The Top 10 Best Hair Regrowth Products For Men In 2018

Hair loss is considered as one of the most traumatic cosmetic issues that are commonly feared in men and women, regardless of their age. It is known to be the biggest cause of personality complex in people. On a rough estimate, the number of men suffering from this issue is much higher than women, which is the reason why the market is full of hair treatment products for men. One basic reason of this issue may be the increasingly hectic lifestyles and poor diet.

Apart from taking care of one’s health, anyone who suffers from such an issue can resort to a numbers of quality serums, oils and treatment creams that are available in the market. However, with the wide range of products accessible in the market and new ones popping up every day, the process of selection can be quiet confusing.

No to worry… we have the perfect solution to your trouble. We have brought for review the top 10 products that took the market by storm in the year 2018 and is expected to keep up with the same in the year 2018!

  1. BeanStalk Growth Infusion: For The Best Results

Beanstalk secures the first place in this list because of its’ amazing sale ratio in the year 2016. This treatment is used to enrich the growth of hairs, and we are not exaggerating because it is the best. There are no side effects of this solution because the ingredients are selected very carefully. The constant use of this product helps in the flow of blood in the hairs, thus helps in the development of hairs. A perfect choice for anyone who does not hesitate to choose the best!
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  1. Rogaine For Men Regrowth Treatment: Original Unscented By A Trusted Company

This Rogaine solution comes without any scent so that it does not hurt any men’s feeling. This product is rated as the best by the customers. Rogaine helps in strengthening the hair follicles, thus decreases the amount of it that falls out. Buy this product and stay stress-free for 3 months.
the top 10 best amazon products

  1. Hair Growth Essentials: The Best Natural Ingredients

Buy this amazing supplement that contains 29 ingredients, all helping with the growth and health. This supplement is made of 100% natural ingredients and is free of any harmful side effects. Buy a 30-day supply and see visible results. However, if not satisfied, you can get your money back. Because for Hair Growth Essential’s company, quality comes first.
the top 10 best amazon products

  1. Kirkland Minoxidil 5% Extra Strength Hair Regrowth: To Thicken Up Your Hair

Hair loss is not a problem with Kirkland because this is one product, that gives volume to your hair and strengths your weak hairs. Hence, this treatment will not only help you with the existing hairs but it will also help in the regrowth of it with the help of Minoxidil. The treatment comes in a big bottle, which can be used up to 6 months. Change the way you live, with Kirkland.
the top 10 best amazon products

  1. Rogaine Hair Re-growth Treatment: The Number One Trusted Brand

Rogaine regrowth foam comes with a 2.11-ounce bottle, that will serve you till 3 months. This product is rated as the number 1 by the professionals. Purchase this now, and say goodbye to hair loss. The main ingredient in this product is the Minoxidil 5% Topical Aerosol that revives the follicles. Rogaine is cheap and worth a try.
the top 10 best amazon products

  1. Equate – Hair Regrowth Treatment for Men: One Of The Easiest To Apply

Equate re-growth solution is available with a 3 months’ supply, but at the end, it is worth it. This product consists of 5% Minoxidil Tropical USP solution, that helps in reviving the follicles, and strengthening the growth of the hairs. Apply this solution onto your scalp, and let it create magic. The customers have rated it as a 4 star product and the reviews are great as well.
the top 10 best amazon products

  1. Lipogaine for Men: Simple But Effective

Lipogaine has been a hit ever since it was introduced in the year 2010. Since then, there’s no stopping to its sales. This product is ranked as one of the best in the USA. The main ingredient here is the DHT. Say goodbye to hair fall with Lipogaine. Use according to directions given on the product and see amazing results in just a few weeks.
the top 10 best amazon products

  1. Bosley by Regrowth Treatment: Extra Strength for Men

With this product’s careful application in daily use, hair loss is not a problem anymore. With the invention of Bosley, now every man can enjoy healthy hair. Even if you have lost a lot of it, you can see new growth within 2 months’ time as you start using this treatment. It strengthens weak hairs, and ensures growth by strengthening the follicles. Buy 2 OZ bottle now, and stop the loss inm its tracks.
the top 10 best amazon products

  1. Omiera Labs Exalt: The Most Affordable Solution

If you are looking for something affordable and with good result ratio, then this is the product to invest into. Omiera Labs Exalt is one of the leading loss treatment products used nowadays. It neutralizes the growth and stops the hair loss. You can see visible results within a month. Apply this solution onto your hair, and you are set to go.

the top 10 best amazon products

  1.  NuNutrients Advanced Re-growth Treatment: Easy To Spray On

Do not let hair loss be a cause of low social networking for you. Try the new NuNtrients Advanced Re-growth Serum. Made in the USA, this serum helps in minimizing the DHT, that is the main culprit. Just apply a little serum or spray into your hands and massage gently onto the roots. One small 2 FL oz. bottle can go up to 3 months. So, buy this amazing product now, and say goodbye to hair loss.

the top 10 best amazon products

Hair Regrowth Product Advice

Most of you are worried that they will never get to see a thick, lush head of hair again. However, you would like to hang on to what is on your head. Other than a transplant, is there an alternative to help in hair regrowth? Sure, with some of the best hair regrowth products, you will be in a position to grow back some of it that you lost as well as stop thinning.

