Top Ten Best Sewing Machine Reviews For 2019: For Beginners And Professional Dressmaker

Best Sewing MachineWith fashion changing so fast just how do you keep up with it? Continually buying new clothes takes its toll on your finances – but oh, you do so like having something new to wear!  Then why not start making your own clothes. Yes, you read that correctly! Making your own clothes will save you a fortune. What’s more it can be great fun. Just think of how creative you can be. And a definite advantage is that you’ll never go out and be faced with someone wearing exactly the same clothes as you.

Our Top 10 Best Sewing Machine Recommendations

To be able to do this you’ll need to invest in a sewing machine. There are some great ones on the market and to help you decide which one is right for you, we’ve reviewed a few and come up with what we consider to be the 10 best sewing machines on offer. Take a look before deciding which is the best sewing machine for you needs.
#1 - 1 – Brother Project Runway: Professional Computerized Features
Professional Computerized Features
  • Feed dogs suitable for all types of fabric
  • LCD display lights up your workspace
  • Presser foot can easily be raised or lowered
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Brother SE400: Excellent Feature Range
Excellent Feature Range
  • You can transfer designs from your computer
  • Needle threader is automatic
  • LCD display is touch screen
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - SINGER 7258: Exceptional Value For Money
Exceptional Value For Money
  • 100 stitches are built in
  • 13 positions for the needle
  • Needle threads automatically
4.0 stars out of 5

1. 1 – Brother Project Runway: Professional Computerized Features

You’ll really enjoy using this product at home as it has so many wonderful features. Possibly you’d only have time for sewing in the evening, but don’t worry about lighting! The LED light ensures that your work area is light enough for you to work in comfort.

And that’s not all it offers for comfort: you won’t have a problem threading the needle as it has a built-in system to do this automatically. What’s more the bobbin drops in from the top to make winding it simple.

As for other features, the feed system allows you to sew effortlessly on all kinds of fabrics from satin to tweed. You’ll be able to use if for all kinds of craftwork, including quilting and embroidery. With its custom switch, you’ll even be able to design stitches on your own and then save them to the memory for use again in the future. And with 8 different styles of buttonholes, what more could you possible want!

Whether you’re an absolute novice at sewing or extremely experienced, you’ll be absolutely amazed at how professional your finished work looks.


  • Feed dogs suitable for all types of fabric
  • 294 different stitches, 10 types of buttonholes and 3 lettering styles
  • Customs stitch feature which can be saved to the memory
  • Customs stitch feature which can be saved to the memory
  • LCD display lights up your workspace


  • No speed control
  • Not much space between the needle and the body for extra thick projects

2. Brother SE400: Excellent Feature Range

Another great product from Brother! It’s not too expensive and also offers a lot of features. One of the greatest, of course, being the fact that it’s not only a sewing machine: it’s also an embroidery machine.

As it’s computerized, you can customize it by transferring your own design from your computer. It will even inform you when you need to change color while embroidering. And that’s not all! Various stitches are built in for convenience. At the touch of a button you can even stitch buttonholes.

For absolute luxury, it has an automatic threading system so no more frustrating moments of not being able to get the thread through the tiny eye of the needle. This also means that it can be used by people with any sort of physical impairment. And of course, you won’t have to give up sewing when you become old simply because you can’t thread the needle!

Neither will you have to stop in the middle of a project because of the lighting – it has a built in light which is more than bright enough for working with.

As it’s sold at a middle of the range price, it’s not going to cost you an arm and a leg. We are sure that you’ll never regret your decision.


  • You can transfer designs from your computer
  • Needle threader is automatic
  • Winding the top bobbin is simple as it’s drop-in
  • 67 different stitches and 70 embroidery designs
  • LCD display is touch screen


  • Some of the icons are confusing if you haven’t read the manual
  • No feedback for errors when customizing

3. SINGER 7258: Exceptional Value For Money

Singer has done it again – they’ve developed a machine suitable for everyone!

This completely versatile machine offers 100 different stitches for you to choose from. You’ll find every type of stitch that needed whether you’re making clothes or working on home décor: Basic stitches, stretch stiches, decorative stitches plus automatic buttonholes.

For buttonholes, you have a choice of 6 styles ranging from basic to keyhole, which is great for any outerwear. There’s an LCD screen from which you can view all the stitches. What’s more: you can even customize stitches from it.

Maybe you’re nervous about losing control of the speed when you use a sewing machine. That’ll be a thing of the past – with a special lever for controlling this you’ll always be the one in control!

For sewing awkward areas such as the hem of trousers, just take away the removable compartment and you have a free arm. Otherwise the compartment is used for storage of all the accessories that come with it.

Say goodbye to frustration at trying to thread the needle! With its automatic threader the job will be done in no time.


  • 100 stitches are built in
  • Needle threads automatically
  • Bobbin is top loading and automatically stops winding when full
  • 13 positions for the needle
  • Automatic lock function for reinforcing straight stitches
  • Not so good at sewing through extremely thick fabrics


  • Not so good at sewing through extremely thick fabrics
  • Not so good at sewing through extremely thick fabrics

4. Janome 2212 Sewing Machine: Great Bonus Accessories

This is not only a great option for beginners of all ages, yes even kids, but also for the experienced person who just needs a machine that offers the basics.

