Top Ten Best Bread Maker Reviews For 2018: Get That Amazing Fresh Smell At Home With A Simple And Automatic Machine

Did you know that the first bread making machine was made as far back as 1902? In 1902 Boston-born Joseph Lee patented the first ever bread making a machine which he used in his restaurant.

Mr Lee’s idea was all about saving money. Because by using this device it cut down on the number of people he needed to employ to make the bread. This, in turn, lowered the overall cost of producing the bread.

While this invention proved a cost-saving hit for Mr Lee it was not until 84-years later that the bread making machine was available to buy for use in home kitchens. The year was 1986 when it was introduced in Japan by a company trading under the name of Matsushita Electric. That company is now known worldwide as Panasonic.

However, the world’s first automated bread maker is thought to have been produced by Funai Electric in 1987. It was sold under the name of Raku Raku Pan Da. It was also then introduced in America as the Dak Auto Bakery. Since then the product has gone on to prove to be a hit in homes across America and worldwide.

So, now for some tricky questions: What is the best bread maker machine? And also, what is the best bread maker brand? Obviously, the answers to these questions are subjective but we have compiled our top ten best bread machines.

If you read this article to the end we are confident that you will gain enough knowledge on which machine will best suit you.

Our Top 10 Best Bread Machine Recommendations

1 – Cuisinart CBK-100

This reasonable price Cuisinart CBK-100 model is packed with excellent features which will make baking a breeze. It is able to bake 3 different sizes of bread ranging from 1lbs, 1.5lbs and 2lbs whichever takes your fancy.

There is a user-friendly touch-pad control system that allows you to choose from 12 different pre-programmed settings. In addition to this, there is also 3 crust settings being light, medium and dark.

The machine also has a 13-hour timer delay-start timer so that you can always experience the taste of freshly home baked bread at any time. Another advantage to buying this product is that is has a viewing window so that you can keep a check on the baking process. It also has a removable lid, pan and a paddle which makes cleaning up easier.

With safety in mind, there are stay-cool handles on the machine to help you transfer the bread to your serving plate safely. If you decide to buy this product then you will also receive a measuring cup and spoon and some hand recipes.

  • Allows you to choose from 12 different pre-programmed settings.
  • Comes with a measuring cup and spoon and some hand recipes.
  • Has the ability to bake three different sized loafs.
  • Has a 13-hour timer delay-start timer.
  • Has a removable lid, pan and paddle.

  • The display window is reported to be a bit too dark for some people.


2 – Oster 2-Pound Expressbake

If you are looking to invest in one of the best small bread makers on the market then you need to seriously consider the Oster 2-Pound Expressbake. This model is able to bake a loaf up to 2lbs in weight which is perfect for large families. If you want to bake a smaller loaf less than 1-hour then can with the Expressbake setting.

Talking about settings this machine has 12 baking setting as well as 3 crust settings being light, medium and dark. You can always keep a watchful eye on how your bread is baking thanks to large LCD display screen that shows you each step of the baking process.

One of the main advantages of this model is that it comes with a 13-hour programmable baking timer and a keep warm setting that means you will have fresh home baked bread anytime you want.

  • Bake loafs up to 2lbs in weight.
  • Large LCD screen allows you to keep an eye on the baking process.
  • The machine has 12 baking setting as well as 3 crust settings.
  • Comes with a 13-hour programmable baking timer and a keep warm setting.
  • Has an Expressbake setting which bakes small loafs in less than 1-hour.

  • Some people have reported that when using this machine, the dough does not always rise it sometimes sinks.


3 – Hamilton Beach 29881

You have no doubt been looking for the best bread machine reviews on the internet to find out which machine would suit you best. We can recommend the reasonably priced Hamilton Beach 29881 model which has the ability to bake fresh homemade bread without using preservatives or trans fats including gluten-free.

This machine is simple to use as you just have to follow these three easy steps. First, you add the ingredients then you program what type of bread you want to bake and last you hit the start button to get baking.

You have 12 different programs to choose from and you can choose the size of the loaf. It can be either a 1.5lbs or 2lbs. The machine has been designed to be super user-friendly so that anyone can use it. It comes with simple instructions and also includes recipes and baking tips.

  • Very user-friendly.
  • Has 12 different programmes to choose from.
  • Choose loaf size between 1.5lbs and 2lbs.
  • Comes with handy recipes and baking tips.

  • Some people have found that the machine sometimes does not mix very well.


4 – Kuissential 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine

This user-friendly Kuissential 2-Pound Programmable Bread Machine will get even the most culinary challenged baking to perfection. There are 13 different easy to use settings that allow you to make a whole host of varieties of bread at two different sizes being 1.5lbs and 2lbs. You can also choose how you crimp your crust with three options which are light, medium and dark.

This machine could not be easier to use you simply put your ingredients into the bread pan and choose your bread setting, colour, size and the maker does the rest. You will find the automatic-dispenser very handy when using nuts and fruits as the machine adds them just at the right time to evenly spread them into the dough.