Unless you are comfortable with a military head shave then, thinning hair will be your worst grooming nightmare. Choosing the right regrowth products might be a challenge for most of you due to the many products in the market. You should not trust any product unless you have the right information. Luckily, this article has plenty of valuable information you need to know about hair regrowth. This info will guide you on the best time to opt for treatment, the main ingredients contained in the products as well as how the re-growth products work.

How Do Hair Re-Growth Products Work?

For starters, it’s nice to know that female and male pattern baldness has been attributed to the follicles responding or reacting to testosterone. Studies show that Alopecia areata alters the functioning of follicles due to an imbalance in the immune system.

regrowth treatment

Regrowth products are used to reduce the effect of testosterone on the follicles as well as restoring lost hair. Besides, you can opt for corticosteroid creams, injections and ointments since they suppress the immune system from tampering with your follicles.

Recently, there has been a lot of hype about essential oils, but do the results match the hype? Yes, most of these oils have proven their effectiveness by curbing hair loss as well as strengthening the delicate strands. Other than helping the regrow process, these oils will nourish your hair and treat dandruff. The oils contain omega 6 and 9 fatty acids that are known to nourish roots and shafts to boost growth.

In case you are suffering from a temporary loss, then you should not worry about treatment. Other treatments that you may consider are ultraviolet light therapy and immunotherapy. It is always good to know the cause of your loss before deciding on the best hair regrowth treatment.

What Do The Best Hair Regrowth Products Have In Common?

Modern medicine has come up with a variety of hair loss treatment products, which include balsams, sprays, conditioners, therapeutic shampoos, hair growth stimulants and many others. However, when you take an extra step to learn about the products, you‘ll be amazed that they all have one or two ingredients in common. Dermatologists and pharmacists have discovered that it is possible to cure and promote regrowth by reducing and controlling the hormone DHT. Your follicles cannot function in high levels of Dihydrotestosterone. This explains why most remedies have herbal ingredients that act as effective DHT inhibitors. Below are some of the common ingredients you will expect to find in the best hair regrowth treatments.


It is an effective ingredient that works to rejuvenate your weak and shrunken follicles. This way, the follicles increase in size and regain their ability to regrow strong thick hair over a short period. This ingredient is found in various products due to its capacity to aid blood flow into the follicles.

Incredibly, Minoxidil will increase your hair shaft diameter and prolong your growth. It is important to recognize that this active ingredient is added to shampoos to act as a DHT inhibitor. The ingredient will not stop your hair from falling off, but it will speed up regrowth.

oil for re-growth

Linolenic Acid

It is an ingredient that is extracted from vegetable oils and is known for its unique capabilities to accelerate growth. When you lack enough Linolenic Acid in your body, you will suffer from dry hair and baldness. In case your follicles do not receive the right amount of this ingredient, the body redirects the available amounts to more important functions of the body. These are the main reasons why most products have linoleic acid.


Probably you’ve heard of keratin if you are a frequent user of hair supplements and shampoos. Amazingly your hair contains keratin and adding more it from various products helps in hair restoration. It’s a great way to strengthen your hair.


Biotin is an essential water-soluble vitamin that contributes to healthy hair growth. This ingredient is critical in breaking down amino acids and fatty acids. Biotin is mainly added to the best hair growth treatments to curb dryness, loss, and breakage.

Vitamin A 

This nutrient regulates the production of retinoic acid in your follicles and is considered vital for regrowth and maintenance. This ingredient works well with zinc to combat clogging or drying of the scalp. Also, it helps lubricate your roots and follicles.


This mineral is one of the common ingredients you will find in most products. It plays a significant role in maintaining hormonal balance, cell reproduction, manufacturing collagen and strengthening glands attached to the follicles.

Green Tea

Most people affected by hair loss have found the miraculous benefits of using green tea. This amazing ingredient is known to nourish your hair, skin as well as improve mental functions. Incredibly, green tea has some of the best antioxidants that strengthen your hair strands. For instance, it contains Epigallocatechin, which is efficient in stimulating growth. The second antioxidant is the 5-alpha-reductase, which acts as a DHT blocker. This antioxidant helps combat one of the leading causes of baldness.

Also, the ingredient is rich in panthenol, which is in charge of strengthening follicles and controlling split ends. Lastly, the ingredient is popular for its anti-inflammatory properties that promote hair regrowth.

Oils For Hair Growth: Do They Work?

Devotees have often raved about the benefits that come along with the best oils for hair growth. Is it worth investing in them? For starters, there is a theory that these oils work by nourishing the dermal layers of your skin and nourishing your hair. Experts believe that they are efficient in invigorating the blood vessels found in your follicles. In this section, you’ll get to learn some of the essential oils for hair growth and how efficient they are.

essential oils

Lavender Essential Oil

It’s said to aid in preventing hair breakage due to its calming and relaxing properties. In case you suffer from itching and dandruff, lavender oil will work best for you. The product is well known for its moisturizing properties that are vital in stimulating and promoting growth.

