the food during the process.

Neither should you have to worry about the handle getting too hot – this one stays cool. And a real must – there’s an odor filter integrated into it to reduce the cooking smell in your kitchen. A definite commercial grade product.


  • 3 baskets for frying
  • Foolproof results with 4 automatic functions
  • Possible to customize with manual settings
  • Odor filter to reduce smells
  • Handles don’t heat up


  • Handles don’t fold into basket for storage
  • Not possible to clean completely

2. T-fal FR8000: With Convenient Oil Filtration

This model is one of the few that actually has an oil filtration system. It drains and filters the oil after each use. Its heating system ensures that the correct temperature is used to seal the exterior of the food. This means that there is less absorption of fat so your food is healthier.

Its family sized so you’ll be able to fry up to 2.65lbs of food in the 3.5 liter of oil. With an adjustable thermostat you’ll even be able to customize the temperature to what you need. There’s a container that stores the filtered oil so no need to drain it out after each use. For your convenience the basket has two positions – one for cooking and one for draining the food. There’s also a viewing window on the top to enable you to check the food safely.

Also, for your safety, the handle stays cool. The odor filter will stop the cooking smells from permeating your kitchen and it can be cleaned in the dishwasher.  It’s recommendable to use unsaturated vegetable oil when cooking.


  • Adjustable thermostat controls temperature
  • Two basket positions allow for cooking and draining
  • Heating element ensures no loss of temperature
  • Clean oil filtration system
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Impossible to clean by hand
  • A little wide and bulky

3. Hamilton Beach Electric Deep Fryer: Flexible Dual Basket

This product has the capacity for cooking for a larger crowd by using the large basket. Or if you’re looking to cook chicken and french-fries together – no problem. You can do this in its double baskets that have hooks.

By hooking them on the side you’ll even be able to drain any excess oil back into the basket. The temperature is adjustable and there’s a light to show you when the correct temperature has been reached. You can even set the timer that lets you know when the food is ready.

As there’s a window for viewing, you’ll be able to monitor what you’re cooking without worrying about splatters from the lid. For cleaning, just stick the basket into the dishwasher. What more can you ask for! You’ll have professional results, with little splatter and it’s easy to clean when you’re finished.


  • Provides double baskets for cooking 2 items together
  • Timer is adjustable
  • Temperature can be adjusted
  • Viewing mirror on lid
  • Can be cleaned in the dishwasher


  • Doesn’t hold the temperature well
  • Basket can’t be lifted when lid is in place

4. Presto 05420 FryDaddy: Very Cool Design

By using only 4 cups of oil for 4 servings this mini model is very economical. The snap on lid even allows you to safely store the oil for further use. It also ensures that there are no spills and no odor to worry about.

You won’t need to figure out how to set it as there are no controls to try to understand! The temperature setting is automatic so that your food will be fried perfectly. Say goodbye to messy baskets – use the scoop instead. It scoops the food out of the fryer, drains it and you can also serve the food from it.

As the surface is non-stick both inside and outside you’ll find it’s no problem to clean. Just don’t even think about putting it in the dishwasher! For putting it away it’s also easy to move due to the handle that is attached to it.


  • Thermostat is preset for perfect frying
  • Has a nonstick surface both inside and outside
  • Has a handy scoop instead of a messy basket
  • Economical on oil – 4 cups for 4 servings
  • No need to set controls


  • Oil splashes a little
  • No temperature control

5. Hamilton Beach Professional: Excellent Value For Money

As a professional appliance you’ll expect it do more than average. And it does! Its generous size allows for the cooking of a whole chicken (providing it’s not too large!). With an 8-cup food capacity you’ll be able to cook for the whole family in one go. It can be used for frying most foods to an ideal crispiness without ending up with a mess in your kitchen.

You’ll be able to lower and lift the basket while the lid is closed. This helps to avoid any splatter that would mess up your worktop. Depending on what you’re cooking, you’ll be able to adjust the temperature and there’s even a timer to let you know when your food is ready.

