The Top 10 Best Valentines Gifts For Men

Trying to find great Valentines gifts for men can be quite a struggle. Most men are not really into big romantic gifts. But that doesn’t mean you cannot buy something with a bit of thought and love put in. You can still turn up with a huge surprise that he wasn’t expecting at all.

In this guide, we will present you with some top ten product recommendations. These are the more unique ideas that don’t shout “I was bought in the Valentine section in the local store!”.

Love ChampagneIf you are really stuck and need to figure out how to get very personal ideas, then we have an extensive guide further down this page. This will definitely help you find the inspiration you need. And with a little bit of advance planning you’ll be able to show up with the Wow factor.

Some Great Gift Ideas For Him On Valentines Day

After Christmas, perhaps no other day mandates gift giving than Valentine’s Day. It’s not just a special day for lovers but it also puts you to a test. How well do you know him?

Boys will be boys. They’ll always have their toys in some way, shape or form. When it comes to choosing gifts, remember that while boys grow up to become men, there’s always a part of him that yearns for his childhood.

If you know what brings that gleeful smile to his face and that innocent sparkle back into his eyes, you should know what to buy him on Valentine’s Day.

Here are the top 10 best Valentine’s day gift ideas for him:

  1. PlayStation 4: For Some Excellent Game Time

For men, love can be spelled “PS4”. It may not be the most romantic gift you can give him but explosion of sheer joy will be worth it! Men have always been drawn to video games in the same manner, you are drawn to hand bags or shoes. They love to talk about it with friends and they can’t seem to get enough of it.

This is a little bit on the pricey side, but it will be unforgettable. There are endless games available, and he’ll love the ability to play online games with his mates. Just include a note that says he can’t play it when you’re with him! It may be a battle you won’t win!

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  1. Samsung Galaxy S6: If You’r Man Loves The Latest Gadgets

Men will always appreciate tech gifts especially smart phones. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one beautiful, elegant looking phone that is guaranteed high level performance. It comes loaded with an eight core CPU and industry analysts cite its rear camera as one of the best in the market today. It’s large 32 GB internal memory can store dozens of pictures from your Valentine’s Day getaway.

With the latest Android technology there is practically nothing you cannot do with this phone. If he already has an older Android phone then it will seamlessly update and transfer all his data.
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  1. Amazon Echo: The High Tech Home Automation Geek

Do you want your man to feel like the king of his castle? The Amazon Echo is a speaker that connects to the Internet and works with voice commands. It can manage Internet radio stations and other household devices that are compatible with it. It is a gorgeous piece of innovation that every man would love to have in his home.

For any gadget geek husband and boyfriend this is the must have item. The more you play with it the more you realize how well it can integrate with all your other devices.

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  1. MVMT Watch: It’s A Lasting And Loving Surprise

MVMT manufactures premium watches with enough elegance and sophistication to give your man a subdued element of style. MVMT watches are crafted from leather and stainless steel with Quartz analogue movement. You can select from a variety of colors that best define your man. MVMT exudes class without having to break open your bank account.

This is definitely a watch that will attract attention and compliments. There are quite a few different designs to choose from, and if her really loves you could even start a collection of these.


  1. Aukey Black Sparrow Drone: To Wake Up The Child In Any Man

Growing up, most boys would shriek with delight whenever they received Remote Control toys for Christmas. All grown up, your man still digs his RC’s but this time he’ll shriek with delight when he realizes you bought him the Aukey Black Sparrow Drone for Valentine’s Day.

This 6- axis gyroscope is very stable and the perfect gift for first- time drone users or experts. It looks cool and will provide endless hours of fun. Just make sure you register it before you give it to him. Because he will definitely want to play twith this immediately.

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  1. FitBit Flex 2: For The Fitness Concious Man

Nothing says “I care for you” than a fitness tracker. If your man is hard at work, you should remind him to take care of his health and get some exercise every day. And if he’s already into fitness, he’ll love you even more! The FitBit Flex 2 has an accelerometer to help track your daily movement including number of steps taken every day. It can also track your hours of sleep, total calories eaten and missed calls.

And all this data can be collected on a smartphone. The apps can then tell you how to improve your health and fitness and even create a training plan for you. This is a really great idea for men who love sports and gadgets.

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  1. Teku Beer Glasses: Beer Lover Will Totally Appreciate It

One of the best ways to unwind is over a few “tall cool ones” but why not share your man’s favorite brew in an elegant set of Teku Beer Glasses? These are designed by Rastal from Germany and are a must-have for beer aficionados.

