Top Ten Best Kitchen Faucet Reviews For 2019 In Modern Style Designs

There are a few things that you add to your kitchen that can make or break the overall look. If you’ve spent a lot of time on a specific look and design, then don’t just pick the next available faucet you can find. Anyone that looks at your kitchen will be drawn to certain areas. And you can quickly make a wrong decision. Focus areas include your cook area and maybe a beautifully integrated refrigerator. The sink area is most certainly one of those focus points. And when you choose a faucet that matches in style and wows in functionality, then a relatively small investment will make a huge difference. The problem is that there are thousands of products out there with a lot of them being less than good choices. To help you out with the process we have done extensive research and have come up with this list of the best kitchen faucet reviews. They are all excellent products and you will just have to pick one that suits your budget and style. So, let’s dive right into it and find out: What is the best kitchen faucet?

Our Top 10 Best Kitchen Faucet Recommendations

#1 - VAPSINT Modern Commercial Pull Down Sprayer
Nice And Simple Design
  • Very easy to install
  • Deck plate included
  • Easy to use
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Purelux Calla Modern Design
Elegant Design
  • 14 inches hose
  • Easy to install
  • High pressure with low water flow
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Sarissa Brushed Nickel Single Handle
Relatively easy installation
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Spray and aerated stream modes reduce splashing
  • Esy to keep clean
4.0 stars out of 5

1. VAPSINT Modern Commercial Pull Down Sprayer

The final product on our review list is this one by Vapsint. It is another one that has the more commercial kitchen style. But at the same time, the company has put a lot of effort into making it look stylish.

Rather than fully retract the hose, this one allows you to pull it down with the spring keeping it balanced and in place when you’re not holding it. There is a small arm that reaches out and can move from side to side. This will secure the nozzle for hands free use without water going everywhere.

The installation process is pretty simple overall. All the materials are included and the instructions are clear enough to make this a DIY job.

The main downside is that the design is over 30 inches high. And for some kitchen layouts that will look a bit out of place. Overall though, this is a great choice with very convenient functionality.


  • Pull down hose can be easily switched between spray and stream
  • Deck plate included
  • Ceramic valve means you won’t have any leaks
  • Very easy installation with included hardware
  • Nice and simple design


  • Total height of over 30 inches might put some people off
  • Some dripping for a short while after turning it off

2. Purelux Calla Modern Design

If you want a unique design then this Purelux product is going to be best modern kitchen faucet you can choose. It has beautiful curves and is very elegantly designed. If you’ve gone for a very modern look in your kitchen then this will feel right at home.

The retractable hose will give you a reach of up to 14 inches. That’s plenty of length to allow you to quickly rinse off pots and dishes from different angles. It will save you a lot of time in the cleanup process. The hose fully retracts into the faucet and this will make sure that it always looks neat and tidy. Just looking at the design, you wouldn’t even know there is a hose included.

Even at low water flow levels it will create enough pressure to make it a very useful tool for cleaning up after meals. The only downside is that the spray mode is a little bit narrow.


  • Very elegant and simple design will work well in all kitchens
  • Retractable hose reaches up to 14 inches
  • Spray and stream modes can be easily switched
  • Very easy installation with simple mounting hardware
  • High pressure with low water flow


  • Spray mode is a bit narrow

3. Sarissa Brushed Nickel Single Handle

The best kitchen pull down faucet with a simple design is this this Sarrissa one. Don’t get us wrong, it’s not simple and ugly. It is simple and very elegant. That makes it a perfect option for practically all styles of kitchens.

The simple look might also make you think that it’s not that fully featured. And at this price you wouldn’t be blamed for that thought. But with a 17-inch retractable hose you will have great flexibility to reach all parts of even large sinks.

Made from stainless steel you won’t have to worry about rusting or other types of staining that can be common in kitchens. And with a simple installation process and all mounting parts included you will have it set up in no time. It’s certainly easy enough to do as a DIY job.

The main downside is that you will have to push the hose back in fully. It doesn’t fully retract by itself, and that can take away from the otherwise nice look.


  • 17 inch reach with hose gives you great flexibility
  • Stainless steel material is very easy to keep clean
  • Spray and aerated stream modes reduce splashing
  • All mounting hardware included
  • Relatively easy installation


  • Spray head is not magnetic
  • Hose has to be pushed back in to fully retract it

4. Avola Lead Free With Pull Out Sprayer

If you’re looking for the most convenience and don’t mind that slight commercial kitchen look, then this Avola model is your best choice. Rather than have a retractable hose, it uses a system that looks just like a spring. This pulls the hose back into place once you are finished.

