Top Ten Hair Straightener Reviews For 2018

Whether you have thick, curly hair and would like to style your hair differently or you want to eliminate frizz, a hair straightener is a great addition to your beauty kit. It’s the perfect beauty tool for that moment when you may be having a bad hair day. While you may love your natural hair, there may be times when you want to change up your style. The best hair straightener for curly hair can help.

If you swear on a hair straightener and use it religiously or you want to invest in one for special occasions, owning a good one can make a world of difference. That sleek, smooth look that you are hoping to attain with the best straightener for hair, is possible. To help you in your search for the ideal solution, we have compiled 10 hair straightener reviews to help you determine which could be best for you.

Each one of the items on our list has features that we consider to be some of the best. From tourmaline to ceramic plates, light displays, automatic-shutoffs, and quick heating, these are top straighteners.

Our Top 10 Best Hair Straightener Recommendations

#1 - PARWIN Pro 1.25 Inch
For Quicker Styling Session
  • It can straighten damp hair
  • The PARWIN is convenient for curly type
  • It is convenient for travel
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - ISHAKO Flat Iron
Very Versatile To Use
  • It works well for all types of textures and styles
  • It's ideal for travel use
  • It is an attractive straightener
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - NEXGADGET Infrared
Unique Design
  • It leaves hair feeling smooth
  • Durable
  • Its long plates are ideal for precision styling
4.0 stars out of 5

1. PARWIN Pro 1.25 Inch

This PARWIN Pro has ionic ceramic tourmaline-infused plates which helps to provide a smooth, frizz-free result. Whether your hair is wet or dry while styling, you can use this flat iron to get a sleek and styled look. With a temperature control of 330 F to 450 F, it works especially well on thick or curly hair.

It heats up in barely any time which means a quicker styling session. If you tend to use yours when you’re in a rush in the mornings then that feature will be important to you.

With its lightweight size, it is easy to carry with you on trips. The long plates won’t pull or clip hair. It is a reliable and affordable flat iron that works well for travel or everyday use. The LED light allows users to remember to turn it off when it’s not in use.


  • It can straighten damp hair
  • The PARWIN is convenient for curly type
  • This flat iron is affordably priced
  • It is convenient for travel


  • Some people will consider the quality to not be that high given the price of this product.

2. ISHAKO Flat Iron

Not only is this flat iron dependable, it’s also beautiful. With dual voltage, it’s convenient for travel use. It is also lightweight and small enough to fit in your travel bag. The temperature range of 140 to 450 F means that it works well on most every type of texture.

The button placement is on the interior to avoid accidental temperature changes during styling. That is something that can quickly happen, especially when you’re in a rush

Its long ceramic plates allow for easy styling, no matter your hair length. That makes it very versatile, and it’s a feature important to many professional stylists.

It’s long swivel cord allows for easy maneuvering. The top-quality ceramic plates help to make this ideal for women with thick, curly hair. It is the best ceramic hair straightener around. While this option is a “god-send” for women with thick hair, it also works well on thin and fine type.

The ceramic plates help to eliminate frizz very effectively. Even a bad style morning can be turned around in a matter of minutes. Ideal for busy women of today.


  • It works well for all types of textures and styles
  • It’s ideal for travel use
  • It is an attractive straightener


  • It doesn’t have a digital display
  • It takes time to get hot enough for thick hair

3. NEXGADGET Infrared

The NEXGADGET is a unique straightener with special infrared technology. It is ideal for those with damaged or colored hair. With its temperature display, it’s easy to control the temperature (up to 450 F) and with a boost button you can enhance the heat. This straightener heats up in around 30 seconds to get you going in a hurry.

With a dependable swivel cord, the NEXGADGET flat iron makes straightening a breeze. If aesthetics matter to you, you will appreciate the sleek black body with red plates. The interior button placement is convenient as they aren’t easy to accidentally press. It also has an automatic shut-off after 60 minutes. Because of its unique design, it is also comfortable to hold while in use.


  • It leaves hair feeling smooth
  • The NEXGADGET is durable
  • It has a long cord that allows for convenient styling
  • Its long plates are ideal for precision styling


  • It isn’t small enough for travel use
  • It doesn’t have dual voltage

4. Natalie Styx Infrared Flat Iron

The Natalie Styx flat iron is unique in both functionality and looks. The large ceramic ionic tourmaline plates make it easy to straighten thick and frizzy type. With a temperature range from 265 to 445 F, it can work well for thin to thick hair. It also has special MCH components which help to leave your hair looking smooth and shinier.

Apart from its convenient heating, the Natalie Styx flat iron has other beneficial features. The universal dual voltage, swivel cord, heat-resistant pouch, and adapter make it great for travel. It works especially well on women who have long and thick hair because of its large plates and heat levels. This straightener also comes with a glove to protect you from heat. Last but not least, the package even comes with clips for quicker and easier styling.


