The Top 10 Best Hedge Trimmer Choices of 2018

Keeping a neat hedge is very much like maintaining a stylish haircut. To keep it in mint condition requires constant clipping, trimming and ‘styling’. This is basic landscaping stuff and for many hobby gardeners this is actually quite an enjoyable task.

However, keeping your hedge looking fresh at all times also requires machinery and equipment that makes it convenient and fun for you to do so. This is where your trimmer and clippers come in, and you will not be able to live without one.

These ingenious tools make it easy for you to keep your plants and hedges neat and tidy. There is nothing more rewarding than looking out at your garden and seeing all your vegetation nicely pruned and shaped. Hours of effort can go into this, so it is important you pick the right tools.

In this article, we’ll share our list of the best rated hedge trimmer options for you to choose from this year.

Top 10 Best Hedge Trimmer Choices of 2018 Compared


1. Centurion 207 8-Inch Hedge Garden Shear

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  • 8 Inch

  • Adjustable tension

  • Cushioned bumper

2. Corona HS 4244 ComfortGEL+ Hedge Shear

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  • 10 inch blades

  • Trapezoid steel handles

  • ComfortGEL grips

3. APEX PRODUCTS G1312 Basic Hedge Shear

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  • Wavy edged blades

  • Easy grip

  • Three year warranty

4. Flexrake FLX427 Forged 8-3/4-Inch Serrated Hedge Shear

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  • Serrated edge

  • Easy grip

  • 21 inch

5. Durevole Garden Shears

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  • Heavy duty

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  • High quality

6. Fiskars 9184 18-Inch Sculpting Hedge Shear

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  • Non stick blade

  • Non slip grip

  • 6 inch blade

7. ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears

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  • Professional shears

  • Superior steel

  • Replaceable blades

8. Telescoping 22” Hedge Clippers

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  • Balanced steel blades

  • Corrosion resistant

  • Lifetime warranty

9. Fiskars 23 Inch PowerGear Hedge Shears

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  • 23 inch

  • Newly redesigned

  • Ease of use commendation

10. ARS 28- to 41-1/2-Inch Pole Hedge Trimmer HS-K900Z

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  • Professional grade

  • Telescopic

  • Adjustable

Important Factors To Consider

When you are picking hedge trimmers there are some things to consider before making a final choice. To help you through the process just spend a couple of minutes reading this guide, before you look at the recommendations below.

Manual vs Powered

The first thing you have to decide on is how big the job is and whether you will need an electrically or gas powered trimmer to do the job. If you are going to spend days with a manual device then it is probably best to get a powered device.

But even with the manual options there are models that will get the job done quicker. And this is where size comes into play.

Weight And Size

Heavier weight usually comes with larger blades and more durability. This will also allow you to cut through much thicker plants and branches with less effort. The size of the blades has a huge impact on how much you can cut with each slice. If you have a lot of work to do then going for a 10 or 12 inch blade will make a big difference.

Blade Types

The blades on hedge trimmers come in very different designs and materials. The most basic ones are made from plain steel and they will work well enough for most hobby jobs. But unless you go for hardened carbon steel you will have a few problems.

Firstly, the blades will go blunt quite quickly, so you’ll need to sharpen them regularly. Secondly, there will be increased chance of rusting and debris getting stuck. This makes the whole mechanism more difficult to work, and you’ll end up putting a lot more effort in.

The best blades out there come with grooves or notches cut out. These allow sap and plant material to escape and not get stuck between the blades. This keeps them working smoothly making your job effortless.

Ability To Repair

The really cheap options out there cannot be taken apart to clean and sharpen. This can be annoying when it comes to sharpening the tool. Investing a little bit more will allow you to take it apart occasionally. And for really heavy uses, you can keep a spare set of blades and just swap them out as you need them. That way you’ll have a lot less downtime.

Price Range

Finally, there is the price to consider. Not everyone wants to spend a hundred Dollars on a simple tool that only gets used once or twice a year. At the very low end you’ll be able to buy a trimmer for about $10 and it will work fine. For small gardens this will be more than enough.

But if you have lots of trees and shrubs then keeping them nicely trimmed becomes a bigger job. To help make this easier you should spend a bit more. This will buy a bigger blade that shortens the time it will take, and at the same time your hands, arms and shoulders will thank you for it.

Maintenance Notes

There is not much to do when it comes to maintaining trimmers. If they are just used occasionally in a small suburban garden then you should sharpen the blades once a year. A good trimmer will be able to be taken apart so that you can clean out the joints and get sharpening done properly.

You should also regularly oil the joint mechanism as small bit of plant matter can start causing these to get a bit stiff. If you have a large garden or hedge then it is possible that you’ll need to clip them a lot more. And the more you have to clip them the faster your blades will get blunt.

After a while you’ll notice this as it will become increasingly difficult to cut through branches. If you find this is the case then try sharpening the blades first. Of course, it could also be down to fatigue if you have been working outside all day.

