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A recent report found that the average person in America spends 13 hours a day sitting down. This time usually broke up between sitting at their office workstation, watching TV and travelling. Whichever way you look at it that is a lot of time sitting down and being practically stationary .

With this in mind it is little wonder that people have become increasingly concerned about the best office chair they use during the working day and indeed during their leisure time.

People are not happy to just accept any spare chair in the office, usually the one with the squeaky wheels. Or the one where the height adjustment lever has broken.  Instead they want comfort, and good support.

Many people are demanding, and rightly so, a more comfortable office chair at work and they are also willing to spend their bucks on a new computer chair for their home.

Like with everything else the market can be overrun with choice and when you have too much choice you can find yourself getting slightly overwhelmed – this often leads to making a poor purchase choice.

Hopefully that will not be the case here as we have researched what we consider to be the top ten best office chairs you can buy. That’s right we have done all the hard work for you. So just make sure you read each review to help you make a better-informed decision as to which office chair best suits you.

Our Top 10 Best Ergonomic Office Chair Recommendations

#1 - Tempur-Pedic 200/250 Series Task Chair
High-tech Spring Technology
  • Outlast cooling technology
  • Made out of TEMPUR material
  • Easy to use and moves easily along the floor
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair
Best Ergonomic Office Chair
  • Full recline function system
  • 360-degree swivel system
  • Stylish design
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - High Back PU Leather Ergonomic
Great For Back Issues
  • Very simple to assemble
  • Has plenty of padding
  • Very reasonably priced
4.0 stars out of 5

1. Tempur-Pedic 200/250 Series Task Chair

We are on fairly safe ground by assuming that this Tempur Pedic 200/250 Series Task Chair will be out of many peoples budget. There are those chairs that fall into the budget, medium and high section, then there is this one that is in a price league all of its own.

What can be said about this product that justifies its price tag? Well It looks smart, if not spectacular, it has the usual features such as a solid base easy to move around on the office floor thanks to its four multi-directional wheels.

It has a lumbar adjustment as well as Ratchet back height adjustment but it is the fact that this chair is built for comfort, serious comfort that makes it stand out from the rest.

The seat is equipped with authentic TEMPUR material which works well with Raynor’s innovative spring technology so that your body’s every move is looked after.

If that wasn’t impressive enough, the chair is also equipped with Outlast cooling technology which helps to regulate the temperature of your skin in turn reducing unwanted and often embarrassing perspiration.


  • It is made out of TEMPUR material.
  • High-tech spring technology.
  • Easy to use and moves easily along the floor.
  • Excellent lumbar and back height adjustment system.
  • Outlast cooling technology.


  • The price of this chair will put many buyers off.

2. Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair

Given the medium price range that this black and grey PU leather chair is in you get a whole lot of kit for your money. This could lay claim to being the best ergonomic office chair in our list.

As the name suggests this chair is proving a big hit with gamers thanks to having an ergonomic body-hugging high back, removable headrest pillow and back lumbar cushion is ideal for long use.

The full recline function will appeal to many buyers and the back of it can be locked at any angle between 90-180 degrees.

Thanks to its 360-degree swivel system and multi-directional wheel the movement is smooth and easy across the floor. It also has a sturdy 5-star base.

The height adjustment functions are easy to use thanks to having a gas spring cylinder.

User weight limit is 300lbs.

The measurements are as follows: size of back L22.5 x W 30.5 inches. The size of the seat is L19.8 x W20.5 inches. Sitting height is 17.7 to 20.9 inches and Backrest size is L22.5 x W30.5 inches.


  • This chair has a full recline function system.
  • The headrest pillow and back lumbar cushion are fully removable if needed.
  • Has a 360-degree swivel system.
  • Looks really stylish.


  • Armrests are non-adjustable.
  • Some users found this chair to be a little bit tight around the seating area.

3. High Back PU Leather Ergonomic

This model High back PU black leather ergonomic chair comes in at the medium price range and is proving fairly popular with consumers looking to buy the best office chair for back issues.

The seat is comfortable due to the soft PU black leather upholstery which has plenty of padding and is oil and water resistant.

It also benefits from having padded armrests which help with the overall comfort. The pneumatic gas seat can be effectively adjusted. The high padded back helps with back support for the user, the back rest size being 20.3 x 30.7 inches.

This product is very easy to use as it can effortlessly move across the surface of the floor and has a 360-degree swivel system.

The overall size of the product is W25.6 x L28.7 x H48 inches. The maximum user weight limit is 250lbs.


