Top Ten Best Baby Thermometer Reviews For 2018: Trust Digital Accuracy For Newborns And Toddlers

Parenthood can bring a lot of joy with it and be one of the most satisfying experiences in many people’s lives. Yet it can also be a challenging phase when your little one gets sick. When that happens, you want to be sure to be prepared for what may come.

Stocking up on the best infant care items before your child is born is important. While there are things that you may not want to use, you will definitely want to have them should your child get sick. One such item that should have its place in your preparations for your baby is a reliable and accurate thermometer.

When your infant gets sick, you want to be prepared to test their temperature at any given moment. Unlike adults who can deal with fevers and high temperatures, your baby’s fever can be a sign of something more serious. This means that you want to stay on top of taking their temperature often but in the most comfortable way possible.

A reliable newborn thermometer can help you to know when to stay at home or when you should perhaps go see your pediatrician. It can make a difference in keeping your baby healthy. With something as delicate as your infant’s health, you will want to make sure to invest in a thermometer that will provide you with dependable temperature reading.

Our Top 10 Best Baby Thermometer Recommendations

Check out the following baby thermometer reviews. Each one of the products offers great features that help them stand out as the best thermometers on the market. Whether you want the best baby digital thermometer or the best in ear thermometer baby and toddler suitable, you are bound to find one you like on this list.

1 – Innovo Medical Digital Forehead and Ear

This thermometer is a favorite for parents with infants. As a dual-mode option, you can rest assured that you will always be able to test your little one’s temperature. You can also keep track of their temperatures because it can recall 20 previous settings.

The LCD digital display means you can read your little one’s temperature at any time, day or night. You can also get the temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit for even further convenience. There is no confusion about the temperature with this product, making it a great idea for parents who always want to be sure about their infant’s health and wellbeing.

Don’t forget that the probe cover is also convenient. It helps to keep it free of germs to ensure hygienic use. If you need to repeatedly test in a matter of minutes, there is no need to have to wait to be able to re-test temperature. In the case that your baby does have a fever, an alarm will go off so there is no confusion.


  • It’s an affordable option for lower budgets
  • It has all the most convenient features
  • It tests quickly and accurately for peace of mind

  • The instructions can be challenging for some
  • It doesn’t have a silent mode

2 – Bundle Tumble Digital Ear and Forehead

Stepping away from boring infant products, the white and orange is a bright and fun item that can help to distract a baby from the job at hand. With both ear and forehead testing options, it provides a convenient way of testing your infant’s temperature. It comes with a pull-bag that helps to keep it clean if you carry it around in your diaper bag.

It’s FDA approved, so you can rest assured that what you’re using to test your little one is safe for use. Because it has a backlight, you can test your infant’s temperature at night. The LCD display also allows for easy reading. As if these features weren’t attractive enough, the temperature can be read in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


  • It’s FDA approved for peace of mind
  • It is convenient for travel use
  • You can easily test your infant’s temperature at night

  • The instructions are difficult to understand
  • It isn’t as top-quality as other options


3 – FOND Rechargeable Baby Forehead Thermometer

This may be the best baby thermometer for newborns. Its small size makes it easy to use on your infant and convenient to always carry with you. It can read your little one’s temperature as quickly as a second. The backlight also makes it easy to check your infant’s temperature at night.

If you are looking for a product that you can take with you abroad, the Celsius and Fahrenheit reading feature is great. It can also recall the 12 previous readings if you need to keep track of them. It can also use a rechargeable battery so you can always have it ready for use. Best of all, it’s sensor technology is extremely high quality so you can trust that the readings are accurate.


  • It is a highly accurate product giving you peace of mind
  • It’s a cute baby product
  • It makes it easy to test your newborn’s temperature
  • It can be charged by USB for added convenience

  • It isn’t the best for older babies who like to chew on whatever they can get their hands on
  • It doesn’t have silent-mode testing


4 – IdentikitGift Medical Dual Mode Infrared

Some people may consider the IdentikitGift Medical thermometer to be the best baby digital thermometer. Whether it is or not is personal opinion, but it most definitely has some amazing features. For example, you can check your little one’s temperature by using the ear or forehead modes. The LCD display screen means that you can read your baby’s temperature at any time—even at night.

The IdentikitGift comes with a probe cover to ensure that you keep germs away. It also comes with a carry pouch to keep it clean in your bag. It can also provide you with a reading in Celsius or Fahrenheit. For parents who are concerned about keeping track of their baby’s temperatures, the thermometer stores the 20 previous temperature results.