The Teku Beer Glass is designed with an angular bowl to accentuate the aroma as you sip it. Like a champagne glass, it has a stem to keep your hands from warming the beer. If your man loves craft beers, then this is a great present. Just add a selection of different brews and you are all set.
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  1. Black Walnut Tablet Stand: An Elegant Addition For Any Desk Space

Valentine’s Day 2017 gift for him

This is crafted from a slab of Oregon Black Walnut and given a slick polish for an elegant look. Its makers, Hoffar Woodworks added non- slip rubber feet for better stability. Each order of the Black Walnut Tablet Stand looks different but nonetheless every piece is beautiful and functional.

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  1. Corksicle Whiskey Wedge: A Simple But Effective Gift With A Twist

If your man is not a purist and occasionally likes to have his whiskey “on the rocks”, the flavor of the aged oak barrel may eventually give way to the diluted flavor of water once the “rocks” melt. The best solution is the Corksicle Whiskey Wedge which keeps the whiskey cold without watering down the flavor.

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  1. JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker: If Your Man Loves Music He’ll Love This

One of the best ways to spend quality together is to listen to your favorite couple’s compilations anywhere and any place. The JBL Flip 3 Bluetooth Speaker features stylish design, a compact body and the best in total wireless experience. It is also splash- proof which offers some protection on the beach or at the poolside.

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Whether its tech, hobby or fitness- related your man will always remember you whenever he sees or uses your Valentine’s Day 2018 gift for him.

Finding Inspiration For Valentine Gifts For Men

It can be depressing to shop for your boyfriend or husband around Valentines Day. You do not want to buy him yet another tie and give it to him with an oversized sparkly-heart card. That is boring. But, you know how easygoing your man can be. If you ask him what he wants for this special holiday he will tell you he has all he needs or not to go out of your way.

You know he sincerely does not want you to go to the trouble to get him a present, but you still want to get this special man in your life something. You just do not want it to be ordinary. Here are some ways to find the inspiration you need when shopping for your husband or boyfriend’s next Valentines Day gift.

valentines gifts for menThink about what you want to see him unwrap and what expression you want to see on his face. What would make him the happiest? Would it be a new backpack for work or a tennis racket? How about those extra days he is spending at the gym? Maybe he would love to have a new shaker protein mixer cup.

Consider the things he needs. If you can get him this item, it will be something surprising and special in his eyes and in his heart. Best of all, it will not be a stereotypical Valentines gift. It will be something you were thoughtful about giving to him specifically.

To find inspiration for men’s gifts, you have to try to think the way your man thinks. There are some men who are keen on romance. For this type of man, he just might love it if you turn the tables and send him a rose at the office with a note about dinner reservations you have made for Valentines Day. If he is a more no-nonsense business type of guy, he might appreciate something he can use for work like a better backpack or briefcase.

If you have a boyfriend or husband that is a huge sports fiend, consider buying tickets to a local sporting event. The idea of you being that thoughtful in addition to having you accompany him to a game will touch his heart a lot more than a Valentines bear from the local drug store.

Again, if your husband or boyfriend leans towards sentimentality, the bear might be the right gift for him. It is all about thinking about what matters to him and considering how he thinks about the things that are important to him.

You can also find inspiration for men’s Valentines Day gifts by searching online. There is nothing wrong with using websites like Pinterest to find trending gift ideas for men. It may make you think of something that is perfect for your mate that had not crossed your mind. While searching online, you might also come across great deals that make getting something like a couples massage or a premium steak gift box more affordable for you.

best valentine's day giftOf course, you don’t have to search too far, as we have great inspirational gift ideas on this page!

The easiest way to find inspiration is to tune in to what you know about the man you love and what he loves to do. From there, consider gifts that he would appreciate because he needs them.  If you know he would appreciate or love that steak gift box, go ahead and order it.

But, if you know all he needs is a thoughtful I Love You note stickied to his Valentine’s morning coffee, give him that. It all just needs to come from your heart and it will make it to his heart.

Romantic Gifts For Men That They’ll Truly Love

Men are typically harder to shop for than women. So what’s a girl to do when a romantic holiday like Valentine’s Day rolls around? There’s double the pressure: you not only have to buy a gift that he’ll like, but it should also be romantic. Care needs to be taken that it’s something a dude would find romantic, rather than something you (as a woman) think is romantic.

Women are often surprised at what a man thinks is romantic. For guys, it’s not about chocolate and flowers or hearts and rainbows. It’s often the little things, the gestures that show you’re thinking only of him. Below are several suggestions for romantic gifts that men will actually appreciate.

Valentine Gift For The Stomach

Plan a “favorites” date: cook his favorite meal, wear the outfit that always makes his eyes bulge out of his head, buy a DVD of that movie he’s been dying to get, and after the movie do something that will get him purring, like a back rub or a foot massage.

