Top Ten Best Running Belt Reviews: Get A Convenient Gadget To Carry Your Essentials And Provide Hydration

Have you ever considered just how important it is to stay hydrated when you’re out running? It doesn’t matter why or how far you run, if you’re not hydrated you can’t expect good performance.

One important point to remember: Taking regular sips of water will stop you from becoming dehydrated. But you probably hate carrying a bag in your hands while running: So why not invest in a running belt? You’ll be able to keep your hands free as items such as your iPhone, money and keys will be safely tucked away.

To help you choose the right belt we’ve compiled a list of what we consider to be the 10 best products on the market.

Our Top 10 Best Running Belt Recommendations

#1 - StashBandz Thigh Belt
For The Softest Feel
  • Fits comfortably around your waist
  • Very secure
  • Phone will fit in any size
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Waterproof iRainy Neoprene Hydration Belt
Water Storage At Its Best
  • 2 pockets for water
  • Adjustable fit
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - FITOREX Belt For Jogging
The Very Best Padding
  • Very comfortable and light
  • Reflexive strips
  • Larger phones will fit
4.0 stars out of 5

1. StashBandz Thigh Belt: For The Softest Feel

An ideal product for keeping your property safe not only when you are out running, but also when you are on holiday. It fits snugly around your waist so any excess fat you have on your hips or belly is hidden.

The 4 pockets have flaps that will prevent pickpockets from stealing anything.

You won’t even have to worry about anything dropping out while you’re running either. You may be thinking: ‘My old fanny pack will do’. But remember how everything bounced around when you were jogging with that on? You don’t want that discomfort when you’re running.

If you love fashion and want to color coordinate your accessories you’ll love this product as it comes in various colors. And the price is right!

The only problem is that you won’t be able to put your water bottle into the pocket. Problem solved: you can take a clip-on bottle with you and clip it onto the belt.


  • Fits comfortably around your waist
  • Stored items won’t move around while you’re jogging
  • Room for everything you need in its 4 large pockets
  • Flaps protect your property from being pinched or lost
  • Your phone will fit in no matter if it’s small or large
  • Its great colors allow you to color coordinate it with your clothes


  • It could fit a little too tightly for some
  • Water bottles won’t fit into the pockets but you can use clip-on bottles

2. Waterproof iRainy Neoprene Hydration Belt: Water Storage At Its Best

How much water should runners take when out running? 24 ounces of water is surely enough, and that’s what you’ll be able to carry in the two bottle holders on this belt.

Maybe you go running as you’re trying to lose weight: As the strap is expandable you won’t need to worry about it slipping off as the weight slips off you. You can adjust it to your own comfort level as needed.

Many belts are heavy so become uncomfortable when you fill them. Not so here! The belt itself is light so you won’t get weighed down.

A definite advantage in today’s world: There’s a plastic window in the front so you can check who’s calling or see any messages without a problem.

What’s more: It has a hole that you can put your headphone cable through. No need to go without music when you run. Let’s face it: Bluetooth ear buds are not for everyone.

Most phones will fit in easily, but you may have a problem with any larger cell phones.


  • Can be adjusted to suit your individual fit
  • Completely comfortable to wear as it’s so light
  • Place for two water bottles containing 12 ounces of water
  • Has a window facing frontwards so you can check messages on your smartphone
  • There’s a hole to use for the cable of your headphone


  • Not easy to get the phone into and out of the front pocket
  • There could be a little more storage room

3. FITOREX Belt For Jogging: The Very Best Padding

Should you be a lover of those especially large cell phones then you’ve found a product suitable for you. It’s not only roomy, but because of the padding you’ll have no problem sliding it in and out of the belt.

Although it has a lot of great padding, it’s still light so you won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it.

There are 3 small pockets inside the main pocket so you’ll easily find your keys, bankcards or coins when needed. What’s more: There are even holders each side for the water bottles that are supplied with it.

Of course: You don’t only go out in daylight. What about those winter months when it gets dark early? That’s when you’ll appreciate the reflective strips so that you’ll always be visible should there be any traffic. But take note: You’ll also need to wear reflective clothing when it’s dark. The strips won’t be enough to reflect from a distance.

The only drawback to this belt is that it won’t be tight enough for small womens waists.


  • Very comfortable as it’s so light
  • Larger phones will fit in with no problem
  • Storage room is ideal as you won’t need to search for small items
  • Holds 20 ounces of water in the two bottles supplied
  • Reflexive strips allow for visibility in the dark


  • It only comes in one color
  • Not possible to adjust it enough if you have a small waist

4. Sport2People Accessory Pouch For Running: Superb Compact Design

We all like snacking throughout the day. No doubt you also like to take a snack with you when you go running for longer periods. That’s when you’ll appreciate the two large pockets of this pouch. There’s room for your snack along with your money, cards and keys.

With a hole to feed the cable of your headphone through you’ll also be guaranteed music while out.