  • It’s great for travel use due to convenient size
  • It is easy to keep clean to avoid spread of germs
  • It has a fever warning so know immediately if something is wrong

  • It doesn’t have a silent mode
  • It’s a bit bulky for using on newborns


5 – PrSung infrared

A black and white body with a digital display, this baby thermometer fits in well in any baby pack. It has a backlit display making it convenient for nighttime use. Like many of our favorite items on this list, your baby’s temperature can be taken on the forehead or ear. Keeping in line with convenience, a red light will appear when baby has a temperature and shine green when they are in the clear.

To make sure that you can keep track of your child’s previous temperatures, it stores the previous 20 readings. It has a handy probe cover for clean keeping and can be used for travel. As with most digital thermometers, it uses batteries to work.


  • It’s convenient for fuss-free use
  • It achieves an accurate reading that gives you peace of mind
  • It includes a backlight for temperature readings at night

  • It doesn’t have dual-unit reading
  • Its noisy reading may wake up a sleeping baby


6 – IEKA Infrared Digital

With a forehead and ear mode, you can take your baby’s temperature at any moment. The two functions are clearly displayed for easy testing. The probe tip is soft enough to avoid hurting a baby, yet gets accurate readings. The IEKA comes with a probe cover to keep it clean, no matter what. With an LCD display, you can easily read the temperature and if your little one has a fever, the thermometer will display a red light. This warning can help you to understand when it may be time to see a pediatrician.

While some thermometers take up to 10 seconds for a reading, this product can read the baby’s temperature in only a second or two. Parents often want to keep track of their baby’s health and previous temperatures. At times, the infant’s pediatrician may need you to check their temperature often. The IEKA stores 20 prior temperature readings so you can keep on top of your baby’s illness.


  • It has a sensitive sensor for easy readings
  • It can be used both on the forehead or ear
  • It’s easy to use right out of the box

  • Probe cover and tip need to be cleaned regularly
  • It doesn’t have a silent mode

7 – Medical Ear Thermometer with Forehead Function

As a parent, you want to find FDA approved products to ensure your baby’s safety. This Medical Ear Thermometer is FDA approved and provides dual-usage. Babies often disdain being poked with thermometers, so while it can be used in the ear, you can also test on their foreheads.

Because taking an infant’s temperature is something that needs to be done as quickly as possible, the rapid reading is perfect. You should hear a beep in a second or two and a clear display of your child’s temperature. To make sure that you aren’t confused, this product includes a fever warning that appears with a red light. It’s clinically tested and may be the best digital thermometer for baby and toddler use.


  • It gives quick temperature readings
  • It’s easy to use and get familiar with
  • It is convenient for fussy babies

  • It’s pricier than an average thermometer


8 – Metene Medical Forehead and Ear

If there was something that you would consider to be the most important feature of a thermometer, what would it be? We think that accuracy is a big must-have in this kind of product. With its infrared technology, it is one of the most reliable products around. To help you keep track of your baby’s temperatures, it stores 20 prior readings which is convenient for staying on top of their health.

Because babies can often be unpredictable when it comes to taking their temperature, the forehead or ear option is highly convenient. The LCD display helps to make it easy to read temperatures at night. It also comes with a probe cover to keep it clean, as well as soft bag for easy keeping while traveling.

If you travel often, you’ll like the fact that you can get readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit. For its affordable price, quality, and convenient features, it could be considered the best thermometer for baby use.


  • It’s great for travel
  • It offers convenient use for babies’ ear or forehead
  • It is a top-quality thermometer for accurate readings

  • The protective cap is a bit challenging to take off
  • It may at times require retesting for accuracy


9 – Good-Health Forehead and Ear

If you’re looking for variety in the way that you can check your child’s temperature, you will appreciate the Good-Health Forehead and Ear option. Sometimes your little one won’t let you check their temperature so easily. This can be difficult when you absolutely must. Because you can check their temperature by their forehead or ear, you can try one or the other when your child is fussy.

You may want to use your thermometer for travel. If you’re in another country, need to see a doctor, and need to read the temperature, the display can be read in Fahrenheit or Celsius. As any parent with an infant knows, getting a temperature reading quickly is of the utmost importance. The Good-Health has the ability to read your temperature in just a few seconds.

If you want to be able to read your child’s previous temperatures, whether for your peace of mind or for the doctor, this product stores 20 prior readings. Another highly beneficial feature is the backlit display, so you can check your baby’s temperature when they are sleeping.


