Top Ten Best Glucose Meter Reviews For 2019: Take Accurate Measurement At Home Or While Traveling

A glucose meter, or blood sugar meter as it’s also called, will make your life much easier if you suffer from either type 1 or type 2 diabetes. Maybe you’ve just been diagnosed and have been told that you’ll need to test your sugar levels regularly. This is so that you can stabilize your levels to avoid ending up with complications. Without controlling your levels you could end up with heart or kidney problems, or even go blind. This is definitely something you’ll want to avoid, isn’t it?

You’re possibly asking yourself: ‘How do I use a glucose meter?’ It’s simple! First you’ll need to use a lancet (sharp needle) to prick your fingertip. Then you let the blood drop onto a strip for testing in the meter. Place it in the meter and you’ll get your reading. It’s as simple as that.

But why take blood from your fingertip? The answer is that blood taken from there will

show any changes faster than blood taken from any other part of your body.

So what exactly is a glucose meter? It’s a gadget that looks a little like a pen and consists of a lancing device and a monitor. Depending on how much money you’re willing to spend, or what you really need, there are a lot of differences in monitors. Some are quite simple devices while other provide a lot of detailed information.

The lancet device actually holds the lancet needed for piercing your skin. By pressing the button the needle is forced into your skin painlessly. This will provide you with the droplet of blood that’s needed for testing. The lancet itself can only be used once. But be sure to wipe over the lancet device after each use. The monitor, of course, will give you the results of your reading.


Our Top 10 Best Glucose Meter Recommendations

Being as your health is at risk, you’ll want to be sure that you purchase the right product. You shouldn’t think of penny pinching with such an article. There are many products on the market but you need to be sure that you purchase one that has been clinically approved. To help you make your choice we’ve reviewed many products. We have come up with what we believe to be the 10 best glucose meters around. Take a look at our glucose meter reviews. You’ll be able to make a comparison to see which product is most suitable for your needs. Whether you require a product that’s mini in size or works with Bluetooth you’ll find something there for you.


#1 - Accu-chek
Compact Design And Reliable
  • It’s totally simple to use
  • No need to handle the strip
  • Stores all information on your readings
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Bayer Contour NEXT: With Easy Test Strips Included
It’s totally simple to use
  • No need to handle the strip
  • Stores all information on your readings
  • Compact enough to keep with you at all times
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - KETO-MOJO: Blood Ketone and Glucose Meter
Tests glucose and ketone levels
  • It exceeds the FDA standards
  • A complete package – monitor, lancing device, lancets, ketone strips and carrying case
  • Glucose results in 5 seconds and ketone results in 10 seconds
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Accu-chek: Compact Design And Reliable

It’s a great size if you need to carry it around with you. You can also purchase a pouch for carrying it in to avoid damaging the device. But as you’ll only be purchasing a monitor, it is advisable to purchase a lancet as well. If you have one from a previous machine, there’ll be no guarantee that it will fit this model.

As to using it, it’s absolutely simple. At the push of a button the strip will be displayed automatically ready for use. You won’t need to handle the strip at all. The display is easy to read and all information of your glucose levels will be stored in the device.


  • It’s totally simple to use
  • No need to handle the strip
  • Stores all information on your readings
  • Compact enough to keep with you at all times
  • You have the possibility of buying a pouch to protect it


  • There’s a possibility of the strips jamming
  • No lancing tool supplied

2. Bayer Contour NEXT: With Easy Test Strips Included

This glucometer is ideal for first time users. You’ll have everything you need for testing your sugar levels in one kit. There’s a glucose meter, a lancing device, 30 sterile lancets and 150 test strips. It also has a control solution and comes with a carrying case. It’s simple to use so highly recommended for senior citizens. You won’t have to worry about typing in codes on the meter either. You’ll just need to place the test strip in the meter, add a droplet of blood to it and within 5 seconds you’ll be given your results. The results are shown in a clear large font so it’s suitable for the visually impaired as well as senior citizens. The meter will inform you by beeping if you haven’t supplied enough blood. You’ll have 30 seconds to add more blood to the same strip. So if you’re quick, you won’t be wasting too many strips. It will even save up to 480 results giving the date and time to each.


  • A complete kit – meter, test strips, lancets and lancing device all in a carrying case
  • Guarantees accurate results within 5 seconds
  • Simple to use
  • It has a solution check to ensure it’s working properly
  • Suitable for senior citizens and visually impaired


  • Lancets are a little small
  • Test strips are not so easy to handle

3. KETO-MOJO: Blood Ketone and Glucose Meter

This FDA approved meter has even exceeded the FDA set standards for such a device. Although it’s rather expensive you will be supplied with the whole kit. This comprises of a meter, lancing device and 10 lancets, 10 ketone strips and a carrying case. Believe it or not, but it also includes a battery so you can use it immediately when it arrives.

