Top Ten Best Knife Sharpener Reviews For 2018

All types of blades require regular sharpening. But it is a task that you can quickly forget. And then the day comes when reach for a knife, scissors or DIY gardening tool. You start using it and it just doesn’t seem to cut. In fact, all it is doing is creating a mess. If this is something you have encountered then you really need to invest is an effective and reliable blade sharpening tool. But the task of finding exactly what you need can be daunting. With so many options available you really don’t know where to start. To help with that process we have spent many weeks researching the most popular sharpeners on the market. On this page, you will find all the information from that research completely for free. All of the products recommended will solve your blunt blade problem. It will just come down to how much you need to use it and what types of blade you will be sharpening.

Why Is A Kitchen Knife Sharpener Important?

Whether you just prepare food for yourself and family, or you regularly entertain large groups of people, when it comes to food preparation, knives are a must have tool. You’ll have different ones for different jobs. And then there will be the specialty blades that a master chef might use as well. So far, nobody has been able to invent a type of blade that doesn’t eventually go blunt. There are certain materials that stay sharp for longer. But they too will eventually fade. You might see products advertising they are forever sharp. But don’t fall for that. They usually have some type of serration that technically tears, rather than cuts. To make sure your knives always perform at their optimum, you’ll need to consider the below list of best knife sharpener devices. Some people still prefer old fashioned sharpening stones. But unless you really know how to use them, they might actually do more harm than good. If you have the right sharpening tool available and regularly use it, you will be able to get much longer out of all your kitchen and DIY blades.

Our Top Product Recommendations

The following is a list of the top 10 best knife sharpeners that are currently available. Customer reviews for all these products are exceptionally good. And you will find a product suitable for your needs no matter what your budget. If you have power tools or run a large restaurant kitchen, you’ll find the right device right here.
#1 - PreciSHARP: 3 Stage Knife Sharpening System
3 Stage Knife Sharpening System
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Deal for use in professional kitchens
  • Safety design to avoid injury
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener XV EdgeSelect: Ideal For Busy Kitchens
Ideal For Busy Kitchens
  • Professional design
  • Very easy to use
  • Electrically powered for to avoid noise
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Presto 08800 EverSharp: Electric Knife Sharpener With Clever Design
Electric Knife Sharpener With Clever Design
  • Takes guess work out of sharpening
  • Preset angles ensure best results
  • Electrically powered for minimum effort
4.0 stars out of 5

1. PreciSHARP: 3 Stage Knife Sharpening System

The final product recommendation on this list is another mechanical device. This PreciSharp device will be the perfect solution for dealing with any set of blunt knives. It is perfectly at home in commercial and residential kitchens. Because it is so easy to use you’ll find that it will regularly come out for a quick polish.

It is also perfectly capable of dealing with specialty ceramic blades. These can be particularly tough to get back to new condition. If you have a collection of different types of knives and materials, then buy one of these. You will not be disappointed.


  • Ergonomically designed handle for ease of use
  • High quality results on even blunt knives
  • Ideal for use in professional kitchens
  • Safety design to avoid injury
  • Works with ceramic knives in dedicated slot


  • Not best suited for gardening tools
  • Can take a lot of effort for very blunt knives.

2. Chefs Choice Knife Sharpener XV EdgeSelect: Ideal For Busy Kitchens

This Chefs choice knife sharpener is basically the Cadillac of all the devices on this list. You will be able to turn any blade into a Trizor edge. Through a proprietary system, it uses 3 stages of refining the angle of the blade.

No matter what you have to cut, you will slice through it like butter once you have run it through this device. The diamond sharpening wheel will deal with straight and serrated blades of all types. This is the type of device that would be perfectly at home in a very busy restaurant.


  • Professional design for busy kitchens
  • Electrically powered for to avoid noise
  • Ideal for transforming standard knives into high grade ones
  • Diamonds will work on straight and serrated edges
  • Very easy to use


  • More expensive but worth the results
  • Some scuff marks on the blade

3. Presto 08800 EverSharp: Electric Knife Sharpener With Clever Design

This Presto device brings an awful lot of power to the ordinary home kitchen. The materials of the sharpening wheels are common in devices that would be found in professional shops. Or even in industrial production lines.

As a result, you will always get a razor-sharp edge. The angles guides will also ensure that you never end up with a bad blade. If you have multiple knives that are regularly in use for cutting tougher materials, then you need something powerful. With its electric motor this model will save you an awful lot of time and effort.


  • Takes guess work out of sharpening
  • Preset angles ensure best results
  • Electrically powered for minimum effort
  • Ideal for all types of kitchen knives


  • Not suitable for thick blades
  • Many scissors will not fit
  • Not suitable for heavy duty tools

4. Smith’s 50185 Jiffy-Pro: Handheld Sharpener For Regular Use

This Jiffy Pro device is ideal for home, DIY and garden use. It’s also perfectly suitable for hiking and survival trips. One of the most essential tools during long hiking trips is a knife, but it will be absolutely useless once it’s blunt.

