The Top 10 Best Baby Swing Reviews For 2018: From Compact Bouncer To Portable Convenience

There is no denying that new parents have a lot on their plate. Not only are you adapting to the long nights of little sleep, but you also have to invest in an array of products. It can be nerve-wracking to make decisions on all the items you will need for the little one.

There are items that are of absolute necessity for an infant and then there are other products that make life easier for new parents. Believe us; if there is anything that makes your life as a parent easier, it's worth it.

To help you in your search for baby essentials, we have searched high and low for the best baby swings around. Our baby swing reviews can help you determine which one may be the best baby swing bouncer for you.

At first glance, the best baby rocker swing may not seem that necessary, but you will be surprised at how beneficial it will be. From the toys and music included in the baby swing to the motion that helps to keep your baby calm, asleep, or entertained, the best baby swing can make all the difference.

Our Top Ten Baby Swing Recommendations

If you are looking for the best baby bouncer swing, you may appreciate the following information on some of the most affordable and top-quality ones around.

#1 - Fisher-Price Papasan
Adorable swing
  • It has a cute design
  • Variety in music and sounds
  • Easy to wash
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Graco Glider Lite
Highly comfortable, ideal for sleeping
  • Compact and small
  • Head support for newborns
  • Affordable option
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - 3 – 4moms rockaRoo Rocker
Traditional baby swing
  • MP3 plugin for music variety
  • Works well for younger infants
  • Seat pad can be washed easily
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Fisher-Price Papasan

Pretty-in-pink is the name of the game with this adorable swing. With a colorful mobile and lights, you can be sure that your infant will be entertained when not sleeping. With two options for swinging motion, you can always be sure to find a way to soothe your baby. Boasting of 16 songs and nature sounds, there is plenty of variety to keep you and your infant from going crazy from hearing the same song.

If you are all about design, you’ll love that this swing even includes a canopy. While it isn’t the smallest option on the market, it is small enough to fit in most nurseries. You can easily change positions and best of all, its seat pad is machine washable. It’s also a sturdy option for when your infant gets a little bit older.


  • It has a cute design
  • It provides variety in music and sounds
  • You can easily wash the seat pad


  • Its price is a bit high
  • It isn’t as quiet as other options

2. Graco Glider Lite

At first glance, you can notice how comfortable the Graco Glider Lite looks. With a spacious seat and plush cushion, this one makes it easy to put your baby to sleep. It has 6 different speeds which help to make it easy to find the ideal one that suits your infant’s preferences. The 10 songs and 5 nature sounds provide plenty of variety.

The portable frame makes it easy to move from room to room and the bright stars on the overhead bar provide visual stimulation for newborns. If you’re concerned about providing your infant with head support, you need not worry about this with its removable head support.

While it doesn’t offer seat adjustments or variety in swing motions, it is so comfortable, that most infants won’t mind. For those who want an affordable, basic swing, this is the one for you.


  • It’s highly comfortable, ideal for sleeping
  • It’s compact and small for limited spaces
  • It provides head support for newborns
  • It is an affordable option


  • It doesn’t provide options for swinging motions
  • The Graco Glider Lite doesn’t change positions

3. 3 – 4moms rockaRoo Rocker

It isn’t a traditional baby swing, but it works wonders for nap time. It has five different speeds to help you find the perfect rhythm for your infant. It swings from front to back which works well for most infants. It even has a plugin for MP3 so you can play your infant’s favorite music.

As one of the smaller options out there, it’s ideal for families living in smaller spaces. If you’re concerned about keeping it clean, the seat pad is machine washable. It includes removable, colorful toy balls for keeping your little entertained. Because of its small size, it’s convenient for use at home or office, just keep in mind that it has to be plugged in.

While infants older than 7 months may get bored in the 4moms rockaRoo, it’s worth using for the first months of their life.


  • It has a MP3 plugin for music variety
  • It works well for younger infants
  • The seat pad can be washed easily


  • It isn’t the best for older infants
  • It doesn’t offer a side-to-side motion which some infants prefer

4. Fisher-Price Deluxe Take Along Swing and Seat

This is quite possibly the best baby swing for sleeping on the road. As a compact, foldable, and quality swing, you can take it with you wherever you go. As a busy parent with a small infant, you may be looking for ways to keep your child happy. The Fisher-Price Deluxe seat makes it easy to put your baby to sleep while out of the house.

You will probably want to use this 6-speed swing so much that it may get dirty. Fortunately, you can wash and dry the seat pad, making it one of the most ideal options on the market. It has plenty of different lullabies to keep your infant entertained and also has calming vibrations for when you use it as a seat while out. The padded seat ensures ultimate comfort for nap times. It also includes two birds that hang from the top for added entertainment.


