Top Ten Best Double Stroller Reviews

If you are expecting a second baby, or even twins then you enter a world where a lot of your normal baby gear just isn’t going to work. You don’t need two of everything, but for many items that is the case. However, two separate strollers will only work if you always have both parents available.

Fortunately, when it comes to strollers there are some really great products available that make parenting so much easier. But with so many different options and features, it is difficult to figure out what stroller reviews you can really trust.

To help you with this we have done months of research to look at the detailed specifications of all the most popular products on the market. This research has resulted in the below best double stroller reviews that will have something suitable for all needs and budgets.

Just keep reading and pick the one that you find will give you the best benefits to keep your baby safe and comfortable.

Our Top Double Stroller Recommendations

#1 - Kinderwagon RED Hop Double
Very Compact Design
  • German made to highest quality standards
  • Light weight makes it easy to carry
  • Great comfort
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - J is for Jeep Brand Scout Lightweight
Very Lightweight Product
  • Very compact
  • Cup holder included
  • Multi recline positions to provide comfort for naps
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Baby Trend Expedition (Best Double Stroller For Twins)
Very Comfortable Design
  • 5-point safety harness
  • Large wheels
  • Quickly folds up into a compact size
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Kinderwagon RED Hop Double

Another very compactly design product is this German made Kinderwagon. It is barely larger than a single stroller so you’ll have no problem pushing this around crowded streets and stores. But the compact design doesn’t mean your babies have to compromise on comfort.

For most short trips to run some errands or get some groceries, this is an ideal solution. While it isn’t as elaborate and comfortable as the high-end products, you will find that your children will be able to sleep comfortably if needed.

The compact design means that you can easily get it in and out of the trunk of your car. Or if you live in a smaller home and want to store it away when not in use then you’ll find this to be a great option.


  • Compatible with car seats
  • Very compact design ideal for storage and city living
  • German made to highest quality standards
  • Light weight makes it easy to carry
  • Great comfort makes it ideal for short trips


  • Back seat is a little bit small
  • Not the easiest to close

2. J is for Jeep Brand Scout Lightweight

The best lightweight double stroller on this list is this really cool Jeep brand product. If you need a stroller that can be quickly folded and is easy to carry up and down stairs, and also fits into a small trunk, then this is what you need to invest in. It folds down into a very small package and can be easily carried. That makes it ideal for vacation trips by car or air.

No matter where you go with two children, you’ll always have a load of stuff to bring with you. Fortunately, this product has a good storage space at the rear where you’ll have very easy access to all the important things.

Despite the incredibly cheap price you will get a cup holder included as well as the ability to individually recline the seats. That gives you and your kids the best possible comfort.


  • Very light weight product makes it easy to bring up and down stairs
  • Very compact when folded is ideal for small car trunks and air travel
  • Good storage facilities for all the important stuff
  • Cup holder included
  • Multi recline positions to provide comfort for naps


  • Only suitable for children up to 35 lbs
  • Handlebars are a bit low

3. Baby Trend Expedition (Best Double Stroller For Twins)

If you need a stroller that will be suitable for different types of terrain and still offer a comfortable ride then you need something with large wheels. This Baby Trend model provides just that with extra-large tubed wheels. It’s essentially the same concept as the wheels on a bike.

To help you bring all the essentials and keep them easily accessible you will find a very convenient storage basket. It is under the seat, but access is very easy at the back of the seats.

With great padding and very good suspension you will find that your babies will sleep very well to give them all the naps they need. This means you don’t have to worry about getting home in time to keep up a sleep pattern.


  • Large wheels are suitable for all different types of terrain
  • Very large storage basket for all the essentials
  • Quickly folds up into a compact size
  • Very comfortable design will help babies sleep
  • 5-point safety harness to stop your babies from falling or breaking out


  • Sun canopy could be bigger
  • Tires tend to go flat quickly

4. Graco DuoGlider Click Connect

The second tandem stroller on this list is also one of the most affordable ones you can buy. But for a very reasonable price you will get a lot of features and a comfortable and safe place for your most precious cargo. The footprint of this Graco product is only slightly larger than a single stroller. That makes it ideal for getting through busy places and stores.

The storage compartment is also exceptionally large. This makes it so much easier to bring all those essentials from diaper bag to change of clothes and snacks.

And when you need to get in and out of a car, or just want to fold it up at home when not in use then you can simply do that with one hand. The mechanism is simple, but safe so that you won’t accidentally collapse it when in use.