With the holding arm, you can keep the nozzle in place when needed. Despite having that commercial look, you’ll find that the design is very sleek and will suit a lot of different style kitchens.

The water output can be switched between spray and stream. And with good power you can be sure that the sprayer will do it’s job to rinse off dishes and food.

If you’re planning to install this as a DIY job, then be prepared to face a not so simple job. If you’re experienced, or a plumber then this won’t be so much of a problem.


  • Powerful pressure in both stream and spray mode
  • Very nice sleek design will make a great addition to your kitchen
  • All mounting materials are included
  • Completely lead free brass with brushed nickel
  • Powerful pressure construction reduces chances of problems


  • Not the easiest to install
  • Some people might find the height a bit too much

5. EMBATHRER Brass Kitchen Faucet

This Embathrer product is probably the best faucet for kitchen sink designs that are very modern. With the a very sleek flow and a cool looking valve handle, you will really be bringing something special to your kitchen. Everything about it draws in attention.

To keep the neat appearance, the retractable hose completely hides within the faucet so that you always have that clean and tidy look. For added convenience, the entire unit can swivel 360 degrees. This makes it ideal for large sinks on an island kitchen set up. It will often happen that you are trying to access the sink with large pots. And you don’t want the faucet getting in the way or damaged.

A brilliant feature that you’ll love is the fact that there are not just stream and spray water modes. You can also set it into pause mode, where it stops the flow altogether. If you only have the one hand free then that makes it so much more convenient.


  • Pull down hose is hidden in the faucet for very neat appearance
  • Deck plate and all mountings included
  • 360 degree swivel for great flexibility
  • 3 water modes include spray, stream and pause
  • Elegant design will suit the majority of kitchens


  • Not suitable for 2 inch thick counters

6. Krowne 17-109WL Royal Series

If you need a professional restaurant style product then look no further than this Krowne one. It is wall mounted and consists of a spray hose and separate faucet as well. It will be right at home in any commercial kitchen or very busy homes.

All the exposed areas are made with a chrome finish. This makes it very easy to keep clean and increases hygiene levels.

The installation materials and kit are included, so you don’t have to worry about missing something when it arrives. And the wall mounting is great to give you extra space around the sink.

The extra-long and high hose will give you great reach around the sink area. And as soon as you let go it will spring back to the same position. While it’s ideal for busy and commercial use, most home users will find the height of this not that suitable.


  • Commercial grade product comes preassembled for easy installation
  • Nice chrome finish for added hygiene
  • Ideally suited for busy kitchens with powerful spray
  • Mounting kit included
  • Spring action brings hose back to same height.


  • Too high for most users
  • Bit on the expensive side for home use

7. Hotis Modern Spring

Another great product by one of the best kitchen faucet brands is this modern design one from Hortis. The contemporary design will make this a great addition to a modern kitchen for the style conscious. But it is not just a nice addition to look at.

Functionally it has one of the most standout features on this entire list. The pull down hose will extend for a huge 23-inch reach. That means you can use it with very large sinks, or when you want to reach a pot that is next to the sink.

More reach gives you a lot more flexibility!

With the button on the nozzle head, you can quickly switch between stream and spray. No need to switch something on the actual valve and it can be done one handed. The brushed nickel finish means that you don’t end up constantly having to wipe away water splashes, as they will not cause noticeable staining.

The main downside with this product are that the faceplate is not included, so make sure you add it to your order.


  • Very long pull down hose with a 23-inch reach
  • Easily switch between stream and spray water modes
  • Contemporary design will suit most kitchens
  • Aerated stream reduces all splashing from sink
  • Brushed Nickel means it’s easy to keep clean


  • Face plate not included (make sure you add it to your order)
  • Mains water connection hose can be a bit short

8. LORDEAR SLC16035 Best Antique Single Handle

If you have a limited budget then this Lordear product is the best value kitchen faucet you’ll find. At a very reasonable price, you get all the features you need packed in a beautiful and traditional design. The antique design is ideal for the traditional style kitchen.

With a long pull down hose, you have great flexibility around the sink. Whether you need to fill a pot or rinse off some fruit or vegetables, the water modes will work wonders. At the touch of a button, you can switch between stream and spray. And the spray radius is big enough for good coverage.

Even when you switch to spray mode, you won’t see any significant drop in pressure. This is ideal for cleaning off dirty dishes. Overall, this is a great value for money choice.


