Top Ten Best Exercise Bike Reviews

We live in an age where we seem to be constantly bombarded by images of the perfect body. It may be on TV or in newspapers, magazines or on the internet, the images are there for all to see.

It is normally the latest z-list celebrity who is on our TV screens helping to endorse the latest fitness craze to get you that must-have body shape for the summer or indeed urging you to lose a few inches just in time for the festive season.

Well fear not because the old trusty exercise bike is still a fantastic way of getting or keeping fit at your own pace.

That bike you purchased five years ago has been gathering dust up in the attic or down in the basement for the past, well let’s be honest, five years. So, you have decided to invest in a new bike but you need more information as to which is the best to buy. Don’t worry just keep reading.

We have done all the painstaking research for you by finding out the advantages and disadvantages of what we consider to be top ten best stationary bike reviews on the market today.

Our Top Best Home Exercise Bike Recommendations


1 – Merax Pro Fitness Indoor Cycling Trainer

This model is one the best affordable exercise bikes on the market today. It certainly looks the part in a stylish and striking black and yellow finish. The bike has a 30lbs solid chrome flywheel for peace of mind stability with felt pads for adjustable pressure resistance.

You will keep motivation thanks to the LCD monitor which has all the standard displays such as, distance, speed, time, calories and scan.

Most users find this bike comfortable to ride thanks to its wide padded black leather seat which can be easily moved forwards, back, up or down.

The pedals come with toe cages and straps which help to keep your foot secure during use. It also has a chain driving mechanism which means it is longer lasting

If you need to move the bike into another room then fear not because it has translation wheels fitted to it.

The maximum user weight limit for this model is 275lbs.

  • Comes with toe cages and pedal straps.
  • Looks the part in striking black and yellow design.
  • Very comfortable to ride due to having a leather padded seat.
  • Chain driving system for longer durability.

  • Some users found the bike difficult to assemble due to poor instructions provided.



2 – Xspec Foldable Stationary Upright Exercise Bike

We all want to purchase the best exercise bike that fits our needs and our own personal budget. This model benefits from having a heavy-duty steel frame and large seat that will be welcomed by all users thanks to it being vertically adjustable.

This unit has an easily adjustable resistance knob and the continues level tension control system means it is easy to switch between difficult and easy workouts.

The Hand Pulse Monitor helps you keep track of your heart rate during use as well as all the standard displays such as: speed, time, calories and distance. The dual action handlebars have user safety in mind. This bike also has counterweighted pedals with adjustable foot straps.

You can easily move this bike around due to it being foldable for storage and it is also fitted with transportation wheels. The maximum user weight on this model is up to 220lbs.

  • Easy to store away after use as it folds up and has transportation wheels.
  • Made from heavy-duty steel with a large comfortable seat.
  • Counterweighted pedals with adjustable foot straps.

  • This bike may be a bit tricky for some people to put together despite coming with assembly tools.



3- ProGear 100S Indoor Training Cycle

If you want to feel like you are riding a road bike indoors then this is the machine for you. This ProGear 100S Indoor Training Cycle is Chain Driven to help give the simulation of a road bike exercise. It has a cast iron inertia driven flywheel weighing 22lbs.

It also has Hear Pulse sensors, LCD computer screen displaying, time, speed, distance, calories, pulse and scan.

Users describe this bike as comfortable to ride thanks to the 4-way seat adjustment system. The bike has an easy to use dial tension system for different levels of workouts.

With safety paramount to users they will be glad that it comes fitted with a top down emergency brake.

The user weight limit on this model is 250lbs and the measurements are L40  x W22 x H46 inches and weight is 59.7 pounds.

  • Simulation of a road bike exercise due to being Chain Driven.
  • Emergency braking system.
  • 4-way adjustable seat system to suit all users.

  • It may be difficult to move from room to room as it hasn’t got transport wheels.



4 – Marcy ME 709

The Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike could prove a good option to buy if you are just starting off on your road to increased fitness. It has 8-difficulty resistance levels to help you work out in a comfortable reclining position.

The step-through design will be a bonus for most users, especially those with reduced mobility. It has a small display screen which shows you the speed, calories used, time and distance. The adjustable foam seat is comfortable and the handlebars are covered with a good quality form for easier grip.

Safety has been thought of when designing the pedals to be weighted and counterbalanced with safety foot straps. The bike also comes with transportable wheels that make it easy to move from room to room.

The user weight limit on this bike is 300lb and the dimensions are L55.5 x W25 x H37.5 inches. This comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years.

  • The walk-through design is a stand-out feature.
  • Foam seat and handlebars help with comfort and grip.
  • Pedals come with safety strap.

  • Some assembly of this bike is required which some users find tricky.
  • The display screen is small on this model.