There is a viewing window so that you can keep a watchful eye on your bread as it bakes but if you have a busy schedule then you can use the 13-hour delay timer. It also has a keep warm function so that your bread will always taste fresh and warm. If you buy this product it also comes with a spoon and measuring cup.

  • Has 13 different programmable settings.
  • Has an automatic 13-hour delay timer.
  • User-friendly and easy to clean.
  • Comes with a spoon and measuring cup.
  • Has an automatic nut and fruit dispenser.

  • Some people have noted that the delay feature does not work properly.


5 – Breville BBM800XL

If you have been looking for countless best bread maker reviews then we may just have the one for you with this Breville BBM800XL model. This machine has a smart digital LCD screen which allows you to check on the progress of your loaf as it bakes.

The display screen also allows you to choose from 13 different automatic settings, 3 different crust colors and 4 different loaf sizes. Loaf size starts at 1lbs, 1.5lbs, 2lbs and 2.5lbs which is a family size. You can choose from 46 simple user-friendly recipes which include gluten-free.

The good this about this machine is that it will automatically work out the temperature and baking time when you select one of the settings. This machine also has an automatic nut and fruit dispenser which releases your chosen ingredients at just the right time so that they are evenly spread through the dough.

If you buy this product it also comes with a kneading paddle that mixes the ingredients properly and is able to collapse. It collapses before the baking stage to reduce the size of the hole at the bottom of the loaf. It must be noted that some people who have used this product have doubts about the paddle being collapsible.

  • Is able to make 4 different loaf sizes up to 2.5lbs.
  • Has an automatic nut and fruit dispenser.
  • Has 13 different automatic settings.
  • Smart LCD digital display screen.

  • Some people have reported that the paddle does not collapse.


6 – Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker

The Sunbeam 5891 is one of the best-priced machines available to buy on the market. This 600-watt model is capable of baking bread at 1.5lbs or 2lbs in weight to give you the unique taste of freshly baked homemade bread in less than 1-hour.

You will enjoy how user-friendly this machine as you just simply have to add the ingredients to the non-stick baking pan. Then insert the pan into the machine and adjust to the setting you need. Close the lid and then wait for it to bake.

The large digital LCD screen displays the 12 different cooking functions as well as the 3-shade cooking choices of light, medium and dark. This allows you to easily make the right selection.

There is a large glass viewing window that allows you to keep a check on the progress of your bread without having to lift the lid which often slows up the baking process. One of the best features of this machine is the 13-hour delay programmable timer. This allows you to bake at any time you need.

If you decide to purchase this model this you must be aware that you should not use metal utensils with the removable non-stick baking pan. This product is also to be washed by hand only.

  • Excellent price.
  • Comes with 1-year limited warranty.
  • Comes with a 13-hour delay programmable timer.
  • User-friendly.
  • Has 12 different cooking functions.

  • Some people will find that the lid can be a bit flimsy.


7 – Panasonic SD-YD250

This Panasonic SD-YD250 model is ideal for making fresh homemade loafs and has three size settings up to a whopping 2.5lbs in weight. There is also a setting for making different pieces of bread ranging from whole wheat, French, multi-grain, white and also quick bread and cakes.

You just follow the recipe and add the ingredients. And then set the machine on the bread setting you want. It even automatically adds yeast at the just the right time thanks to a dispenser on the unit’s lid to ensure you have perfect backing results.

This machine is easy to use as you simply have to set it to the program you want. And it has a 13-hour delay start timer that allows you to get on with your busy schedule. There is a wide range of different programmable setting on this machine. This allows you to bake the perfect loaf to suit your family’s needs.

Cleaning this 550-watt machine is simple as it benefits from having a non-stick pan with built-in handle. This also makes removing the bread from the machine easier when it is cooked. If you decide to buy this product you will also receive an easy to understand user manual which includes 40 recipes and hints and tips on how to bake the perfect loaf.

  • Simple to use.
  • Non-stick pan with built-in handle.
  • Has an automatic 13-hour start timer.
  • Comes with an automatic yeast dispenser on the unit’s lid.

  • Some people will find that the extra-large loaf setting is way too big for the machine to handle.


8 – SKG Automatic Bread Machine

This SKG Automatic Bread Machine certainly looks the part as it comes in a stylish piano varnish silver color which fits in well which most kitchen styles. This model is considered to be one of the best automatic bread makers you can buy. This is thanks to it being very user-friendly so it will suit beginners and seasoned bakers alike.

All you have to do is follow your recipes and add the necessary ingredients before clicking a few buttons to set the machine to bake the type of bread you want. It really is that simple.

The machine comes with 19 different automatic programs which include gluten-free. As well as being able to handle 3 different loaf sizes being 1lbs, 1.5lbs and 2lbs. In addition to this, it can bake 3 different crust colors being light, medium and dark.