  • This is the best hair straightener for thick hair
  • It has a good temperature range
  • It includes a glove and travel pouch for convenient use


  • Its size makes it awkward to hold
  • It doesn’t work well on wet hair

5. KhairhaiIPOZI Pro Flat Iron

A sleek and pink flat iron, what is there not to love? The KIPOZI adds style to your beauty kit. With temperatures up to 450 F, this is the best hair straightener for thick hair, but also for fine type. The adjustable range of temperature settings make it easy for versatile use. The automatic off function works after 90 minutes, so if you leave it on, it won’t cause damage. Because of its quick heat-up, it straightens hair quickly.

If you like the LCD digital displays on your flat irons, you will appreciate the technology on this model. It also has dual voltage, so go ahead and travel the world with it. Of course, you will be happy to know it also has a safety lock and reliable swivel cord.

Another helpful feature is that the temperature settings have the words “Fragile,” “Damaged,” and “Healthy.” These words help you to know which setting is best for your situation.


  • It works well on thick or curly type
  • The KIPOZI provides quick straightening results
  • This flat iron is affordable
  • The display is reliable and helpful
  • The dual voltage is ideal for travel


  • It may clip your hair during use
  • The materials used are not the most durable

6. Remington S5500

If you love flat irons, you may be familiar with Remingtons. This slim purple beauty is the kind of iron that you want to have in your cosmetics bag. The unique color adds a feminine touch to this functional flat iron.

It has long plates for efficient styling, whether you have short or long hair. The heat-up time is minimal which means you can start straightening as soon as possible. It has an automatic 60-minute shut off time for those times when you may be in a hurry.

One of the best features on the Remington S5500 is its high Turbo Boost temperature that provides a salon-style look. It also has a great swivel cord for easy maneuvering. The cord’s length is also extremely convenient for any place.

To add to this straightener’s attractive features, the LED display allows for easy monitoring. Of course, nothing beats this Remington S5500’s price. It’s one of the most affordable flat irons around.


  • This straightener is lightweight
  • It has long plates for precision styling
  • The Remington heats up quickly
  • It keeps the frizz at bay


  • It often has a funny smell when in use
  • It isn’t as top quality as some others on our list

7. MHU Hair Flat Iron

From the LED display to its button placement, the MHU flat iron is a convenient option. It also has dual voltage, making it ideal for travel use. The ceramic technology used in this MHU product helps to leave your hair smooth and soft.

As what could be considered the best cheap hair straightener, it offers several top features. It doesn’t skimp on temperatures, offering options of up to 450 degrees F. The swivel cord is another benefit for quick and easy straightening and styling.

With its quick heat-up time and convenient long cord, it can be used anywhere and at any time. Because of its short plates, it works better on straight and fine hair. For anyone who wants a small, reliable, and affordable option, this is it. It also has convenient Anion hair massager. Lastly, the sleek black exterior makes for a fabulous addition to your beauty kit.


  • It is highly affordable
  • The MHU iron offers a high temperature range
  • The swivel cord Is convenient
  • It leaves hair feeling smooth, straight, and frizz-free
  • It has dual voltage for travel use


  • It doesn’t straighten as quickly as other options on our list
  • It isn’t very lightweight
  • This isn’t the best option for curly, thick type

8. BeautyWill Hair Straightener Brush

A woman ready to get things done doesn’t have time to wait. This is why the BeautyWill Straightening Brush is convenient for many women. The functionality of its bristles makes it easy to detangle hair while straightening it. The bristles also make the styling experience a gentle and pain-free one.

It has a double anion generator which is beneficial for defusing frizz for a smoother look. Its 360 cord makes it easy to use anywhere and the LED display makes for convenient temperature switching.

With an automatic-shut off after 60 minutes, you can trust it’s a safe option to use. One other safety feature is its leakage protection to keep you safe from electric shocks. The various temperatures provide effective brushing for different hair types.


  • It is an affordable straightener
  • The BeautyWill detangles frizz quickly
  • Its massaging effect helps to keep a healthy look
  • It is an efficient option that straightens quickly


  • You may need a quick touch-up the next day
  • It does not have dual voltage

9. Loplay MCH Heating Ceramic Brush

The heated ceramic brush makes for easy styling in this unique straightener. The anti-scald heated bristles work especially well for detangling. For women with thick or frizzy hair, this feature is highly functional. The fact that it’s a heated brush also saves energy and makes it longer lasting due to the minimized time spent straightening.

The Loplay MCH brush is ideal for women in a hurry. It has adjustable temperatures from 300 F to 400 F, making it ideal for any hair texture. It also has a LED display and it has an automatic shut-off after 30 minutes. As if the above features weren’t enough, it also has a hook for easy storing after use to let it cool off.