  • Long pull down spray hose gives great flexibility
  • 2 modes for stream or spray
  • Extremely good value for money
  • Antique style and brushed nickel make this ideal for traditional style kitchens
  • Great water pressure from the spray function


  • Hose is made of plastic which is to be expected at this price range

9. Delta Faucet 9178-AR-DST Leland

If you have a mid-range budget then you should seriously consider this best kitchen faucet under $200. Compared to many other products it’s a very compact design where the hose retracts into the enclosure. It looks like a traditional one, but has that hidden feature that helps with the cleanup.

The sprayer head can be easily pulled down and when put back in place is held there with a magnet. This means that it will never hang down slightly lose. Most of the time you tend to use the stream water flow. But with a button on the back you can quickly switch to spray function.

If you have hard water then you will like the soft rubber nozzles. Just run your fingers over these occasionally to make sure they remain unblocked. The main complaint some buyers have had is that the instructions are difficult to follow. If you plan to have a plumber install it then you should be fine though.


  • Very compact and stylish design for all types of kitchens
  • Pull down sprayer holds in place with magnetic dock
  • Easy to install system reduces chances of leaks
  • Rubber nozzles are touch clean to remove blockages
  • Easily switch between spray or stream


  • Nozzle head has to be fully pushed in when finished
  • Instructions are not the easiest to follow

10. Kraus KPF-1640SS Modern Nola Single Lever Flex

If you are looking for that perfect centerpiece for your kitchen counter then this Kraus faucet is going to give you just that. It looks absolutely fantastic and works just as well. The pulldown nozzle will allow you to get the water where it is needed making it a lot easier to rinse off dishes.

Similar cheaper products have extendable hoses as well. But this one is held in place with a magnetic dock so that it’s always pointing in the right direction.

And with the silicone nozzles you won’t be plagued with clogging from lime scale. Simply rub the nozzles every few weeks to make sure they are clear. The water flow type is quickly switched from stream to spray. And it’s the spray function that will give you most of the flexibility. With a great coverage area, you’ll be able to clean food and dirty dishes in a matter of seconds.

The only downside is that the stream function is not quite aerated enough. That results in a bit of splashing from the sink.


  • Perfect addition to the modern kitchen
  • Silicone nozzles prevent blockages through lime scale
  • Easily switch between aerated stream and spray
  • Pull down nozzle gives you great flexibility
  • Magnetic docking holds nozzles in place


  • Not quite enough aeration results in some splashing
  • Water flow goes from low to high too fast

What Features To Focus On

When you are looking at any new gadget or product for your home then it can be quickly confusing with all the different options. There are basic ones and then there are high-end commercial products. But more importantly, the same features often are referred to with different marketing terms. To help you through that maze we recommend that you focus your attention on the following features.

Retractable Hose Feature

All of the best kitchen faucet brand options above feature some sort of a hose and spray nozzle head. There are two different types and it will mainly come down to your preference. The most neatly designed ones have a hose that fully retracts into the faucet. This is a very cool solution and it takes up so much less space.

The alternative is to have a pull down hose with a spring. The spring will keep it pulling back to the same position and there is usually a holder that will keep it in position. These are usually the types you would find in commercial kitchens.

Installation Requirements

The most important thing to look at here is whether your chosen product comes with all the hardware needed. This includes pipes, brackets and faceplates. When these are not included they can quickly add to the cost. And more annoying than that, you might receive yours in the post and then have to wait a few days for the kit to be ordered.

Also, ease of installation is very important. If this is a DIY job, then try to find something that has clear and simple instructions. Some options will take more experience and skill, which is best left to a professional plumber.

Water Flow And Pressure

Any best brand of kitchen faucet above have one feature in common. They include a hose that will allow you to switch between different water flow modes. The first one is stream and this is the standard aerated mode that all faucets have. The second is spray where you get a wider, shower like flow. This is ideal for rinsing off dishes and cookware as well as cleaning fruit and vegetables.

A third function would be a pause setting. This is a great way to give you more flexibility when you only have one hand free.

Water pressure is also a very important factor. Don’t confuse this with meaning the amount of water that flows. A truly great design will give you high pressure while at the same time conserving water. It doesn’t have to be one or the other.

Style And Design

This is an extremely important point to focus on. You don’t want to install an antique style product in an ultra-modern layout. And you don’t want a very large model when you have a small kitchen. There really is no single piece of advice that we can give you. But when you look at your own layout and then check out the product images above you should get a good idea. Just try and picture the design in your home and you will quickly get a feel for how well it fits or not.


This concludes our best kitchen faucet reviews and you should now be ready to make a decision. All of the above products are excellent, and the only difficulty you will have is to decide which one will make the most impact in your kitchen.

Yes, there are differences in price. But when you look at the overall cost of your kitchen then it truly is a small investment. Happy shopping!

The Top 10 Best Reviews