Top Ten Best Makeup Mirror Reviews For 2019: How To Choose Between Wall Mounted Or Travel And Illuminated Or Magnifying

Makeup is amazing, isn’t it? It can make a difference on the days when you may feel and look tired, when you may be suffering from a breakout, or simply need a pick-me-up. From using it for special events to wearing it on a daily basis, makeup is an important part of many people’s lives.

Of course, some days you find yourself on the run, rushing out the door to get to work. You slept past the alarm and you don’t have time to put your makeup on at home. So, what do you do? Always carry a travel makeup mirror in your purse to ensure that you will always be able to apply some, no matter what. Besides a portable one, you’ll also want to find one that helps you to do the most amazing job at home.

While finding a makeup mirror may seem like the easiest thing in the world, there are certain features that you want to look out for, so that you can always do your best when applying makeup. Whether you put it on in the car, apply the finishing touches on the subway, or take you time at home before you leave for work. A vanity mirror can save you on the days when you don’t have time.

Our Top 10 Makeup Mirrors Recommendations

To help you find the perfect option for you and your needs, we have compiled best makeup mirror reviews to help you choose. Check them out:

#1 - Haimi Tree Travel Pocket
Aesthetically Pleasing Product
  • It is offered at a fair price
  • Foldable body
  • LED lights are bright enough
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Jerrybox Led Lighted
One Of Best Makeup Mirrors
  • Sleek Design
  • Portable
  • Affordable
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - StudioZONE Compact Magnifying
Great Lighting
  • Affordable
  • Compact and great for travel
  • Larger size allows for easy makeup application
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Haimi Tree Travel Pocket

Sleek, sharp, and classy, this Haimi Tree option is ideal for home and travel use. At such an affordable price, it offers a variety of features. It’s slim, foldable body allows you to carry it with you, but it also includes a stand for using at your makeup table.

While it only offers 90-degree rotation, it provides more adjustability than many other compact options. It has battery operated LED lights for clear and easy makeup application and its sleek black exterior makes any lady look classy while using it. For anyone looking for a clear reflection and lighting for application anywhere and everywhere, this compact option is ideal for both price and functionality.


  • Its foldable body makes it great for travel
  • It has a clear, quality reflection
  • It’s an aesthetically pleasing product
  • The LED lights are bright enough to use in the dark
  • It is offered at a fair price


  • It doesn’t have the best power option
  • It’s a bit too small for comfortable home use

2. Jerrybox Led Lighted

The Jerrybox provides convenience and functionality for a great price. You can hang it on a wall or set it on your desk. With a 180-degree rotation, it allows for adjustability during makeup application. Whether you want to charge it with batteries or USB, you can trust that the natural LED lights will never run out of power. While it provides a large, clear reflection for home use, it’s still small enough to take with you on trips.

With a smart-touch switch, the Jerrybox is easy-to-use. You can turn it off and on, on the front of the mirror, or dim the lights if they are too bright. With foldable side mirrors, you can always benefit from the Jerrybox, no matter where you go. If you have a difficult time figuring it out, the Jerrybox comes with a user manual.


  • It won’t let you run out of power
  • It can be placed in different areas
  • It offers portability for travel use
  • It allows for versatility with fold-out features that make it one of the best makeup mirrors
  • It has a sleek design


  • It isn’t as big as some would like
  • The lights aren’t as bright as one would want

3. StudioZONE Compact Magnifying

Some women always carry a mirror on them and with good reason; you never know when you’ll need it. Whether you want one for those last-minute touch ups before a special event or because you tend to apply makeup on your way to work, you want a quality option. The StudioZONE offers 10x magnification for easy, on-the-go primping and a 1x for a realistic perspective.

Even though it’s small enough to carry in your purse, this 4” diameter option allows you a great view of your face for easy makeup application. Its black body gives it a sleek and professional look, so you can use it anywhere and everywhere. Because of its strong hinges, strong exterior, and clear reflection, this is an affordable and reliable option that you can depend on for everyday use.


  • It’s a quality product
  • The StudioZone is affordable
  • It’s compact and great for travel
  • It doesn’t distort so you can rely on great results
  • Its larger size allows for easy makeup application


  • It is on the large side for a compact product
  • The magnifying side isn’t as good as the regular one

4. BEW Lighted Vanity Mirror

The BEW is a fancy option for those who want something to use at home at their vanity desk. With 16 LED lights, you can always be sure to get the best light from this lighted vanity mirror for makeup application, no matter what. It provides a clear reflection, so you can easily apply your makeup. It has a smart-touch turn on/off that also allows for light dimming.

