Top Ten Best Swim Goggles Reviews For 2018: Find Everything From Professional Triathlon Grade To Cheap And Cheerful

You may enjoy swimming laps as your form of daily exercise or appreciate being able to see underwater on your trip to the beach. Perhaps swimming is your passion and you do it anywhere and everywhere. Maybe your kids are like fish in the water and are always swimming. You think you have the best swim goggles but are constantly on the lookout for better.

One thing that every swimmer needs are goggles. From using this product for a triathlon to protecting your children’s eyes in the water, a swimmer’s outfit isn’t complete without them. They protect your eyes and allow you to see, making them one of the most important items for your life as a swimmer.

Whether you are looking for professional swimming goggles for yourself or want to find the best goggles for kids, there are plenty of top-quality options for great prices. There are many things to keep in mind, especially in regard to what you need. Some people swim for fun, others for sport, and others for exploring the ocean.

Goggles are as varied as people and what may work for a friend may not work for you. What works for your children may not be sufficient for your swimming needs. To help you in your search for the best option for you, the following goggle reviews may interest you. Check them out to see if you can find what you’re looking for.

Our Top 10 Best Swimming Goggles Recommendations

1 – Speedo Hydrospex

Speedo offers a highly function product with a simple, minimalistic look. With a soft TPR frame and silicone strap, these are relatively comfortable. The outer eye fit helps to keep your eyes free form pain. The frame is hypoallergenic and speed fit clips are quick and easy to adjust. The lenses are shatter-proof which is a convenient feature to have for peace of mind.

This product also provides top quality UV protection and an anti-fog feature. They are available in four different colors. They are a great pair of cheap goggles for those who are shopping on a budget. If you’re looking for a comfortable pair for regular, non-competitive use, these are a relatively reliable option. They were voted in the 2017 Women’s Choice Award as the most-recommended swim goggles. This means that they have stood up to criticism and have been considered a solid pair.

  • They are simple and attractive
  • The straps are easily adjustable
  • They fit comfortable around the eyes
  • There is variety in colors
  • They work well on children and adults alike

  • The lenses are small
  • They are a bit flimsy


2 – Incite Elite with Protective Case

Sharp, sleek, and attractive, this Incite Elite product will look good on you. Granted, functionality is equally important, and these don’t disappoint. With nose clips, ear plugs, and a protective case, this option provides you with attractive accessories. The 20mm rubber seal means that you don’t have to worry about water or fog with this Incite Elite option.

The strap can be adjusted to fit any size, so you can buy these for yourself or children. The quick-release clip means that if you can remove them in a hurry. With anti-shatter protection and quality lenses that provide clarity underwater, you need not look further for a great pair of goggles.

  • They look good and will fit well with your other swim wear
  • The product includes accessories that are very helpful
  • They are affordable
  • The strap is easy to adjust to make it perfectly comfortable
  • The lenses provide clear vision

  • The suction cups don’t work as well as some other products
  • They aren’t as comfortable as other options


3 – Speedo Vanquisher 2.0

These speedo swim goggles are everything you’ve wanted in a Speedo product. Sleek, sharp, and functional, these are ideal for training and competitive swimming. The wide lenses allow for a clear, wide field of vision. And, the anti-fog coating helps to keep them from getting blurry. Of course, they wouldn’t be ideal without protection from the sun. Fortunately, the lenses also have UV protection.

With a simple design, the only thing that you need to focus on with this Speedo product is how functional they are for swimming. With 4 interchangeable nose pieces, these may be the most comfortable goggles around. With an adjustable clip and double-straps, these are easy to adjust and fit on anyone. Free of PVC, you can trust that these are safe for you to use.

  • They are affordable
  • The interchangeable nose pieces are ideal
  • They are comfortable to wear even for longer periods of time
  • They work wonderfully for competitions
  • They are lightweight and you’ll hardly notice them

  • These run on the small side
  • The straps aren’t as resistant as other options


4 – Aegend UV Protection With Case

With lenses that have Environmental Treatment Technology, these are some of the best anti-fog options around. If you want to ensure that your eyes are protected from the sun, you’ll love that these offer UV protection. Also, if you love getting items in your favorite color, these Aegend goggles are available in several different ones. From pink to green or blue, you can choose the one that best suits you.