With this very simple design you will not tire quickly. And because there’s only one way to use it, there’ll never be a problem with applying the wrong angle. It will even be able to deal with heavy duty shears that generally have pretty thick cuts of steel. For gardeners and hikers, this is a must have tool.


  • Very reasonably priced
  • Ideal for tools and garden use
  • Large slot handle makes it easy to use for different blades
  • Safe design avoid injury


  • Very thick tool blades will not work
  • Takes a lot of effort for very blunt devices

5. Zulay Kitchen: 2 Stage Manual Sharpening

This is the second mechanical device of this type on our list. It will work perfectly as a pocket knife sharpener and just as easily deal with scissors and large kitchen blades. With its integrated two stage system, you will very quickly bring very blunt blades back to life.

With perfectly aligned guide angles you can make sure that you always get the best possible results. You will quickly notice the difference that such a simple device can make.


  • Long lasting construction for busy kitchens
  • Really easy to use
  • Guide angles ensure best results
  • 2 stage sharpening bring old knives back to life


  • Can be tiring to use for multiple knives
  • Not ideal for very long and think blades

6. Work Sharp WSKTS-KO: Knife and Tool Sharpener Ken Onion Edition

One of the best knife sharpener systems for extremely heavy duty use is the Work Sharp WSKTS. You will struggle to find a tool or specialty knife that you can’t bring back to life with this device. Unlike the above model, this one comes with a variable speed motor. That way you can adjust the settings to suite the type of blade.

The motor is also powerful enough to keep running for an hour. If you have many large blade tools, then that hour will be needed. Other devices will start overheating and shutting down much too soon. With easily exchangeable belts you can make sure you always get the best result.


  • Sharpening angle is adjustable to suit all types of blade
  • Variable speed motor for different precision
  • Abrasive belts can be easily replaced when worn
  • Perfect for professional use in kitchens and workshops
  • Powerful motor for up to 1 hour continuous use


  • Noise level is quite high
  • Belt replacements are not cheap
  • Takes a bit of getting used to for best results

7. Work Sharp WSKTS Knife and Tool Sharpener: Fast And Precise

If you have a mix of power tools, saws and household knives and scissors, then you need more than an average sharpener. What you will need is a belt driven model that will deal with all types of edge thicknesses.

This Work Sharp model will deal with practically every type of blade. At the same time, it will not break the bank. It comes fully equipped with precision guides that make sure you always have the correct angle.

Whether you have a set of axes or some expensive kitchen knives, this tool will make sure they always keep performing at their best.


  • Professional sharpening system
  • Ideal for heavy duty tools
  • Great for precision kitchen knives
  • Precision guides ensure you are always at the correct angle
  • Sharpens axes and other construction blades


  • If not used correctly can remove a lot of steel
  • Quite noisy

8. Winware Stainless Steel: Classic And Effective Design

Absolutely no kitchen should be without one of these very simple sharpening devices. It is the perfect tool if you just want to give a blade a quick polish. If you are about to fillet some fish or a cut of meat, then you can just quickly run it over this roughed stainless steel.

The design and use is really simple. You just need to follow the instructions to get the angle right. But it should be noted that this would probably not be your main sharpening tool. Just using this will take a long time to bring blades back to life.


  • Stainless steel to avoid rusting
  • Very simple design
  • Ideal for quick sharpening in between uses
  • 12-inch length is ideal for longer knives


  • Quite labor intensive
  • Getting angle right is difficult

9. LINKYO Electric Kitchen Knives Sharpening System: Highly Effective On Every Blade

Of all the electrical devices on this list, this one is the best knife sharpener option you could possibly buy. If you do a lot of cooking and regularly need to sharpen your knives, then a mechanical device might just become annoying. The motor is powerful enough to deal with large and very blunt blades.

The multi stage process first ensures that the blade angle is repaired. And then it polishes the edge to make it extremely sharp again. If you have a large set of knives and quickly get annoyed with them becoming blunt, then this is by far the best option.


  • Electrically powered for minimum effort
  • Very safe design to avoid injury
  • Multi stage sharpening to fix damaged blades
  • Automatic blade position for optimum results
  • Mess free cleanup


  • Removes a lot of steel in the process
  • Narrow slot means some knives cannot be sharpened at full length

10. PriorityChef: Ideal For Straight and Serrated Knives

If you don’t mind putting in a bit of manual work, then this mechanical sharpener will be ideal for your needs. The diamond coated wheels will make sure that all types of steel and ceramic blades will be brought back to life. Just as if they were brand new.

