Top Ten Best Flashlight Reviews

Flashlights have long been used in so many different ways and their practicality essentially comes down to just a few features. But in different situations you might have different requirements for what you are trying to achieve. When you are sitting in a tent on a camping trip, you don’t want to be blinded by a highly focused light beam.

At the same time, if you are trying to find your way outdoors in the dark, then it can be essential to be able to see several hundred feet ahead, to see where you are heading.

Even with these very different circumstances, there are products available that will solve for most situations. To help you with the process of finding something that perfectly suits your needs, we have done some extensive research and summarized those findings in this list of the best flashlight options. If you cannot find what you need on this list then it probably doesn’t exist.

Our Top Best Flashlight Recommendations

#1 - LuxPower Tactical V1000
Good Weather and Water Resistance
  • 5 different light modes
  • Pack includes 2 flashlights
  • Very durable design
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - MalloMe 5000 Tactical LED
Very Tough Tactical Design
  • Great carry case included
  • Light beam focus can be easily adjusted
  • Best small tactical flashligh
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Dorcy 41-2514 Floating Waterproof LED
Waterproof Design
  • Float in water
  • 4 very bright LEDs provide 55 lumens
  • Compact design
4.0 stars out of 5

1. LuxPower Tactical V1000

The final product on this list is another set of two flashlights that are both shock and water-resistant. Whether you need for home emergencies, hiking trips or other outdoor activities, this small and compact design will give you a lot of power.

The 5 different light modes allow you to adapt to different situations. You don’t always need full brightness. In fact, in many situations it can be more blinding than beneficial. With a very simple adjustment, you can quickly change from low to medium power or Strobe and Emergency mode.

The aluminum housing is very tough indeed and you’ll find it quite difficult to cause any major damage to it. Even the on/off button at the back is designed to make sure that water doesn’t enter the casing and cause damage. That way, rain, snow or other water splashes will not result in lasting damage.


  • Pack includes 2 flashlights
  • Good weather and water resistance
  • 5 different light modes
  • Very compact design makes it ideal for hiking
  • Very durable design will stand up to tough conditions


  • Not the brightest product
  • Requires AAA batteries that are not included

2. MalloMe 5000 Tactical LED

This is a fully featured tactical flashlight with some of the toughest design features on this list. Whether in a busy workshop or on an adventure hiking trip, this product will take a lot of hits. But that doesn’t come at the price of being heavy and unpractical.

With 500 lumens of brightness, the built in LEDs will last up to 150,000 hours. That is an awful long time and you will likely take years before you reach the end of its life. Compared to traditional bulbs this will save you a lot of money over the years. And, LED lights are a lot more difficult to break down through knocks and rough conditions.

You’ll be able to charge it with many different outputs, including USB, A/C and even in your car. You’ll practically find a power source to charge this item anywhere you are. Whether you’re broken down on the side of the road or on a camping trip with a backup power source, you’re not likely to be left in the dark.


  • Best small tactical flashlight
  • Very tough tactical design
  • Power socket, car and USB charger included
  • Light beam focus can be easily adjusted
  • 500 Lumen provides very bright light and 150,000 hours of life span
  • Great carry case included


  • Size is a little bit small

3. Dorcy 41-2514 Floating Waterproof LED

If you are going to be using a flashlight around water a lot then this is one of the best options you can go for. It is not just waterproof, but it also has a design that makes it float when it hits the water.

For camping/hiking trips and fishing adventures, this can be a truly innovative solution. If you happen to drop the light by accident near water, then you know you’ll be able to retrieve it easily without losing it to the bottom of a river or lake.

You won’t have a huge beam of light, so don’t buy this expecting something that can be used as a search light. But for small jobs when light conditions aren’t great this will work perfectly well. It even includes a hook on the end so that you can safely attach it to backpacks or other equipment around you.


  • Waterproof design makes it float in water
  • 4 very bright LEDs provide 55 lumens
  • Convenient clip on the end to easily hook onto a bag or belt
  • Batteries will last for about 8 hours
  • Compact design gives about 120 feet light beam


  • Very narrow light beam
  • No batteries included

4. HeroBeam LED Lantern

Another excellent product with excellent customer satisfaction is the HeroBeam. There are essentially 2 products included, one being a torch and the other a lamp style. The light is perfect for camping trips where it will easily light up a tent in all directions with a soft light that isn’t blinding. But it’s also ideal for workshops or doing some repairs on your car.

The base of the lamp has a flashlight built in so that you can quickly use it to shine a spot at specific object. The whole unit collapses into a very small package so that it won’t take up much space when not in use.

With a water-resistant design up to IPX4 you will be able to easily use it in heavy rain without running into problems. It’s not quite as much as being usable under water. But it is ideal for camping, fishing and emergency use.