With a soft silicone material for the frame and nose bridge, these are also comfortable for hours of use. The ergonomic design also helps to keep water out, no matter how your face is shaped. If you’re worried about how you look in your swim gear, these are an attractive option. The detachable plastic clasp makes them easy to put on and take off. They don’t work well for people who need prescription goggles for swimming

  • The strap is easy to adjust even when you’re wearing them
  • They are affordable to buy
  • They come with a case for safe keeping
  • The lenses provide a clear, fog-free view
  • They are available in a variety of colors

  • They won’t fit younger children
  • They aren’t the best for those with poor vision


5 – OnlyU Shatterproof UV Protection

These are ideal for those who like lightweight swim gear and don’t want to feel heavy underwater. With a release clip-lock, you can easily adjust the strap to your size. They also have anti-fog on the lenses to keep them from getting blurry. They are also shatter proof and have UV protection.

Since you may be concerned about comfort in your goggles, you’ll like the soft silicone frame around the eye-sockets. Because manufacturers often forget about nose comfort, you’ll appreciate the comfort of the elasticity on the nose piece. While they aren’t ideal for kids, these work well and fit most adults.

  • They are durable and will last a long time
  • They are affordable and won’t break the bank
  • They have great leak-protection
  • The strap is easily adjustable for a perfect fit
  • They come with earplugs, case, and nose clip

  • The anti-fog coating doesn’t last long
  • They aren’t the best for competitive, professional swimmers


6 – Olympic Nation Crystal Clear

This Olympic Nation option is a real beauty. If you are concerned about aesthetics with your swim gear, you may want to consider these goggles. Because they are available in several different colors, you can choose the one that best suits your preference. With ultra-soft silicone seals, they feel soft to use while still providing excellent leak-protection.

With anti-fog and UV protection, you can depend on these for months and even years of use. They will provide you with a clear view while swimming, no matter the conditions. They are also easy to adjust with strap ratchets and a quick-release clasp. The 180-degree lenses allow for a wide field of vision. If what you’re looking for is comfort, quality, and affordability, this may be the ideal option for you.

  • They have an attractive design that looks cool
  • The strap is easy to adjust for a comfortable fit
  • They provide you with a clear view while swimming
  • The lenses allow for a wide breadth of vision
  • The silicone frame is soft and comfortable

  • They aren’t the best for competitive swimming
  • The nose area fits uncomfortably


7 – Aegend Triathlon Anti Fog UV Protection

These are ideal for those who want a quick review triathlon goggles that will work. Specifically designed for triathlon use, you can trust in these Aegend goggles. The large lens provides you with a great view while under the water. They are also made from polycarbonate, which means that they are shatter-proof.  And, the flexible frame made from silicone helps to keep you comfortable while using them.

To keep the strap from breaking, they have a buckle for easy removal. This option can work for both kids and adults, so you can purchase them for you or your little ones (over the age of 5). Their lightweight frame makes it easy to use them for as long as needed. Best of all, for all the great features that they have, they are highly affordable.


  • They feel soft and light
  • They have quality lenses
  • The strap is easy to adjust
  • They feel comfortable around the eyes
  • They are affordable

  • The nose bridge isn’t comfortable
  • The anti-fog feature doesn’t last with poor lenses care


8 – Professional Anti Fog Swimming Goggles

What could be the best feature in the best swimming goggles? For many it would have to be that they keep the water out. These GT Road goggles have Durability Double deck silicone, which means that its seal works amazingly against leaks. The frame is also made from quality materials which keeps it from breaking easily.

Of course, being able to see clearly while swimming laps is as important as keeping water out. With anti-fog lenses and soft-silicone, these goggles feel good and keep your vision clear. The only thing that you want to keep in mind with these lenses is that you will need to be cautious while cleaning.

The detachable clasp makes it easy to adjust the strap. With an ergonomic design and soft nose bridge and frame, these are some of the most comfortable goggles around. The 3D design helps to keep your eyes feeling comfortable and pain-free with these goggles. They also provide you with a wide visual field for easy use. This GT Road product also has attached ear plugs for further convenience.


  • These are highly-protective
  • They have a wide vision field making it ideal for more than just swimming
  • They are made from soft yet resistant material
  • They keep water out very effectively
  • They are easy to adjust

  • The strap tends to get loose
  • The inner lenses are very sensitive


9 – Wide View Swim Goggles

These may not be the best-looking goggles, but they do offer quality and functionality. With anti-fog coating and great UV protection, you can depend on these Wide View goggles. These features make swimming lapsa breeze, no matter the weather. They provide a 180-degree view so that you can always see your surrounding clearly. This is great for an undistorted view while swimming in the ocean.

These goggles have a fabulous anti-slip design which help you to have uninterrupted swimming times. With their one-click system, you can easily adjust the strap, even while swimming. This Wide View product is available in three different colors so you can choose the one that best suits your taste. You may look like a bug with the wide lenses on this pair, but you won’t care after being able to see clearly underwater.