You’ll be sure of getting accurate results fast. In just 5 seconds you’ll have your glucose reading and in 10 seconds the reading for ketone. Its alarm system, with four daily alarms, will make it possible for you to be consistent with testing. You’ll have no problem to read it in the dark as the large LCD display is lit up. If you should have problems using it, there are videos on the company’s website for you to watch.


  • Tests glucose and ketone levels
  • It exceeds the FDA standards
  • A complete package – monitor, lancing device, lancets, ketone strips and carrying case
  • Glucose results in 5 seconds and ketone results in 10 seconds
  • Has a large LCD back-lit display


  • It doesn’t contain glucose strips – you’ll need to purchase these separately
  • It’s not cheap when purchasing new strips

4. Easy Touch Health Pro: Simple Digital Display

This is ideal as a starter kit as you won’t have to worry about having forgotten anything that’s necessary to testing. Not only will you get the meter and lancing device but also 200 each of the lancets and test strips. What’s more, it all comes together in a carrying case and the batteries needed for the meter are supplied. As it’s FDA approved you’ll be sure of getting accurate results.

It’s ideal for seniors as it’s so simple to use – you won’t even need to enter any code. You’ll only need to place the test strip on the meter, add a drop of blood and then wait 5 seconds for the result. There are even 5 alarm settings to remind you when you should test and up to 365 tests can be saved on it. You’ll even be able to transfer the results on to your computer to pass on to your doctor. You’ll also have the possibility of testing on other parts of your body other than your fingertip.


  • Starter kit containing meter, lancing device, 200 lancets, 200 test strips and carrying case
  • There are 5 alarm settings
  • It’s FDA approved
  • No need to enter codes
  • Glucose levels are saved with date and time


  • Could be an issue with the margin of error
  • Could include dud glucose strips

5. Bayer Contour Next EZ: Best Value For Money

This compact device can be hand held and will measure the sugar levels in your blood before and after meals. You’ll be able to control your sugar levels easily. The price really is amazing, it’s the cheapest on the market. But you will need to buy test strips as well. So don’t forget to order them with the monitor.

It comes with a carrying case and batteries for the monitor. The carrying case is not of the best quality, but what can you expect for the price!

When it comes to testing, you’ll just need a small blood sample and you’ll get results within 5 seconds. There’s even an adjustable alarm so you can set the times for testing. And, of course, you won’t need to enter a code to use it.


  • You won’t need to put in a code
  • Only needs a small blood sample
  • You’ll get results within 5 seconds
  • It has an adjustable alarm
  • Provides pre and post meal readings


  • Carrying case is not the best quality
  • Doesn’t include test strips

6. DSS Precision Xtra: Most Precise Results

If you need a product that will test both your ketone and glucose levels, this is the one. Not only is the price good, but it’s also fast and simple to use. Just don’t forget to order the necessary test strips when you put in your order as they’re not included with it. You’ll just get the monitor, lancing device and lancets along with a carrying case. Naturally, you’ll want to test it out immediately you receive it.

When testing you’ll be supplied with your glucose level results in just 5 seconds. And in 10 seconds you’ll have your ketone results. Don’t worry if you need to test at night. There’s a backlight so it’s easy to read the results.


  • Will test both your ketone and your glucose levels
  • You’ll get your glucose results in 5 seconds and your ketone results in 10 seconds
  • Simple to use
  • Compact so no problem carrying it around with you
  • Has a memory function to refer back to previous results


  • Test strips are more expensive than some other brands
  • Needs a larger sample of blood than other products for testing

7. Care Touch: With Convenient Travel Case

This product, which includes a convenient travel case, includes a touch monitor, a lancing device and 30 lancets and 100 test strips. You will need to purchase control solutions, which are a necessary component.

It’s not necessary to enter a code each time you purchase a new batch of strips – the meter will automatically recognize this. You’ll only need to supply a small amount of blood and within 5 seconds you’ll have your results. The memory storage will save up to 300 readings for you. It will even give you the 14-day average of these readings.

The release ejector for the used strips really is hygienic. One touch and the strip is ejected without you having to touch it.


  • Strip ejection feature is hygienic
  • No need to enter a code
  • Only needs a small sample of blood for testing
  • Memory stores up to 300 readings
  • Supplies a 14 day average of the readings


  • Lancing device could be better
  • Some problems with the test strips

8. Bayer Contour: Fast Results In 5 Seconds

You’ll get a glucose meter, a surgical lancing device, 30 lancets and 10 strips along with a carrying case. The case is rather small so you won’t be able to store all the lancets and strips in it. But you will be able to store enough to carry around with you.

