Top Ten Best Gaming Laptop Reviews For 2018

If you are big into gaming then you know how difficult it can be to get the exact right equipment. Not only do you need a good gaming mouse or gamepad, you mainly have to make sure that you’ll have the computing power. That can be relatively easy to do for a desktop computer.

But what do you do if you want to be more mobile?

Laptops have not always been great solutions. Their size usually meant they have to compromise a lot when it comes to raw power for processing, memory and graphics. However, modern technology has caught up and you now have some fantastic options.

On this page, you will find a list of ten products that will suit all types of budget. If you have extreme needs for power, you’ll find what you are looking for. If you have a low budget, we’ll still give you enough power to take gaming on the road.

So, what is the best laptop for gaming?

Top 10 Recommendations For Best Gaming Laptops

We have done some extensive research to try and come up with a list of the best gaming laptops currently available. Through months of research we can now bring you all the info you need on the ten best products for gaming enthusiasts.

#1 - Eluktronics P650HS-G VR Ready 15.6″
Extremely fast GamePlay
  • i7 quad core processor and 16GB RAM
  • List 8GB Nvidia card for extreme graphics performance
  • High speed network connections for online gaming
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - CUK HP Omen 17 Gamer Laptop
Extremely Fast Graphics
  • 17 inch high speed screen supports Full HD
  • 16GB RAM for graphic intense gaming
  • i7 quad core processor
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Dell Gaming Laptop 15.6-Inch
Great Value For Money
  • Stays cool with less annoying fan noises
  • 256GB SSD
  • i5 processor and 8GB RAM
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Eluktronics P650HS-G VR Ready 15.6″

You may not have heard of this brand so much in the media. But that doesn’t mean their devices will not deliver. This is one of their top of the range models and you basically will not get a computer from Eluktronics that is not designed for high frame rate online gaming.

The 120Hz display provides full HD video, which is more than enough to give you graphics results you’re used to on a desktop. This is helped by the 8GB dedicated graphics chips and high-speed data access on a solid state drive.

To connect to online communities and join the action across the Internet you’ll be able to connect to the fastest LAN and Wi-Fi points so that you never suffer data loss. The only bottleneck will be the speed of your Internet provider.

Overall this is an extremely well performing computer that will help you stay in the action when you are not at home.


  • 120Hz 5ms screen ideal for extremely fast game play
  • i7 quad core processor and 16GB RAM
  • 8GB Nvidia card for extreme graphics performance
  • 1TB hard drive plus 256 GB SSD for fast access to data
  • High speed network connections for online gaming



  • Generates quite a bit of heat
  • Some light bleeding in corners

    2. CUK HP Omen 17 Gamer Laptop

    HP are one of the leading makers of computers and office accessories, so you know you will be getting something that is well designed. With the Omen 17 you have a mid-price range product that comes with some pretty spectacular specs.

    With 16GB of RAM and an i7 quad core processor you have enough power to give you the highest frame rates in WoW and similar. At this price level, you even get a 128GB solid state drive. When you install your operating system and games on this, you will see lightning fast start up times.

    And all the extremely fast graphics are presented on a full HD 17 inch display. If you like big screens and fast frame rates then this is the product for you. It even comes with a cool backlit keyboard so you can enhance your experience in a dark room.


    • 17 inch high speed screen supports Full HD
    • 16GB RAM for graphic intense gaming
    • 128 GB SSD storage for high speed data access
    • i7 quad core processor ideal for online multi-player gaming
    • 4GB NVidia card supports very high frame rate game settings


    • SSD upgrade not easy
    • Graphics card could be more powerful

    3. Dell Gaming Laptop 15.6-Inch

    This Dell product is definitely one of the best ones you’ll get for the money. In this price range, you will struggle to find better specs. It might only have an i5 process, but combined with 8GB of RAM you will be able to push up the quality and frame rate on many of your favorites.

    It also has 256GB of SSD storage. That means you can keep your Windows and game-installations on a very fast drive. And that will hugely reduce the amount of time it will take to launch them.

    Surprisingly this Dell product has a quite decent monitor built in. It is bright which helps if there is any glare. And it has good viewing angles. That can help with multiplayer parties where others might want to see what’s on your screen.

    Our conclusion is that if you are on a limited budget then this is the best cheap laptop for gaming. It will give you enough power to increase frame rates to an acceptable level. And your overall playing experience will be pretty decent.


    • Great value for money
    • i5 processor and 8GB RAM provide pretty good gaming frame rates
    • 256GB SSD gives very fast access to data
    • 6 inch anti-glare screen with really good viewing angles
    • Stays cool with less annoying fan noises


    • Speaker quality isn’t great
    • Display backlight tends to bleed at corners
    • Matte finish shows smudges and finger prints easily

    4. MSI GT72 Dominator G-831 17.3″

    At the mid-price range this notebook truly is a Dominator. With a massive 17 inch display you won’t find a bigger screen and certainly not at this price. It has the latest i7 technology and a massive 16GB of RAM. That will definitely allow you to pump up the frame rate.

