Top Ten Best Fixed Gear Bike Reviews For 2018: From Single Speed Hipster To Freewheel Race Design

Do you enjoy riding a bike for fun or use one for a daily commute? Do you need a fast bike that is cheap and light at the same time? The problem often is the type of bike you need will come at quite a steep price. The alternative is a simple bike that requires fewer maintenance costs and is less likely to break down. If this sounds familiar then you need to look for the best fixed gear bikes.

Most people call them fixed gear bikes or fixie or single speed bikes. If you haven’t heard of these before then you’re probably wondering: what is a single speed bike? Essentially, it’s a bicycle that people regard as a traditional style model where the motion of the pedals controls the cog. It has no freewheel.

Other bicycles have a ball bearing system that allows the cog and the wheel to spin independently. So, for the fixie, if you want to ride fast, then you must pedal fast. You can even ride backward by pedaling in a backward movement.

If you’re looking for a bike that has better efficiency and speed, then you’re at the right place. Here, you’ll find our top ten fixed gear bikes each with a clear description, pros and cons.

Our Top 10 Best Fixed Gear Bike Recommendations

#1 - Raleigh Rush Hour Complete City Bike: Top Quality Materials
Top Quality Materials
  • Durable and Strong
  • Solid urban design
  • Very responsive handles
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Pure Fix: Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike
Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike
  • Lightweight
  • High-quality materials
  • Very durable
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - 6KU Aluminum: Built For Urban Use
Built For Urban Use
  • Very sturdy
  • Non-slip tires for extra safety
  • Aesthetic design
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Raleigh Rush Hour Complete City Bike: Top Quality Materials

If you’re looking for a compact bike with top quality materials, then you need the Raleigh Rush Hour. Raleigh company produces brands that come with a frame made of either aluminum or steel, which makes the bikes very sturdy and durable.

The New 2018 Rush Hour has an ergonomic frame design as well as the excellent shock absorber which makes it comfortable to ride for hours without you getting tired quickly. It offers the lightest experience while on the road.

Whether you’re looking for a bike for a race or simply riding to work to beat traffic, you need the Rush Hour. It offers a smooth ride and its ideally meant for the urban environment. So, you can ride it every day and everywhere.

It comes 85% assembled, and you can easily install and adjust some of the components. If you find it complicated or you don’t have the time, then you can take it to a bike shop to have it fully assembled.


  • Its material is high-quality aluminum, which makes it strong and durable.
  • Solid urban design and thus you can ride it anywhere and every day.
  • It feels lightweight, and you can ride it for long without tiring fast.
  • The wheels are high-quality, so you won’t need to replace them often.
  • It’s very responsive thus handles well with top speed.


  • A lot of its users claim that the seat feels uncomfortable.
  • It has no bar tapes, so your hands can sweat easily.

2. Pure Fix: Original Fixed Gear Single Speed Fixie Bike

Another model on the list is the Pure Fix Original, which is available in different colors. It’s a bike for everybody who loves style and color since you have the option of choosing from 31 color variations and several sizes.

The Pure Fix has only front brakes, which can also be removed to reduce the overall weight of the bike. However, it’s not recommended to remove the brakes since you’ll reduce its safety. It’s a hybrid that can either be used as a fixed gear or a single speed bike since it has flip-flop wheels.

It’s made from Kenda tubes and tires that are of high quality for maximum comfort and durability. Also, it has comfortable Oury grips and a durable KMC chain. This explains why it’s very popular and has attracted a lot of positive reviews online.

With the Pure Fix, you’ll get a V-Drome saddle and straight steel fork. The pedals are pure, and it comes with WTB 700cc thick wheels. It’s a bike meant for any track out there. It rides smoothly, and the frames are strong enough to give you many years of service.


  • The flip-flop wheel feature makes it a smooth change from single-speed to fixed gear.
  • The frame is made from Tig-welded steel so it is very durable.
  • It’s lightweight out of the box.
  • It has high-quality materials, Oury grips, and a KMC chain.
  • It’s a brand that offers stellar customer service.


  • It has fussy pedals, so they are not that appealing.
  • The paint can chip off easily.

3. 6KU Aluminum: Built For Urban Use

If you’re looking for a hipster fixed gear bike, then you must have the 6KU Aluminum on your next budget. It is one of the best single speed bikes you can purchase on the market today.

Most hipsters enjoy and appreciate the solid feel with the 6KU Aluminum and the fact that it’s very affordable compared to some other brands on our review. It’s a cheap brand that comes with a lot of desirable features found in the higher priced models.

The quality is top class for a bicycle that’s very cheap. The materials are of excellent quality to give extra years of services. It offers maximum comfort since it comes with a tight weld, low profile handlebar, and a sturdy frame.

The 6KU Aluminum surfaces are tapped for safety as well as the brakes are very responsive in all weather. Also, the tires are non-slip and wide enough to not compromise your safety at all.


  • It has a solid frame so it’s very sturdy.
  • The aesthetic design makes it look classy and comes in different color variations.
  • The brakes are very effective as they has responsive pull-on feature.
  • The surfaces are taped, so it offers a non-irritant handlebar.
  • It has large non-slip tires for extra safety.