The nonstick pot itself is dishwasher safe but the rest needs to be cleaned by hand. But as it’s easy to clean that shouldn’t cause any problems.


  • Professional design
  • Suitable for cooking for larger groups
  • 8-cup food capacity
  • Heating element allows for fast cooking
  • Temperature control has light and can be adjusted


  • Doesn’t heat up to capacity
  • Magnetic cord is too short

6. Cuisinart CDF-200: Cool Stainless Steel Design

You’ll be able to deep fry whatever you want in your own kitchen. The heating element is powerful and ensures that the heat stays constant while cooking. You’ll be able to cook up to 2.3lbs of food in one go so it’s suitable for cooking a family meal. It’s also great if you like to entertain as there’re some tasty finger foods you can fry in it.

What’s more, you can make your own donuts! The mesh basket is made from stainless steel and even has a handle that stays cool. No worry of burning yourself when touching it. And the oil container, which is enamel coated, has a pouring spout and can be removed.

Cleaning the appliance is simple – just put the oil container, frying basket and lid into the dishwasher. Nothing could be simpler!


  • Holds up to 2.3lbs of food
  • Large basket is made from stainless steel
  • Heating element can be removed
  • Oil container holds up to 1 gallon
  • Oil container is enamel coated and can be removed


  • Glass window steams up so not able to view anything
  • A little messy as there’re no filters

7. Chefman Deep Fryer: Very Easy To Use

You have the choice with this product. You can either cook one large batch in the larger basket, or multiple dishes in the two smaller baskets. You can even use a smaller basket if you’re just cooking for yourself. But, as it’s jumbo sized you’ll also be able to cook for the whole average size family in one go.

The temperature can be controlled and there’s a timer to let you know when the food is ready. What’s more, you’ll be able to check it for yourself through the viewing window on the lid. You won’t need to worry about the fat splattering it by opening it to check the food. As the wire basket can be lowered with the lid closed, there’ll be no splatters on your countertop.

For clean frying there’s even a charcoal air filter that will also help avoid having any unpleasant odor in your kitchen. Just be sure to wash everything by hand – it’s not suitable for putting in the dishwasher.


  • Oil container can be removed
  • Temperature adjustment via rotary dial
  • Jumbo sized
  • 1 large and 2 smaller baskets
  • Magnetic power cord ensures safety


  • Basket doesn’t immerse far enough into oil
  • Timer needs to be turned on before oil will heat up

8. Secura 1700-Watt: Dual Basket Setup

Ideal for a family as there’s a larger basket for cooking a larger batch. The two smaller baskets allow you to cook both your fish and french-fries at the same time. The body is made from stainless steel, which does tend to get a little hot.

The carbon filter filters any odors so your kitchen will not get too smelly. The lid protects against splatter and there’s also a window on it to view the food. It’s easy to clean as the oil tank, which holds 4.2 liters of oil, is removable. Although the fryer doesn’t heat up without the timer being on this acts as a safety device.

You don’t want the pan to catch fire because you’ve forgotten to switch it off. The timer ensures that the heating element shuts down after 60 minutes. So, you won’t have to start worrying whether you switched it off before leaving home.


  • 3 frying baskets to cook a full meal
  • Oil tank holds 1.4 liters and is removable
  • Heat can be adjusted
  • Automatic timer shuts down heating element
  • Odor filter to avoid a smelly kitchen


  • The outside gets too hot
  • Doesn’t heat up without the timer on

9. Elite Platinum EDF-401T: Maximum Capacity

You want a snack but want to two different things – then use the two baskets. Each basket holds up to 1lb of food so there’ll even be enough to share with your partner! If you want to fry larger portions, use the large basket. You can fry up to 2.5lbs of food in it.

The pan holds a lot of oil – 4 quarts in all, or 16.5 cups! You’ll be able to adjust the thermostat from 240F up to 375F depending on what you want to cook. You won’t have to worry about burning yourself on the handles or on the fat either. The handles stay cool and make it easy to lower the basket into the oil and lift it out again.