  • It is very simple to assemble.
  • A very comfortable seat due to the soft PU black leather upholstery which has plenty of padding all over.
  • Easy to move around due to a 360-degree swivel system.
  • Very reasonably priced.


  • Lumber support on this chair is considered to be only adequate.

4. Furmax Office High back PU Leather Computer Chair

The Furmax office chair benefits from having a high back with bucket seat and padded armrests, made from PU leather.

This chair glides effortlessly across the floor thanks to having a 5-star base with 360-degree swivel wheel system.

The high back on this product helps to give support to the back and has an ergonomic design which enables it to tilt/rock back and forth for total relaxation.

The seating area on this chair is 20×20 inches and is most comfortable. The back rest is 20 x 28.3 inches and the height adjustment is from 20 to 24.4 inches.

If you decide to buy this one you will have a free replacement or cash back guarantee if you are to encounter any quality problems within 30-days. The manufacturer also provides free of charge replacements for damaged or missing parts within 6-months of purchase.


  • Free replacement or money back if you experience any quality problem within 30-days.
  • 360-degree swivel feature.
  • Ergonomic design allows the seat to tilt back and forth.
  • Excellent after-care customer service.


  • Some user may find this product difficult to assemble.

5. Merax Ergonomic PU Leather High Back

Thinking of which is the best leather office chair on the market today you won’t go far wrong if you consider purchasing this Merax Ergonomic model.

It is really stylish with it’s black PU leather and silver chrome detailing. It has a high back and the adjustable height lets the user adjust according to their own requirements.

A stand-out feature of it is the lumbar support and swivel ability that gives the user full flexibility when in use.

This product has easy to use levers for seat height adjustment and comfortable foam backrest with tilting back support.

It has a sturdy metal base with five roller wheels for an easy glide along the floor space.

The user weight limit on this product is 225lbs. Overall dimensions are as follows: L30 x W25 x H42.5-46.5 inches.


  • Very easy to use thanks to its hassle free design.
  • The lumber support is very useful if using for long periods.
  • Looks very stylish with it’s black PU leather and silver base finish.


  • Some users found the wheels on this chair to not roll very easily.

6. High Back Racing Car Style Bucket Seat

This wonderfully stylish High Back Racing Car Style Bucket seat will appeal to a lot of racing and gaming enthusiasts due to its unique red and black design and overall feel.

This model is certainly eye-catching in bright red and striking black and is made from PU leather and mesh.

Comfort is important when buying a computer chair and this model features a bucket seat and high comfortable back and higher neck rest to offer you extra support. This model also has padded arm rests.

The chair has a stable five-point base with gas spring, which allows the user to change height adjustment very easily.

It features a 360-degree swivel system which is good for tight office spaces and can run smoothly across the floor.

The seat can be adjusted to fit the needs of the user and the 5-star metal base gives the user peace of mind as it keeps the chair stable.


  • The striking red and black design are really eye-catching.
  • The bucket and high back are really comfortable.
  • The 360-degree swivel system is an added bonus.
  • The 5-star metal base is really sturdy.


  • Some users have noticed that the chair has become squeaky after long periods of use
  • The armrests are not moveable.

7. Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel

A lot of buyers will be attracted to this stylish looking computer chair due to the cheap price so it may well be worth buying this one if you are on a budget.

This computer chair has a curved mesh back which helps to give additional support to the lower back area and the mid-back design helps the mid spine area, but unfortunately it doesn’t support the upper spine or neck.

The mesh seat benefits from being designed with a waterfall shaped front edge this helps remove pressure from the lower legs and helps improve circulation.

This model also swivels 360 degrees with ease which is very beneficial in a busy office space or at home. The two wheels allow the chair to move across the floor fairly easily.

Adjustment controls allow you to find the right height that suits your sitting position best, these are easy to manage.

Another benefit of this one is that the mesh padded flip-up arms give you the choice of using the product with or without arms.

The dimensions of this product are as follows: W34.4 x L26.2 x H 25 inches.


  • It looks nice with a lovely jet black finish
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Very practical option especially given its low price range.
  • The armrests move fully up if you need more space.


  • Some users may find this one not suitable for sitting in for long periods of time.
  • Some users have said that you feel like you are leaning too far forward when using this product.

8. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Office Chair

It has to be said that when looking to purchase one of the best home office chair options, then some styles and models are very similar to each other. Sometimes the differences are very subtle but can make all the difference when you are considering the chair that best suits your needs.

This model is again a comfortable one which is upholstered with black bonded leather and benefits from having a padded seat and mid range back.

The dual-wheel casters help with easy movement along the office floor and the 260-degree swivel is a big bonus in tight office spaces.

