Top Ten Best Air Mattress Reviews

Airbeds and mattresses are extremely convenient in many different situations. Most people will probably just think of needing one on a camping trip. But when you see the products on the below list you will understand that they are ideally suited for so much more.

Whether you are going on a multi-day hiking adventure or have some friends visiting your home, your choice in sleeping support will be very different. In some situations, you need something small and light weight. And at other times you need something that provides the best possible support.

Essentially, there is no one best air mattress. It will very much depend on what you need it for and how often you’ll be using it. That’s why we give you a choice of 10 products that cover camping, home use and hiking trips.

Our Top 10 Best Air Bed Mattress Recommendations

To help you through the process of picking an airbed that will suit your specific needs we have done many months of research to look through the specifications and customer feedback of some of the best rated air mattress products available.

And all that information is put together here so that you don’t have to spend the same endless hours on research.


1 – Airlite Sleeping Pad

Our final product recommendation is this Airlite one. As far as sleeping pads go, this is probably the most suitable for all the tall people out there. People up to 6’5” tall will not have any problem making this a great base for a relaxed night.

If you don’t like the idea of having to use your lungs to inflate a sleeping pad after a long day out in nature, then this is probably the best option. There is an integrated foot pump that will have you set up in a matter of minutes. No wasting time when you are tired, just get set up and you are ready for a well-deserved sleep.

One really good feature is the double valve that will make it almost impossible to accidently open the valve and end up on a hard floor. In a small tent when you are trying to find something, this can happen very easily. But the valve system will help avoid that altogether.

  • Great value for money
  • Very long and suitable for tall people
  • Integrated foot pump
  • Durable material to avoid punctures
  • Double valve to stop accidental deflation

  • Doesn’t provide enough insulation in winter
  • Not very wide



2 – HILLMAN Premium Self Inflating Sleeping Pad

This Hillman product is great for the fact that there is a self-inflation feature built in. You will still probably have to top it up a bit, dependent on how firm you like it to be. It is a bit heavier than the previous two products, so some hikers might not find this overly convenient.

But the folded size is great, and it will not take up much space in your backpack. There are also clips that allow you to attach two of these together. That way you can actually make a twin mattress out it.

For camping and fishing trips where you might be traveling by car or boat this is a great companion. It will give you a very good nigh sleep whether that is in a tent or directly under the stars.

  • Great thickness for added comfort
  • Ideal for camping, hiking or fishing trips
  • Water proof design to protect from the elements
  • Repair kit included
  • Two can be connected easily

  • Strap can come lose easily
  • Not the smallest when folded


3 – RikkiTikki Light Best Air Mattress For Camping

The RikkiTikki is not only a cool name but also a very effective and valuable piece of hiking equipment. If you have never brought an inflatable sleeping pad on a camping or hiking trip then you have been missing out. Yes, some people like to go all the way back to nature. But sometimes it is just nice to get the best sleep you can so that you are ready again for more exploration.

With a reinforced design, it is very unlikely that you will suffer flat spots. This would make it very uncomfortable during the night. And if you are worried that the extra weight will be a problem, then think again. At just 18 ounces, this is the lightest possible product you can get and therefore it is the best camping air mattress you can buy.

It folds up very neatly in the morning so that once your breakfast is done you’ll be able to get hiking again straight away. If you tend to go on adventures at colder times of the year, then you will also be able to enjoy some added insulation from any ground cold due to the insulation built in.

  • Extremely light at 18 ounces
  • Provides great comfort on camping trips
  • Provides great insulation from ground
  • Reinforced design avoids flat spots
  • Folds up into a very small package

  • No pump included


4 – Klymit Static V Luxe Sleeping Pad

So far, the above list focused on quite large products that you would be very unlikely to bring on a hiking or adventure trip. The remainder of the reviews here will focus on those that are a perfect fit when space and weight is extremely limited.

This Klymit product is very comfortable and well designed. The slight V shape means it is wide enough for you to roll and move during the night without coming off the pad. It is also highly insulated which means you won’t feel much cold coming from the ground.

Inflation and deflation is very easy and it only take a few breaths to do so. But what is really great is that it can very easily be rolled up again for storage in a backpack. And with a weight of just 35 ounces the benefit of a good night sleep will provide more benefit than the extra bit of weight.

