Top Ten Best Gopro Accessories Reviews For 2018: Dependable Bundles Of Harnesses, Straps, And Belts For Your Camera

Are you a world traveler? Are you someone who enjoys adventure, whether in your own country or abroad? Do you love capturing unforgettable experiences to look back onto? Are you looking for something that can make your social media as cool as your lifestyle?

If you travel a lot or an avid outdoors person, you probably already own a GoPro or are considering one. What about GoPro accessories? A GoPro is the first thing you need, but the accessories will make all the difference.

Whether you’re looking for a bundle of the best GoPro accessories or you just want one thing in particular, there are options to choose from. What you should primarily look for while shopping is quality. Once you can trust quality, then you can choose the options you like.

You may be looking for GoPro water accessories for your trip to a beach destination. Perhaps you want something that will last rough handling, for rock climbing or mountain biking adventure.

Whatever you’re looking for, the following are some of the must have GoPro accessories on the market today. Check them out and see if you can find the best option for you.

Our Top 10 Best Gopro Accessories Recommendations

#1 - Nomadic Gear 55-in-1
The Kit That Has It Al
  • Most complete sets
  • It includes an EBook
  • High quality materials
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Erligpowht Sports
An Affordable And Reliable Bundle
  • Decent quality accessories
  • Includes a pouch
  • Favorite choice of many
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Ultimate 50in1 Combo
The Best For Traveling
  • Very complete accessory kit
  • Easy to carry
  • Decent quality
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Nomadic Gear 55-in-1: The Kit That Has It All

If you don’t want to go about fussing to find the perfect accessories in different places, choose this option. The Nomadic Gear 55-in-1 has what you would think: plenty of accessories for your GoPro.

With an 88cm selfie stick you can get great shots on your trips, no matter what. It also has a car suction cup, if you’re the type who likes to sing, and record yourself, in the car. With a bike handle bar mount, you can easily record your mountain biking adventures.

The stainless-steel tethering cable and metallic thumbscrews are just some more of the great accessories included in this set. It also has a cellphone adapter and a ¼ screw adapter.

If you’re the kind who wants to keep your GoPro close, the chest belt strap mount or the floating handle grip will be your favorites. It also includes adhesive sticker pads and a smartphone holder. It even has helmet accessories.

You would think that this option would be extremely expensive and while it is pricier than others, it’s price is reasonable. Its accessories are compatible with universal products, so it doesn’t matter which kind of phone you may own.


  • It’s one of the most complete sets, making it a perfect option for adventurers
  • It’s priced reasonably, for the number of accessories that it offers
  • It includes an EBook, which is great for understanding how to take pics with your GoPro
  • The accessories are made from high quality materials, so you can depend on them
  • Most of the accessories fit into a case that is included, for easy carrying while traveling


  • The accessories themselves don’t include instructions, making it difficult to use some of them
  • The case isn’t as strong as it should be to hold up the large number of accessories

2. Erligpowht Sports: An Affordable And Reliable Bundle

This set has the very basics that you would want but promises good quality. It has an adjustable head strap so that you can use it on your helmet while biking or riding a motorcycle. It also includes a windshield suction cup mount for use in the car.

The swivel mount allows you to be able to get different angles.

Erligpowht Sports also includes a chest belt strap and a bike handlebar holder mount. It’s compatible with GoPro Hero 3 and 4 and GoPro hero session accessories. The set also includes anti-fog inserts, a tripod adapter, a pouch, a wrist strap, remote control for the wrist strap, and all the adhesives that you could need.

Made from strong materials, you can depend on these accessories to help you keep your camera safe and sound. The Erligpowht Sports includes the most important accessories for a great price, making it one of the best options around. While it’s missing labeling for users to know which product is for what use, the quality and affordability make it attractive.


  • It offers a lot of value for a great price, making it a favorite choice for many
  • It has all the main accessories that you could want for the outdoors, making it perfect for the adventurers
  • It offers decent quality accessories, which can help you get started using your GoPro
  • It includes a pouch for safekeeping of your products, so you can easily pack them for a trip
  • It includes a large number of mounts, which isn’t always the case in GoPro accessory bundles


  • The selfie stick is somewhat wobbly, which may be annoying for picture taking
  • The quality of the accessories isn’t as good as GoPro ones

3. Ultimate 50in1 Combo: The Best For Traveling

This option is full of options. If you want to be sure that you have all the accessories that you could ever need, choose this Ultimate product. As a 50-in-1 combo, you’d be hard-pressed to find something else that you need that isn’t included here.

The first thing that one would notice when checking out this option is its great carry case. It is a dual-layer, waterproof, anti-shock case, so you can be sure that your accessories will be safe through your travels. It even has EVA cushioning inside for added protection. Plus, the handle and shoulder belt make it easy to carry as well.

If you are looking for a kit that can make life easier while traveling and ensure that you get the best photos, this is it. Its affordable, easy to use, and has everything that you could need for your GoPro. What more could you ask for?