When you’ve finished you can put the lid, frying baskets and oil pan into the dishwasher. The filter compartment is also removable for wiping over. For your safety there’s also a 60-minute timer that will automatically switch the fryer off.


  • Timer settings are adjustable
  • Housing made from brushed stainless steel
  • 4 quart inner pot is removable
  • Thermostat can be adjusted from 240F to 375F
  • Handles make it easy to transport


  • Timer has to be turned on before setting the temperature
  • Oil takes a long time to heat up

10. DeLonghi D44528DZ: Expensive For What You Get

If you’re looking to cook for a large amount of people it’s easy. With its 1-gallon oil tank you can even use it for parties. There’s a thermometer that can be adjusted to allow you to cook different foods at different temperatures.

The cool zone at the bottom collects any food particles, which allows the oil to stay cleaner. There’s an easy draining system so you can drain off the oil when necessary. But you won’t need to change the oil so often as the cool zone lowers the temperature of the oil so it can be used 20% longer.

Being able to put most parts into the dishwasher is also a great advantage. Nothing is worse than spending hours over the sink trying to clean it up. This one is OK but not great and ideally avoided.


  • Easy to clean
  • Has a cool zone area to prevent food from burning
  • Oil keeps clean and little odor
  • Draining system to remove oil easily
  • Many parts can be placed in the dishwasher


  • The steam vent is too near to the controls
  • Spout for removing oil clogs up

What Features You Need To Focus On

Check out the following features before making any decision.

Capacity and number of baskets: If you’re only planning on cooking for yourself you won’t need an extra large model. But on the down side, if it’s not large enough you’ll have to fry multiple batches if you’re cooking for a family. A compact fryer only cooks up to 350g of food while a larger one will cook between 1kg and 1.5kg. Cooking for two people you’ll only need a 4-cup fryer, a 6-cup for three small servings but for a family you’ll need a 12-cup fryer. Maybe you’ll want to cook a whole chicken in it. Then you’ll need to buy a larger appliance. You should also consider whether you want to fry everything together in one basket. If not, you’ll need to buy a product offering multiple baskets.

Temperature: It’s good to be able to customize the temperature as some foods don’t need so much heat to cook. Many models have a temperature control to enable you to do this.
The best temperature for most foods is 375 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you only plan on cooking at this temperature, an adjustable temperature control won’t be necessary for you.

Easy to Clean: It makes life much easier if you can put the parts into the dishwasher for cleaning. It’s important that you are able to clean it, otherwise food tastes will be transferred when frying the next time. Or else you’ll end up with the flavor of caked-on grease! The baskets, handles, lids and often the vat can be placed in the dishwasher with many brands. But it’s also important that the oil compartment can be removed so that you can dispose of the used oil easily. You’ll also be able to ensure that it stays clean.

Safety features: As your fryer will possibly be heating oil up to 375 degrees Fahrenheit, safety is imperative. You won’t want any of that hot oil splashing onto your skin. A fryer that has a deep pan reduces the possibility of splashing. And fryers with a lid that closes also help to avoid splatter. With a rise and fall basket you won’t have to worry about any splashing when putting the food into the oil. For extra safety, look for a model with a window at the top. You can check out your food without having to open the lid.

The exterior of the pan needs to stay relatively cool. If it gets too hot, there’s a danger that you’ll burn yourself.

A magnetic power cord is also a great safety device. Should anyone trip over the lead the pan won’t tumble down sending the contents flying – the cord will just detach itself from the fryer.

Price: How much you want to spend is also important, especially if you’re working from a tight budget. The price range is enormous – ranging from $50 to $500. But you’ll need to consider that the more you pay, the more capacity and the more features you’ll be offered. First consider how much you want to spend then start looking at products in your price range.



Owning the best home deep fryer will allow you to cook some delicious meals with ease. It’s not easy to make a decision on which one is just the one you need. But we hope our reviews will have helped some. There’s surely one amongst them that will suit your needs and your wallet.

The Top 10 Best Reviews