If he’s always wanted a designer watch, buy one and have it inscribed on the back with a date or a quote that means a lot to him. Or something sweet, like “every second of the day I fall more in love with you.” Make sure the style of the watch fits in with the clothing he wears regularly (whether that’s a designer suit or a “dress casual” outfit), and his personality.

Love ChampagneA platinum watch with a cobalt blue face may be perfect for an urban guy with cutting-edge tastes, but a classic gold watch with Roman numerals may work better for a man with traditional style.

Valentine’s Idea For The Gamer

If you’ve often complained of being a “video game widow,” buy him the latest video game system or the special edition game he’s been aching to try, or a box full of classic games that he’s nostalgic over.

Hide those gifts, and present him with a tiny jewelry box (making him think it’s more of a “girly” gift), with a note inside telling him that you’re giving him the entire weekend (after your romantic date night, of course) to ignore you and play games with his buddies. Then send him over the top by presenting the “big” gift.

You can take this gift one step further by secretly suggesting to his buddies’ wives or girlfriends that they do the same thing. Then you can host a surprise video game marathon at your house.

Each girlfriend can bring over a potluck item to create a game-day smorgasbord, and then all the ladies can make themselves scarce while the men have a blast playing the day away.

Find a unique gift related to his favorite hobby or obsession. Some examples are: high-end beard oil and a fancy trimming kit for your bearded man. A custom belt buckle for the man who rides Harleys or horses, a “beer flight” glass set or a brewing kit for the beer connoisseur, or a top grain leather golf bag embroidered with his initials for the golf enthusiast.

If you feel like any of these gifts need an even more personal touch, buy a masculine leather journal along with a high-end pen, and turn the journal into a simple relationship scrapbook of sorts, by jotting down special notes of romantic and memorable moments you’ve shared together. Add in some touching pictures of the two of you, along with a few of his favorite pictures of you. Leave plenty of empty pages in the book, with the last written-upon page declaring: “There’s so much more to come…”

Give this sentimental gift right after the big gift that knocks his socks off, and he’s guaranteed to melt!

Best Valentine Day Gifts For Men Who Love Sports

It’s never too early (or too late) to think about Valentine’s day gifts. And yes, I’m talking to you, ladies. Plenty of people think that Valentine’s day has to be a one-way thing, that it’s a day for women to be pampered and guys to show the “proper appreciation”. But there’s no reason for that to be true! It should be a celebration of love and the relationship!

time for loveGiven that, you should consider what to get your boyfriend, husband, or partner. But what are the best Valentine day gift ideas for men who love sports?

Tickets To Sporting Events

Getting tickets to the big game is always a great idea, but sometimes that can be prohibitively expensive. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go to a smaller, more local game.

Take some time to look for local games happening in the area. If you live in a small town, you may not find much. But if you live in a larger city or metro area, there are often minor league teams and even high school sports. It may not be big and flashy, but sometimes it’s nice to get your special guy a treat even if it’s a small one.

Sports Memorabilia

Getting your special guy a jersey or a cap from his favorite team is always a good idea, but there’s so much more you could try. Does your partner enjoy inviting his friends over for the game? Maybe you could get plates, coasters, and drink cozies with his favorite team’s logo.

There’s also things that are a bit silly, but might be right up his alley. Is he one of those guys who enjoys cute, silly things? There are specialty pillows that are designed to look like stuffed animals, and there are sport mascot versions of those pillows. You could find a pillow/stuffed animal of your guy’s favorite team! He could put it on the couch and be entertained by the silliness.

Learn His Favorite Sport With Him

Lastly, you might take some time to show interest in his favorite sports. If you’re married or in a partnership, chances are you already know some of your partner’s hobbies. That’s just being a good partner. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you enjoy all of the same hobbies he enjoys.

Still, as a Valentine’s day gift, it couldn’t hurt to spend a few hours letting him teach you. It could also be a great way to bond if you’ve only recently gotten together. You could find out what excites him about the things he loves, and see if you can find similar things of your own to share with him later!

When it comes to Valentine’s day gifts, the trick is to celebrate the relationship and not any individual person. That being the case, use the day to grow closer to your partner! And if your partner is a guy who loves sports, then sports is where it’s at. So take some time and don’t always think huge. Sometimes, small and intimate is the way to go.

Take your time and prepare. That’s the simple solution to finding the best valentine’s day gifts. Your man will be able to tell how much thought you put into it. And no matter how unromantic he might be, that will touch his heart and appreciate even a simple gesture.

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