Top Ten Best Electric Knife Reviews For 2018: Make Cutting Bread, Meat And Fish Easier With The Right Tools.

Sometimes carving up a large joint of meat can be an arduous task. It is tricky to get all the cuts the right thickness and size. Even some things like thick French bread can be a hassle to cut and means extra time added to your meal preparation.

And you can quickly end up with a mess where every slice is falling apart or simply to think. This looks ugly and very unapitising.

The easy solution is to buy an electric knife but there are so many on the market it is hard to choose which one to purchase. In this article, you will be able to read about the top ten best electric knife reviews for 2018. Each review has been independently written to arm you with all the knowledge you need to make the right purchase for you and your family.

Our Top 10 Best Electric Knife Recommendations

#1 - American Angler PRO: Professional Grade Results
Professional Grade Results
  • 2-year limited lifetime warranty
  • Has 8-foot power cord
  • Precise cuttings
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Cuisinart CEK-50 Cordless: Easy To Use And Store
Easy To Use And Store
  • Simple to use
  • Comfortable design
  • Quick-chargeing
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Rapala: Heavy Duty
Heavy Duty
  • Durable
  • Comfortable to use
  • Has a heavy-duty motor
4.0 stars out of 5

1. American Angler PRO: Professional Grade Results

This American Angler PRO Professional Grade model is arguably the best electric knife featured in this article – even if it is a bit on the expensive side.

Often used by profession fishermen due to the motor having double the torque in comparison to other models. This extra power means that you can cut through even the tough bits.

Thanks to having 110-volts of power this machine allows you to be able to do hours of filleting consistently and smoothly. It is designed to have a good venting and cooling fan system so that it can run for longer. It must be pointed out that when used for long periods of time it sometimes can get a bit hot.

You will feel the benefit of flexible blades that produce a 2-blade motion at the same time to provide greater precision and movement at all times. It is also universally compatible with all other AmericanAngler electric fillet knives. This allows you to change the blades to suit the cutting job you are doing. It also comes with a useful 8-foot polarized power cord.


  • Fully compatible with any AmericanAngler electric knife.
  • You will receive a 2-year limited lifetime warranty.
  • Has the advantage if having an 8-foot power cord.
  • This machine runs on a powerful 110-volts.
  • This knife has blades that a flexible to allow for a smooth and precise cut.


  • It is fairly expensive to purchase.
  • Another downside is that it can sometimes get too hot.

2. Cuisinart CEK-50 Cordless: Easy To Use And Store

The Cuisinart CEK-50 model may be expensive but it is very easy-to-use thanks to its ergonomic design. This design makes it comfortable to use in either hand and has a simple one-touch button to switch on and off.

As the name suggests this device is cordless which means you can use it anywhere and it is also fully rechargeable. It will last for 20-minutes continuous use after a full charge and has a 30-minute quick-charge function for when you need it.

You will be impressed by the powerful motor and two stainless steel blades on this cordless fillet knife which means it is easy to cut through meat and bread at speed. The straight-edge blade is designed for filleting fish, cutting veg and fruit. The two stainless steel blades can be removed and placed in the dishwasher to safely clean.

This model comes with a heavy-duty case which has easy to grip handles which makes carrying the knife and storing it effortless. In addition to this, it features a safety locking/unlocking mechanism.

If you decide to purchase this one then you will also receive two 3.9-volt Lithium Lon batteries and an AC adaptor.


  • It is very simple to use.
  • You will find that it is designed to be comfortable in your right or left hand.
  • You will get an AC adaptor and two 3.9-volt Lithium Lon batteries.
  • The fact that this device is cordless means it can be used anywhere.
  • Has a quick-charge feature that takes just 30-minutes.


  • The casing wasn’t very durable.
  • It is pretty expensive to buy.

3. Rapala: Heavy Duty

The Rapala Heavy Duty model is made out of high-quality and durable material that means it is built withstand everyday use.

Built with a heavy-duty motor this electric fillet knife is easy to use and has the advantage of having a good, relaxed, comfortable grip. Due to the grip being so easy to handle it means you can use this device for longer periods of time without feeling any discomfort.

You will be impressed at how easy it is cut and fillet your fash with this machine thanks to it being three times as powerful as other models. It also has 7.5-inch reciprocating blades which are twice the speed of standard models. These blades also have the advantage of being removable and dishwasher-friendly.

Some customers have reported that the blades do sometimes stick when in use. Other buyers found that this model wasn’t powerful enough for their needs.

If you decide to purchase this option then you will find the 8-inch power cord allows you ample room to move around as you are cutting.


  • It is durable thanks to being made out of high-quality materials.
  • The 8-inch power cord makes it easier to move around when using.
  • This device has 7.5-inch reciprocating blades which are dishwasher-safe.
  • You find the grip to be very relaxed and comfortable during use.
  • Has a heavy-duty motor for tougher jobs.