  • It’s a highly convenient seat/swing
  • It is affordable and won’t break the bank
  • It works well for keeping baby asleep


  • It isn’t that sturdy for older infants
  • Batteries run out quickly with this swing

5. Comfort & Harmony Cozy Kingdom

It may not be the best swing for older infants, but this adorable Comfort & Harmony will be a worthwhile investment for the months of fun and benefits it will provide. As an affordable product, you can rest assured that it will help you during the first few months. It can be a challenge to put a baby to sleep, but with this product-the best baby rocker swing-you will find that life as a parent will be much easier.

As your infant gets older, they will appreciate being able to reach the toys. With 6 different songs, you can switch up the music, so you don’t go crazy. The soft seat has removable head support for optimum comfort. As any parent knows, babies can get messy. To ensure hygiene, the seat pad can be machine washed. With two different positions, you can always keep your little one entertained and happy.

It runs smoothly and quietly, which every parent knows is of the utmost importance for nap time. You will be able to get plenty of use out of it for a low price.


  • It works quietly and won’t wake infants
  • It is a cute swing with gender-neutral colors
  • The seat pad can be washed


  • It doesn’t support the weight of older babies
  • The cute toys are faced away from the infant

6. Graco Slim Spaces Compact Baby Swing

As what could be considered the best portable baby swing, this is a great option for households with limited space. You can fold it up to take on the road, carry it from one room to another or store it easily when you’re finished with it. While its mobile isn’t as fancy as other options, the overhead toys still provide visual stimulation for younger babies.

You can also adjust the height of the swing’s legs to accommodate weight as your infant grows. It also has a removable head support which helps to make it easy to ensure safety and comfort. It is battery operated for ideal use, in or outside of your home. If you are concerned about the baby moving around too much, the safety harness keeps them buckled in.

With gender-neutral colors, it will fit in perfectly to any kind of nursery. For an affordable price, the Graco Slim Spaces offers the quality and functionality you need for your infant.


  • It fits in small spaces
  • It has an adjustable height to grow with your baby
  • It works quietly without distracting
  • It is an affordable option


  • It doesn’t plug in and only works on batteries
  • The safety harness promises safety but is difficult to manage with a fussy baby

7. Ingenuity CovertMe Ridgedale

Cute and compact, you can fit this swing anywhere you like. It folds up which means that you can take this sleep life-saver anywhere you go. With five different speed settings, there is no way that your infant will get bored in their swing. It also has soothing vibrations for nap time. When combined with the nature sounds, you can be sure that this model is highly beneficial for sleeping.

If you want to switch up the music between naps and play, the 8 melodies provide plenty of variety. A great feature on the Ingenuity is that battery life keeps it powered for hours on end. It has a soft, gentle swing on the low setting which is ideal for newborns. It also has shoulder straps for keeping your older, inquisitive infant safely inside. The Ingenuity is the best baby swing for small spaces.


  • It works well for newborns and older infants alike
  • It is highly affordable for lower budgets
  • It’s great for travel due to compact design
  • It includes soothing nature sounds


  • The swing is very short
  • It isn’t as powerful as other options

8. Fisher-Price My Little Snugabear

Eye-catching, fun, and adorable, this may be the best compact swing around. It has 16 songs to keep your infant entertained and if you want to switch things up, you can always put on nature sounds. It has six different speeds and the seat can be adjusted to 3 different positions. It also has a two-position recline for when your infant wants to sit up and observe the world or lay back for a relaxing nap.

The My Little Snugabear has neutral colors which make it easy to match any décor. The eye-catching owls on the mobile are fun for play and observing. With the ability to swing side to side or back and forth, you can use the motion that works best for your infant.

Best of all, this one is quiet and smooth. If what you want is a reliable and soft swing for your infant, this is a fairly priced one.


  • It has a strong motor making it suitable for larger weights
  • It swings quietly which makes it less distracting
  • It has a cute design to fit in with your nursery


  • Its low speed may be too fast for some babies
  • It may start becoming noisy after a few months of use

9. Graco Simple Sway

It’s simple yet functional. The Graco Simple Sway is the perfect option for parents who want a swing that doesn’t take up much space yet who demand quality. Because it’s so small, you can take it anywhere. It fits in any space, and you can easily move it from room to room.