5 – Exerpeutic 1000 High Capacity Magnetic Recumbent

Recumbent bikes are very popular with people with mobility issues and this model may just tick all the boxes when it comes to ease of use. Firstly, it has the all-important step-through design for easy access on and off the machine.

The smooth cranking system on this model gives the user a smooth and consistent pedaling motion which is helped by having a well-balanced flywheel.

With safety in mind this bike comes equipped with extended leg stabilizers to prevent the user from tipping the bike over. The bike has been designed with larger pedals and safety strap which helps keep the foot secure during use.

It also comes with a large oversized cushioned seat, which is easy to adjust and back rest for total comfort.

The large LCD monitor displays the distance, time, scan and heart rate monitor, calories used and speed of use. The user also has a Hand Pulse monitor to help them stage within the heart rate zone target. The bike also has an 8-level system setting to allow you to set your own tension level.

Moving this unit from room to room is easy due it having transportable wheels. The user weight capacity is up to 300lbs. The measurements of this product are as follows: L54 inch x W22 inch x H34inch and weight is 63lbs.

  • The walk-through design is of great benefit to most users with mobility issues.
  • The larger seat which is easy to adjust will help most users.
  • Safety straps on the larger design pedals.
  • Transportable wheels.
  • Larger than usual LCD display monitor.

  • This model may be a little too basic for some more seasoned riders.


6 – BodyCraft SPX Club

If you are looking to purchase the best stationary exercise bike then maybe you need to consider the BodyCraft SPX Club bike. This model is at the high-end price range but it oozes quality.

The indoor training bike is built with a heavy duty chassis and powder coating for protection. It is said that the heavier the flywheel is the better the bike performs. Well this model has a 46-pound flywheel which has been designed to be weighted for higher inertia giving it outstanding performance.

The machine also benefits from having bearings that are SKF sealed (made in Germany) and ribbed automotive belt.

It has the makings of quality written all over it when you consider it has a stainless-steel seat post which is micro adjustable and aluminum pedals with foot straps.

You can be assured to workout in comfort with a high-quality saddle. It also has French-made Hutchinson 5PK V-ribbed auto belt and friction brake which is patented and comes with an adjustable safety dial. This allows you to ride at high-intensity.

The user weight capacity is 300-pound and the bike weighs 127 pound and measures W24 x H47 x H43 inches. There is a manufacturer’s warranty which is as follows: lifetime on the frame, two years’ labor, 90-days on wearing parts, and five years on parts.

  • High-quality performance due to the 46-pound flywheel.
  • Comfortable workout due to the bike being fitted with a high-quality Velo saddle.
  • The overall design and look of this bike scream quality.
  • Easy to move due to transportable wheels.
  • Lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on the frame of the bike.

  • This bike may be out of a lot of user’s price range for home use.


7 – Sunny Health & Fitness SF-B1423C

This model is again made by Sunny Health & Fitness who seem to be well versed in making quality home fitness equipment to give the buyer the chance to own the best compact exercise bike.

This machine has a 40lb flywheel with chain drive mechanism which helps when trying to achieve that smooth, quiet and hassles free workout.

Made from a heavy duty steel frame which is very sturdy and allows you to workout at maximum effort. The LCD monitor displays the time, distance, speed and calories which helps you get the most out of your individual performance.

There is an adjustable resistance system with press down breaking mechanism which is suited to all individual needs.

You can be assured to ride in comfort thanks to the adjustable handlebars and the seat comes with high-quality padding. The seat adjusts fully to each user and the bike benefits from having a built in bottle holder which comes in handy.

Moving the unit from room to room is easy as it has transportable wheels. The maximum user weight for this bike is 265lbs and has an adjustable inseam height max of 36 inches with the minimum being 27 inches.

When you buy this bike, you are backed with a manufacturer 3-year warranty on the structural frame and a 90-day warranty on other parts.

  • Comes with a 3-year warranty on the structural frame and 90-days on other parts.
  • Is very easy and comfortable to use.
  • Easy to move from room to room due to coming with transportable wheels.

  • Some users may find the seat hard to adjust.


8 – Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike

The standout feature about this bike is that it can be folded up with ease and easily stored away until you want to use it again. This is very practical for someone who has limited space in which to keep an exercise bike. It also has transportable wheels.

This model is fairly comfortable to use due to it having a large cushion seat which is easily adjustable to fit most people. When the screws and bolts have been tightened to the correct level this machine is fairly free of any unwanted noise during use.

A hand pulse monitor is fitted on to this bike to test your heart rate during use.

There is an eight-level magnetic tension control system which allows the rider to easily adjust the tension level to the best workout that suits them.

If you decide this is the bike for you then please be aware that it performs best on the hard flat surface and the has a user weight capacity of up to 300lbs.

The product weight and size dimensions are as follows: 42.8 pounds and 31L x 19W x 46H inches.

