The Top 10 Best Valentine Day Gift For Her

When it come to that one time of year it really does make a difference when you get the best Valentine day gift for her. Your wife or girlfriend will appreciate the fact that you put some thought into the gift. Just buying something at random is easy. And just because you spent some money doesn’t make it meaningful.
On this page, you will find some great ideas on how to prepare for Valentine’s day and make sure that you think about it well in advance. The day before is probably too late to get something really thoughtful. So, set yourself a reminder a few weeks or months in advance. Keep reading to find out how to best prepare.

How Do You Find The Best Valentine Day Gifts For Her?

If there is one other day she marks on her calendar other than Christmas, it would be Valentine’s Day. Not because she might forget it but she looks forward to the day she gets to have you all to herself!

Candlelight dinner, chamber music, stroll along the beach or the park, chocolates and roses; these are all standard Valentine’s Day expectations. What would define each Valentine’s Day as special and distinct is the gift you give her.

best valentine day gift for herIf you want to get the best Valentine’s Day gifts for a woman then you need to be sure you are careful. Every woman is a little different and you have to be sure you are on top of what they enjoy before you buy them anything. Here are some ideas to work with.

Pay close attention to your partner over the year. Find out what they really like and what they need to have in their life for enjoyment. For instance, they may love a certain television show but they don’t have all of the seasons on DVD yet. If you pay attention, the gift you get will be a hit. A tip is to go through her social media profile and check out what her likes are on that page so you can learn more about what would be a good gift.

One good gift is to plan a day out with her. For instance, you could try to take her to a nice restaurant and then to a movie. Think about what she wants to do and then figure out how you can incorporate that into the date.

If you don’t want to go on this kind of a date because you don’t know what to do, then you can plan for her to have a day out on her own. A day where she can get a massage or go to a beauty parlor of some kind. Think about what she is into and then plan a day that involves her just relaxing and enjoying herself.

Try to ask a few questions about what kind of gifts she would want. If you don’t want her to know that you are going to surprise her with something then you have to talk with her about this kind of thing when it is not near Valentine’s Day.

Try to bring up what she wants in casual conversation over dinner or during a time when you are alone with her. The more you pay attention to a woman, the more you will understand what she likes and what she doesn’t like at all. If you’re not paying attention than the gift you get will never be a hit.

If you can’t think of a gift at all, then go with a gift card. You probably know where she likes to shop on a regular basis and that is what the card should be for. For instance, if she likes to order things on the internet through Amazon, you should get her an Amazon gift card.

You can also couple this with a greeting card of some kind and that way she gets a gift that she can use on what she wants. This is better than buying something for her that you’re not sure about.

The best Valentine’s Day gifts for her are going to be what fit the woman’s style and likes. Don’t just buy something at random because that doesn’t show that you care. You want her to know that you were thinking about her when you got her the gift.

Our Top 10 Best Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

This is a list of ideas to help you pick the gift that will make the difference. It will show that you put some thought into it. But don’t just pick one at random. You still need to be sure she will enjoy it.

  1. Kate Spade Heart of Gold Bangle: Timeless Idea From A Top Brand

Kate Spade is one of the most respective brands in women’s fashion. They are able to capture modern styles without neglecting the classics. The Kate Spade Heart of Gold Bangle is a perfect example. It is simple and elegant even in its minimalist styling. It has “Heart of Gold” artfully engraved on the inside. She can pair it with either casual or formal attire.

Because it is so elegant and simple it is incredibly versatile. Your beloved other will be able to match this up with many other jewelry accessories, and it won’t have to be for just one outfit or style.

You can never go wrong with Kate Spade.

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  1. Polaroid Snap: For The Traditional Tech Girl

In this day and age of smart phones and selfies sometimes going traditional is more hip and cool. The Polaroid has been an icon in photography for many generations. The Polaroid Snap brings film back to the modern age and will not disappoint. Its look is reminiscent of the classic Polaroid but is compact enough to fit in her bag.

It’s a great way to capture memories of your Valentine’s Day in 2018. And even when she is on a night out with friends it has the ability to provide instant prints to share. For those wives and girlfriends that love taking photos this is a great option.

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  1. TOMS Wool Women’s Classic Slip On: Extreme Comfort All Year Round

TOMS is a world recognized brand and has built a reputation for producing high quality shoes. Women appreciate shoes that are not only fashionable but comfortable and TOMS offers the best of both worlds. The classic wool slipper will never go out of style. It is great on the feet and makes walking comfortable with its added cushioning.