  • Very comfortable and highly insulated
  • Great for outdoor and hiking trips
  • 30 inches wide for space to move and roll
  • Very compact making it easy to store in hiking backpack
  • 35 ounces in weight so it’s worth carrying

  • Takes a while to inflate
  • Valve can be difficult to open


5 – SoundAsleep Dream Series Twin Size

One of the fastest inflating products on this list is the SoundAsleep. Within about 3 minutes it will be ready to use, which makes it ideal both home use and camping trips. If you have visitors staying you can simply pump it up when they are ready to go to bed, and it won’t take endless time to do so.

The puncture proof design will make it very unlikely that you will manage to damage it. This can happen very quickly is you forget to remove keys from your pockets before you sit down.

In addition to that, it will lose very little air over several days of use. That means that you won’t only get a full night sleep without having to add some pressure, but you will likely go for several days without needing to use the pump.

  • Powerful and simple pump inflates in 3 minutes
  • Convenient size and weight for camping
  • Great for occasional use when friends stay over
  • Puncture proof technology
  • Very little deflation

  • Only 21 coils so not as supportive as other products
  • Could be a bit higher


6 – Air Comfort Dream Easy Inflatable

The airbed with the most amount of air coils on this list is this AirComfort model. With 48 internal compartments, you will enjoy extremely good support. And the better the support is the deeper and more comfortable you will be able to sleep. This also makes it the best air mattress for guests that might have some trouble with their back.

For those camping trips away throughout the year, this one is ideal. The twin size is large enough to comfortably fit two people, but not too big to be able to fit into a tent. With the added grip bottom you will also not have to worry about the whole unit slipping when you try to get up.

There is a powerful pump that works to both inflate and deflate in a matter of minutes. This can save endless time trying to use a foot pump. As well as that, it makes it convenient to deflate the airbed during the day when it is not in use to give you some more space.

  • 48 internal coils provide exceptional support
  • Best twin air mattress makes it ideal for camping trips
  • Added grip bottom to avoid slipping
  • Automatic inflate and deflate pump
  • Easy to roll up and store

  • Limited weight capacity at 350 pounds
  • Pump is a bit noisy



7 – Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed

One of the best affordable air mattress options is this Intex product. If you just occasionally need it, then the quality and features will be more than enough. It is the cheapest product on this list, but at the same time, it will work perfectly for sporadic use.

The built-in pump is powerful enough to fully in- or deflate it in less than 5 minutes. This means that you can easily store it away after every use and not have it take up too much space. It is also great for camping (not hiking) trips as it weighs 22 pounds. For this size product that is a pretty good feature.

With a height of 22 inches this is the best raised air mattress on this list. Makes it a lot easier to get up after you’ve had a great rest.

  • High power pump inflates in less than 5 minutes
  • Up to 600 pound capacity
  • Best value for money
  • Great height at 22 inches
  • At 22 pounds it is quite light for its size

  • Some expansion is possible that makes sheets not fit
  • Some squeaking noise when moving


8 – WonderSleep Classic Series

If you need an air mattress with a bit of extra height then this WonderSleep is a great option. With a 20-inch height, it will make getting up an awful lot easier. Many other products are a lot lower, which doesn’t really make them uncomfortable to lay on. But getting up from a low position might not be so easy for everyone.

Both the inflating and deflating is very easy and can be done in about 4 minutes, dependent on how firm you like it. The pump is also used to deflate it, so you don’t have to wait for hours for the last bit of air to escape.

Once deflated it can be easily rolled up for storage. However, it’s a bit difficult to get it back into the storage bag. Overall this is one of the best air bed mattress choices you can make with great support for the neck, spine and joints.

  • 20-inch height to make getting up easier
  • Easily inflates with built-in pump in 4 minutes
  • Strong air coils provide great support for spine and joints
  • Easy to deflate and roll up for storage
  • Puncture resistant

  • Difficult to fit back in storage bag
  • Main pump is a bit noisy




9 – Insta-Bed Queen Size With Never Flat Pump

Another fantastic product is this Insta-bed option. The coil system provides extra comfort as well as stability. Essentially, you will not find yourself gradually migrating to the centre while you sleep due to insufficient support.

When you need a bed for friends or family coming to visit, then this is a fantastic option. It inflates quickly, but just as importantly, it deflates in a matter of minutes as well. That way you don’t limit your available space during the day when it is not in use.