  • It’s a very complete accessory kit, making it ideal for all your picture taking needs
  • It offers several accessories for a great price, making it one of the best deals out there
  • The carry case is sturdy, strong, and easy to take with you while traveling
  • It even includes a HDMI adapter, so you can easily view footage on your TV
  • The accessories are decent quality, making them reliable for first-time GoPro usage


  • It doesn’t include instructions on how to use the accessories, which could be helpful
  • The adhesive pads aren’t the best, which may be one item you’ll want to replace

4. VanteexPro 60-in-1: More Gadgets Than You’ll Ever Need

Yet another complete option for those who want to be fully prepared, the VanteexPro accessory kit is amazing. As a 60-in-1 option, it has everything that you could possibly ever want in an accessory kit.

From the floating handle grip to the chest strap and head strap, it has the variety you need to capture the hobbies that you most enjoy. Whether you’re a cyclist, love skiing, prefer snorkeling, or want to capture skydiving, there is an accessory for every kind of athlete.

To ensure that everything can work for what you need it for, there are great mounts for bikes and helmets. Plus, you’ll also find plenty of straps and adhesives to keep everything where it needs to be.

Of course, the accessories are not the only place where “it’s” at with this option. The shockproof carry case is perfect for traveling around the world and keeping everything together. Plus, it’s large and in charge, so you can be sure that everything will fit in it.


  • This kit is so complete, you wouldn’t really need anything else for taking pictures
  • It offers a large number of accessories for a very accessible price, making it a great option
  • It has a large and dependable case for travel, so you can carry your accessories with you wherever you go
  • The products are decent quality items, so you can use them for a while to come
  • The items are adjustable enough for most sizes, making it ideal for almost anyone


  • The kit arrives with an odd smell that may be off-putting
  • Some items may get dented during shipping

5. Zookki Accessories Kit: The Cheapest Option Around

If you want to spend less, but still get a nice little bundle, the Zookki Accessories Kit isn’t a bad idea. It has the basics that you could want for activities like skiing or biking and all for a very low price.

The Chest Mount Harness + Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle is a favorite feature of this option. It’s easy to wear a camera while staying active and not worrying about it getting in your way.

The monopod handhold mount also helps you to be able to take selfies wherever you may be. Because you can adjust the length, you’ll always be sure to get the best shot. The included floating handle grip is yet another great feature in this kit. It’s a great item for ensuring that you don’t lose your GoPro while in the water. It’s durable and it also has a wrist strap design for added safety.

For all of it’s items and decent quality, you won’t have to pay much for this kit. This factor makes it a great option for those who are shopping on a budget.


  • The floating handle grip is high quality and dependable, which is important for your GoPro’s safety
  • It includes a bag for easy carrying, so you can take all the accessories with you wherever you go
  • It’s very low-priced, so you can afford it if shopping on a budget
  • The selfie stick is adjustable allowing you to get the best shots
  • It has the basics needed for active people, so it works well for most athletes and adventurers


  • It doesn’t include instructions
  • The selfie-stick isn’t the sturdiest

6. CDE© Complete Kit: Simple And Accessible Accessories

If you know what you need and what you don’t, you may not care for the 50+ kits. What you could appreciate is the CDE kit that includes 25 pcs. The accessories included are the basics that you could want for swimming, skiing, cycling, or snorkeling.

With a chest harness that allows you to record while on the run or biking or the floating handle grip, your GoPro can stay with you wherever you go. The selfie stick is a must-have for any GoPro traveler and offers sturdy use.

To be sure that you never run out of power, the CDE kit also includes 2 batteries and a charger for the GoPro Hero4. Along with all the adhesives and mounts needed for your activities, the kit also includes a case for safe-keeping your accessories.

Offered at a fair price, the accessories are good-quality items that will provide you with plenty of use. If you’re looking for a simple and accessible choice, this is the one for you.


  • It has great features for GoPro Hero 4 Cameras, making it ideal for GoPro Hero 4 owners
  • It has just the right number of accessories, so you don’t have to worry about carrying too many with you
  • It offers top value for a decent price, making it a good option for many
  • It includes a charger which is not something that is often included in these bundles
  • It comes with batteries, so the kit can be used right away


  • The adhesives don’t stick that well, which may require you to find other adhesives
  • The lack of good instructions makes it difficult for some to use every accessory

7. Kupton Accessories: Good Quality Gear For Adventurers

If you’re have a GoPro 6, you’ll love what Kupton Accessories has for you. With a floating grip handle that is bright yellow, there is no way that you’ll lose your camera while swimming.

The Kupton also includes a head strap and chest strap, so that you can wear your camera while participating in extreme sports. It also has a waterproof housing case that can be used for up to 45 meters below the water. This is an attractive option for divers.