    What is also outstanding is that even at full throttle the heat distribution is great. You won’t constantly hear fans buzzing that can just become distracting. And if you have it on your knees then it can also become very uncomfortable.

    The only thing this lets down on is that it only comes with 128GB SSD. You can buy an upgrade, but many other models now come with 256GB as standard.


    • Great value for money
    • i5 processor and 8GB RAM provide pretty good gaming frame rates
    • 256GB SSD gives very fast access to data
    • 6 inch anti-glare screen with really good viewing angles
    • Stays cool with less annoying fan noises


    • Speaker quality isn’t great
    • Display backlight tends to bleed at corners
    • Matte finish shows smudges and finger prints easily

    5. Eluktronics Pro-X P650HS-G Ultra Performance VR Ready

    Not everyone can afford a 17-inch model. And not everyone wants to carry around such massive notebooks. The absolute best 15 inch gaming laptop on the market is the Pro-X from Eluktronics. It literally has everything you could possibly need now and into the future.

    Virtual Reality is making some serious advances and this notebook comes ready for connecting the latest VR headsets.

    It has an amazing 1TB of SSD which means that all your data and apps will load at lightning speed. You won’t believe how much of a difference that will make. With the latest i7 CPU and 8GB of dedicated graphics memory you can run anything at full power.

    With all the features, you’d think it will be heavy and bulky. But that could not be further from the truth.


    • Powerful i7 quad core processor ideal for heavy duty gaming
    • 16GB RAM allows for high frame rates
    • 3 inch wide screen display for better viewing experience
    • High speed networking for better online playing
    • Very quiet fans for less noise distraction


    • SSD storage could be better
    • Some light bleeding on screen
    • Sound quality could be better

    6. Acer Aspire E5-575G-53VG 15.6-Inch Full HD

    Another great entry level notebook is this Acer Aspire. It doesn’t pack all the power of some of the more expensive ones. But you can’t really expect that. At the same time, the i5 processor and 8GB of RAM will give you some really decent graphic speeds.

    It also has a great amount of SSD storage with 256GB. If you need some bigger screen playing then you can simply connect it up to a HD display over the built-in HDMI port.

    This notebook makes a great companion to a dedicated gaming desktop. For the times when you are away from home you’ll still be able to get some really good frame rates to keep you going.


    • Latest i7-7700HQ quad core provides great frame rates
    • 8GB Nvidia card with G-sync support for VR graphics
    • 1TB SSD drive provides amazing data access speeds
    • Pretty light for such big features
    • Great heat management avoids any overheating


    • Some light bleeding at the corners of the screen
    • Full HD not at 120 Hz

    7. The Razer Blade 14″ HD

    This Razer gaming laptop was specifically designed for the popular games like World of Warcraft and Halo. You can even get going with the latest VR technology by connecting up a designated VR headset. This makes it really future proof.

    It has an amazing 16GB NVidia graphics card and that will give you some serious power. If you’re into Halo and the likes then this machine will allow you to ramp up the frame rate full speed.

    What is great is that all this power comes in such a small and lightweight product. At just about 4 lbs you will struggle to believe how they fit all that in there. The only downside is that it only has a 14 inch display.


    • VR ready to step into a virtual world
    • 16GB Nividia for powerful graphics performance in HD
    • Very lightweight aluminum constructions
    • i7 quad core helps the most demanding processing requirements
    • 512GB SSD storage is largest on this list


    • Relatively small display
    • Can get a bit hot

    8. Acer Predator Helios 300

    If you want a bit more than the really cheap notebook features then this Acer one will give you enough for powerful graphics experiences. 6GB of graphics memory and 16GB of RAM will provide enough power for the most demanding players.

    If you want the latest i7 technology then this is one of the cheapest options available. And the graphics system will allow you to connect up some VR headsets as well. Those are some very good specifications that will keep you playing practically anywhere.

    Both LAN and Wi-Fi connections are very high speed and will allow for online multi-player action that will not let you down.


    • One of the cheapest i7 processor laptops
    • 6GB dedicated graphics memory ideal for high frame rates
    • 16GB RAM makes process intensive apps easy
    • Virtual reality ready
    • Cool keyboard design


    • Battery doesn’t last long
    • Screen isn’t very bright

    9. Lenovo Legion Y520

    For business use Lenovo notebooks have long been a trusted product. Now you can take advantage of the same engineering skills to give your gaming experience a huge boost. With this product, you will enjoy a few extra features over the most entry level ones.