  • Foldable bike meaning it is easy to store away after use.
  • Hand pulse monitor that tests your heart rate.
  • Eight-level magnetic tension control system.

  • Some users may find that the pedals are too far forward on this bike. It can feel like you are always over stretching.



9 – Schwinn MY16 230 Recumbent Bike

For people with reduced mobility it is highly likely that they will be looking to buy the best recumbent exercise bike on the market that suits their needs and budget. Well the Schwinn MY16 230 Recumbent Bike is proving a popular choice with many buyers.

This model lets you upload your fitness progress with a wide range of tracking fitness apps. It also has a USB charging port and PM3 compatibility which allows the rider to listen to music of their choice via the console speaker.

The seat on this model bike has a lumbar support backrest and a contoured and ventilated seat which helps to provide a comfortable and cool workout.

With limited mobility in mind the bike has a sturdy walk-through frame for easier access which will be a vital feature for some buyers.

The high-speed, high inertia drive system provides easy start-up and noise free workouts which are smooth and comfortable.

The seat is easy to adjust due to having a rail slider mechanism. You simply move the lever to fit the level that you need. The padded handlebars with built-in heart rate sensors, all are positioned very well for easy access.

The onboard screen system helps to maximize visibility to programs and any goals you may have set for yourself.

The big advantage of this bike is that you can transfer your data via USB to the SchwinnConnect website and it is also compatible with a whole host of fitness apps.

There is an adjustable three-speed fan along with 20 resistance levels for wide-ranging workout levels and 22 preset exercise programs. There are two user profiles to ensure that each user has their own setup for goal setting.

There is an integrated bottle holder and again this model comes with transportable wheels so that it is easy to move from room to room.

The manufacturer’s warranty on this bike is as follows: 10-year frame, 2-year mechanical, 1-year electrical and 90-days labor.  The user weight capacity stands at 300lbs and the dimensions for this bike are as follows: 64W x 27D x 50H inches.

  • Sturdy walk-through frame for easier access.
  • Lumber supported backrest seat.
  • Easy to use with integrated USB to enable to access a whole range of fitness apps and the SchwinnConnect website.
  • Transportable wheels make it easy to maneuver the bike from room to room.

  • Some users over a certain height have complained they find this bike hard to pedal.



10 – Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer

If you are looking to buy the best home exercise bike then maybe this indoor cycle trainer will suit your needs.

This bike is perfect for use in your home or office thanks to it being quiet and smooth to ride due to having belt drive mechanism. This model has a flywheel at 49lbs and steel frame which is heavy duty.

The bike has a fully adjustable seat and handlebar in addition to having adjustable resistance with a press down brake mechanism. The unit comes with bottle holder and pedal straps.

One of the main advantages you will find if you decide to purchase this machine is that is very easy to move from room to room thanks to having transportable wheels.

This unit has a maximum user weight of 275lbs and an adjustable inseam height of 40 inches max and 29 inches min.

  • The bike is easy to move due to being fitted with transportable wheels.
  • Very smooth flywheel and quiet when in use.
  • Easy to use and sturdy to ride.

  • Some users may find the pedal straps a bit on the small side.



What Features You Need To Focus On

Best Bike To Buy For Someone With Mobility Issues

Well this is fairly straightforward. If you have mobility issues then a recumbent bike is definitely the market you should be looking at. A step-trough designed recumbent model would make access on and off the bike easier. The Schwinn MY16 230 Recumbent Bike seems the best exercise bike option on the market.

Digital Screen Controls

We all like an LCD screen display and the more it displays the better. If it is compatible with different fitness apps then you are half way to finding the perfect bike. Again, the Schwinn MY16 230 Recumbent Bike seems to be the best in this area as it has a USB connection as well.

Height And Weight Capacity

Each bike has different weight limits and this could be important to you if you are larger than average. The maximum weight capacity on the bikes featured in this article is 300lbs. If you are heavier than that you will likely have to look for professional gym suitable equipment.

Number Of Resistance Levels

The number of resistance levels could prove a factor to some buyers but much depends on the level of fitness you want to achieve. It is usually found that the high difficulty levels are more suited to the fitness fanatics among us.


Storage could be a key factor when deciding what model you want to buy. If you live in an apartment with limited space then the capacity to be able to fold the bike away will be important. Most of the bikes featured on this list come with transportable wheels so it makes it easy to move from room to room.



Stationary Bike Benefits To Health And Fitness

The health benefits are obvious to some when buying the best indoor exercise bike. You get your cardiovascular fitness to a higher level when cycling.  It helps to maintain a healthy heart and helps you burn calories. The beauty of using a stationary bike is that it can be used at all times of the day or night.

And it can be easily achieved at home. To lose weight, improve fitness or to bridge those cold winter months, home exercise equipment is essential.

The Top 10 Best Reviews