One of the main plus points of this machine is that you can set the timer and get on with the rest of your day. It also has an automatic 1-hour keep warm setting so that your bread always has that fresh just-baked taste. There is no need to worry if you somehow have a power surge because the machine has an automatic 15-minute power recovery interruption system.

If you decide to purchase this product you will get a high-quality designed bread pan. The machine also has an ergonomic top loading lid with viewing window. Cleaning this machine is made easy thanks to the non-stick coated inner pan and handle. And the machine will stay steady on your worktop with the help of non-skid feet.

  • Can bake loafs up to 2lbs in size.
  • Has 15-hour timer delay.
  • This product comes with a 1-month free trial and 2-year warranty.
  • Stylish design.
  • Easy to use and clean.

  • It sometimes does not mix that well with fruit and nuts.


9 – Cuisinart CBK-200 2-Lb Convection Bread Maker

You are able to achieve foolproof results with this Cuisinart CBK-200 2-Lb Convection Bread Maker. This 680-watt machine is able to adjust the speed and timing automatically to ensure you have outstanding baking results. It also benefits from having a convection.

With 16-preset menu choices, this machine is simple to use. You could pick gluten-free artisan dough or the exclusive low carb all at the touch of a button. This machine allows you to choose from three loaf sizes and three crust colors as well as 100 different bread variations.

A bonus with it is that it makes a noise to indicate when you need to add the mix. This means you will never forget to add that vital ingredient. In addition to this, there is a second noise tone that gives you the choice of removing the paddle before baking if needed or uncooked dough to personally shape.

The machine also looks stylish due to being made with brushed stainless steel. And also has large handles that stay-cool for your safety. This product also has the advantage of having a 12-hour delay-start timer and a 15-minute pause function. In addition to this, it also has a power-failure backup system.

  • Has a power-failure backup system.
  • Looks stylish in a brushed stainless steel finish.
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty.
  • Has large handles that stay cool.
  • Has 16-preset menu choices.

  • Can be very tricky to clean.


10 – Zojirushi BB-PAC20 Home Bakery Virtuoso Breadmaker

It has to be said that this model is very expensive. But having said that it is also considered to be one of the best home bread makers on the market. If you want to make a large fresh homemade 2lbs loaf then this is the machine for you. It is also able to bake gluten-free and organic.

This machine has loads of custom menu settings. They are easy to use thanks to having a user-friendly digital LCD control system. It also has the ability to bake at three different crust shades being light, medium and dark.  You can also choose from 10 pre-programed settings to get the right bread that suits your family’s needs.

One of the standout features of this machine is that it has a built-in timer. This can be programed to delay the end of the baking time by 13-hours if needed. With the quick baking setting, you can be enjoying fresh homemade bread in roughly 2-hours.

With this model, you have two blades which help to thoroughly knead the bread. And also ensure that your bread rises higher than normal. It also has an additional heater on the lid which helps you bake evenly.

Other benefits of this product include a large viewing window, a non-stick removable bread pan which is easy to clean. And it has a simple to use start/restart buttons with indicator light. If you decide to purchase this product you also receive an 8oz measuring cup, a double-ended measuring tablespoon/teaspoon and of course a user manual with recipes included.

  • Has an additional heater on the lid which helps you bake evenly.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comes with two blades which help to thoroughly dough knead the bread and also ensure that your bread rises higher than normal.
  • Has 10 pre-programed settings.
  • Has a built-in timer which can be programmed to delay the end of the baking time by 13-hours if needed

  • Very expensive product.


What Features You Need To Focus On

Benefits Of Using A Bread Making Machine

Firstly, one of the main benefits it that using such a product requires less fuss and hassle than baking bread by traditional means.

There is also no need (pun totally intended) to work hard. By this we mean the maximum amount of effort and hard work that you have to put into making the bread is roughly 10-minutes, the machine does all the real hard work.

The beauty of owning such a machine that it allows you to get on with all the other stuff around the house. Thanks to the automatic timer the machine just carries on cooking while you do other things.


Like when you buy any product you need to find one that best suits yours and your family’s needs. When we are talking about bread makers it is important to find out the answers to many important questions such as:  What size loaf it is able to make? How  long does it take to bake?, Is it easy to use?,  Is it easy to clean?, Will it be able to bake gluten-free? and of course how much will it cost me?

Delay Timer

A large percentage of the models we have written about have a built-in automatic hour delay timer. Like with most things the number of hours it is capable to delay for varies between each machine.

The longer the hour delay the more flexibility you have in preparing your home baked bread.


You have no doubt been searching for the best bread maker reviews on the internet but now you have found them here in this article all in one place.

Bread making machines may have been seen as a luxury accessory to have in your kitchen but people who have them say they could not live without them.

It is far more than a time-saving device it makes your life easier and gives you far more time to do far more important tasks like helping the kids with their homework.

Like with any product it is vital to do your research before purchasing but we are confident that this article will give you a heads-up on the important features you need to look out for when buying a bread maker.

The Top 10 Best Reviews