It also provides 10x magnification, so you can use the BEW for tweezing and precise makeup application. The 180-degree rotation allows for easy adjusting and you can charge the mirror by USB or with batteries. It’s large enough for convenient makeup application, but it doesn’t take up too much space on your desk.

When it comes to convenience, good pricing, and the perfect size, this BEW product is ideal. If you want an option that can provide stability for home use while also being compact enough for travel, choose this one.


  • It offers great lighting
  • It’s easy to use straight out of the box
  • The BEW is a convenient size
  • It can be charged by USB or batteries
  • It is offered at a good price


  • The lights often arrive defective
  • It isn’t very durable

5. DecoBros 60 Inch Table Top Two-Sided

If you want simplicity and affordability, this DecoBros option is ideal for you. With 1x and 8x magnification options, you can use it for all kinds of reasons and with a 360-swivel design, you can easily change from side to another. Because this kind of mirror is often used in the bathroom, the chrome finish makes it durable enough to withstand moisture and condensation.

If you’re worried about finding an option that allows for a clear reflection, you can trust that this DecoBros is quality. The bottom of the mirror is weighted, so you don’t have to worry about knocking it over. It’s an ideal option for anyone looking for a low-priced, reliable product that they can depend on for home use for months to come.


  • It provides a clear reflection
  • It has a chrome finish for durability
  • It is affordable
  • It has a weighted base for stability so won’t tend to topple over
  • The swivel design makes it easy-to-use


  • The design is flimsy
  • The magnification side is too much for most people

6. HotLife LED Lighted

This HotLife baby is the perfect travel, compact mirror for the girl who always wants to look perfect. With 8 dimmable LED lights and a compact size, it’s the queen of portability and functionality. The HotLife takes advantage of its space by providing a regular mirror on one side and a 2x magnification on the other.

As a top illuminated makeup mirror, you can be sure it will provide you with perfect lighting for makeup application on the run. Because of its small size, you can take it with you wherever you go. This option includes batteries and it’s easy to control with touch screen technology.

If you’ve been looking for a quality portable makeup mirror, this is a perfect option for you. It’s affordable and offers the quality that you want in your makeup products.


  • It’s affordable and won’t break the bank
  • It is great for travel
  • It easy to adjust and position so you’re always comfortable in front of it
  • It has dual-functionality
  • It uses touch technology to light up


  • The lights make the batteries run out fast
  • The lights aren’t as bright as some would like

7. DecoBros 9.8 Inch Two-Sided Swivel Wall Mount

If you are looking for the best wall mounted makeup mirror, the DecoBros may be exactly what you need. You can place it on your vanity table or in the bathroom, because with its 13.5-inch extension, it’s easy to use anywhere. With 1x and 7x magnification, you can use either side depending on your needs. This versatility allows for easy tweezing and grooming, as well as the ability to achieve the perfect look.

The 360-degree swivel option allows you to easily move it around during use. It’s easy to install, so you can start using it right away. While it isn’t the cheapest mirror on the market, it provides quality and durability, which is important in investing in beauty products.


  • It has dual-functionality on a vanity table or bathroom
  • It’s a 360-swivel mirror
  • It has a matte nickel finish making it very stylish
  • It can be mounted for stable use
  • It’s just the right size for convenient use


  • It doesn’t include LED lights
  • It isn’t as distortion-free as other options

8. Beautural 10x Magnifying Lighted Vanity Mirror

This lighted vanity mirror is just another of the top options for your vanity routine. With up to 10x magnification, tweezing those stubborn hairs is easier than ever. With a natural glow of the LED white light, you can easily apply makeup and see yourself clearly. Because of it’s ability to swivel at a 360-degree angle, it’s easy to use anywhere.

The Beautural also has a suction cup which allows you to sturdily place it anywhere and everywhere. This also helps to keep it safe from breaking, no matter where or when you use it. While it works amazingly as a home mirror, it’s portable and compact enough to take with you. Keep in mind that it isn’t waterproof, so you may not want to take it in the shower with you. Best of all, the Beautural is distortion-free so you can be sure you get an accurate perspective while applying your makeup.

What makes this a favorite option for many is that it offers a versatility in use that you can’t always find in a mirror. It could possibly be the best magnifying makeup mirror.


  • It can be used at home or for travel
  • It offers distortion-free use so you get the best results
  • The Beautural has great lighting so you can see better what you’re doing
  • It swivels at a 360-degree angle
  • It offers versatile use


  • The lights aren’t as bright as some people need
  • The magnification is too strong for some

9. Floxite 10x LED Lighted For Travel and Home

Portability doesn’t have to take away from quality and functionality. While the Floxite may be small, it still packs a punch and is the best lighted makeup mirror for travel and everyday use. You can use it at home with a stand or fold it the other way for a protected portable mirror. Because it is only an inch thick folded, it’s easy to fit in your bag while traveling.

