Top Ten Best Baby Bottle Reviews For 2018: Top Brands And Products To Help Reduce Colic

Whether you're a veteran parent or a brand-new one, one thing is certain—you want the very best for your infant. Apart from your infant's crib, there is another product that requires careful selection to ensure that your baby is safe and healthy.

Bottles are high on the list of priorities for parents of infants. When it comes time for you to transition from breastfeeding them or if you have chosen not to, you want to be sure that the bottles that you use are both safe and functional. With so many products floating around the online/ retail store market, how in the world do you know which one is best and safest for your infant?

When it comes to choosing bottles, you will want to find the options that will help keep your infant colic-free, that will make transitioning easy, and that will also be safe and convenient for everyday use. Whether you choose a whole set of baby-feeding products or go for one dependable bottle, quality and safety is important above all else.

So, what is the best baby bottle?

Our Top 10 Best Baby Bottle Recommendations

To help you make a decision on bottles, the following best baby bottle reviews are some of the best ones we’ve found. From sets to individual ones, each item is worthy of attention. Take a look:

#1 - Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta
BPA free
  • Safe for baby.
  • The set includes a variety of colors
  • The nipples are easy for infants to adapt to
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Natural Flow
Affordable bottles
  • Includes cleaning brushes
  • Minimize air influx for an anti-colic effect
  • Provide a great flow for newborns
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - MAM 6 Piece Feed and Soothe
Highly affordable
  • Safe for infant use
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Ideal for breast-to-bottle feeding
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Fiesta

Colorful, adorable, fun, and unique, these Tommee Tippee bottles are a fabulous option for parents want cute yet functional bottles. This set of six bottles is highly affordable and offers great quality. If you like to know how many ounces you’re serving baby at a time, the measurement markings make it easy.

The easy-latch nipples have a natural feel that makes it easy to transition your feeding style from breast to bottle. They also mimic the feel and movement of a mother’s nipple which makes it easy for your child to adapt to bottles.

They vent valve prevents air getting in, helping to keep your infant safe from colic. As BPA and phthalate free bottles, you can trust that these Tommee Tippee bottles are safe for use.


  • The nipples are easy for infants to adapt to
  • They are BPA free
  • The set includes a variety of colors


  • The wide design is a bit too bulky
  • The nipples tend to cave in causing frustration

2. Dr. Brown’s BPA Free Natural Flow

While these may not be the cutest bottles around, they are some of the most “sworn-upon” options out there. This Dr. Browns set includes everything from a variety of bottle sizes to travel caps for easy storing, nipple brushes, and bottle brush.

The nipples allow for positive-pressure flow which is highly beneficial for avoiding colic. It also helps to reduce gas and makes it easy for newborn babies to be bottle-fed. Because of their unique system, you can be sure that these bottles help baby to get all the necessary nutrients from their milk.

For those who are looking for bottles that hold more milk, these may not be the best. But, the excellent flow and vacuum-free feeding they provide make them an attractive pick.


  • The set includes cleaning brushes
  • They are affordable bottles
  • These products provide a great flow for newborns
  • They help to minimize air influx for an anti-colic effect


  • They are small bottles
  • The set doesn’t include pacifiers

3. MAM 6 Piece Feed and Soothe

Infants grow quickly, and their needs change faster than you can imagine. The designers of this MAM set make life easier for parents by providing you with two 5 oz. bottles, two 9 oz. ones, and pacifiers for your newborn.

As wonderful as this is, you, of course, want to know if they are safe for your infant. As a product that meets ASTM standards, you can trust that these bottles have been tested and are deemed safe for infant use.

With no BPA, lead, or phthalates, you can depend on these bottles throughout baby’s first year. With wide-openings, cleaning bottles in a hurry will be easier than ever. These bottles are also anti-colic which is a huge plus when it comes to bottle feeding. The textured nipples help your infant to adapt to bottle feeding.


  • The set is highly affordable
  • They are safe for infant use
  • The nipples are ideal for breast-to-bottle feeding
  • These ones are easy-to-clean


  • The milk flow is uncomfortable for some infants
  • Some infants don’t like the flat wide nipple

4. Comotomo 5 oz and 8 oz Bottles

As infants grow, so do their feeding needs. The Comotomo 4-pack provides variety for parents who want bottles that will last over the months. Made from safe, medical-grade silicone, the nipples and bottle are top quality. Because of the wide-mouth design, these bottles are very easy to clean by hand. They can also be used in the microwave and dishwasher, which is ideal for quick and easy cleaning.

If you are looking for an option for breast-to-bottle transitioning, these nipples are designed to mimic breastfeeding. They also make it easy for your infant to latch onto. This helps to make it easy when you need to leave breastmilk for baby while away—you can trust that they will be able to adapt to the bottle. If you’re a parent of an infant who tends to get colic, these nipples may be the answer.