  • For certain uses it isn’t powerful enough.

4. Hamilton Beach: With Stainless Steel Blade

The Hamilton Beach with Stainless Steel Blade is compact and easy to handle due to its handle that has been ergonomically designed.

This reasonably priced model has two stainless steel blades which are reciprocating which ensures you can cut anything from soft cheese, thick bread, ham and you can even carve a turkey.

Carving is made easier thanks to the fact that you will receive a free carving fork if you decide to purchase this product. It can be argued that this model is the best electric carving knife featured in this article.

What you will find is that you will be able to cut slices of bread and meat smoothly without any hassle and in a uniform of thickness. Indeed, when it comes to electric carving knives this device does take some beating.

If you do purchase this item then you will also receive a free compact storage case so that your knife can be stored neatly. This is especially useful when you are going to be using it outside your own kitchen.


  • You will receive a free carving fork to make it easier to use.
  • It can be bought for a decent price.
  • Has a handy compact carrying case.
  • The blades cut meat evenly in terms of thickness.
  • It is ideal for carving a whole turkey.


  • It gets a bit hot when in continuous use.
  • The blade is not the longest lasting.

5. Proctor Silex 74311: Easily Slice Through All Types Of Meat

The Proctor Silex 74311 Easy Slice has stainless steel blades that cut through meat, cheese and bread with ease quickly and evenly.

You will find that holding this knife is comfortable due to I having a hand-contoured grip. The fact that it is lightweight also makes it easier to handle and operate. It also has touch-button control which makes easy to use in either your right or left hand.

Built out of high-quality materials, which meet with North American Electrical Standards, you will be using this piece of kit for years because it is very durable. As well as being excellently priced this electric carving knife gets the job done quickly but efficiently which saves you time in the kitchen.

The downside is that the blades did sometimes tend to stick if you had been using for a long time. This reduced the overall power which was annoying.


  • Easy to use due to having touch-button control.
  • Well designed and built with high-quality materials.
  • Will cut through meat, cheese at bread evenly and with ease.
  • Is available to buy for an excellent price.
  • Can be used in either your left or right hand.


  • The blades sometimes kept on sticking pausing during use.
  • As a result of the sticking and pausing this reduced the power.

6. Cuisinart CEK-40: Very Powerful Motor

The reasonably priced Cuisinart CEK-40 has high-quality stainless steel blades which are durable as well as being BPA free.

Build to North American Electrical Standards it comes with an ergonomically designed handle which makes it more comfortable for you to use. Can be used if you are right or left handed. If you decide to buy the Cuisinart CEK-40 then you will also receive a carving blade, a bread blade, as well as a wooden storage tray. This block is crafted out of high-quality hardwood and the blades can be locked safely to the wood block.

Carving or cutting meat is fairly simple thanks to the powerful motor and the same can be said if you are cutting thick French bread or vegetables. Using this electric carving knife is made easy thanks to it having a simple on/off trigger control system as well as a 4-foot cord that wraps away neatly when needed. There is also a safety button that must be locked when you are not using the knife.

When it comes to cleaning or charging you can simply remove the blades by pressing the release buttons. The is also a base that allows you to store on the countertop easily.


  • Easy to use and has a powerful motor.
  • Has stainless steel blades which are simple to remove for cleaning.
  • Available for a reasonable purchase price.
  • The safety button is easy to use.
  • You will also receive a bread blade, carving blade and a butcher block tray.


  • The casing is not very durable.
  • The blades don’t seem as sharp as you would expect.

7. Cuisinart CEK-30: Great Value For Money

The Cuisinart CEK-30 is suitable for people who are right or left-handed and also has a non-slip ergonomic handle for that comfortable feel.

This electric carving knife has a stainless steel blade with makes cutting through vegetables, bread and a whole range of meats fairly easy. It is also easy to use due to having a one-touch on/off button.

You will really feel how powerful this unit is as it cuts through most things evenly and at speed. The 5-foot cord allows you to carve your Sunday roast right at the table and the blade is also removable and dishwasher-friendly.

It must be noted that when in use the outer casing did not feel totally sturdy and sometimes got a little bit too hot.

Overall, this is a reasonable model but there are better alternatives you can purchase from this list.


  • Easy to use due to a simple on/off button.
  • Available to purchase for an excellent price.
  • It has a removable blade which is dishwasher-safe.
  • Cuts through loads of meats evenly and at speed.
  • The 5-foot cord allows you plenty of room to carve.


  • The included casing is not very sturdy.
  • Sometimes it can get a little bit too hot.

8. American Angler: Curved Replacement Blade

The American Angler Curved is compatible with any other American Angler product so you will be able to change and replace the blades easily as and when you need to.