It doesn’t take a lot of effort to use. And the angled slots will make sure that you always use it correctly. The way this model works is that it employs a two-stage process. The first will repair the blade by fixing larger notches. The second stage will then start polishing to an exceptionally sharp edge.


  • Cool design so it doesn’t get hidden in the kitchen
  • Very effective with very little effort
  • Ergonomically designed to avoid strain and injury
  • 2 stage sharpening brings damaged blades back to life
  • Very easy to use


  • Not best option for very damaged or dull knives
  • Not suitable for most gardening tools

What Features You Need To Focus On

When you are shopping for any type of tool you have to focus on the same types of features when making comparisons. There really is no point in looking at specifications in isolation. That will only give you more confusion than you started with. In this section, you find out exactly what features to focus on. These are also the precise ones we used for all of our research.

Manual Or Electric

All of the above devices fall into these two categories. You essentially have to decide whether you mind putting in a bit of elbow grease or you want the easy option. If you have any larger set of knives then it makes sense to go with something that saves you time and effort. It can also make perfect sense to have one of each. That way you can give a blade just that little bit of a touch up before you start filleting or cutting something delicate.

Straight Or Serrated Edges

Most of the higher end devices will deal with straight and serrated edges. If you do have some serrated blades, then make sure you pick one that can deal with them. Generally speaking, you will need something that has diamond coated wheels or belts. These are generally tough enough to deal with uneven edges.

Specialty Materials

Professional knives will be made of specialty types of steel. Some of those would be common in medical precision tools. And they require very close and careful attention. For occasional polishing, a handheld sharpener will work fine. But to keep them at their optimum you will have to consider investing in something high end.

Ceramic knives will also require diamond coating to get them really sharp again. Just make sure you check the product specs before making a final decision.

Multi Stage Sharpening

The most basic devices that you’ll find will have a very simple approach and will just provide one type of sharpening. For just buffing up a blade occasionally that will work perfectly fine. But if you have blades where the edges regularly get damaged, then you really should spend a little extra for a multi stage sharpener.

These essentially work by getting the angle of the edge fixed first. This will remove all notches that might have occurred. The second stage then polishes and provides a razor-sharp edge. You get these types as mechanical and electric, and they will not cost a huge amount more.

Household And Tools

The blades on household, DIY and gardening equipment are very different. They vary in size, thickness, angle, material and shape. This essentially means that it becomes very difficult to keep all of them sharp with the same tool. Before you buy any sharpener make sure that you figure out what types of blades you have.

If you are mainly going to use it for kitchen knives, then you don’t need large belt driven models. Some of the simpler electrical ones above will work perfectly fine for your household devices including scissors.

But if you do intend on keep your tools sharp then you will have to spend a little more.


Different Types Of Product Knife Sharpener

If you have a specific type of blade or device in mind then this section will help you to pick the right one.

Diamond Knife Sharpener

The best possible devices you will find to get the edges sharp as razors are diamond knife sharpener models. Essentially, the built-in sharpening wheels or belts will be coated with minute diamond dust. Because diamonds are the hardest natural types of material, they will help to shape and sharpen practically all types of blades.

This is an essential feature to look out for if you have ceramic or other specialty steel blades. The model we recommend the most is the Chefs Choice XV EdgeSelect. This is a model that professional chefs recommend and use themselves. If you need something reliable for great results, then don’t think twice about this one.

Ceramic Knife Sharpener

If you are looking for a ceramic knife sharpener for those high-tech blades you have then the PreciSHARP product is the one to go for. It has a designated slot for these types where the sharpening wheels are specially designed to deal with ceramic materials. You have to be careful with ceramic that you don’t cause abrasions.

The designated slot will make ensure a perfectly polished finish. And that is not easy to achieve with regular devices. They can do more damage than good, so make sure you get the right one for the job.

Best Electric Knife Sharpener

When you work with knives all day, or you just like cooking for a lot of people, then you probably have quite a few knives that regularly get blunt. And chances are, you don’t like spending any length of time sharpening them. If you belong into this group of people then an electric knife sharpener is what you need to focus on.

The LINKYO product above is by far the best electric device on our list when it comes to value for money. It’s not an industrial strength product, but it works exceptionally well for pretty regular or even daily use.

Best Kitchen Knife Sharpener

For very busy kitchens and to get the most precise results you will want a device that allows for setting different angle guides. While most knives do have a standard angle, there are specialty ones that could be damaged when not correctly maintained.

The best kitchen knife sharpener on the above list is the Work Sharp WSKTS as it provides great value for money while at the same time having some really professional features. The belt driven device allows for many different angles through preset guides. These will allow for you to very quickly repair and polish your blades at the exact angle needed.


With the above information, you will be able to make a fully educated decision. All of the product recommendations will work exceptionally well. As long as you decide on a device that will cover all the types of blade you have. At the end of the day, they will be better than just using sharpening stones.

The Top 10 Best Reviews