Five seconds after testing the results will be on the screen for you to read in a clear, large font. And you won’t even need to put in a code before testing. With no entering of codes and a large font, this product is ideal for seniors. You’ll be able to get pre and post meal readings and the devise can save up to 480 of these. The results can also be downloaded onto your computer to share with your doctor. It even has an alarm to remind you when to test.


  • Light and compact
  • Suitable for seniors
  • Simple and painless to use
  • Alarm reminds you when to test
  • It saves up to 480 pre and post meal test readings


  • Results can’t be downloaded to your computer
  • Carrying case is rather small

9. FreeStyle Freedom Lite: Small And Discrete

This really is a small, discrete product that you can carry everywhere with you. It’s for anyone on the go who needs to regularly test their levels. You’ll only need a small drop of blood for testing and will get results within 5 seconds. You won’t have to always use your fingertip for testing either; it’s also possible to test on your arm. You’ll have to remember to order strips at the same time as you order the monitor as they are not included. And, without them, you won’t be able to test!

There’s no need for coding with this product and results will be shown on the large display and are easy to read.


  • Totally small and discreet
  • Gives results within 5 seconds
  • No need for coding
  • Display is large and easy to read
  • Test on your arm as well as on your fingertip


  • Strips are not included and are costly
  • Lances are not the best

10. Prodigy Autocode: With Audio Feedback

This one is OK but not great and ideally avoided. It is a good choice for the visually impaired as it has a talking feature. There’s no need for coding, just place the test strip in the slot and it automatically accepts it. Within 6 seconds you’ll be told the results of the reading. For the visually impaired it also has raised imprinted buttons so it’s much easier to navigate. It also has a repeat button so you can hear your last reading to compare with the one you are about to take. Up to 450 of these messages are stored on the memory. One advantage is that you can test almost anywhere on your body, not just on your fingertip.


  • Results within 6 seconds
  • Test anywhere – upper arm, forearm, calf, thigh, fingertip or arm
  • Suitable for visually impaired as it gives audible results
  • No need for coding
  • Only needs a small amount of blood for testing


  • Strips don’t take much blood
  • Talking feature may be annoying for some

What Features You Need To Focus On

So you need to do a home blood sugar test regularly. Don’t just rush out and purchase a glucose meter without first considering what features are essential to you. You will have noticed that there are different features offered in some of the products we’ve mentioned. But if you don’t think about what you want and need, you’ll end up buying the wrong product. Where you may have wanted to save money, you’ll end up having spent more in the long run. Check through the following features to get some idea of what it is that you want.

Can The Readings Be Stored On The Device?

It’s vitally important that you keep a record of your readings. Maybe you’re quite happy to write them down on a piece of paper or in a notebook. If this is the case, a basic machine will be enough for you. But if you have a busy lifestyle and never know where you’ll be when you’re testing you’ll need more. Many meters have a memory feature and some even create a log that you can check back on at a later date. Or if you want a really state-of-the-art product check out one that can create downloadable files. These can be synced to your computer then you can send them on to your nurse or doctor for their files.

Are Special Features Important To You?

Size will be no problem if you always test at home. But will you really always be testing at home? If you need to carry it with you, look for a more compact machine. Of course, these could be a little difficult to hold for some. Then it’s better to check out the larger versions that also use strips that are easier to use. Is your vision impaired? Don’t worry about it. You can get monitors whose screens are easy to read or even give verbal commands. Maybe you’re checking out meters for your child. You’ll need a child-friendly version that comes in various colors. For taking readings at night there are also models that have lighting at the back of the screen. This ensures you’ll be able to read what is printed on the screen.

How Accurate Should The Reading Be From The Meter?

To ensure accuracy you’ll need to be sure that your meter is FDA certified. Accuracy, of course, is very important. But it’s not possible to be 100% accurate with glucose readings. For this reason the FDA allows a meter to be up 20% non-accurate in its readings.

How Easy It The Meter To Use?

Basically, they’re not too difficult. But, as with everything in life, some things are easier than others. You’ll need to consider whether the test strips and the meter itself are easy to hold. Then think about whether getting your blood onto the test strips is simple or not. How much blood do you need for testing? It’s also important that the numbers are easy to read.

How Much Can I Afford To Spend On One?

As with all products it all comes down to whether you want a well-known brand and how many features it offers. On average they cost around $40 to $60 and you’ll need to spend about $100 a month on the test strips. If you’re looking for a more upmarket version it could cost you up to $100.


When choosing a meter for testing your glucose levels you should consider the features we’ve mentioned. Once you know what you want it will be easier to find the best glucose meter for your needs amongst the ones we’ve reviewed. Unless you want a one touch glucose meter or a bloodless meter there should be one amongst them to suit you. And by purchasing the right glucose meter you’ll have no trouble monitoring the glucose levels in your blood and you’ll be able to keep them at the level needed.

The Top 10 Best Reviews