The Top 10 Best iPhone 7 Cases of 2018

When you search for the best iPhone 7 cases on the Internet you end up with thousands of such products. But most of them are not the best. They are not even good or fit for purpose. To help you with that search we have put together this page.

apple iphone casesIt consists of the best products available that will suit all types of users. There are no cheap products that won’t protect your phone. And there are no ugly options either. The prices cover all budgets so you should not end up with something that is expensive and doesn’t work.

While investing in an expensive, top notch phone, it is only smart that you also invest in the best protective covering for it. Because let’s face it, no matter how cautious or careful you are, you may accidently trip or lose your grip someday. And that valuable piece of technology you hold so dear can fall and result in irreparable damage. Do not hold back in investing in added protection for your iPhone.

The best part is that although iPhone covers are basically designed for the purpose of protection, you now have the choice to buy ones that serve a multi-functional use of being a cover as well as wallet. This gives you convenience as well as style.

You can personally customize them to fit your needs or buy some that are specifically designed for the typical your usage. They can be practical, flashy, simple or personalized.

Here are top 10 of the uniquely styled and protective iPhone 7 cases of 2018 for you to choose from. Further down you will find information about the main types of cover and additional info on why to use one.

1.    ABACUS 24-7 iPhone 7 Case – Te Smart And Elegant Solution


This multi-purpose iPhone7 plus case comes with a magnetic lock design. It is made of high quality material for your iPhone’s optimum protection against even the largest bumps and scratches. Its attributes include accessible ports, card slots, and side pockets that can be accessed without opening the cover.

It also comes with an RFID blocker, which offers you protection against any kind of tracking, even your credit card cannot be read against your will. You will be able to safely store 3 bank cards, one ID and some cash as well.

  • RFID for protection against thieves remotely reading your card
  • 3 card slots and cash sleeve
  • Easy access to buttons and ports
  • Very high customer ratings

  • Plastic casing can come loose
  • Muffles the ringtone


2.    IZENGATE iPhone 7 Case – Perfect For Plenty Of Storage

This mint colored iPhone 7 cover serves both as a protective case and as a wallet as it comes with easily accessible features like charger, headphone, and other ports. It is also available in black, turquoise and purple. That means you can get one to suite your style. Or even get multiple colors to match different handbags.

It also has slots for your id card, money, bank cards and anything else you find hard keeping on your person. It comes with a button flap, which adds to its protective features, as it will avoid the cover opening unintentionally.

This is definitely a top contender for best iPhone case as it is also very reasonably priced. If you use the above price check button you’ll see the latest deals available.

  • Multiple slots, for cards, cash and ID
  • Available in 4 colors for all styles
  • Built in back stand to make it easier to watch video clips
  • Very easy to install

  • ID card slot is too tight
  • It’s a bit bulky for such a slim device


3.    MAXBOOST iPhone 7 Case – The Best Possible Protection



This cover offers front to back coverage for maximum protection of your iPhone 7. It is specially designed for travel purpose and offers an easy on-the-go use. Its features include an easily reachable side pocket, which can be used for placing money, 3 slots for your business or other cards. Also accessible port cut out design, and precisely cut out slots for best use of your camera and speakers. In addition, it comes in multiple colors: black and pink.

From a pure styling perspective, this is one of the favorites on the market. The customer reviews are exceptional and you should check them out at the check price button above.

  • Multi card slot for bank and business cards
  • Small sleeve to keep cash safe
  • Precision cutouts for all ports and buttons
  • Lifetime warranty!

  • Only available in black and pink
  • Difficult to close with all card slots filled


4.    SPIGEN iPhone 7 Case – Great Value For Money


This carefully crafted cover is designed for better and easy usage of your device. It is made of synthetic leather, allowing extra protection against damage. It comes with double magnetic lock and a convenient opening to attend your calls without difficulty.

It also has a kickstand that offers you the option of better viewing your screen to use your internet, check your mail, and watch a movie or anything else you want to do. It also has three slots for cards, and side pockets for cash. The magnetic straps makes sure that the cover doesn’t accidentally open.

  • 3 card slots and cash sleeve
  • Back stand feature for easy viewing
  • Magnetic strap for extra protection

  • Magnet can damage cards


5.    CM4 iPhone 7 Case – For The Added Cool Effect

Exclusively crafted and extra protective, this iPhone7 cover comes with comfortably reachable card slots with additional space for some money. It comes with a kickstand that helps for better viewing of your screen at two angles. It is also ultra slim which means that it ensures a firm grip for your hand.

