Top Ten Best WiFi Thermostat Reviews For 2018: Wireless Heating And Cooling Controls For The Smart Programmable Home

Getting a home ready for the 21st century has never been easier and cheaper. With simple devices, you can have much more control over the timing of your heating and cooling system. This means you have a much more comfortable environment when you need it. And not when you’re out of the house.

The best thermostat options on this list all integrate with WiFi rather than Bluetooth technology. The reason is that you can quickly be out of range with Bluetooth. That would make it very annoying to make remote settings from your phone.

Once you have a smart thermostat fully set up and working you will have a fully automatic control system that gives you the ideal temperature at very precise times. These electronic devices have become so smart that they will also save you a ton of money on your energy bills.

To help you make a better educated decision, just check out this list and pick out one that best suits your budget.

Our Top 10 Best WiFi Thermostat Recommendations

#1 - Nest Learning Thermostat: 2nd Generation Device For Full Smart Home Integration
2nd Generation Device For Full Smart Home Integration
  • Works well
  • Connect with your smartphone to remotely control it
  • Control heating cooling and fans from one device
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Honeywell RTH9580WF Smart Wi-Fi: Easy Access Features
Easy Access Features
  • Very easy to read display
  • Mobile app features
  • Integrates with Alexa
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Sensi Smart UP500W: Easiest Display Menus
Easiest Display Menus
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be accessed with mobile app
  • Works perfectly with Alexa
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Nest Learning Thermostat: 2nd Generation Device For Full Smart Home Integration

The company that has developed the Nest smart thermostats have an excellent track record and have been pioneers in this industry. Even with the first-generation model you would have saved significant amounts of money. But now in its second generation you can expect a lot more efficiencies.

As the first product on this review list we have to point out that it now works with a huge amount of heating, cooling and fan systems. Dependent on the time of year and weather conditions it will adapt to heating and cooling as required. As you start using and programming it, the Nest will learn your behavior and anticipate your preferences.

You can even control it from your smartphone with an app. So, if you’re going to be home earlier than expected, you can simply turn on the heating or cooling in advance. And once you’re at home you don’t have to worry about turning it on or off if you have an Amazon Alexa device. Simply tell Alexa to turn heating on or off and it will take care of it.

To really save you some money the Nest will be able to detect when you’re not at home. It does this by checking if your smartphone is in range. When that is the case it will turn down the heating to save you a load of energy.

Overall, this is the best smart thermostat we can recommend as it integrates so well with other smart home technology.


  • Learns from your manual settings to anticipate best times to heat
  • Fully compatible with Amazon’s Alexa for home automation integration
  • Connect with your smartphone to remotely control it
  • Detects when you’re away from home to turn down heat and save energy
  • Control heating cooling and fans from one device


  • Some compatibility issues with cooling devices turning on in winter
  • Energy reporting is inaccurate

2. Honeywell RTH9580WF Smart Wi-Fi: Easy Access Features

One of the best WiFi thermostat options we can recommend is this Honeywell device. It is fully suitable for small to medium size offices spaces as well as for homes. What really makes this attractive is the large digital display that will show you all the important info in one go.

Everything from inside and outside temperature and humidity is included. That allows you to control heating, cooling and humidifier/dehumidifier devices to get the perfect environment for your family.

Using a mobile app, you have full access to all control no matter where in the world you are. This is really convenient to get the best temperature ready for when you get home. But it will also learn your regular patterns of going to work, so that you don’t waste energy while you’re away.

You can fully integrate it with Alexa so that you can just speak out commands that will be followed to start heating or cooling. Based on your preferences it will also quickly learn how long it takes to get your home to your preferred temperature.

Just be aware that it’s not compatible with less than 110 Volt electricity supply and baseboard heat pumps.


  • Very easy to read display with all the info you need
  • Remote controlling and monitoring with mobile app
  • Integrates with Alexa for easier remote controlling
  • Password protected screen lock to restrict access
  • Quickly learns how long heat has to run to achieve ideal temperature


  • Not compatible with less than 110 Volt electricity supply
  • No compatible with baseboard heat pumps

3. Sensi Smart UP500W: Easiest Display Menus

One of the more affordable options but still packed with features is this Sensi product. It is really simple to set up and install. And once you have a WiFi connection you can immediately control it with the mobile app on a phone.

If you already have Alexa in your home then make sure you get it set up with this thermostat. It will make it so easy to turn on heating with a simple voice command. Once you’ve used it for a while it will be really easy to program to your ideal settings.

It even takes into account your geographic location to determine whether it’s winter or summer. That way it will avoid using the cooling system at the wrong time of year.