    First of all, you will notice that it is very thin and light. For a notebook in this price range that is not very common. And then you get some pretty good power behind it all. With an i5 processor, 8GB RAM and 4GB dedicated graphics memory you will be able to increase graphic qualities and frame rates quite a bit.

    Of all the cheaper to mid-price products this probably has the best sound quality, which is hard to achieve when you have limited space for speakers. Overall this is a very solid choice by a very experienced manufacturer.


    • i5 processor gives good performance for online gaming on the go
    • 4gb graphics memory and 8GB RAM for good frame rates
    • 256GB SSD gives plenty of fast storage
    • Great weight at under 6lbs and very thin
    • Pretty good quality sound


    • Slightly dull display
    • Touchpad takes getting used to

    10. Dell Inspiron 15.6″ Full HD

    Finally, we bring you another very affordable dell gaming laptop that will even give you full HD video quality. The default configuration gives you an i7 processor, but only 8GB of RAM. That can be upgraded to 32GB for an extra cost, which might be worth the investment right at the start.

    It also includes a 128GB SSD drive which will give you plenty of space for your Windows installation and favorite games. When they are installed on this disk you will see some incredibly fast startup and loading times.


    • Great value for i7 quad core processor
    • 128GB SSD drive great for boot times and games
    • 8GB RAM with support for up to 32GB
    • 4GB video memory gives great frame rates


    • Sound quality isn’t great
    • Fan turns on a lot

    What Features You Need To Focus On

    From the best cheap gaming laptop to high end devices, there are certain features to always focus on. Marketing materials can often add confusion. But if you focus on the below items then you will make sure that you get the best gaming experience for your budget.

    RAM And Graphics Memory

    When you want to achieve high frame rates and image or video quality then it mainly comes down to high speed memory. The more graphic intense your requirements are the faster and bigger that memory needs to be. But this always comes at a cost. So, you’ll have to weigh this up against your budget. However, the one area to start spending money on is memory.

    Processing Power

    The next important factor is the CPU you choose. All data processing will happen here, and the more advanced the processor is the better frame rates you will achieve. Keep in mind though, that a processor is only as good as the size and speed of the supporting memory. It would actually make more sense to go for more memory than a faster processor when considering upgrade options on a limited budget.

    Network Speeds

    If you’re into online gaming then you need fast network connections. The latest Wi-Fi technology is good enough for multi-player action. But in many situations, you will have more reliable results from a LAN connection. Just keep in mind that no matter how fast your computer connectors are, your Internet connection will ultimately dictate the speed you can operate at.

    Screen Size

    The bigger the screen the more detail you will see. You can get anything from 14 to 17 inch displays, but more important than the size is the quality. For high end requirements, you really want a screen that supports Full HD and is extremely bright with very little light bleeding effects. That is generally easier to find with a 15.6 inch display.

    You can always make sure you have a HDMI connector and attach a dedicated large external screen.

    Top Category Recommendations

    There are three main categories that a lot of people have asked us to give a recommendation on. If you have a limited budget or require a very specific screen size then here are 3 options to consider.

    Best Gaming Laptop Under 1000 Dollars

    The best gaming laptop under 1000 bucks is the Dell Inspiron 15.6″ Full HD. Despite having a very affordable price tag you will get an i7 processor and 8GB of RAM. That is plenty to satisfy some pretty good frame rates. And you can enjoy full HD video quality so even watching movies will be a great experience.

    Dell have a great track record for reliability and feature rich specifications. You won’t get the most stylish and cool designs and materials. But you will get a computer that allows you to take gaming outside your home with very good quality graphics.

    Best 15 Inch Gaming Laptop

    All of our research keeps pointing to the Eluktronics Pro-X as the best machine with a 15-inch display. It has top of the range specifications and the screen quality is excellent. It might be smaller than a 17-inch screen, but the quality far outshines the benefit of having a larger resolution.

    For the times when you do need a big screen you probably want something significantly bigger, maybe even TV size. When those situations come up you can always connect an external display. With this notebook, you will not be left wishing for more.

    Best 17 Inch Gaming Laptop

    If you really have your heart set on the largest possible notebook display then the MSI GT72 Dominator is the ideal choice. This model is specifically designed for the gamer looking for great quality while on the go. If you spend a lot of time away from home then you need something portable and powerful.

    The GT72 does exactly that. It is obviously bulkier and heavier than smaller models. But in no way is it too heavy to carry around. Just make sure you have a comfortable bag and you will hardly notice it.


    In your search for the best gaming laptop you now have a lot of choices. But with all the bad and mediocre products, and the confusing marketing materials, you can quickly make the wrong decision. All the above information should at this stage have guided you to a product that will satisfy your needs and budget.

    From entry level to full spec performance you have a range of choices. And by reducing hundreds of choices down to those on this page you will be in a much better position to avoid a purchase you might regret.

    The Top 10 Best Reviews