  • The pedals are large which gives it a bit of a cheap feel.
  • The reflectors are not the best especially when riding in the evening hours.

4. Critical Cycles Harper Single-Speed: Ideal Commuter Option

The Critical Cycles Harper is a real commuter bicycle that is packaged as a fixed gear bike. This explains why it’s cheap and a versatile bike for all your daily use.

If you want a bike that will give you better body positioning and some sense of stability to go extra miles each day, then you need the Harper. It comes with a hand-built steel track frame to offer more comfort as you ride.

The saddle comes in a hybrid-style, which provides better comfort while riding. The handlebars allow a more upright riding position experience, and thus you won’t have any back pain even from long rides.

The Harper comes with hand brakes on the front as well as on the back for more natural stops as you commute on a busy road. And that’s why it’s the ideal bicycle for commuting. The V-rims are 30mm deep to interact well with the brakes so it enhances the stopping power.

With the Harper, you can enjoy some freewheel since it has a flip-flop rear hub. Also, the pedals are light and wide enough for you to maximize pedal efficiency as you ride.


  • It has hybrid-style saddles for extra comfort.
  • High tensile steel frame makes it durable.
  • The flip-flop rear hub allows you to either ride with a freewheel or fixed.
  • It has the front as well as rear brakes for enhanced stopping power.
  • You can either use it as a single speed or fixed gear bike.


  • The wheels are high thus not meant for rough terrains.
  • Some components are not standard hence it affects its overall quality.

5. 6KU Urban Fixie: Great Color Choices

This 6KU fixie bike is custom made for every personality. And with this brand, you can choose the color that suits your preference since it has 17 color variations.

The steel frame is made from a high quality aluminum that makes it strong and durable. Are you a bike hipster looking for a brand that suits all your different track needs? Do you want to use it for commuting or racing? Then you need to go for the 6KU Urban Fixie.

It’s a cheap bicycle that does not sacrifice its quality at all. It has forged aluminum components which makes it durable. Also, it has the options of different sizes, so you can choose the one that fits you best.

Do you want a hassle-free brand? If so, then you need the 6KU Urban Fixie that comes with a limited warranty of one year.


  • It’s lightweight by design using aluminum materials.
  • It has a synthetic leather saddle for extra comfort.
  • The frame is made of high quality steel hence durable.
  • You can either use it as fixed or freewheel riding.
  • It comes with 1-year warranty hence hassle free.


  • Some users claim that the seat does not fit properly.
  • Not suitable for rough terrains and off roading.

6. Golden Cycles: Built For Speed

The Golden Cycles is one of the best fixed gear bikes you can find on the market. It comes with both front and back brakes. Both brakes are mechanical calipers for precise and effective control.

The flip-flop rear hub feature lets you ride freewheel or fixed. So, you can comfortably ride it in busy streets since the fixed gear aspect gives you the flexibility as well as the full control of the pedal stroke and the whole bike.

The steel is built to last since the Golden Cycles has a full Tig-welded frame. It’s a perfect drive-train, and it’s stiff and at the same time not too heavy. With the Golden Cycles, you won’t be looking at regular repairs. It’s a brand you can fully trust.

Are you looking for a cheap fixie but best quality? If so, then you need to purchase the Golden Cycles.


  • It has a freewheel that allows you to ride long distances.
  • You can either use the front or rear brakes hence it enhances stopping power.
  • You can enjoy max speeds since you can ride it fixed or freewheel.
  • It has a wide color variation to choose from.
  • It’s cheap as compared to other brands on the review.


  • There are claims that the seat tears up easily.
  • It’s a bit heavy, so it can be tiresome to carry it up stairs.

7. Havana Single Speed Fixie Bike: Very Cool Design

Are you looking for men’s single speed bike? If so, then you don’t need to look any further because the Havana Fixie has the advantages of combining manyfeature to create a versatile bike solely built for efficiency and speed.

It’s a real smart fixie that’s lightweight as well as offering excellent stability due to the use of the alloys. It’s a top quality brand that will serve you for many years.

The sporty saddle offers a quick and aggressive feel as you ride the Havana Fixie. The handlebar provides a non-irritant aspect since its fully taped. It has straight mids, and at the end of the bar, you have the bullhorns for a tight grip and maximum comfort.

It comes in orange color, and the shape of the frame gives it a more appealing resemblance to custom-modified fixed gears.

What stands out with this model is the fact that it has dual brakes for safe riding as well as adding to its stopping power. The Havana also has deep V-rims offering great stability as well as a flip-flop hub that allows you to ride it as a fixed gear or single speed.


  • It has dual caliper brakes for enhanced stopping power.
  • The frame is sturdy and offers maximum safety.
  • It has bullhorn handlebars that provide tight grip and extra comfort.
  • The V-rims are 43 mm deep offering great stability.
  • It has a fresh and cool design with a beautiful finish on top.


  • It comes only in orange color, so there no other design choices.
  • It can break easily when ridden on rough off road terrains.