Available in 4 colors you will be able to pick to suit your taste and style. Cover is made from a high grip texture, so it will not easily slip out of your hand. Easy access to cards and cash is very convenient.

  • Fits up to 3 cards and cash
  • Slim design so it won’t take up much space
  • Available in different colors

  • Cards cannot be placed into individual slots
  • Front of phone is not fully protected


6.    CARRYBERRY iPhone 7 Case – For The Style Conscious

This iPhone7 cover is designed for those who have a taste for style, as it offers a beautiful front as well multiple colors to choose from. It has neat and easy to access slots, pockets, and ports. And also provides full frame protection as well as a kickstand you can use for surfing the internet, watching movies, or video clips.

It offers a smart wrist strap for a more protective grip on the iPhone7. So you won’t easily lose grip of it.

the top 10 best amazon products

  • Very cool design
  • Available in multiple colors
  • Wrist strap included for safety

  • Only has two card slots
  • Too much of the microphone is covered


7.    MOZE iPhone 7 Case – Very Classy And Business Like

This stylish wallet case offers not only protection but also adds class to your iPhone. It comes with a detachable wristlet strap that gives you added convenience as well as spacious slots for ID or credit cards. And some extra space for your money. It also comes with multiple easy-reach access for ports for your charger and headphones and a kickstand that you can use for browsing the internet, reading a book, or chatting with your friends.

the top 10 best amazon products

  • Fits up to 3 cards and cash
  • Slim design so it won’t take up much space
  • Available in 4 different colors

  • Get’s very bulky with multiple cards and cash
  • Not easy to get cards and ID out


8.    CANDYWE iPhone 7 Case – One Of The Most Effective Designs

Offering features like maximum protection and chic style, this cover is made out of leather with an inner flexible material, making it more durable for long term use. The wrist strap makes it easier to keep a grip on the phone, protecting it against any unpredicted fall or bump.

It also has neatly cut out port spaces for your charger and headphone pins and comes with an easy viewing option in the form of a back stand. It also features a wallet space for your necessary carry-ons like ID, money, etc.

the top 10 best amazon products

  • Fits up to 3 cards and cash
  • Beautiful design
  • Stylus pen included

  • Gets very bulky with multiple cards and cash
  • Only available in one color


9.    RFID Blocking Wallet iPhone 7 Case – For a Pretty Girly Effecive

This cute iPhone cover gives you optimum protection due to its high-tech RIFD blocking feature. It is made of high quality material that can withstand the average drop, scratch, stain or bump. This case also comes with easily reachable ports and card slots. One of its unique and useful attributes is its built-in cosmetic mirror, made especially for your convenience. It also comes with a back stand that offers a double angle view of the screen.

the top 10 best amazon products

  • Best color selection for all tastes
  • Beautiful design
  • Speak with closed cover

  • Only 2 card slots


10. LINCDE iPhone 7 Case – Pink For Maximum Effective

This stylish and colorful iPhone7 casing is a perfect carry for parties and chic gatherings. The high-quality material of the cover offers protection against party spills or stains. This bright colored case does not only offer a hint of style but also has the added features of cut out port slots for your earphones and charger.

The wrist strap gives extra protection and grip while the inside slots keep your cards and money safe. The iPhone stand option is another charm that adds to the ideal functionality of this casing.

the top 10 best amazon products

  • Available in 5 different colors
  • Cool design
  • Speak with closed cover

  • A little bit bulky

These covers are a much-needed accessory for your iPhone 7, not only because they give additional protection, they are also budget-friendly, convenient and allow your personality to be expressed through the choice of your cover. So do not hold back on your iPhone7 protection and get yourself a multi-purpose cover today.

Why Is A Phone Cover So Important?

You might be thinking of just getting insurance for your new smartphone. If something happens you just put in a claim and a few days later you are up and running again. But there are few problems with that approach. First of all, how will you cope for several days without a phone while it is being repaired?

Maybe you need it for work purposes. Or you just cannot stay away from Snapchat and Pinterest for that length of time. But there are other problems as well. With all insurances, you will have an excess, so it will still cost you money for the repair.

protective caseAnd then there are limitations on how often you can claim in a year. You might start handling your phone without taking much care. Some damage might even end up losing you some of your data and photos. Do you always keep those things backed up?

The reality is that you can save yourself a lot of money by simply investing in a good cover. Most damage that occurs will be due to accidentally dropping it or bumping into something. Once you have a good and sturdy case you will not need to worry about the occasional mishap.

If you do a lot of sport or hiking or other active hobbies then the risk of damage is a bit higher again. You might even need to consider buying a cover that makes your device fully protected from water damage. But the idea is the same. Spending a little bit of money on a cover will save you hundreds of Dollars in possible damage repairs.