You will find the ease at which you are able to fillet is just the same if you land a 100lbs fish or a smaller version. The ease of use is down to the heavy-duty shark blade which is sharp and durable which means you will be able to use this item season after season.

Available for an excellent price you will love that fact that it has been ergonomically designed to provide you with total comfort at all times.

It must be noted that while the blade is sharp it may not be sharp enough for some buyers liking. This will depend on your cutting skills. On the upside, the 1-year free warranty will be appealing to most potential buyers.


  • Compatible with all American Angler blades
  • You will get a 1-year warranty for peace of mind.
  • Can be bought for an excellent price.
  • Comfortable to use due to its ergonomic design.


  • The blade may not be sharp enough for some
  • It feels a bit cheaply made.

9. BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch: Great Ergonomic Design

The BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch, Black, EK500B has durable 9-inch stainless steel blades and the excellent price will prove attractive to potential buyers.

It also has been designed with an ergonomic handle which provides you with a comfortable and safe grip when you are slicing. The blades allow for a fairly smooth and rapid cutting motion which allows you to save time and effort. It also runs on 100-watts and 120- voltage.

When it comes to cleaning this is made easier due to the fact that you can press a button and easily remove the blades and place them in the dishwasher without any hassle. There is also safety lock button that prevents you from turning the knife on when it is plugged in.

The downside is that the power button and the safety button are too close together. In addition to this, the blades sometimes stick too much during use.

If you decide to buy the BLACK+DECKER 9-Inch, Black, EK500B then you will also receive a knife stand, non-slip tabs, as well as a free 2-year limited warranty.


  • You will get a 2-year limited warranty when you buy.
  • The ergonomically designed handle is comfortable to use.
  • The excellent price will prove very attractive.
  • Comes with a knife stand.
  • Blades are removable and dishwasher-friendly.


  • The blades keep sticking during use.
  • The safety button is located too close to the power button.

10. Toastmaster 6102: Affordable But Limited Features

It is fair to say that you don’t gain true value for money if you buy this Toastmaster 6102.

Firstly, it does not feel very well made, the materials it is made out of are not of the highest quality. It also appears to get too hot if you use it for long periods of time. As a result, overall it seems that this knife will not be that durable.

On the upside, the Toastmaster 6102 has stainless steel blades with a drip guard which makes it easier to cut most bread and meats. It also has a simple one-touch button operation. In addition to this, it has an easy grip ergonomic handle which makes cutting easier.

The blades can be easily removed when they need washing by pressing the eject button. You will also receive a free limited 1-year warranty when you make your purchase.


  • Has stainless steel blades with drip tray.
  • Has an easy grip handle which has been ergonomically designed.
  • You will receive a limited 1-year warranty with this product.
  • The blades can be removed easily at a touch of a button


  • It can get quite hot during use.
  • The price and performance do not offer value for money.
  • People also reported that the product wasn’t very durable and felt cheaply made.

What Features You Need To Focus On


Cord v Cordless

Most of the models featured in this article come with a power cord. The cord is normally between two and eight-foot which allows you plenty of room for you to do your cutting. The advantage with a corded machine is that you are guaranteed power at all times during use.

You can also hide the cord away when not in use so as to save space on your kitchen worktop.

The cordless electrical knife can be appealing to potential buyers because of its flexibility. Due to it being cordless it can be used anywhere, even outside during the summer. The main downside to a cordless version is that it only keeps a full charge for around 20-minutes before you need to recharge it at the mains.

Fishermen’s Electric Knife V Household Electric Knife

Some of the electric knife reviews in this article are aimed at fishermen who need have an electric fillet knife. These models are meant for fishermen who need to fillet fish quickly.

Most of the models are aimed at everyday use for cutting meat, thick bread and vegetables. These will appeal to a wider range of customer who wants to speed up their cutting time in the kitchen.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning a product that we have used in the kitchen and may have bits of food remaining on it is vital in terms of general health and safety. Most of the models written about in this article are fairly easy to clean due to the blades being easy to remove.

In addition to this, some models even have the added advantage of being dishwasher-safe. This is a big bonus when you are considering which model to purchase because you know that clean blades mean long-term durability.

Safety Features

With anything electrical user safety is paramount. Most of the products featured come with a built-in safety button so that you can press if needed. These safety buttons also allow you to activate them when the knife is not in use so that it doesn’t turn itself on accidentally.


Hopefully having read this article fully it will have given you a better idea of the type of electrical knife you need to purchase. You may find that a cordless model will suit your needs best or you may be happy to purchase a knife with a longer cord that means you are not restricted by the fact that it may run out of charge during use.

All the products featured in this article can be purchased from the website by simply following the links provided.

The Top 10 Best Reviews