To make life easier it has a front load bobbin and the needle plate has guides marked on either side to help keep your seam measurement accurate.

It is a lot more basic that the other brands, but you’ll still be able to make your own clothes and accessories with it. You’ll also be able to work on any basic home décor and do all those repair jobs that have mounted up.

It offers 12 different stitches measuring up to 4mm in length and 5mm in width and has a buttonhole feature that works in four steps. Changing the feet is no problem as they just snap on and off.

It’s a little noisy, which could be disturbing for some, but there’s no vibration from it and the quality of the stitches more than make up for the noise.

Last but not least, it has an accessory case attached that can be removed to provide you with a free arm

Whatever your budget, you’ll find that this machine fits into it.


  • Front loading bobbin
  • Seam guides marked on the needle plate
  • Compartment for storing the accessories
  • Storage compartment can be removed so you have a free arm
  • Work is illuminated by a bright light


  • Doesn’t stitch through multiple layers
  • Noise may be a bit disturbing

5. SINGER 3223G: Cheap Option With Extensive Features

Another great option from Singer to suit everyone’s budget. Maybe you want a machine for your creative teenager: Then this is ideal as Singer produced this one with beginners in mind.

It has all the basic features needed to give you confidence to work on projects. It’s easy to thread, the stitch selection is simple and it comes with all necessary accessories. There’s a foot for sewing on buttons, one for buttonholes, one for zips and, of course, an all-purpose foot.

With the 23 stitches that are built in you will be able to customize your work. The stitch length and also the width of the zigzag are adjustable. What’s more, in 4 easy steps you’ll have the perfect buttonhole.

It suitable for all types of home sewing, from making clothes, decorative work, crafts and even home décor. You won’t even have to go searching for a screwdriver when you need to change to one of the other 4 presser feet supplied as they just snap on.

Accessories are included and are stored on board. By removing the storage compartment you’ll find yourself with a free arm to make it easier for sewing such parts as cuffs and collars.

It really is a cheap option with a lot of features.


  • Offers a variety of 23 stitches
  • Easily transportable as it has a built-in handle
  • Storage compartment can be removed
  • Easily transportable as it has a built-in handle
  • Some problems with the tension


  • Rather basic but offers enough for the price
  • Some problems with the tension

6. Brother Sewing Laura Ashley: Nice Looking Design

Quilting and sewing will never have been more enjoyable than with this electric machine. What’s more, you can also personalize your work by stitching a monogram on it. Believe it or not, but it has 55, yes 55, different alphanumeric stitches that are needed if you want some basic monogramming. Not all models on the market will enable you to do this.

There are 100 unique stitches built in plus a choice of 8 different types of buttonholes. As there’s only 1step to the buttonhole, nothing could be simpler.

The accessories include 11 different feet, everything you need for sewing and quilting and the extremely wide table makes working on larger projects much easier. In fact, it’s 33% larger than the average machine so sewing curtains will no longer be a problem. It’s the dream of every dressmaker!

Unlike some other machines, the drop in bobbin is jam resistant. There’s also an automatic needle threader and speed can be controlled. To top it off, you’ll be provided with enough light with the LCD, which is backlit.

It’s great for all kinds of sewing projects and you’ll soon be proud to show off your self-made home décor.


  • Ideal for quilting
  • Suitable for sewing larger projects
  • Various feet for all kinds of sewing
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Supplies an accessory bag


  • Clunky sound when used at certain speeds
  • Many parts are made of plastic

7. HAITRAL Portable Sewing Machine: Smallest Option

Looking at this machine you’d think it’s a childrens model as it’s so small. It’s a very basic compact model and also exceptionally cheap so it is great for kids and also for novices.

You won’t have to worry about younger kids using an electrical gadget as this model can also be powered by batteries. With its two speeds you can use it on high speed, but you’d probably want to set it on low speed for your youngster.

It will be enough for all those repair jobs that keep mounting up and for some basic sewing. You’ll be able to do some basic crafting and quilting with it, too.

If you’re planning on replenishing your wardrobe, this is not the right option for you. It really is a basic sewing machine, not a dressmaker sewing machine as you won’t be able to sew thicker fabrics.

One great point is that this portable sewing machine is so light you can carry it everywhere with you.

There are some negative sewing machine reviews about it, but they are possibly written by people who didn’t read the instructions carefully before use.


  • Suitable for novices and children
  • Possible to sew delicate and slightly thicker fabrics
  • Two speeds so no fear of it running too fast
  • Can either be used by hand or by foot pedal
  • Great for all those repair jobs


  • Rather flimsy so you need to be careful you don’t drop it
  • Doesn’t work on thicker fabrics

8. Brother CS6000i: Excellent Selection Of Stiches

If you’re looking to spice up some old clothes, this machine has just the right features to enable you to do just that! You can add some embroidery knowing that you’ll get a professional finish. This is also a good feature if you find you’ve bought exactly the same garment as your best friend. You’ll be able to personalize yours!