Safety Features to Look Out For

Safety is imperative when operating gardening equipment such as hedge trimmers. There are a couple of things you should pay attention to if you don’t want to get hurt.

  • Always wear proper gardening gloves. These will prevent minor cuts and scratches as well as blisters. But they will also protect against cutting yourself on the blades should you slip.
  • Buy a decent set of protective glasses. When you really get going with the trimmer on a hedge it will quickly happen that small bits of branches fly into your face. Protecting your eyes in this way can stop some serious damage being done.
  • Always walk with the blades closed, safety lock on and pointy edge facing to the ground. If you happen to slip or fall this will make sure your body doesn’t make contact with the blades.
  • Avoid using trimmers while balancing on a ladder. It is far safer to invest in a pole clipper or telescopic trimmer where you can remain safely on the ground.

Top 10 Best Hedge Trimmer Reviews

This is an extensive list of trimmers and clippers that will have something for everyone. If you are a serious gardening enthusiast then there is a good chance that you will want to invest in more than one of these. That is a perfectly good decision to make as these products all have different uses.

To get the latest price updates, check out the price button for each product. This will bring up the best deals available with direct shipment to your home.

1. Centurion 207 8-Inch Hedge Garden Shear: The Ultimate Tool

This pair of garden shears is made from hardened carbon steel, which make for better more durable quality. With and 8 inch length they are great for most gardening jobs. Unless you need to cut through really hevy branches this tool will stand up to pretty much any job.

This model also comes with a cushioned bumper for ease of use and comfortable handles. As a result you will not find them as tiring to use as some of the cheap entry level devices. Check out the price button above to get the best deals available.

  • Really easy to use and comfortable on the arms
  • The blades do a great job of cutting through thick and difficult branches and shrubs
  • The blades are also super durable and made from carbon steel
  • The blades are unable to keep up with prolonged use
  • They’re also quite heavy so definitely not the best tool to use if you’re planning an all day hedge trim-down   

2. Corona HS 4244 ComfortGEL+ Hedge Shear: Very Comfortable Grip

Corona has a proven track record when it comes to providing quality landscaping products, and these shears are no exception. The professional grade clippers make cutting through the woodiest branches a breeze. The grips are very comfortable to hold and that goes a long way to reducing the chance of blisters and cramps in your hands.

There is also a built in shock absorbing mechanism. This helps to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Priced at the mid range this is a great investment for any hobby gardener.

  • Comes with shock guard bumper system for less hassle on the arms
  • Comfortable handles for easy gripping  and smooth trimming
  • Perfect for heavy duty pruning and trimming
  • This is a pricier model in the heavy duty range
  • The blades may need frequent sharpening over the years
  • 3. APEX PRODUCTS G1312: Basic Hedge Shear

    These are made for ease of use with workable handles and wavy edged blades. For occasional and beginner use these are ideal. The handles are very easy to grip and there really is no special technique needed. They are light weight so it won’t be too tiring to use.

    It also comes with a three year warranty for peace of mind. At this price it is not a bad option, even to have as a backup device. Use the price checker button above to find the best available deals.

    • Great value for money
    • Easy to grip handles
    • Wavy edged blades for flexibility of movement-get into all those hard-to-reach areas
    • Comes with a three year warranty

    • The blades tend to blunt quite easily and require frequent sharpening
    •  Not ideal for larger shrubs and hedges, mostly works on smaller tree branches

    4. Flexrake FLX427 Forged 8-3/4-Inch: Serrated Hedge Shear

    Don’t let the traditional design of these shears fool you, these come with some pretty cutting edge features. Like super sharp 21” blades, a shock absorbing bumper for those woody plants and the blades are easy to re-sharpen for continued use.

    The extra long blades make many larger jobs so much easier. You can just cut through so much more vegetation in one go. The serrated edge on the blades also comes in handy when you hit some thicker branches. You can switch to using the blade like a saw and quickly get through tougher branches.

    • Can cut through just about anything, thick or thin branches, twigs, leaves – no problem!
    • Great value for money
    • These come with a lifetime warranty and promise to last you for decades
    • The blades are easy to re-sharpen and are made to last for a very long time
    • These are heavy duty and heavy weight not so easy to handle for non-professionals
    • Doesn’t work well on smaller trees and shrubs

    5. Durevole Garden Shears: Traditional But Effective

    Snip away at those little shrubs at your backyard with these lightweight shears. They are ideal to keep in your pocket when your full sizer trimmer is not able to do the job. They are not suitable for big tree branches, but for most pruning they work really well.

    With these good quality, heavy duty bypass pruning shears you will be able to cut through pretty thick branches. Covered in rubber coating on the handles for ease of use, you can easily adjust the pressure between the two blades with its toggle and bypass feature.