  • It can read baby’s temperature in two different ways (Ear and forehead)
  • It’s quick to use
  • It can display temperature in different units
  • Backlit display can be read in the dark

  • Its size is bulky and takes up space
  • It isn’t the best-looking thermometer

10 – iProven Medical Ear Thermometer

If there was one thing that makes this thermometer a favorite for new parents, it is how easy it is to read temperatures. The large digital display shows your child’s temperature clearly yet the colors also help parents to know when your baby’s fever is too high. If you’re a parent who likes to stay on top of technology, the iProven thermometer has an app for you to keep track of temperatures.

To make it especially convenient for carrying and travel, this product comes with a soft pouch bag for safe and hygienic keeping. Babies generally don’t like having their temperature taken, but this ear thermometer is pain-free to use. The small tip is soft and your little one will barely notice it.

Best of all, this item helps to get temperature readings much quicker than many other thermometers. If you’re a parent with a sick baby, this is a highly attractive feature. The sooner you know their temperature, the better.



  • It reads temperatures quickly
  • It’s painless for baby
  • It’s highly convenient

  • It can be challenging to get the tip just right for reading
  • If you’re not used to getting the right position you might get inaccurate readings.

What Features You Need To Focus On

Before purchasing a thermometer, you want to consider what features are a must-have for you. While some parents may absolutely demand one feature, they may be fine without another. Some may want the best baby ear thermometer while others want a forehead one. To help you determine what you want in your infant’s thermometer, the following information may help.


While older children may be just fine with you taking their temperature under their arm or tongue, an infant most definitely will not. Infants-especially sick ones-will squirm or be annoyed with being probed in these areas.

While ears are typically easy areas to test, when your little one is fussy and agitated, you want to avoid the area. This is one thing that makes ear/forehead placement thermometers a “god-send.” It helps to ensure that you can always test your newborn’s temperature, no matter what.


The better the technology is, the more chances you have for reading accuracy. Some examples of technology that you want to find in an infant thermometer are high quality and accuracy sensors, the ability to connect with an app through Bluetooth or WiFi, and silent mode.

These three features help to make life easier for you and give you peace of mind. The high quality sensors provide you with accurate results, the app helps you to stay aware of baby’s temperature even when you’re away, and silent mode helps you to be able to test your little one’s temperature without waking them.


The typical digital thermometer will have a display that clearly shows the temperature while many will also offer the features of colored lights for different readings. This can be convenient if you want to know your infant’s temperature before even reading the number. Another factor to consider is if you want a product that can display the temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.


It should go without saying but the most important feature that you need in your infant’s thermometer is its accuracy. You may not always be able to know this before you buy it but if you read some baby thermometer reviews beforehand, it helps.

Another thing is to test the product for accurate readings and if it doesn’t seem to work well, return it. One thing to keep in mind is that it’s normal for a thermometer to get different readings from various parts of the body. Just be sure that the gap between temperatures taken isn’t too much.

Shape Or Style

While it doesn’t always matter, sometimes the shape and size of this type of product does. For example, a large bulky thermometer may be hard to use on an adorable little newborn. While it works well for older infants, you may want to consider round-shaped ones that read temperatures with a sensor.

This way you can avoid using tips on your newborn’s ears and simply read their forehead temperature. Other than this, the shape of this product is usually a non-issue. Also keep in mind, how much space you have in your bag for a thermometer, if you’re looking for one for travel.

Other than that, the design or colors of the thermometer is truly a matter of personal preference. If you’re a parent who likes to follow a theme with your infant items, you’ll probably be able to find one that suits your taste. If not, there are plenty of simple designs for those who like minimalism, even in their infant’s products.


Most of the products on our list of reviews are battery operated. This means that you want to always be sure to have batteries in stock. If you prefer knowing that you can always charge your thermometer, try to find one with a USB charger option. If you run out of battery life, you can always keep it working with a trusty USB cable.


If you have been reading multiple best baby thermometer reviews and wonder what is the best baby thermometer for your infant, the above products may bring you your answer. While many of them have similar features, each one offers something unique that may be exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you are a parent of a newborn or of an older infant, you should be able to find a product that wins you over.

Remember, find one that you can depend on. Thermometers are highly important in an infant’s life as you need to be aware of when they have fevers. Unlike adults whose bodies are able to resist infections and deal with fevers, an infant with a high temperature means a visit to the pediatrician is in order. Research the one you want and decide on a product that you know you can trust.

The Top 10 Best Reviews