The display is also easy enough to make simple changes to program the heating and cooling to come on at different times for every day of the week. When you’re at work it will save energy. But you can make sure that when you get home it will be at the ideal temperature.


  • Once connected to home Wi-Fi ti can be accessed with mobile app from anywhere
  • Works perfectly with Alexa for voice activated control
  • Very simple display makes it easy to set up and program
  • Geographic location is taken into account to control heating and cooling
  • Ideal for setting up different schedules on a daily basis


  • No energy usage reports
  • Temporary override only works for two hours at a time

4. Honeywell TH9320WF5003: With Touch Screen Digital Display

The second Honeywell product on this list gives a very affordable solution with a high-tech touch screen display. This makes navigating the menus so much easier than most other products. But you probably won’t need to access the main display much.

Instead, you can just install a smartphone app and use that to make changes to settings. Or just to turn it on and off. The app is very simple to use and will work on all Android and iOS devices.

The menu design is also very intuitive. You won’t have to spend hours reading through instructions to get you fully set up. Just playing around with it a bit will reveal all the important settings.

You can really easily program heat settings for different days of the week. The smart thermostat will then monitor your indoor temperature and will learn how long it takes to get to your preferred setting.

If you want to have it at a nice and comfortable temp for when you get home it will only turn on the heating or cooling for the time needed. That saves you a ton of money of unnecessarily using energy. Just be aware that your system needs to be set up with a C wire for it to work.


  • Touch screen display to make it easier to control and set up
  • Mobile app integration to help you control heating while you’re away from home
  • Screen color can be adjusted to match up with your interior design
  • Very easy to use the menus without much instruction reading
  • Smart enough to work out how long it will take to get to a certain temperature


  • Requires C wire connection to work
  • Technical support is limited

5. Orbit 83521 Clear Comfort Programmable Thermostat: The Most Affordable Option

The most affordable product on this smart thermostat review list is the Orbit. At this price, it makes no sense to not pick up, as you will likely save more energy in a month. It comes with a large and easy to read display, which is ideal for elderly people as well.

The simple buttons allow for easy control as soon as it is installed. You can set up different temperatures and times for different days of the week. That way you can make sure you don’t waste energy while you’re at work. But at the same time, the home will be nice and warm as you soon as you get home.

This is achieved by learning how long it takes to get to a desired temperature. Rather just blindly turning on at a certain time, it makes sure you have a warm home at a certain time.

The main downside is that the initial set up instructions are a bit difficult to follow, and there is no quick install feature.


  • Large and easy to read display makes it easier to set up and control
  • Very sleek and modern design doesn’t make it look industrial
  • Programmable for 7-day periods
  • Desired temperature is achieved for specific times by learning how long it takes to heat
  • Highly precise temperature measuring at +/- 1F


  • Instructions are a bit unclear
  • No quick set up feature to get started

6. Honeywell Wi-Fi 7-Day Program (RTH6580WF): Lowest Price By Leading Brand

Yes, we have another Honeywell product on this list, but this time at a more affordable price. You still get an easy to ready display and it’s WiFi enabled. But you don’t get a touch screen product, which saves a lot of money.

For each day of the week you can set a preferred temperature and times when you’re away from home. That way your home will be nice and warm when you get up and when you arrive home. Throughout the day, it will save a ton of energy.

Even when it’s fully programmed for the week you can easily override it. At the touch of a button you can boost heat when it’s particularly cold.

It’s also best to get it set up from the start with the mobile app. Even though the control panel isn’t touch screen, that really doesn’t matter. You’ll probably never go to the unit again, but rather use the phone app.

The downside is that you have to have a C wire set up for this to be successfully installed, and the initial programing set up can be a little bit difficult.


  • Program 7 days a week individually to suit your routine
  • Fully integrates with Alexa to make controlling a lot easier
  • Use smartphone app to make on setting and control changes remotely
  • Easy to do temporary overrides
  • Can be installed as a DIY project


  • Requires C wire set up to work
  • Not the easiest to install and set up

7. Lux Products TX9600TS Universal: Most Affordable Touch Screen Device

If you really want a touch screen device, but don’t like the prices for the above options then the Lux product is your best choice. The large and easy to use display has all the info you need. And within just a few minutes you can have every day of the week programmed.

This doesn’t take much time to understand. And as a result, you will always have the ideal temperature when you get home. That saves lots of energy during the day when you’d otherwise keep the house warm for no reason.

It will work with pretty much any heating and cooling system. And it can even be installed to work with air filters in your home as well. This will mean you get much cleaner and comfortable air quality.