If your loved one spends long days and hours in uncomfortable high heel shoes, then this might be the treat you need to get her. She will actually look forward to slipping into these as soon as she gets home.

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  1. FitBit Flex 2: For The Fitness Enthusiast

One of the best things couples can do is to exercise together. If you are into fitness, a FitBit Flex 2 will encourage her to join you in the gym, do a few runs or even more strolls along the beach. It is also fashionable!

The Fitbit Flex 2 is a fitness tracker that records your daily movement, amount of calories ingested and quality of sleep. All these data can then be analyzed on your phone to see how you can improve your fitness. But don’t buy this if you wife or girlfriend isn’t already into fitness. That could send the wrong message.

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  1. Scentbird Fragrance Subscription

Scentbird Fragrance Subscription

Women love to collect fragrances. It seems that she buys perfumes to suit every occasion. But what happens to those bottles with a few ounces of scent left? The Scentbird Fragrance Subscription is the gift that keeps on giving. It comes with a questionnaire that will help her become the curator of her own fragrance.

The bottles of perfume are small and will not last for very long. But most women get bored of their perfumes before the bottles run out. This way she will have many more gifts arriving with constantly new smells.


  1. Pearls of Happiness: To Make The Ultimate Romantic Gift

If you’re not sure what to get her, you will never go wrong with pearls. It takes years to produce a pearl which tells her how precious she is in your life. The single freshwater pearl necklace is a simple, subdued yet elegant and powerful way of showing her you love her. It is the modern version of the classic tradition of giving a string of pearls.

Jewelry is always a good idea. And you can even pair this necklace with the Heart of Gold bangle above. The one thing that is better than a jewelry gift is two jewelry gifts.

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  1. Morse Code XOXO Necklace: Subtle Beauty With A Message

Morse Code XOXO Necklace

Let everyone have the lockets with the compartments for pictures or the necklaces that show one-half of a heart the other half of which you are wearing. The Morse Code XOXO Necklace says you love her discretely. It spells out “I Love You” in Morse Code and is made of gold and rose Quartz. This is a great way of telling her she is the only one.

And this is really a unique gift which says you did a bit more digging and didn’t just buy the first thing that says I Love You.


  1. Kindle: If You Other Half Is A Book Worm

Over the years, Kindle has proven itself as the ideal travelling companion for everyone who appreciates a good book but does not want to carry additional weight. Kindle is lightweight, slim and includes a built- in dictionary. And it features adjustable text sizing and a personal reading list.

Kindle provides the best of both worlds, the efficiency of technology and the old school feel of a hand-held book. You can even pre-load it with some books from her favorite author.

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  1. Lacoste L.12.12 Trio: A Must For The Handbag Lover

There’s no secret that women love bags not just as a fashion accessory but as way to organize their everyday belongings. The Lacoste L.12.12 provides both. Not only is Lacoste a reputable brand with an iconic design based on simplicity but the trio gives her additional options to organize her items. The days of fidgeting and asking “Where are my keys” shall be over and done with.

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  1. Back to the Roots Garden: Combine Outdoors With Indoors

Women love plants and aquariums as they are relaxing. So why not combine both? The Back to the Roots Garden is not only an elegant décor but it will surely stand out as an interesting conversation piece. Unlike the traditional bouquet of roses, plants will never wilt. Having a small, scaly friend will keep her company on most days.

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Regardless of what you choose, any of these items listed above will truly make Valentine’s Day 2018 a time to remember!

To give you some more inspiration in this process you should also understand why having the right present is important. In the weeks before you will find many stores stocking endless items that all seem to be good ideas. But if that’s all you do, then it probably won’t be the right gift.

The more thought you put into it the better. In the following section, you will find out why it is important. The best tip we can give you is to start writing things down that your better half enjoys. Everything from hobbies and interests, to comments you heard about a perfume or gadget.

best valentine's day giftsMost women might not admit it, but they tend to drop some hints in the weeks before Velantine’s. Sometimes it can be subconsciously. But often enough, if you listen carefully, she will tell you exactly what she wants. This could be a story she tells you about a nice perfume her colleague has. Or a new handbag advertised in a magazine.

Pay attention, and you will learn a lot.

Why Having The Right Valentine Day Gift Idea Is So Important?