  • This ceramic brush is effective for detangling
  • It has a good range of temperature
  • It works quicker than most other devices
  • The Loplay brush leaves your hair feeling smooth and soft


  • The button placement makes it easy to accidentally change temperatures
  • The brush can get very hot and must be used with caution

10. DeroTeno Flat Iron

The sleek white exterior makes this baby look high-tech and aesthetically pleasing. Fortunately, it’s value goes beyond just looks and it’s the best professional hair straightener. Its long plates help for easy styling for long or short hair. Because the DeroTeno straightener has a high range of temperatures, it can work for anyone.

Another highly attractive feature in the DeroTeno ceramic straightener is that it has a safety lock. It also shuts off after 60 minutes should you forget to turn it off. Whether you are a parent or are just concerned about fires or accidents, the DeroTeno is a safe option for you.

Last but not least, the dual voltage makes it the perfect hair straightener for traveling. This is the best rated hair straightener in the best hair straightener reviews and understandably so. From its appearance to its functions, this is one option that may have everything you want.


  • This option is small enough for travel
  • It has versatile temperatures
  • The swivel cord provides comfortable use
  • This DeroTeno is affordably priced
  • It is the best straightener for curly hair


  • It gets very hot and requires caution while in use
  • The company’s customer service is not the best

What Features to Consider Before Buying

When shopping for a hair straightener, you want to take the time to know what will work best for you. From size to temperature, everything matters. And having an idea what you need will help you focus on those specific features, rather then the fancy marketing language.

Following are different features to look for and why they should matter to you. Some or all of these can be important to your personal preferences.


When it comes to finding the perfect straightener, temperature is one of the most important things for you to look for—especially if you have wild and unruly hair. Women with fine hair may appreciate the lower temperatures to avoid damage to their fragile hair. Those with thicker, curlier, or frizzy hair may need to use up to the 400-degree temperatures to ensure smooth results.

As you look for a flat iron, consider the texture of your hair. If you have never used a flat iron before, it can be challenging. Just keep in mind, the thicker and coarser your hair, you’ll need a higher temperature.

Length And Width Of Plates

If you have short or thin hair, you don’t need a very wide or big straightener. A smaller, narrow one will be easier to maneuver. If you have thick or long hair, using a flat iron with wider or longer plates can help you style your hair more quickly.

Types Of Plates

Hair straighteners have three different types of plates: tourmaline, titanium, and ceramic. Ceramic plates are often chosen because they heat up effectively. Whereas other plates have cool spots that cause uneven heating, ceramic plates fully heat hair. For those with frizzy types, ceramic plates are best.

Titanium plates heat up very quickly making them ideal for women who get ready in a hurry. They also stay hot for a long time, so if you have long hair that takes time to style, this is a good option. Tourmaline is also a favorite option because it produces necessary negative ions with less heat. For those with damaged or fine hair, this is an attractive feature.

LED Light Display

While it may not be entirely necessary, the LED light display can help you to stay in control of the temperatures. In flat irons without a display, you may accidentally change the temperature without knowing. This can delay the straightening time.

Dual Voltage

Take it from me, if you are traveling abroad, you will want to use a dual voltage straightener. If not, you can expect to say goodbye to that fancy flat iron you have become attached to. Dual voltage ensures that you won’t burn out your straightener in other countries. It’s the safest way to make sure that your hair stays styled and your flat iron stays alive while on a trip. If you are someone who depends on your flat iron more than life itself, you don’t want a potential burnout while away. Be safe and get one with dual voltage.


Typically, the more pricier options are known to be dependable. Yet, keep in mind that this isn’t always the case. What you should consider are the materials used and the quality of the flat iron. For those shopping on a budget, there are quality straighteners that can be found at more accessible prices. It always helps to read reviews on the flat iron that you are considering, to see what others liked or disliked about it.


The length of the cord matters for many people as they don’t always have a plug near a mirror. It’s easier to style your hair with a mirror, so length helps a lot. On the flip side, a cord that is too long may get annoying to deal with during styling. Swivel cords help make it easier to maneuver the flat iron to ensure full coverage.

Other Things To Consider

Avoid straighteners that have been made from cheap materials. Ones made with paint can end up pulling or clipping your hair which causes damage. If you use your straightener regularly, you may want to find a lightweight one that will be easy to carry. If you are traveling, the length and weight of your flat iron may make a difference. Make sure to check the flat iron before purchasing for gaps in between the plates and body to avoid your hair getting caught or pulled.


Finding out which is the best hair straightener for you is a matter of understanding your texture and needs. From thin and fine hair to curly and thick, what you will need in your flat iron may differ. The above options in our hair straightener reviews are some great affordable flat irons to get you started in your search. They are also all quality and affordably priced options.

Consider the features that most matter to you while shopping. Whether you are looking for one for travel or want to find one that will work on your long hair, knowing your needs helps. Happy shopping!

The Top 10 Best Reviews