    • The pack comes with a set of two and at a really affordable price
    • The rubber handles make these really easy to grip
    • Perfect for precise trimming and pruning of smaller plants
    • The sharp blades work on the leaves as well as the stems of plants
    • The blades tend to rust over time so watch out for that

    6. Fiskars 9184 18-Inch: Sculpting Hedge Shear

    These entry level shears are really easy to use and great for beginners.  Features include non-slip grip handles, 7” blades with a lifetime warranty and a really lightweight feel. With its precision ground blades and non-stick blade coating, this pair of hedge shears is great value for money.

    They will work really well for small gardens and occasional use. But if you have big jobs to do then these will not be the best option.

    • The  blades have a non-stick coating for protection against rusting
    • The non-stick feature on the blades also makes for ease of cutting as it repels sap and other fine debris from the blades
    • Fiskars is one of the most prestigious companies used by professionals so these come with a lifetime warranty as well
    • Perfect for cutting smaller plants and shrubs
    • They don’t work well on woodier hedges so it’s best to have them for smaller more pliable plants

    7. ARS HS-KR1000: Professional Hedge Shears

    These hedge shears are another professional grade offering from ARS and they come with some really cool features like replaceable blades, easy to use handles and great quality blades that last for years. The design is very simple and this is what is so appealing about them.

    It is easy to take the trimmer apart for maintenance and occasional sharpening. They are not the cheapest option available, but if you are serious gardening enthusiast or landscaper, then you will not go far wrong. You can keep back up blades at hand and sharp, so that if they do start going blunt you can quickly replace them.

    • The replaceable blades are a really great and unique feature
    • They earn extra brownie points for the super durable blades
    • Great for cutting hedges, leaves and flowers
    • Easy to use and lightweight

    • These don’t work so well on twigs. It’s better to just use them on less woody plants
    • These are quite pricey but a great lifetime investment

    8. Telescoping 22” Hedge Clippers: For Excellent Reach

    These are some great shears, made from carbon steel they will not wear down as fast as many other products. There are grooves in the blades that help with sap and plant material not getting stuck. This would otherwise make the blades get stuck.

    The handles are very ergonomically designed which means that cutting and trimming will be easy on the hands. Even for extended periods of time you are not likely to get blisters.

    Other features include extendable clippers to reach tall shrubs and the manufacturers are so confident about the quality of this product that they offer a 100% cash-back lifetime warranty. You simply don’t get a better guarantee than that. If you don’t like them, then you just send them back.

    What is amazing is the price, and if you use the price check button above then you’ll see the best deals available.

    • These are professional grade shears with super sharp blades for easy cutting and sturdy hedge clippers to cut through both leaves and twigs
    • The carbon steel ensures that they won’t rust
    • Lightweight and really easy to grip

    9. Fiskars 23 Inch: PowerGear Hedge Shears

    With a modern and sleek design, these shears won the 2012 Arthritis Foundation Ease of Use Award. This means that they are really easy to use for all people. But especially for elderly people that are struggling with an old pair of clippers, this is a great choice to make.

    Features include a Power Gear design mechanism that amplifies your cutting force, making it easy to use even for non-professionals. If you have a larger hedge, then it can become quite tiring after doing several hours of trimming. Because of the mechanism built in you will not have to put as much effort into the job.

    If you have a big job ahead or you need to do some real precision trimming then this is one of the best options to choose. Just use the price checker button above to find the latest deals available.

    • The blades work great for trimming hedges and shrubs
    • These come with a lifetime warranty so you can return them if you come across any problems with the product,  although it’ highly unlikely
    • It’s so easy to use that it’s the most recommended shears for people with arthritis and other physical ailments
    • The blades tend to blunt pretty easily so you might have to file them down often
    • These are definitely not for all day use as the pivot pin tends to get tired over time and may even come out if used for too long.

    10. ARS 28- to 41-1/2-Inch: Pole Hedge Trimmer HS-K900Z

    This is a truly professional piece of equipment at a very reasonable price. If you have large trees or difficult to reach shrubs then this tool will be absolutely essential. Not only is it safer to use a telescopic device, but it is also quicker. Imagine you have to constantly move your ladder around just to be able to reach high up places. That will waste a lot of time that you could be doing other work.

    With its long blades, this pair of hedge shears is the perfect tool to use on difficult to reach areas in overgrown trees and shrubs. You will find this hedge shears really easy to use with its hard-chrome plated blades that allow for higher cutting strength.

    What is great is that you can adjust the length of this tool for different situations. So, if you have different height trees and hedgerows you don’t have to adjust your stance.

    • The shears extend 3x to cater for different heights whether short or tall
    • The blades will last you for years to come as they’re rust and sap resistant
    • The super sharp blades cut right the first time
    • It’s really lightweight and easy to use- superb for an all-day trimming spree
    • Unfortunately this version of the shear doesn’t come with replaceable blades.
    • It’s a bit pricey but well worth the extra couple bucks



    With such a comprehensive list of some of the best shears on the market, you’re sure to find one that’s suitable for your needs. Whether you’re pruning branches off your Bonsai or doing some heavy duty trimming and hedge shaping, there’s a tool for every job, to satisfy pros and beginners alike. Here’s to proper landscaping and having a great looking hedge this summer.

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