One of the best features of this model is that it has a dual pump system. What can happen with airbeds is that they lose pressure while in use. The last thing you want to do is to turn on a noisy pump in the middle of the night. Insta-bed have solved for this with a second pump that operates silently to top up the pressure. This alone makes it a great buy.

  • Keeps bed inflated with a dual pump system
  • 35 coils design provides exceptional comfort and stability
  • Ideal for visitors and camping trips
  • Deflates quickly
  • Adjustable firmness settings

  • Quite heavy and bulky
  • Not the easiest to fold up again



10 – SoundAsleep Dream Series Queen Size

The name of this brand and product isn’t let down by its functionality. Made with ecologically friendly PVC you get a very durable and puncture proof airbed. It is ideally suited for accommodating guests when you don’t want to have bulky beds or couches around your home. It is also suitable for camping trips, but due to the size and weight, it wouldn’t work that well for hiking and adventure holidays.

The top layers are water proof and provide extra puncture resistance, as this is where you will most likely see damage and wear. With a powerful internal pump, you will be ready to lay down in less than 5 minutes. And with a secure grip bottom layer you will not find that this will easily slip and move while you’re getting up.

Overall, this is a highly-recommended product that is extremely versatile and easy to store when not in use. With a high-quality design, you can be sure to get a very comfortable sleep and that is why we list it as the best queen size air mattress.

  • Queen size for extra space and comfort
  • ComfortCoil design provides more even support
  • Internal pump will inflate mattress in 4 minutes
  • Water and puncture proof upper layers
  • Small package for easy storage

  • Motor is quite loud
  • Motor has to be used for deflating



What Features You Need To Focus On

Comparing products from different companies is never easy. Different manufacturers use terms that describe the same thing in very different ways. As a result, you can get a bit confused, and that can lead to making the wrong decision.

To help you with that problem, we have put together this guide to the most important features. This is exactly what was used for the above product analysis. And when you focus on these aspects, then you will make a decision that will not leave you with buyer’s regret.

Number of Air Coils

On full size airbeds, the individual air compartments are referred to as coils. This is similar to spring coils on a regular mattress. And the more of these you have the better the balance and support for your body will be. On the thinner products used for hiking trips these are often just referred to as compartments, but essentially, they have the same effect.

More coils will usually mean a more expensive product. But that investment can be well worth it if you are going to regularly use the air bed. Also, for people with back or neck problems this will be probably the most important decision point to focus on.

Pump System

The best inflatable air mattress options will have a powerful pump, or maybe even two. Anything under 4 or 5 minutes for inflation and deflation is very good. If it takes longer than that then the pump might not be powerful enough to give you the firmness you really want.

An ideal solution is available in the Insta-Bed product above. It includes one pump for inflation and deflation. And with a second almost silent pump, you can make sure it keeps topped up even in the middle of the night.

Size And Height

The dimensions are a vital part of deciding what is the best air mattress for your personal needs. If you are going on a hiking trip then you need something small and compact when it is folded up. That means a single size air pad that just gives you a bit of support and comfort to get a better sleep.

But for home use you really want something that is a lot bigger and possibly will accommodate more than one person. That’s where you need to look to twin and queen size options out there.

Finally, you have to account for the height of the mattress as well. Some people might find it difficult to get up from a lower seating position. If that is your or your possible guest, then you really want to look at products that have a height of more than 20 inches.


When it comes to storage you essentially want to focus on how easy it is to deflate and fold up the air bed after use. An ideal solution is when you can deflate it within a couple of minutes and store it away for the day when it’s not in use. That way it won’t take up a load of space when not used.

Also look out for how easily it actually folds up. Some products can be very difficult to roll up and get back into the storage bags.

Material Quality

The best quality air mattress options will have some very important features. First of all, the bottom should be made of a slip proof material. That makes sure that it doesn’t move as you try to get in or out of bed.

Secondly, the top layers need to be reinforced with puncture proof material. You don’t want to have a set of keys accidentally cause all sorts of problems. By investing in a product with thickened material, you’ll be able to protect against such mishaps.




All of the above best rated air mattress options will satisfy one of two needs. Either you need a bed for home and camping use, where size and weight is not so much an issue. Or you will need one that folds up small and weighs practically nothing.

Whether it’s just for a long weekend where you have visitors staying or you are on a week-long hiking trip in one of the many national parks. You will be able to make sure that you get the best possible sleep.


The Top 10 Best Reviews