As a beginner you may be a little wary that the machine could ‘run away’ with you. Relax: it has two speeds – a slower one just right for you. More advanced dressmakers will just love the higher speeds of 850 stitches a minute, which enable them to finish their project faster.

For more comfort when working on larger projects such as quilting or making curtains you’ll love the sewing table as it’s extra wide. But this might not be so important for beginners.

It not only has an automatic threader and a drop in bobbin at the top that is jam resistant, but it also has a thread cutter that is automatic. That’s not something you’ll find in many other products.

Don’t worry that you might have problems trying to figure out all the features: it comes with an easy to follow manual. And it’s also at a price you can’t say no to.


  • Great for learning on
  • High speed for faster work
  • Ideal for crafting and quilting projects
  • Stitch selector is easy to use
  • 60 design options


  • Tension needs changing manually
  • Manual is not explicit enough

9. Brother CS6000i: Excellent Selection Of Stiches

This one really is high speed, with 1,100 stitches per minute! And naturally, to obtain this speed the motor also needs to be stronger. Actually, the motor is 60% stronger that those of average sewing machines. This even means that you’ll be able to sew heavy-duty fabrics with ease. You’ll be able to sew through multiple thicknesses, too, as the presser foot can be adjusted to allow enough room.

There’s a reverse stitch feature that allows you to reinforce areas such as the ends of seams.

As to be expected from Singer, it has a top drop in bobbin and automatic threading system. Buttonholes can be produced in one step and it even has an attachment for sewing on the buttons. You’ll be supplied with all the attachments that can be placed in the storage compartment. This can be removed to give you a free arm for sewing awkward parts of a garment.

To make life easier for you, the various feet for sewing in zips or buttons are removed with a snap. No need to unscrew them. There are even three positions to set the needle depending on the project you’re working on.


  • Sews up to 1,100 stiches every minute
  • Has an extra strong motor
  • Sews basic stitches, stretch stiches, decorative stitches and buttonholes
  • Suitable for sewing clothes, craftwork and also home décor
  • Needle threader is automatic


  • Only one speed and that’s very fast
  • Only uses Singer needles, it’s incompatible with other brands

10. Dtemple Mini Electric Sewing Machine: Too Limited For Effective Use

This one is OK but not great and ideally avoided unless you’re just looking for a machine for general domestic use. Its best feature is the fact that it’s portable. This is ideal for your 13-year old who needs to work on a project together with a friend.

The features are so simple that your 13 year-old will have no problem working with it: but maybe it’s too simple for your needs! There are two speeds, which is an advantage for learners and can be started either with the pedal foot or with the hand switch.

It threads automatically and filling the bobbin is simple as it has a drop-in the top bobbin. But there’s not much else really to say about it.

If you just need a machine for your 13-year old to learn on, or for doing general repair jobs this one is okay. But if you’re looking to work on larger projects you can forget it!


  • Easily transported
  • Automatic threader
  • Possible to sew on buttons
  • Has a reverse function
  • Suitable for sewing most fabrics


  • Very basic
  • Needle threading feature is rather difficult to use

What Features You Need To Focus On

As with all products you should shop around before making any decision on purchasing. That way you’ll be aware of which features are available and which ones are suitable for you. As sewing machines are not something you’d want to be replacing every couple of months, it’s better to consider exactly what is important.

The following will help you make a decision:


You may not have a lot of money, but it’s still important to consider the quality of the machine. If you purchase a machine of inferior quality you’ll find you spend more in the end as you’ll either be paying out a lot in repair bills or in replacing the machine after a short period of time. As you’ll see from our list, some of the top brands also offer relatively cheap machines and are quality products.


It sounds so good when you read how many different stitches the machine is capable of: But do you really need them all? Think first about which stitches you would actually use. For basic sewing you really don’t need more than two stitches – straight for seams and zig-zag to neaten edges! Of course, if you want to make something more up-market you’ll need the buttonhole stitch and the blind hem stitch.

Special Features

From automatic needle threaders and bobbin winders to automatic thread cutters – adjustments to the speed or position of the needle and many more. Yes, they’re all great and help make sewing enjoyable, but do you really need all of these? Think about which ones you would actually use – a stich unpick or scissors will cut the thread just as well!

Attachments and Feet

A zipper foot and a buttonhole foot are a must if you want to make all kinds of garments. But some machines offer a lot more – again think about whether you’ll ever use these before you decide on whether the machine is worth investing in.

Mechanical or Computerized

Mechanical machines are easy to operate and don’t need a lot of maintenance while computerized machines produce a completely professional finish. Think first of why you need the machine – do you want something simple or are you planning on more professional work!


As you’ll now be aware, there’s something out there for everyone, whatever your needs and whatever your budget. You just need to put a lot of thought into why you need the machine and what you expect it to do for you before you make any decision. If you do this, there’ll be no need to be disappointed when you try to work on a project and find that that you’re having problems. After all, you can’t expect the machine to be able to do something that it’s not programmed to do!


The Top 10 Best Reviews