8. Kyoto Single Speed: With Bullhorn Bars

Elegant, reliable, and sturdy are some of the aspects of the Kyoto. If you want a fixie bicycle that you can ride in comfort and style, then you need this single speed. It’s one of the best single speed bikes on the market today.

You’ll have the experience of top speeds with less energy input. Because the more you put power into the pedals the more the bicycle goes into forward motion. Kyoto is designed to give maximum speed, and this explains why it’s mostly used in races.

It’s the feature of racing-inspired geometry that makes it ideal for speed. If you want to go fast with less energy, then this is the bicycle for you.

The flip-flop hub feature allows you to easily switch between a freewheel or fixed gear anytime to coast. It also has front and rear brakes entirely controlled by the handlebars. The bars come in a bullhorn-like style which gives you more comfort as you ride.


  • The Kyoto is built for maximum speed, so it’s the best fixie for racing.
  • The flip-flop hub feature allows you to switch to either freewheel or fixed gear.
  • The V-rims are 43mm deep and are built to last for a long time.
  • It has bullhorn handlebars for comfort and a better tight grip.
  • It has dual brakes for better stopping power.


  • It can break easily off road, so not meant for the rough terrains.
  • It comes partially assembled; so you need to assemble it after purchasing.

9. Playdate Bike Club: Old School Design

If you’re looking for a fixie that will give you some old school feeling when riding, then you don’t need to look any further, the Playdate is what you need.

It has extra features that make it the best men’s single speed bike on the market today. With the handlebars being in a rising position called Hi-Rise it makes it ideal for men with larger bodies. Also, the bars come with matching grips that provide extra comfort.

The frame of the Playdate is very sturdy since it’s made from Cro-moly and its double butted. It also has track dropouts that are rear facing. So you can easily mount the fixie as fast as possible to go on road racing.

The Playdate comes with dual brakes on the front and the rear. The brake system is dual pivot caliper with barrel adjusters to enhance its stopping power. It also comes with a flip-flop hub feature that allow you to freewheel.


  • It provides an old school design for all hipsters.
  • It comes with dual brakes and barrel adjusters for improved stopping power.
  • It has a flip-flop hub feature that allows you to freewheel easily.
  • It comes with Hi-Rise chopper handlebar for extra comfort.
  • The steel frame is very sturdy so it can hold people with larger weights.


  • The design might not be appealing to all cyclists
  • It’s a bit expensive compared to other brands on this review.

10. Pure Fix Glow in the Dark: Neat Idea But Not The Best Option

This is one is OK but not great and ideally avoided because the paint job is a bit poor. The main selling point of this bike is the glow in the dark feature. Most users claim that they don’t even notice this feature which calls for extra bucks.

It can only glow in the dark if it has been exposed to direct sunlight for about an hour. It’s a bicycle ideally meant for young people because it has sizes between 43-58 cm.

All the same, it’s a fixie like no other which comes with some other desirable features like the high-tensile steel frame and machine Tig-welded.

It’s a lightweight fixie weighing about 22 to 24 pounds. You have the option to remove the front brakes to have the lightest experience as you ride. But that’s not recommended since it lowers its safety capabilities.

If you’re looking for a fixie that comes with high-end components and a flip-flop hub feature to switch between fixed gear to single speed, then you need the Pure Fix Glow.


  • It’s solar activated paint allows you to ride it in low light since it glows in the dark.
  • It comes with wheels that are 50mm deep for improved stability.
  • The flip-flop hub feature allows you to use it as a fixed gear or single speed.
  • It has high-quality components such as the Neco Headset for maximum safety.
  • It has a 1-year warranty on its parts and a lifetime warranty for its frame.


  • The tire’s material is not durable and wears fast.
  • It requires a lot of maintenance, and you need to incur more costs once in a while.

What Features You Need To Focus On

Before choosing the best fixie to suit all your preferences, there are features you must consider. Here are a the most important to focus on.

Frame Bike

You need to choose a fixie that has a sturdy aluminum or steel frame. Aluminum frames are the best because apart from being light they are as stiff and durable as the steel ones.


If you want to ride safely, then you need to have brakes on your fixie. Some fixies come with no brakes at all while others have brakes that are removable. For maximum safety, look for a fixie that has a dual brake system.

Size And Weight

Always go for brands that will fit your size and weight. Don’t purchase a fixie without knowing whether it will accommodate your body size and weight. This requires a little bit of research into size charts which are always available from the manufacturers.


Go for popular single speeds that come with high-end components such as taped handlebars, fitting saddles, perfect seat, etc. That’s to achieve maximum comfort as you ride it so it doesn’t become painful to ride ona. Regular basis.

Easy Assembly

If you want an easy-to-ride bike with no hassles, then go for the brand that either comes fully assembled, or you can assemble it easily. If you haven’t done assembly before and are unsure about it then just check in a specialty bike store for some help.


With the information above, you can now easily choose the best fixed gear bikes on the market today. You have many different options to choose from that fit your budget as well as your preferences. There is no room for not having a fixie for all your urban rides and all you need to do is use the price check buttons for the best deals.

The Top 10 Best Reviews