And if you have any concerns about it lasting long enough then you can rest assured with a 5-year warranty.


  • Dual function as lantern or flashlight
  • Ideal for workshops and camping trips
  • Water resistant to IPX4 level for tough weather conditions
  • Very compact design makes it ideal for camping and hiking
  • Great 5-year warranty included


  • Flashlight is not the brightest
  • Batteries not included

5. MountainDrive Floodlight

This MountainDrive product is heavy duty and sturdy with almost 1200 lumens of brightness. That makes it a pretty industrial product ideal for use as a search light and we would designate this to be the best high lumen flashlight. It is made of lightweight aluminum alloy to make it very hard wearing for all types of tough conditions.

If you need something for emergency preparedness then you will find it difficult to get a better model at this price range. The batteries are rechargeable and included, and you have multiple ways to plug it in. Either use the USB charger or plug it into the AC power supply. And there is even a car charger included, so that you can have it as a backup light source if you ever break down.

There is a strap included so that you can just throw it over your shoulder for safekeeping while not in use. The different light modes allow you to change intensity so that you can quickly adapt to different uses.


  • Best brightest flashlight
  • Rechargeable batteries included
  • Can be charged in car, power socket or USB
  • Comes with a convenient strap
  • Light beam can be expanded with zoom
  • Very durable and ideal for home, work or camping use


  • Not suitable to submerge in water
  • Only 3 light modes

6. CloudWave LED Work Light

This is one of the most versatile and convenient work and camping lights on the market. The entire unit can be customized for different holding and standing positions. There is a small hook to hang it, or you can unfold a handle to stand it up at an angle. And if you have some metal surfaces around you then you can use the magnets to simply attach it to them.

With 500 lumens of brightness, it is ideal for pretty much all situations in DIY jobs or on camping or hiking trips. You can easily twist the whole unit so that you get to shine the light right where you need it.

With a very durable and protected design this light will be able to take quite a few knocks. This is something that will regularly happen when you are using it in a workshop or on adventure trips.


  • 500 lumens of bright light make it ideal for the darkest places
  • LED life span of up to 100,000 hours
  • Magnets built in so that you can attach to metal surfaces
  • Convenient hook built in
  • Easily rotating design to get the light where it is needed


  • No lens funnel for directing light to a small point
  • Batteries not included

7. Super Bright Heavy Duty Headlamp

If you need lighting without having one hand tied up with the flashlight, then this headlamp is going to be the ideal solution. The straps can be very easily adjusted to fit your head. And the lights will always be facing the way your head is pointing.

That’s a feature that is ideal if you need it for doing stuff that requires both hands. This can be tough hiking conditions or some DIY jobs you are doing in dark places.

The great thing about this model is that it comes with rechargeable batteries included. They will last a long time and will provide a light beam that will extend up to 600 feet. Once the batteries run low you can really easily plug them into a USB charger.

With multiple LED sources, you can adjust the light intensity. That way you can modify it to your surroundings to avoid blinding yourself or others.


  • Easily attaches to your head
  • Very comfortable to wear, makes it ideal for hiking
  • Rechargeable battery included
  • Up to 600 feet light beam with main LED
  • Charging over USB


  • Only 3 light modes
  • Takes some getting used to

8. GearLight LED Tactical

The S1000 is a truly powerful flashlight for such a small package and one of the best tactical flashlight products. It will light up objects up to 1,000 feet away by using the very convenient zoom focus function. You can also quickly switch between 5 different light modes which will change the intensity of the light.

The pack includes 2 flashlights which is great if you need a backup on camping trips or just want to have them in different places in your house for convenient access. Especially for camping trips, you could be exposed to weather conditions or even drop a flashlight in water. This model is water resistant, and it will take quite a lot to damage it with liquids.

There is also a very handy holster included that you can attach to a belt or a backpack. This makes it great for DIY jobs or hiking trips where you might need easy access to it.


  • Pack of two for multiple uses
  • Bonus holster included
  • Adjustable focus with 5 light modes
  • Light up objects up to 1,000 feet away
  • Can be temporarily submerged in water
  • Best tactical LED flashlight


  • No batteries included
  • Not the most powerful

9. iCoostor T6 Handheld LED Torches

Another very convenient and robust option for hiking and camping is this iCoostor product. You will be able to easily trigger the 5 different light settings and there is a really easy to adjust focusing scale on the front housing. Simply pull it out to create a much more focused light beam if you want to light up something further away.

The package will include two flashlights, which is great to place several of these around your home. Or to have a couple stored in different backpacks when on a hiking trip. You will also not have to worry about it being exposed to rain or other liquids as it is certified to be medium scale water resistant. That means short periods in water or longer exposure to splashes.