  • Long wheelbase for added stability and comfort
  • Lockable front wheels for easier control on different surfaces
  • Great storage compartment with very easy access
  • Suitable up to 40 lbs weight for each seat
  • Can be folded using one hand


  • Quite a heavy stroller makes it more difficult to get up and down stairs
  • Not enough suspension for uneven surfaces

5. Baby Jogger 2015 City Select Tandem stroller

If you don’t want to go for a side by side option then check out this best tandem stroller model from Baby Jogger. It is a fully featured design from start to finish and will make moving around in busy or crowded places a lot easier. That means if you live in a city and often have to get through busy streets, then having a narrower product will be so much easier to work with.

It is also fully compatible with car seats through a simple attachment mechanism. If you have a very young baby then that can save you a lot of time, as it is easier to take a car seat out than to unstrap a baby and possibly wake her.

Also, if you are taller than average then you will find that the handlebar adjustment is exceptionally good. Rather than just move up and down it actually pulls out to give you extra space for your legs and feet while walking.


  • Great tandem design to make it easier in tight spaces
  • Car seat compatible
  • Multiple recline positions to suit your babies
  • Telescopic handlebar is ideal for tall people
  • Overall footprint of a large single stroller


  • Accessories are expensive
  • Quite heavy making it difficult to control

6. BOB Revolution Flex Duallie

The second BOB stroller on this list is the Flex Duallie and it is another premium product that really looks the part. This will get you through all the baby and toddler years for twins or siblings and is very adjustable for different heights and sizes. You will also agree that this is possibly one of the coolest looking strollers available.

One of the stand out features is that the handlebar is highly adjustable with many different settings that will suit parents who are taller than average. As a result, you will not have to bend over or down as much.

The seats are individually adjustable and can fully recline for a very comfortable sleeping position. With all the added padding, it will be perfectly suitable for all those day time naps. And the high-tech suspension system will make sure that there is a constant and smooth ride even on rougher ground.


  • Really cool design available in multiple colors
  • Front wheel can swivel or lock dependent on terrain
  • Highly adjustable handlebar for people of all heights
  • Fantastic suspension system for added comfort and smooth ride
  • Great padding and fully recline to provide safe sleeping space


  • Quite wide so you might struggle with some doors
  • Recline function could be easier to use

7. Delta Children City Street Side by Side

The first spot of our double umbrella stroller reviews goes to this Delta City Street product and it really is a fantastic product. Yes, it is smaller and less sturdy than full size ones. And it won’t give you as smooth a ride either. But the advantage is that you get a very light weight and small package when it is folded down.

In our opinion this is the best double stroller for travel, especially when you have to navigate airports and security.

But don’t let the size put you off. If your toddlers are a little bit older, then they will still find this to be a very comfortable ride. It is still compact enough to fit through pretty much all standard doors.

All parents will also understand how much stuff you have to bring along for babies and children. To help you stay organized, there is a very generous storage bag attached to the back. This makes it very easy to access all your essentials.


  • Extremely light weight frame
  • Very compact design ideal for travelling
  • Will fit through standard size doors
  • Cup holder included
  • Generous size storage bags at back


  • Not height adjustable so not really suitable for tall parents
  • Only suitable for paved surfaces

8. Joovy Scooter X2

This Joovy scooter is a very affordable product. It doesn’t have all the added bonuses of the ones above, but it does have a very attractive price tag. It has quite large wheels which means you won’t feel every single bump along the way. And that will help to keep your babies asleep much easier.

Each of the seats reclines individually, so if your loved ones have different sleeping patterns you can give them individually adjusted comfort. However, the canopy is one unit so you cannot adjust it individually. Also, the handlebar is not adjustable, which can make it a bit awkward for tall people.

At 30 inches in width you will be able to get through pretty much all standard size doors. This is a very important factor, especially if you go shopping or have to run some errands. And to make it easier to get out by car for quick trips you will find that it is very easy to fold up. This can even be done one handed, and that is something that most parents become very good at.


  • 30 inches wide to make sure you get through most doors
  • Can be folded up with one hand
  • Independent seat recline and footrest adjustment
  • Cup holders included as standard
  • Big wheels for smoother ride


  • Difficult to adjust harness
  • Handle bar not adjustable

9. Baby Jogger City Mini

Probably the best double stroller for twins is this City Mini model. Just don’t assume that the Jogger in the name means it is fully suitable for actual jogging. It is a bit too heavy and bulky to really be suitable for exercise. But that doesn’t mean you can’t get out and about with twin babies or toddlers.