The story of St. Valentine’s Day and its association with celebrating loving relationships has a fascinating and enduring history. Some historians reckon that 1382 was the year that Valentine’s Day was first associated with love through the writing of Geoffrey Chaucer’s “Parlement of Foules”. However, it was not until the 18th century when there was a strong association of celebrating loving relationship and Valentine’s Day.

It is during this time that the tradition of gift giving to loved ones became entrenched and common practice. Either way, every man in a relationship is still bound to this practice even today. In fact, as you might appreciate, celebrating Valentines is sacredly observed by the vast majority of couples around the world. And in keeping in touch with tradition, gifting your girlfriend or wife is paramount to celebrating Valentine’s Day.

However, the process of picking a gift for your better half is easier said than done. There are numerous items and activities that can be considered as the ‘best valentine’s gift.’ Moreover, you cannot run short of articles online claiming to be the ultimate tutorial for Valentine’s Day gift giving.

romantic flowersWith the importance of giving a unique and well-thought gift playing in your mind, the process of selecting becomes increasingly complicated. Therefore, it is quite easy to run into analysis paralysis. Where it impedes your decision-making process due to the overthinking and overanalyzing.

One of the best ways of ensuring that you do not encounter analysis paralysis is giving your Valentine’s Day from your heart. This might sound cliché, but it is one of a sure ways of gifting your better half something that she will truly appreciate and love.

By gifting something that is meaningful it means that you give your girlfriend or wife a gift without expecting anything in return. It also means you also keep in mind what your relationship with her means to you. As such, your gift should signify what she holds dear. More importantly, you automatically narrow down to the most appropriate gifts for your better half.

Gifting from the heart also ensures that your gift embodies all aspects of what loving is all about. By its very nature, gifting especially on Valentine’s Day should express love, appreciation, and recognition of the significance of your girlfriend or wife. As such, it is not the most expensive gift that you can find that turns out as the best gift but rather it is the most well-planned gift.

Why Do The Best Valentine Day Gifts Come From The Heart?

A dozen long-stem roses, a bottle of the best champagne and a platter-sized box of the world’s best chocolates. All of these sound like the perfect gifts to give your wife or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day. They are what any woman would want and what any woman would love her man for giving her. Or, are they?

time for loveThere is no dispute that some women will truly appreciate these gifts some of the time, but as the saying goes it is truly the thought behind the gift that counts. Roses, champagne, and chocolates are somewhat universal, if not cliché, items to give as a Valentine Day present. They might take some effort and money to give them, but they do not require very much thought.

Gifts that are given from the heart are worth so much more. They are immediately touching and moving because your wife or girlfriend can tell that you thought about her. What you love about her and what she loves in general when you chose a gift from the heart.

Think about what it means to give from the heart. It means you have taken thought about the things you really appreciate and love about her. And put that love into a special gift that is unique for her. It is not something any other woman would get on an occasion like this. That means you see her as unique and special and demonstrate this with the gift you have chosen just for her. Make a woman feel unique and special and you have her love for a lifetime.

Gifts from the heart are also gifts that become heirlooms or treasured memories. They are literally gifts that continue to give. The best and most surprising part about gifts from the heart is that they do not always have to cost a lot of money. When gifts are given to a woman because they represent something she is passionate about or something that she has a passion for, they can even cost nothing and still remain a cherished gift for a lifetime.

If your wife or girlfriend does, however, adore roses, there is nothing wrong with getting her a single rose in her favorite color with a handwritten letter attached to it. That letter would contain honest, heartfelt reasons why she is the one person you adore and want to remain with forever. As long as all these come from a sincere place (and she will know if they do) you can be assured that you have given her the best Valentines Day gift of all.

Love ChampagneHeartfelt gifts do not have to cost a lot nor do they have to be handmade to be wonderful. They only need to be a true expression of your honest love for your wife or girlfriend. The way these feelings manifest in a gift will be up to you, but when she receives that gift she will know you really put thought into it.

The fact that you gave something so sincere from the heart will not only make her proud of you, which should make you feel good about yourself, it will make her sure of her love for you. It will make her feel special and appreciated. Most women treasure feeling this way and do not get told how special or appreciated they are on a daily basis.

This Valentines Day, really put some thought into what you give your wife or girlfriend. Your gift will be from the heart, and it will go directly to hers for a lifetime.


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