Although it’s not the biggest mirror around, it still includes 8 LED bulbs, so you can always have perfect lighting. It also includes batteries which means you can use it, as soon as it arrives to your doorstep.  When they run out, they’re easy to replace with 3 AAA batteries. Even though it’s a small option, its still large enough to see most of your face while applying your makeup. With up to 10x magnification, you can always be sure to see your face perfectly for makeup and grooming.


  • Its compact size is ideal for travel
  • It runs on batteries which last a long time
  • The Floxite has LED lights for less power usage
  • It provides great magnification for those precision touches
  • The mirror doesn’t distort for more accurate results


  • It doesn’t allow you to adjust angles
  • The Floxite is pricey for its size

10. Maibtkey Portable Tri-folded Lighted Travel Vanity Mirror

This is the queen of mirrors. It can do wonders for you while at home, but also offers portability for the road. With 22 LED lights, you can always be sure to have enough light for applying makeup. You can control the lights with a touch screen, making this Maibtkey option a unique product.

As any woman knows, mirrors get messy, but fortunately this one comes with a cleaning cloth, as well as a small compact option to carry with you. With three different panels, you can use a 2x, 3x, or 1x panel for makeup application.

To add to the plethora of attractive features, the Maibtkey can be charged by USB or with batteries. It also has 180-degree rotating, so you can get the perfect angle while applying makeup. Whether you take it with you on a trip or use it at home, rest assured that this best rated makeup mirror won’t disappoint.


  • It includes adjustable lighting so that you can see exactly what you’re doing
  • It can be used at home or while traveling giving you great flexibility
  • The slim design makes for easy portability
  • It is easy to charge and the battery lasts long
  • It includes a cleaning cloth


  • The regular mirror is the only one with lighting
  • It doesn’t have a cord for plugging it in


What Features You Need To Focus On

Before choosing a mirror from these top ten products, you want to be sure that you know what you need it for. What may seem ideal for one person may not be the best for another. If you find that you often rush out to work without makeup on, you may want to find a portable one. For women who like to wake up early for their beauty routine, a stationary option may be best. The following features are important for you to consider before you make a decision.


What do you need it for? If you are a woman who often finds herself applying makeup while out, a small, compact product will work well for you. But, you may also want to use it at home, right? The best size for a lady who always wants to look good is one that can stand on your table while also being small enough to fit in your purse or travel bag. If you don’t carry for applying makeup while out, invest in a larger one that will provide you with a great view for putting on makeup. Make sure to read measurements before purchasing and also check out reviews on the product to be sure that it is truly the size that you need.


Some options allow you to be able to use a side for magnification and another side for regular application. Others provide you with the possibility of a few different options. If you’re obsessed with tweezing those stubborn hairs and making sure you don’t miss one, an option that provides variety may be what you need. If you just want something simple for putting on your makeup, a single side product should work.


What do you need it for? If you plan on using it at home, then don’t worry about how easy it is to take with you. But, many women want something that they can depend on throughout the day and a big bulky product won’t work. Look for an option that provides quality in its reflection yet great portability for easy carrying, no matter what size your bag may be.


This is one product where you will want to look for excellent quality. A bad reflection in your mirror isn’t going to help you much, as how will you be able to put on makeup with something that is distorted? Make sure to pay close attention to the glass part of the product, but also consider the finish. If you plan on using the product in a bathroom where there will be a lot of moisture, you want to make sure that it won’t rust. Quality matters in any product, but especially in this one.


Nowadays, there are many options with LED lighting. This is a great feature as it helps you to be able to apply your makeup anywhere and at any time, even in dark light. Just keep in mind that it requires power. Some products offer battery power and USB charging while others only offer battery use. For ultimate convenience and functionality, you may want to find one that you can always charge and one that promises bright lighting.


To truly get the best makeup look, you want to make sure that you have the best makeup mirror. The above options each have attractive features while also offering affordability for those shopping on a budget.

Whether you want a highly portable option like the StudioZONE Compact Mirror-Magnifying Makeup Mirror or you prefer a reliable and stable one such as the Maibtkey Makeup Mirror Portable Tri-folded Lighted White Travel Vanity Mirror, there is something for everyone on this list of top ten beauty products.

Choose the one that will provide you with the best results for your lifestyle. Your needs are unique and the perfect product for you is the one that will make your life easier. Life is too short to worry about how your makeup looks. Invest in the option that will help you ensure that you look good, no matter the occasion.

The Top 10 Best Reviews