It’s a great option for newborns who need soothing by its side-to-side sway. While it doesn’t have that many speed settings, the two-speed options work well for most infants. With a plush bed, it’s easy for your baby to take naps comfortably. The Graco Simple Sway also allows for removable head support for versatile use.

Because you may want to use your swing in different areas without plug-ins, the Graco Simple Sway allows for battery and plug-in use. While it isn’t strong enough for larger, older babies, it will provide you with plenty of use for when your child is younger. For its price, it’s a worthy investment that will help you tremendously with your infant’s nap times. It is the best compact baby swing.


  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It works well for newborns and younger babies
  • It is available in neutral colors


  • It isn’t the best for older babies
  • It doesn’t provide the best head support

10. Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow

There are a few things that you want in a top-quality swing. Some of these features are a soft base for your infant, some type of entertaining feature, and stability. The Fisher-Price Moonlight Meadow offers plenty of entertainment for your little one with its eye-catching animals on the attached mobile. A small mirror is also included.

The chair part of this model has safe, plush cushion for comfortable relaxation. You can adjust the seat so that your baby can face left, right, or center. This feature is convenient to ensure that your infant can always have a view of you, no matter what. With two different reclining positions, the swing works well for nap-time or for observing their surroundings.

Because the Moonlight Meadow has different speeds, it’s easy to make sure that your child is comfortable at all times. The stable legs ensure your little ones’ safety at all times while also being foldable for easy storing. You will also have a variety for powering your swing—whether with batteries or plugging it in.


  • It offers great speed settings for more flexibility
  • It’s safe and stable for daily use
  • It’s fun and attractive to keep your loved one entertained
  • The seat is comfortable and versatile


  • It has a loud motor which can be distracting
  • It is difficult to assemble

What Features To Focus On

As you look for the best affordable baby swing, you may want to consider the features that matter the most to you. From safety to design, there are several features to consider while shopping. The following features are some of the most important ones to consider:


Just imagine going through your day hearing the same song over and over again. If your infant doesn’t hate it, you most certainly will. To avoid this, you will want to find a swing that offers lullaby variety or even an option to connect a music player. This will help to keep you and your infant relaxed and gives you the option to listen to your infant’s favorite tunes.


This may be one of the most difficult features to deal with. You will want to find a baby swing that has a quiet motor and one that swings quietly. Because most parents use a baby swing for nap time, the best swing for baby will be a quiet one. Try to find one that is known for working quietly and effectively. Also, consider the volume of the music player and if you can turn it down low for drama-free sleep.


When it comes to rocking your infant to sleep, what works for one may not work for another. This is why you will want to look for variety when considering the motion of it. It is nearly impossible to know how your infant will like to be rocked, so find one that can swing from front to right, and side-to-side. Also consider if it has adjustable positions, as you will want to use the swing when they are awake and ready to play, as well as for nap times.


Because it moves, you may be concerned about its stability. Consider the sturdiness of the swing’s legs before purchasing. When shopping for portable/foldable swings, make sure that they have sturdy legs.


If you go back and forth from one place to another, you will want to find a swing that you can use both at home and carry with you in the car. It will help to save you from a fussy, sleepy baby while at an event or friend’s home. Find a foldable one that promises stability and sturdy use.


Some swings don’t have very comfortable cushioning or head support. It is important that you find a swing with head support if you plan on using it for your newborn. Also, consider how soft and comfortable the cushion is. Some babies may hate the swing if it isn’t comfortable enough.


From unexpected accidents to bottle spills, baby cribs, playpens, and swings get dirty. What helps swings to stay clean is if the seat pad is washable. Look for an option that allows the pad to be machine washed—and dried if at all possible. This also helps if you want to use the swing for friends or family’s infants, as well and want to be sure to keep it hygienic for your infant’s use.


You want the swing to last for as many months as possible. You will want to find one with a strong motor that provides lasting power for many swings. While some options only offer plug-in use, others offer both battery and plug-in power. Dual power is the best as you can be sure to never run out of energy for nap times.


Most newborns are okay with smooth and soft swinging and will sleep easily like this. Older infants may need a faster speed for uninterrupted sleep. Be aware that some swings offer low speeds that are way too fast for little infants. Look for a swing that has variety in its speed settings, so you can be sure to find one that works perfectly for your infant.

In Conclusion

From adorable options to highly affordable ones, our list of baby swing reviews provides the variety you need to make a decision. Whether portability matters more to you or music variety is really what you want, these 10 swings offer quality and affordability.

Remember that you may not know everything about your infant’s preferences before they arrive, so look for a swing that offers as many options as you may need. Most of all, choose the safest and most reliable one for long-lasting use.



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