On those particularly cold days you can easily override the temperature with a boost button. Just keep in mind that you’ll need some back up batteries as they only last about 3 to 4 months.


  • Fully touch screen setup for easier control
  • Works with virtually all heating, cooling and fan systems
  • Easy to set up comfort setting for each day of the week
  • Can control air filters as well
  • Easy to temporarily override temp on cold days


  • Build quality is a bit flimsy but still great at this price
  • Batteries are not the longest lasting

8. ecobee3 lite Smart Thermostat: Excellent Solution For Multi Room Sensors

One of the most high-tech solutions for a very precise control is this Ecobee product. It can be very easily expanded with multiple room sensors. That way you can ensure that those rooms that matter most are given priority control.

Just be aware that sensors are sold separately and they are not the cheapest additions. They are not necessary to get it set up and you can always decide later if you want to add them.

All the information can be set and read on screen, but it’s much easier to do with the mobile app. T’s free to install and only requires that you have the thermostat connected to WiFi. This makes the initial set up very easy to do.

One stand out feature is that it also uses information about local weather to make finer adjustments. And for easy voce controlled operation you can use Alexa or Apple HomeKit to interact with the control unit.


  • Can be set up with multiple room sensors
  • Use mobile app to fully control and modify settings
  • Very simple to set up with clear out of the box instructions
  • Automatically adjusts for local weather to give a more reliable comfort
  • Works with Alexa and Apple HomeKit


  • Compatible room sensors are a bit expensive but worth it
  • Display can be a bit small to read detail

9. NUHEAT WiFi Touchscreen: Ideal For Under Floor Heating

If you have an under-floor heating system then getting the temperature control right can be a bit of a challenge. In the long run, they are a lot more effective, but most smart thermostats will struggle to get it right. With this NUHEAT option you will have an ideal solution.

Yes, it’s a bit more expensive, but it’s worth it for all the added features. You can quickly set up different times and temps for each day of the week and will always have a nice comfortable environment when you want it most.

There is a mobile app to access the controls as well, but the app is a little bit out dated from a design perspective. Overall though, it’s a great option that looks the part in a modern home.


  • Touch screen interface with advanced information
  • Dual voltage system makes ideal for America and Europe
  • Designed for under floor heating systems
  • Fully accessible through free mobile smartphone app
  • Very sleek and modern design with polished finish


  • Idle screen saver only shows weather not temp
  • Mobile app is a bit old fashioned

10. Honeywell Lyric Thermostat: High Price For Limited Functionality

This Honeywell product is popular but not great in it’s usefulness. It seems like more effort was put into the looks than the actual functionality. Yes, it does look cool, and will work reasonably well. But you end up paying for some features that are not really working.

For example, many users have reported that the geo location dependent settings can be very hit and miss. The intention is that it takes your location and checks for outside temperatures. Then it makes heating adjustments if conditions change a lot. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

You do get Alexa integration which is neat. Just speak to Alexa and you can make adjustments to your heating and cooling. Overall, it’s OK, and better than no smart device. But all of the above will perform better.


  • Compatible with Alexa for voice commands
  • Uses indoor and outdoor temps to get better results
  • Uses indoor and outdoor temps to get better results


  • Designed for looks not functionality
  • Quite a pricey option given the feature set
  • Geo location doesn’t work very well

What Features You Need To Focus On

Trying to compare products from different companies is always difficult Different models have different marketing language attached. Just assuming that a wireless device will connect the same way as another is a big mistake to make. In this section, we highlight the most important features to focus on before making a decision.

App Integration

The best remote thermostat options will all be accessible through the control unit or a mobile app. This is an important feature to focus on, as you really don’t want to go to the control unit every time you want to make a change or override.

That wouldn’t really be a smart home device, would it?

7-Day Programming

You should also make sure that your final choice has the ability to be programmed for individual days. The reason is that during the week you’ll be away from home more than at weekends. There really is not point in heating your home while you’re at work.

With individually programmed days you can make simple adjustments to your daily routine. And at the same time, you’ll always have a comfortable home.

Interaction With Other Devices

For most people heating will be the most important feature. But there are many locations where you want to heat in winter and cool in summer. And you might also want to control a ceiling fan and dehumidifier at certain times of the day.

Some of the advanced products above will give you that ability, but you will have to invest a little more. The result is that you always have the ideal air conditions at home.


At this stage, you should have all the information you need to make a final decision. Simply decide what price you want to pay and then choose from the best WiFi thermostat reviews we have provided. You won’t make a bad choice and no matter how much you spend you’ll have the investment returned with lower energy bills within 4 to 12 months.

The Top 10 Best Reviews