For extra comfort the waist strap is elastic so it fits tighter to your body. No worry about the pouch bouncing while you run.

Are you a jogging fanatic who goes out in all weathers? Then you’ll no longer need to worry about your possessions getting wet as it has water resistant pockets. There are even reflective strips for when it suddenly gets dark.

You probably didn’t expect to find a belt with all these features at a price you could easily afford.

But, of course, there always has to be a hitch! This belt doesn’t have a holder for water bottles. But, using a clip-on bottle should solve that problem. Also, if you always carry a lot with you, the two pouches may not be enough.


  • Has a combination of small and large pockets
  • Resistant to water so possessions stay dry
  • Keys and other gadgets won’t bounce around
  • Reflective strips make you visible when dark
  • No problem listening to music as it has a hole for your headphone cable


  • Two pouches may not be enough for you
  • Only possibility to store water bottles is with a clip-on bottle

5. URPOWER Multifunctional Running Belt: Cheap But Offers A Lot Of Features

If appearances are important to you, you’ll appreciate how cool this product looks. But looking cool is not enough if the product doesn’t deliver what it promises. No worry about that happening here. Believe it or not: you’ll get a lifetime warranty on it!

As it’s made from neoprene material weighing under 5 ounces you can expect total comfort while running.

Water bottles are provided and they fit well into the holders that are placed on each side. So, there’ll be no need to search for the correct size clip-on bottle. The bottles will hold enough water for the times when you go trail hiking or on short runs.

You’ll have no problem getting your phone into the pouch at the front as it is big enough for those extra large phones. Despite the size of the pouch your possessions won’t move around as it is well padded.

Yes, there’s a hitch: But only if you have an extremely slim waist. The straps are not adjustable enough so it won’t be suitable for slim women or kids who want to wear one.


  • Offers a lifetime guarantee
  • Very light, weighing under 5 ounces
  • Padding makes it extremely comfortable to wear
  • Supplied with 2 bottles that fit into the snug holders
  • Larger sized smart phones fit in with no problem


  • A possibility of the strap loosening
  • Most suitable for anyone with an extremely slim waist

6. Men and Women’s Top Fit Jogging Belt: With Access To Your Touch Screen Phone

Who wants to go out without their smart phone nowadays? And when you have it near, you need to be able to see it at all times. That’s not always possible when you’re out jogging as it’s normally in your pocket for protection.

You’ll absolutely love this phone as it’s designed with a plastic screen that even allows you to unlock your phone without taking it out.

Both sides of the belt have storage pockets to keep your possessions in: Even those much needed snacks will fit in with no problem.

No problem for anyone who has a slim waist – it can be adjusted to fit all sizes and there’s no fear of everything bouncing around and making your side sore while jogging.

If your phone has a 5.7-inch screen it will fit easily – just be sure to check it isn’t larger before purchasing this product.

For anyone who needs to get to their things often this belt has a disadvantage. The pockets are not really large enough to make it easy to get things in and out.


  • Fits comfortably and snugly and is well padded so your things won’t move about
  • The 2 storage pockets are convenient
  • Can be adjusted to fit any waist size
  • Plastic pocket enables you to use your touch phone without removing it from the belt
  • Larger phones measuring 5.7 inches will fit in easily


  • There could be more storage space
  • Maybe problems getting things into and out of the pockets

7. SPIbelt Running: For An Excellent Selection of Colors

Do you prefer to get your exercise running on the belt at the gym? If that’s so, you’ll love the convenience of this product. There’s not a lot of storage space: But do you really need a lot at the gym? Unlike the other products, it is just one elasticated pouch which zips open at the front.

But, of course, it’s also great if you go running or hiking outdoors. The advantage of having only one elasticated pouch is that it isn’t bulky. It will also hold your things in place so they don’t bounce around.

Are you waist size 24 or waist size 47? It really doesn’t matter which as you can adjust the belt to fit you comfortably.

You won’t find a better option if color is important to you. It’s so affordable that you could buy a lot of them to color coordinate to whatever you’re wearing at the time.

Of course, the disadvantage is that the pocket could be a bit bigger as you’ll have difficulty fitting a larger phone in.


  • No problem fitting all your odds and ends into it
  • You can use it in the gym or when you go running or hiking
  • You won’t have any problem with it rubbing and causing friction pain
  • A color selection to die for
  • Will fit no matter what waist size you are


  • Not enough room to keep snacks
  • No room for larger phones

8. Super Comfortable Jade Fitness: For Extreme Comfort

Let’s face it: Who doesn’t like comfort! We’re sure you’ll love this product if you do as it offers extreme comfort. This is because it’s made from a stretch material that molds to your personal shape. It will even adjust to fit every waist size. What’s more: It won’t slip and neither will your belongings bounce around when you’re running.

With no buckles or straps you won’t experience any discomfort. And there’s plenty of room to carry those larger phones and even snacks with you.