Cool iPhone Cases

There is no shortage of Apple iPhone cases available. The above list is actually just a tiny fraction of what is available. When you look back at cellphones and covers in the late 1990s and early 2000s you might actually wonder how uncreative they were.

It was almost unheard of to get a cover that wasn’t black. And they certainly didn’t do much more than cover your phone. In most cases they were just made of cheap plastic and rubber.

These days though you have a huge range of features, designs and different materials. If you have the cash to spare there are companies that offer gold covers. And if you want something more environmentally friendly, you can buy a really cool cover made from sustainably grown wood.

Best iPhone 7 CasesSome very creative artists and companies have also paired up to bring truly unique choices. For example, you can buy a cover that will make your iPhone look like a 1990s style Nokia cellphone. Others will make your device look just like a 1950s-style camera. There is even a company that has combined a protective case with a Swiss army knife.

Some of these options are quite pricey. The more elaborate the features, the more you will have to pay. But you can get a lot of the retro style options for less than $20.

But it really gets imaginative with the personalized and custom covers. It might sound like these would be very expensive, but there are some affordable options there. Let’s take a look at some great ideas to make your cover stand out and attract compliments.

Personalized iPhone Case

If you haven’t thought of the idea to design your own iPhone case then you really should think again. By personalizing a cover, you can get very creative. It is also a fantastic way to make a very personal gift to a friend or loved one. There are two main ways in which you can create something personal.

The first option is to have a cover made with a custom message printed on it. This can be a birthday wish or a simple thank you note. Among friends it can even be a funny joke or phrase that you often use. Some people even use this option to print famous or motivating quotes. As you use your phone so much throughout the day, you can be constantly reminded of it.

The other option is to create a cover with a personal photo on it. Many photo printing companies now offer the ability to create custom cases. Just like you often see custom coffee mugs. If you have a photo you like of your kids then why not order a custom option for your wife or husband?

personalized iphone caseAnd for a group of friends it’s a great way to give birthday gifts. Simply pick your favorite group photo from Facebook and upload it to a printing company. If you order several covers with the same photo you can even save some money.

It can make a really unique present that everyone will love.

Custom iPhone Case

Now, if you really want to design your own iPhone case that stands out from everything else, then you need to go down the fully custom road. There are some reasonably priced options for about $30. But they will look quite plain compared to some others out there.

Ultimately the price of a custom design will depend on material used and the effect you want to achieve. If you just want a nice and unique print design then that can be done for under $30. Picking your own design for printing will come in a bit more expensive.

But where it really results in high price tags is if you go for specialized materials and 3D effects. With modern 3D printing technology, you can have an amazing case created that looks and feels so unique. 3-dimensional features can actually be created quite easily now. You can either come up with your own design. Or you pick from some artist designs and have those made for you.

Some iPhone owners have been tempted into buying cases made from very high tech metals like titanium and magnesium. These do look and feel cool, and are very light weight. But as protection for a high-tech device they actually don’t perform so well.

The reason for this is that they are very rigid. As a result they do not absorb the impact when you drop the phone. And that should really be the whole idea. So, the best option is to go for a rubbery material with custom design, color and effect. That will cover your needs for something unique and will protect your phone as well.

Avoid Cheap iPhone Cases

The cheapest cases out there are really not fit for purpose. We are talking about covers that you can get for $2 including shipping on eBay. Most of the time these are made from really cheap synthetic leather and flimsy plastic. At first, they will look fine and even do the job quite well.

But several things are likely to happen within just a few days. The synthetic leather will start to peel and the color will fade away. This does not put your phone at risk, but it does mean that it’ll look very ugly.

easy accessThe real problem starts when parts of the casing that holds the phone in place start to crack and chip. This will mean that your device is no longer fully protected and can even fall out of the casing.

Essentially you will be handling your phone as if it was protected, but it really is quite at risk. With a budget of just $10 to $20 you will be able to get something far better that will give you peace of mind.

Designer iPhone Cases: Are They Worth The Money?

Some of the best iPhone 7 cases out there right now are made by designer brands. You can buy Gucci, Prada and Armani cases. And they have some of the most amazing designs out there. If you like your designer products then this might be a great option.

You can essentially buy a cover to match your handbag. But you have to be prepared for some pretty hefty prices. For that you do get real leather and the unmistakable logo design as well. One thing you should keep in mind though is to go for a cover that wraps around the front of the screen.

Some designer products are available that just wrap around the back. But that leaves the glass at the front exposed to damage. And that is the most common damage to smartphones.

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