  • The nipples are ideal for transitioning
  • They can be washed in the dishwasher
  • They are made from safe materials


  • The set is a bit pricier than other options
  • The nipple flow is a bit too fast for younger babies

5. NUK 14099 Pink Penguins

Are you looking for fun and vibrant products for your infant? This NUK set of three bottles is the perfect option for your infant’s feeding time. The fun design and easy-to-use products make for a great gift for expecting parents.

Whether you are purchasing for a friend or yourself, you can rest assured that these bottles have great nipples for transitioning. Made from silicone, they are comfortable for feeding and each one has an anti-colic air system to keep gas at bay.

The NUK bottles are also BPA free making them safe for infants and they are leak-proof for drama-free feeding. Since parents are typically busy with work, infant-care, and life in general, the fact that these bottles are safe for the dishwasher makes cleaning a breeze.


  • The NUK models are easy-to-clean
  • They are made from safe materials
  • They help to keep your infant colic-free
  • They have a cute design (perfect for penguin fanatics)


  • They aren’t available in different colors
  • The set doesn’t include extras

6. Phillips Avent Natural Newborn Baby Bottle Starter Set

If you like products that provide you with everything you need at once, you’ll love this Phillips starter set. Made from polypropylene, this Phillips baby bottle starter set is a safe option for your infant. If you are looking for nipples for breast-to-bottle feeding transitioning, you’ll love the natural nipple shape on these bottles. They are wide-shaped and soft making it easy for your infant to latch on.

With 5 different ones ranging in sizes, a bottle brush, and a calming, soothing pacifier, you are ready to start bottle feeding with this fabulous starter set. It also includes a formula dispenser for added convenience. While this set includes plenty of added products, it’s an affordable set that won’t break the bank. The bottles are easy to clean and just the right size for easy handling.


  • The nipples are excellent for breast-to-bottle transitioning
  • The set includes a fabulous silicone pacifier for calming baby
  • It’s an affordable set


  • The vent holes cause leaking
  • The flow may be too fast for younger babies

7. Kindle Twist-Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle with Nipples

Can you say unique? The Kiinde Twist bottle is ideal for parents who want to feed their infants from Twist Pouches. For those who are tired of the spills associated with transferring milk to bottles, this bottle is perfect. Because you use the collapsible pouch for feeding, you don’t have to worry about air getting trapped and causing gas.

It also includes an Active Latch nipple which helps to make breast-to-bottle transitioning easier. Their unique oval-shape also helps to protect your infant from colic. Because you can use this bottle with twist pouches, feeding your infant breastmilk is much easier.

You can use the Twist Pouches to store your milk in the freezer or fridge, without worrying about leaks. You can easily insert the pouches (sold separately) into the bottle, you don’t have to worry about an impatient and hungry baby.


  • The nipple shape helps to prevent colic
  • It works perfectly with Twist pouches
  • Its nipples make breast-to-bottle transitioning easy


  • The measurement marking is off
  • The bottle has an awkward design that is difficult to handle

8. Phillps Avent Natural Baby Bottles

As a busy parent, what could you want in your baby’s bottles? This may be a difficult question, but mostly everyone will want a bottle that is easy to clean. The wide neck on these Phillips Avent Natural Baby Bottles are easy to use and wash, making life much more enjoyable for busy parents.

With a great anti-colic system, you don’t have to worry about air influx causing gas. Because this system is a part of the nipple, you don’t have to worry about fussing with extra parts. The ergonomic design allows for easy handling, both for your infant and for you. They come with 3M nipples that are convenient for older babies. These bottles are perfect for parents who want safe, quality, and affordable bottles for their infant.


  • They are made from quality material
  • These products are easy to clean
  • They have a dependable anti-colic system


  • The 3M nipples may not be ideal for newborns
  • They don’t come with lids

9. Lansinoh mOmma Breastmilk Feeding Bottle

With nipples that have been designed to mimic natural feeding, the Lanisnoh bottles are ideal for mothers who want to easy baby into being bottle fed. The soft, flexible silicone material makes it easy for baby to suckle without any problem. With an ergonomic design, they help to make it easy for baby to “nurse.” As some of the best BPA free bottles, many mothers opt for this option for feeding baby their natural breastmilk.

It’s a great option for mothers who are transitioning babies from breast to bottle as the nipples help baby to latch on easily. The Lasinoh AVS is greatly beneficial in preventing by minimizing air-influx. Best of all, these products are also easy to clean making them a great product for busy moms. If you want affordability, as well as quality, the Lansinoh bottles may be perfect for you.


  • These ones are ideal for breast-to-bottle transitions
  • They offer anti-colic benefits
  • They are affordably-priced


  • The milk flow is a bit fast
  • They tend to leak easily

10. Phillips AVENT Anti-Colic Bottle Essentials

What could be better than having everything you need in one set? Not much and that’s why the Phillips AVENT newborn starter set, with BPA free products, is a favorite choice for new parents. Because the bottles have an ergonomic shape, they help to keep baby safe from colic or digestive discomfort. Their Airflex vent system also helps to keep them from ingesting air—which can lead to gas and discomfort.