Basically, it’s just one large pocket that you’ll have access to from both sides. It’s made from waterproof material so you won’t have to worry about your belonging getting wet if it should suddenly pour down with rain: Or, of course, if your water bottle should leak.

The downside of it is that it can’t be closed. You could lose things when you’re running or you could be in danger of your things getting stolen by pickpockets.

Also, due to the amount of body contact you could find it rather warm on a hot day.


  • Absolutely comfortable
  • Easily adjustable for all waist sizes
  • Pocket is large enough to carry a lot of things
  • Larger size phones will also fit in
  • Made from waterproof material so your things will be protected


  • Could be a bit too warm in hot weather
  • There’s no way to close it so possibility of losing things or having them stolen

9. Peak Waist Pocket With Holder For Bottles: The Ultimate In Storage Space

This is really the best hydration belt as the design allows you to carry any bottle. You’re not limited to size so can carry up to 12 ounces in volume.

Being made from elastic ensures that your bottle will be held snugly. Also, the bottle won’t fall out it has a safety strap. If you’re a runner who participates in longer runs, maybe marathons, you can always replace the bottle during your run.

Storage is no problem as it has a large padded pocket for protection. Whatever size phone you have will fit. And there’s a hole to feed the cable through for your earphones.

An excellent feature is its storage space. It has two slots either side. There’s also a main pocket so you can carry plenty. You’ll even have easy access to your snacks and energy gel packs.

There’s a little problem with it not being able to do up tight enough. You’ll find yourself continually tightening it to stop everything moving around. You might also need getting used to the bottle being at the front instead of at the side.


  • Enough storage space to make it suitable for all kinds of sports
  • Little or no friction due to its padding
  • Most bottles fit
  • You can store gels in the outside storage parts
  • The hole for the cable of your headphone is convenient


  • As it’s made of elastic it could bounce around when it’s full
  • Maybe a problem with the bottle being in the front

10. Lar DrOk Belt: A Little Expensive For Limited Features

This product seems to be quite popular though we don’t consider it to be as good as the other products. It’s okay if you want to avoid hydration as there is a bottle holder either side.

But wait for it: They only supply one bottle, you’ll need to order a second bottle to avoid feeling off balance.

It’s easy to access anything in the pockets, which have plenty of storage room. And it’s also easy to feed the wire for your headphones through the front hole.

No problem in adjusting whether you have a small or large waist. But there’s a problem of things bouncing and causing friction when it’s tightened to its full extent. As there’s a buckle in the back you might feel some pressure when you run for longer periods.

Ladies with larger phones will have enough space, but as they fit tightly it won’t be easy to get out quickly for making or answering a call.

If we’re honest, this would be our last choice when looking for the best running hydration belt.


  • Enough storage room to carry everything with you
  • You can carry enough water as there are holders for two bottles
  • Options for adjusting it are great


  • Although there are two holders they only supply one bottle
  • A little too tight to carry a larger phone
  • Your things could bounce around annoyingly
  • Some discomfort possible due to the buckle causing pressure

Features To Be Focused On

Whatever you purchase you should always first decide what you want and why you need it. If you don’t, you’ll end up being overwhelmed.

Check the following to help you realize what you want and why you need it.


Are you going on a marathon, a daily run, a daily hike or a longer journey?

For hiking you’ll need to carry enough water, other features are not so important.

For a marathon, your belongings shouldn’t bounce around while running. And if you’re planning short runs a smaller product is enough.

You’ll need to consider how often you’ll use it, what for and how much you’ll want to carry in it.


It’s important to know whether it can be adjusted easily and fit as tightly as you need. For extra comfort, you should consider whether it has padding.


Choosing a belt with only one bottle holder, be sure that it’s at the front. Otherwise you’ll need to look for one with a holder each side. Think about how much water you can carry. A bottle containing 12 ounces should be enough.


The kind of storage pouches is important. Do you want to be able to access your things easily? Then a large pocket with dividers is ideal.

Maybe you prefer keeping things separately: Look for one that offers a pocket either side.

You should also consider protection flaps. You’ll need to open it while running, but shouldn’t worry about losing anything.

Another important point to consider is enough space for energy gels and snacks for keeping up your energy level.

Compatibility With Your Phone

Whether considering an iPhone running belt or the best running belt compatible with your larger smartphone you’ll need one with a hole to feed the earphone cables through.

It’s also advisable to have a product with a window to see who’s contacting you. But better still is a front cover that gives you finger recognition.


We hope that our running belt reviews will help you decide what is the right product for you. We also hope you now realize how important it is not to become dehydrated and to keep up your energy level while out running.

You’ll need to carry enough fuel with you on a fitness run so check out each review to see if that’s possible.

Without having to spend a fortune you’ll soon realize how convenient such belts are: Especially if you choose the best belt for your needs.

The Top 10 Best Reviews