It is priced very reasonably and so you could even buy a couple of these for your family to have access to if there are power cuts or when you are out camping.


  • Zoom feature easily triggered by pulling front housing
  • Water resistant for medium exposure to liquids
  • 5 different light modes
  • Pack includes two flashlights
  • Very compact design ideal for camping and hiking


  • Not suitable for underwater use
  • Batteries not included

10. DreamMaster Led 2 Pack

This duo pack of flashlights is a great option if you need something small and convenient for use around the home. It is also excellent for camping and hiking trips as it is very light weight and small. Last thing you want is bulky gear when you have to carry it around a lot.

This model can easily be switched between different light modes that give you control over the brightness as well as the ability to switch to strobe and SOS mode. In addition to that, you’ll be able to easily adjust the light beam focus by using the zoom function. This is achieved by adjusting the front lens forward and backwards.

You will be able put this out to quite some testing conditions and it will take a lot of knocking and even water exposure. It’s not intended to be used under water, but any rain and temporary exposure to liquids will not do much damage. This is one of the best small flashlight products on this list.


  • 5 different light modes
  • Small design to fit in your pocket
  • Water resistant
  • Very light weight, makes it ideal for hiking trips
  • LED bulbs with lifespan of 100,000 hours


  • Batteries not included
  • Only available in one color

What Features You Need To Focus On

Comparing different flashlights can be very difficult when you look at marketing material. One company will refer to lumens, while another just looks at the light beam distance. And then you find different specifications for water resistance which can make everything very confusing.

To help with this, we have put together a list of features that most people will want to focus on. Avoid falling for marketing speak and just focus on facts, and you’ll have a great basis to make a decision on.

Size And Weight

Flashlights come in many different sizes, and usually larger means heavier. You can find products that are barely larger than your hand, while at the same time there are options for professional searchlights that have designated carrying handles.

Your choice will depend on how much space you have to store it. On a hiking trip space and weight are limited, so you’ll want something small. But for home emergency use, you’ll probably want something bigger and more versatile.


How much light is emitted is generally specified in terms of lumens. 1 lumen is equivalent to the light output of 1 standard size candle. This is a good measure to compare different products, but it doesn’t really tell you whether it will solve your problem. For searchlights, it would be more important to look at the distance the focused beam can travel. While in a workshop it might be more important to focus on a multi-directional lamp.


Water Resistance

This is where you have to be careful. There are different levels of water-resistant ranging from light splashes to full underwater use. Most products will be somewhere in the middle where they can be used in heavy rain. They may even survive being dropped in water, but not for long periods of time. Just make sure you keep that in mind in case you do need something that will work in water.

Battery Usage

The annoying thing is that a lot of companies still ship their products without batteries. And more often than not, they don’t make it that obvious. If you expect to use your chosen product immediately then pay close attention to whether batteries are included, and if they are rechargeable.

Ideally, you want to go for a product that can be easily and quickly recharged. Some of the above recommendations come with car, USB and A/C chargers included, and they are extremely convenient in all types of situations.

It’s also wise to keep a backup set of batteries, especially if you are preparing for any type of emergency situations. The above list has great recommendations for the best rechargeable flashlight.

Light Modes

Traditionally you would have found flashlights only had an on and off switch. But with some clever technology you will now find that they come with multiple different modes. This will usually include low to high brightness so that you can adapt to different situations.

For emergencies, like a car breakdown you can also find settings for strobe, where the light will flash on and off at a very regular interval. And on some models, you will also find an SOS setting, where essentially the SOS Morse code is automatically transmitted. This can be great to help you in outdoor emergencies to alert people that might be a long distance away.

Life Span

Another feature to look out for is the quality of LED lights. First of all, you should avoid anything that uses traditional light bulbs, as these do not last long enough and use up a lot of battery power. LED lights are far more efficient, don’t get hot and will last a very long time.

As a guidance, any indication of 100,000 hours of use or more is a good number, but you will find some high-end products that will last up to 150,000 hours. Let’s do some quick calculation to put that in perspective. If you used your flashlight for an average of 5 hours every day, then you would get 20,000 days out of the LEDs. That is equivalent to almost 55 years. Probably longer than most people expect.


At this stage, you should be fully equipped to make a decision with all the knowledge and info needed to avoid buyer’s remorse. You know what features to focus on and you have seen 10 fantastic products for different types of uses and budgets on the list of best led flashlight recommendations.

Whether you are heading on an adventure-hiking trip for a long weekend, or you just need to prepare for hurricane or tornado season, you’ll find products to do the job and give you the results you need. And the good thing is that you won’t break the bank with any of the recommendations you have read about here.

The Top 10 Best Reviews