When combined with other essential oils, Lavender will undoubtedly invigorate your scalp. This leads to a healthy scalp that has good blood circulation. Without enough blood flow, your follicles will be too weak to support hair growth

Peppermint Essential Oil

Considered as having some of the best anti-bacterial, muscle soothing and digestive properties. Incredibly, this Oil works well to boost blood flow into your follicles leading to healthy hair. The oil features in shampoos and conditioners due to its active revitalizing and stimulating properties.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Popular for its amazing hair and scalp soothing properties. The oil works by keeping your scalp moist and healthy, this way, you can keep dandruff off your head as well as combat dry hair.

Using essential oils to combat baldness is a good idea, but how well they work for your hair depends on the nature of your hair loss, the type of oil and how long you apply them. Some of the users who tried essential oils admitted that they were efficient in combating baldness if used consistently.

However, there are still some people who complained that the oils were overhyped and were not effective at all. In case you are confused if the essential oils work, you should probably try and find out if they will work for your hair. If you decide to use the one of best oil for hair growth products, try and give them time and see if they work. As you know, hair loss is a process that takes time, so it also takes some time to restore and regrow.

When Is The Best Time For Hair Regrowth Treatment?

Various factors cause Alopecia; in fact, it is not easy to recognize the cause of loss on an individual. Some people develop the condition due to poor diet, stress, pregnancy, aging and predetermined genetic factors. A high percentage of men and women may start noticing the mild hair loss and thinning in their late 30s and 40s. Studies have also stated that some health conditions such as anemia and thyroid have been associated with baldness.

At some point in life, you might experience hair falling off or thinning. Does this mean you should seek treatment? No, there are certain cases of loss that does not need treatment to stop it. For instance, if you experience the condition due to hormonal changes such as menopause, puberty, and pregnancy, there is no reason to see a doctor. In fact, you should not worry since it will regrow.


On the other hand, some instances will require you to visit a dermatologist to provide advanced diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes, the physician might find it necessary to conduct a scalp biopsy to identify the problem. Below are some of the symptoms and signs that should prompt you to seek medical attention:

• Sudden hair loss

• In case you notice large amounts of hair shedding when combing your hair

• You are suspecting a certain drug may be causing your condition

• Gradual but continuous balding and thinning and you feel that it’s important to start early treatment.

• If you are not contented with your falling hair, do not hesitate to contact your family doctor, internist or dermatologists. It’s better to suppress the condition early before it escalates to a bald head. The earlier you start treatment, the higher the chances of restoring your hair back.

Allergy Advice

If you are planning to have your baldness condition treated, it is always good to know the main ingredients before using any product. Secondly, inform your dermatologist or doctor of any medical history, allergies you may have, if you are expectant or breastfeeding and any medication you are using.

In fact, if you have any relevant issues concerning your health, you should not shy from telling your doctor because it helps him prescribe the ideal product for you.

Some of the regrowth products may cause irritation on your scalp if applied together with other conditioners or treatments. You should always avoid products that have ingredients that always irritate your scalp. Some of the active ingredients have been associated with skin rashes and dandruff; this is a clear indication that you should always be on the lookout.

People that suffer from heart disease should avoid using some of the products especially those with Minoxidil. The main reason is that the ingredient might be absorbed into the bloodstream leading to undesired effects. It’s therefore important to inform the doctor so that he decides how the condition may alter the dosing and effectiveness.

Some of the ingredients are considered unsafe for breastfeeding mothers since they pass into the breast milk. In fact, these ingredients such as Minoxidil may affect your child if ingested. Also, pregnant women should stop using hair loss products immediately if they find out about their pregnancy. There is no need of putting your unborn baby at risk by using regrowth treatment products.

great colognes

Most people might be worried about taking two medications. Relax, an interaction between two different medicines does not always imply that you must quit taking one. Tell your physician about the issue, and he will guide you on how to manage them. It is vital to speak to your doctor about any supplements you use. This is because, alcohol, caffeine, and nicotine can alter the action of various medications.

Possible Side Effects

Although it is very rare for the side effects listed below to happen, they often lead to serious complications if left unattended. It is always recommended that you seek help from a qualified doctor if you note any of the following side effects:

• Changes in blood pressure

• Rapid/ sudden weight gain

• Acne or rashes where you applied the medication

• Burning of the scalp

• Inflammation at the hair root

• Temporary hair loss

• Itching scalp

• Headache

• Dizziness

• Swollen hands or feet

• Rapid heartbeat

• Unwanted facial hair growth

• Chest pains

• Breathing difficulties

There exist a high number of side effects; if you notice any strange symptom that worries you while using regrowth products do not hesitate to check with your doctor.

All of the products recommended on this page have been on the market for a long time and you will likely find one or more of them effective. But it might be necessary to try out a few of them before you find the best success rate.

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