Its microwave sterilizer also helps to make it easy to sterilize the bottles in record timing. Another convenient feature in this set is that it includes bottle brushes that can clean the bottles effectively.

With anti-colic caps to go with them and an anti-colic newborn-flow nipple, you can be sure that colic won’t be an issue in your household. The set also includes orthodontic pacifiers, a formula dispenser, and a “cuppie” for when baby gets older.

As one of the most complete baby bottle sets available on the market, this is a great choice for new parents who want to purchase everything they need in one shot. It’s a dependable, top-quality, and fairly priced set which will make life easier for you.


  • It includes everything you need for baby bottles
  • The set is top-quality
  • The bottles work wonders in preventing colic
  • It offers a lot of products for a fair price


  • You won’t need all the items right away
  • The cleaning brush is soft and its handle is somewhat flimsy

 What Features You Need To Focus On

It’s easy to make a choice on a product simply based on its appearance but when it comes to bottles, you may want to take a little more time. Your infant’s bottles are some of the most important items that you will need to buy as a new parent. Consider the following features before purchasing.

Nipple Style

If you start off feeding your infant with a nipple, a traditional nipple will work just fine for most babies. But, infants that have been largely breastfed since birth may need flat-topped nipples on their bottles for easy transitioning. A nipple that baby isn’t interested in can be cause for much frustration and many tears, so do your research before purchase.

Vent System

If a bottle promises a venting system, it may be right for your infant. Whether it’s built into the bottle or nipple or is a tube used in your bottle, it can help to control air flow and prevent colic.

Hole Size/Milk Flow

While this may be a feature you wouldn’t have thought of before, it actually matters more than you realized. The hole size has a big effect on the milk flow. The milk flow can mean a difference in your baby’s feeding and prevent or cause colic. Smaller babies need a slower flow and as they get older and are more practiced feeding, you can use nipples with faster flows.

A slow flow for an older baby can be highly frustrating when they are hungry and adversely, a fast flow for a newborn can be too much and cause choking.

Bottle Width

For the most part, bottle width doesn’t matter that much. Where it may help is if you are concerned about baby being hold to their bottle as they get older. A very wide bottle can be challenging for little hands. Another factor to consider is cleaning. Wide-openings make it much easier to wash your infant’s bottles.

Bottle Size

Many bottle sets include different sizes of bottles. This is because newborns require much less milk than older babies. These types of sets help to make it easy to have the bottles you need that will last throughout your infant’s first year. As they get older, you can switch from the smaller ones to the larger ones to avoid frustrating feeding experiences.

Bottle/Nipple Materials

The materials used in bottles and nipples are reason for concern. Many parents worry about the chemicals in plastic and avoid plastic bottles. Fortunately, for parents who worry about accidents with glass bottles, BPA free options are safe and reliable for your infant’s use.

They may not last as long as glass bottles, but many parents rest easy knowing that they aren’t as breakable. Glass bottles have their place for parents who would prefer their chemical-free use over plastic ones. Another material used in bottles is silicone. Silicone bottles are typically a bit more expensive but offer safe and easy use.

The best baby bottle nipples are usually available in latex or silicone. Both are ideal options which largely depend on the infant’s preferences. If your baby will take it, go for silicone as they tend to last longer.

Individual Bottle or Set

Some of the best baby bottle brands offer fairly-priced sets that include cleaning accessories, pacifiers, and more. It can be challenging to make a decision on individual ones or sets. The number one thing that you should consider when making a choice on investing in a set or a simple individual bottle is the quality.

Some of the best baby bottle set options seem to provide several accessories, but if you look closely they aren’t long-lasting items.

If you find a top-quality set at a good price that has everything you could want for your infant’s bottles, go for it—it will make shopping easier.

Other Things To Consider

The above features are very important when shopping for dependable bottles. You’ll also want to make sure to check on the materials used in your bottles. For example, products that have polycarbonate shouldn’t be heated up as they can release harmful chemicals.

Also before purchase, you will want to make sure that the items haven’t been recalled. While it is uncommon, it’s better to be safe than sorry. To be extra safe, always buy certified BPA-free ones. Along with the purchase of bottles, you may want to consider items that make cleaning and feeding easier for you and your infant.

In Conclusion

The above baby bottle reviews are all considered to be reliable bottles for safe use. Whether you are looking for cute designs or are looking for a travel set, our top 10 favorite options provide you with plenty to choose from.

As a new parent, you may be overwhelmed with information, but consider your and your infant’s need before purchase and you will make the right choice. Happy feeding!


The Top 10 Best Reviews