If you want to keep your camera on your body while exploring or hiking, the backpack clip is a great way to capture footage along the way. There is also a handlebar mount for cyclists who want to record their adventure.


  • The waterproof case is everything a snorkeler or diver could want
  • The suction cups provide sturdy, dependable use, so you can use it for road trips or any kind of adventure
  • The kit is affordable, making it a great choice for many
  • The accessories are made from quality materials, making it a dependable option
  • It has a good selection of basic accessories, making it a versatile choice for many


  • The kit has a funny smell when you first receive it, which could affect you using the accessories
  • Some underwater parts are not made from stainless steel, which means they could rust easily

8. SmilePowo 42-in-1: Top Quality And Great Aesthetics

From it’s head and chest straps to the floating handle grip and bike handlebar, these accessories look good. The elastic, skid proof head and chest straps are reliable enough for you to use on the most daring adventures.

The car suction cup mount with 2 adapters makes it easy for you to take footage of your road trips. (It can also be used for a dash cam to keep you safe from false insurance claims). The bike handlebar mount is a beauty with a three-way adjustable pivot arm to always get great footage.

The SmilePowo also includes a remote control wrist strap for even more convenient GoPro use. For all of its accessories, this kit is still conveniently priced and won’t break the bank. Plus, it also includes a great case.


  • The chest mount can adjust to a large size, making it ideal for anyone and everyone
  • The kit offers a lot of accessories for a low price, making it a great deal
  • The accessories are durable, so you can use them for quite a while
  • The accessories look good, which makes them better than some other less attractive options
  • The case is durable and reliable, making this kit great for travelers


  • The selfie stick tends to wobble, which can be irritating for selfie taking
  • The chest strap can be a challenge to put on, which can be time consuming

9. Neewer 50-In-1: All The Accessories You Could Want

This bundle is so complete, you really don’t need to shop for anything else if you buy it. With 50 different items included in the bundle, you can be sure that it has what you need. Whether you’re a cyclist looking for a bike mount or you are going snorkeling in Australia, the Neewer is as complete as it gets.

With a removable triangle suction cup mount, you can easily use your GoPro in vehicle. The WiFi remote wrist strap helps you to easily control the GoPro, even when it’s not on you. This bundle also includes a backpack clip with a 360-degree rotation.

If you want to be sure to take great shots on your trip, the mini retractable tripod with a ball head can assist you. Plus, it’s foldable and easy to carry. It’s sturdy and dependable, as well. Best of all, the kit is inexpensive, so you can easily purchase it if shopping on a budget.


  • The carry case is dependable and durable, making it ideal for travel use
  • It has an abundance of accessories, so you don’t even have to worry about shopping for more
  • It’s an affordable kit, which makes it ideal for budget shoppers
  • It has a great remote wrist strap, which makes controlling your GoPro easier than ever
  • The tripod is sturdy and reliable, which isn’t always the case with these kits


  • The suction cup mount isn’t the best, which could matter if you really need one
  • It arrives with a funny smell, which can be too strong for some

10. HSU Accessories Kit: Not Enough Accessories For The Price

If you’re willing to spend a lot on a few accessories, this option could be alright. The quality of the materials is dependable and durable, which helps you to forget the lack of accessories.

The good news is that this HSU kit is compatible with different kinds of cameras. The case is great and provides protection for your accessories during travel. From a chest strap mount to a selfie stick, the kit is as complete as you would want it to be.

The suction cups on this option are much stronger than many similar options and the harness is easy to put on. It’s not the best, but it has great quality that makes it a durable option.


  • The case is strong and durable, making it ideal for travel use
  • The accessories are durable and made from quality materials making them reliable for long-term use
  • It has all the basics that you could need, making it ideal for active people
  • It has better suction cup mounts than other options, which is great news for many
  • The accessories can be included for several activities


  • It’s not the most inexpensive option, which could make it too pricey for some
  • The kit doesn’t include as many accessories as some others

What Features You Need To Focus On

The following features are the most important ones to focus on while shopping for a bundle.


Because you’re going to have a lot of accessories, you want something to keep them in. The case should be made from durable materials and if it has padding, even better. You want your gear protected while you travel.


While it may be exciting to get so many accessories in one kit, make sure that they are decent quality items. You don’t want to spend money, just to discover you can’t use them. Worse yet, you don’t want to use an item that breaks right away losing your GoPro camera.


While you don’t want to spend too much, be careful about spending too little. A fair price for good quality is the goal you should aim for.


Some items don’t look as top-notch as you would like. Look for the option that offers the aesthetics that matter to you.


Everyone is a different size, so adjustability is a big deal when it comes to harnesses and straps. Look for options that promise adjustability.


Are you ready for adventure? You’re not if you don’t have the best accessories for your GoPro. With all the above options you’ll be able to set yourself up for taking the coolest and most amazing adventure videos. Use the price check buttons above to find the latest deals and offers.

The Top 10 Best Reviews