The side by side setup allows you to individually recline the seats to give you more flexibility when it comes to sleeping arrangements. What is also great is that the not only have the back wheels got suspension, but the front ones do too. This makes it a lot smoother ride for your babies.

Despite its size it folds down very easily into a compact package. That means it’s easy to store at home and will even fit into smaller trunks. And for added sun and weather protection you will notice that this model has got one of the largest canopies to give you added protection from UV rays.


  • Great sunshade to protect from UV rays
  • Folds very quickly and easily
  • Front and back wheels have suspension for more comfort
  • Fully reclines for better sleeping position
  • Quite a compact design


  • Despite the name not ideal for jogging
  • Basket is difficult to access

10. BOB 2016 Revolution FLEX Duallie

Right at the top of our double jogging stroller reviews is the BOB Revolution model. Of all the products on this list it is the most versatile and will satisfy pretty much all parents. It does come at a higher price than most of the alternatives, but you get a lot of stroller for your investment.

First thing to mention is that this is a jogging style stroller. If you are into fitness or want to get fit again then why not free up more of your day for outdoor exercising. It is very safe to run with this one or just go for a fast walk. Your babies will be comfortable and safe, and you will not have to adjust your stride.

For very young babies you can even attach a compatible car seat which gives you a huge amount of flexibility to get out and about with your baby. And if you need to fold it up to get it in and out of your trunk then the system is easily collapsed in a two-step process.


  • Jogging style stroller ideal for exercising
  • Easy fold in two steps
  • Compatible with car safety seats
  • Adjustable handle bar for parents of different heights
  • Front wheel can swivel or lock


  • Accessories are expensive
  • Quite a large size might not fit all car trunks

What Features You Need To Focus On

Comparing any products from different companies is always a challenge. They look different and use different materials, designs and specifications. This makes it a lot more complicated to figure out how they really compare. To help with this, we have listed out the 5 main features to focus on. And when you ignore the different marketing terms, you’ll quickly see advantages of different models.


When it comes to size and weight there are two types of stroller really. The fully featured and umbrella styles. There is no way you can say that the best double umbrella stroller has more features and uses than a full size one. But that is not the intended purpose.

The idea is to take away as much stuff as you can to make it lighter and easier to fit into your daily life or travel arrangements. When it comes to size you essentially need to decide whether you need something small and easy to carry, or something that will give you a more solid and comfortable experience.

Easy Fold

Pretty much all parents will regularly have to fold up a stroller. Your lifestyle and living arrangements will have a big impact on this. For example. If you regularly need to get your kids into the car then you need to have a product that can be quickly and easily folded down. You don’t want to spend 5 minutes having to undo screws and levers.

Fortunately, most products these days are easy enough to collapse. And the products on the above list all have features built in that will make it a lot easier on you.

This might not be so important if you have plenty of space at home and possibly even a second stroller that you keep in the car. Some parents then just leave it fully set up at home where it is immediately available for use.


All the above best double stroller options have reclining seats with multiple adjustment options. The most important thing to consider though is that each seat should be individually adjustable. Babies and toddlers have different sleep patterns, and that means you don’t want to force both into the same seating position.

Ideally you also want to pick a product that lets you gradually decline the seating position. Some products have pre-determined positions and that limits how flexible you are when it comes to make things more comfortable.


You will usually see references made to a sunshade, but this also functions as weather protection from rain and wind. The best solution is one that can fold over to the front and extends a long way. That means that you have the ability to provide shade even when directly facing into the sun. Keeping your children protected from harmful UV rays is one reason this is so important.

But also for comfort reasons. If there is a bright glare or a bit of wind blowing then you can provide a lot more comfort whether they are awake or sleeping.

Tandem Vs Side By Side

The choice between these two is very much down to personal preferences. But there are some advantages to both options. First, a tandem stroller will be a lot easier to navigate in busy city streets and through stores as well. You will also not get caught out by narrow doorways.

Side by side strollers help your kids to have the same view and they can interact more easily. Full reclining positions are also easier to achieve as there is more space behind each seat. Some parents will even go for one of each so that they have one to take when grocery shopping needs to be done. And the second is used for walks in a more spacious environment.


At this stage, you should have all the information you need to get you set up with a stroller that is ideal for your needs. All the above products are perfectly suitable for two babies or toddlers. And you will not regret choosing any of these options.

Whether you need a light umbrella style or the absolute best double jogging stroller, there is a product to suit your needs and budget.


The Top 10 Best Reviews