  • They are great for any kind of weather
  • The one-click system makes them easy to adjust
  • They keep water out exceptionally well
  • These goggles allow for a wide breadth of vision
  • They stay on well without slipping

  • They aren’t the most attractive ones around
  • The anti-fog feature doesn’t last long


10 – SealBuddy Panoramic Premium Swim Gear

Many people have allergies to latex, which is one reason why this SealBuddy swim gear is a fabulous alternative to products made from latex. The silicone gaskets on the goggles feel soft and are easy to wear while protecting your eyes. The frame is made from a hypoallergenic material and is one-piece, which helps to avoid breakage. They also are anti-fog goggles with UV protection for safe and easy use.

Because the SealBuddy goggles are shatter resistant, you can trust that your eyes will be safe while swimming laps at all times. They provide users with a highly clear vision and are some of the most comfortable ones around. This SealBuddy swim gear pack also includes a non-latex cap, ear plugs, and nose plugs. It’s the perfect swimming kit to gift to a swimmer or to purchase for yourself. For the high quality that it provides, this swim gear is offered at a very fair price. All of the gear is toxic-free, so you can be sure that you are using safe and chemical-free gear.


  • The kit is chemical-free for added safety
  • The goggles are comfortable even when worn for long time
  • It’s an affordable option
  • This gear is top-quality
  • The band is strong and resistant to last long

  • The cap doesn’t keep your head completely dry
  • Sizing is off


What Features You Need To Focus On

Finding a pair of goggles that you can rely on is about your preference and also about finding the best quality. As important as aesthetics are, you may need to put aside your vanity when it comes to goggles. After all, quality and function are what matter most. To help you in your search for a pair that you can depend on, the following features are important to consider.


You take them off and you put them back on again. You adjust the strap and you rearrange the frame. All of this means wear and tear. All of this means that you will want to find top-quality goggles made from durable-yet comfortable-materials. Remember to consider quality while shopping for a pair that can last you through many swims. Silicone is usually a resistant yet comfortable material used in goggles. This means that they are comfortable but not easy to break. One way to determine quality is to research products and see what people have experienced with the product you want.


Enough can’t be said for the lenses on goggles. You want something that will provide you with clarity while swimming. After all, what else are they for? So, while looking for a pair, consider how wide the lenses are, if they provide you with peripheral vision, and if they are shatter-proof. These features are more important than many people realize, so keep this in mind when buying this product.

Some lenses are extremely clear but sensitive to touch and get ruined easily. While these lenses usually provide more clarity, you wouldn’t want to choose this for your children. If you can commit to excellent care of your goggles, high-end lenses can promise you great underwater vison.

Anti-Fog/UV Protection

What could be one of the most annoying things when using goggles? Most likely, when the lenses fog up and you can’t see as clearly as you’d like. Finding a pair that offers an anti-fog features, such as coating, can go far in keeping them from getting blurry. UV protection is also important in keeping your eyes safe while swimming in the sunny summer.


One reason why goggles break or don’t last is because straps can become so annoying to take on and off. People usually don’t have the patience to do it right and treat them roughly. To avoid this kind of frustration, find a pair that offer easy, quick-release buckles on the straps. Also make sure that they are easy to adjust for fitting, as this is another reason why straps tend to break easily.

You’ll want to take great care while shopping for your children. Kids don’t have much patience, especially if they’ve gotten water in their lenses. You want something that they can take off easily without breaking it—especially if you’ve spent a lot of money. Quick release buckles are usually the best for children.

Type Of Use

Before buying this product, determine what you need it for. If you are a swimmer who has swim meets where you compete, you’ll need to find a top-quality one that is designed for professionals. If you’re looking for your children, you can find one that provides comfortable and functional wear. As someone who competes in triathlons or professional swimming, take great care and look for ones that are specifically designed for the sport you need them for.

Also consider the accessories that many options come with. For example, if you enjoy freediving, you may want to find a pair that comes with nose clips for your sport. If you tend to lose your swim gear easily, find one that includes a carry case. This also helps to keep them safe from scratches and clean, as well.


As you shop for goggles, consider what you want to use them for. If you’re looking for kids, find ones that are easy to adjust and that can provide them with comfortable wear. If you want to find some that you can depend on for competition, look for ones that promises great results when it comes to leak protection and clarity.

Swimming is a fun form of exercise or sport, but it’s even better when you can see underwater. Goggles can help you to experience underwater fun while swimming in the ocean or win in swimming competitions.

The above products are some of the best ones on the market. They each offer attractive features but also offer affordability. You can choose the SealBuddy Panoramic Premium Swim Gear for its quality and accessories or you the Speedo Hydrospex for its simplicity and functionality.  From aesthetics to quality, these top 10 best swim goggles provide you with plenty of great features to choose from. Happy swimming!

The Top 10 Best Reviews