This model has a pneumatic seat-height adjustment with the adjustment controls very easy to use. It also comes with easy assembly instructions included.

The maximum user weight limit on this unit is 225-pound. The overall product measures 24.02 inches deep x 24.02 inches wide x 34.84-38.58 inches high.

This chair comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer warranty included.


  • The product certainly looks the part.
  • Very comfortable thanks to a padded seat with mid-range back support.
  • Has 360-degree swivel which helps in everyday office situations.
  • Easy to adjust and move around on thanks to smooth-rolling caster wheels.


  • This model may not be suitable for very tall people.

9. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair

This chair is very comfortable thanks to it being upholstered in bonded black leather and PVC – meaning it also looks the part.

You can sit in this one for hours on end in comfort thanks to it having a padded seat and high back support. The chair also has a pneumatic seat-height adjustment, smooth-rolling caster wheels and it can be swivelled 360-degrees which enable you to very easily move around from desk to desk.

The chair is easily height adjustable to suit your individual needs by just pulling gently on the handle control. This executive chair can be moved from 41.34 inches to 45.08 inches high so it suits most users.

The hand control also helps you to tilt this oen to whatever degree you want. The maximum user weight capacity of this model is 250 pounds.

Measurements on this model are as follows: L29.14 x W25.59 x H41-34-H25.08 and it comes with instruction on how to assemble and also a 1-year manufacturers warranty.


  • This chair definitely looks the part and looks far more expensive than it actually is.
  • Very comfortable thanks to a padded seat and high back support.
  • Easy to adjust and move around on thanks to smooth-rolling caster wheels.
  • Has 360-degree swivel which helps in everyday office situations.


  • It may not be suitable for very tall people.

10. Modway Articulate Black Mesh Office Chair

Most people will want to make sure that they purchase the best comfortable office chair available that suits their budget and requirements. Being comfortable as you work at home or at the office is important and this model is upright and has a breathable mesh back.

The depth of the plush seat will help with the overall comfort of the chair and the height of the back and the seat can be easily adjusted to fit your needs comfortably.

The chair has two strong armrests that can be adjusted to suit each individual user.

There is also a lock function and a tilt tension so that you can effortlessly recline or incline it if needed.

This model comes fitted with five hooded dual-caster wheels which help you to glide easily over carpeted floors.

The measurements of the chair overall are as follows: L27.5 x W26 x 37 2 H41.5


  • This one is very user-friendly with easy adjustments on it.
  • Very easy to assemble
  • It also is very firm and sturdy and the seat is very comfortable.
  • Very easy to move around on this chair thanks to the wheels.


  • Some users will find there isn’t enough back support on this chair.

What Features You Need To Focus On

Mesh vs Leather

When you think of a computer office chair most people will be happy to sit in a functional chair which is comfortable and comes at a reasonable price. Mesh chairs on the whole look modern and are less bulky. They usually weigh less which means they are easy to move around a busy office.

Think of leather and you think of quality and the leather computer chair is no different. Leather products are more traditional and some people will think more stylish.  It can be argued that sitting for hours on a padded leather computer chair is going to be more comfortable for you than sitting on a mesh one.


The ease of use of any product is going to be high importance to the buyer. If the adjustments on a computer chair are easy to operate then the user will have a better overall experience.

There can be a number of different adjustments on different chairs with the main one being the seat height adjustment. On some models there is a 360-degree swivel option which most buyers will look out for because the feature allows for smoother movement.

Some chairs allow you to lift the armrests all the way up to allow you to have the option of sitting in it with or without armrests.

Back And Neck Support

Back and neck support is a vital feature when thinking about which chair to buy. If you are going to be spending hours at a time in your chair doing work then it is highly recommended that you look to buy a chair with good back and neck support.

Some chairs will suit some users better than others. If you want proper back and neck support it is advised that you purchase a model with a high back and not a medium range back.


The size of the office chair could be important when purchasing for a number of reasons. Firstly you will not want a bulky wide one if you have limited space in your home or office so be sure to check out the product dimensions before purchasing.

There is usually a user weight limit assigned to each office chair. If you are of a larger size this information will be of importance to you before buying.

Importance Of Office Chair Ergonomics

Office chair ergonomics is seen as highly important in the workplace due to the number of people suffering from neck and back pain due to sitting in the wrong position at their workstations for hours at a time.

Ergonomics training has now become commonplace in the workplace with employers aware that a happy comfortable workforce becomes a more productive workforce.

If you are looking to buy the best office chair for neck pain then it is highly recommended that you think about buying one with a high back and neck support. A chair that can be tilted back fully is also strongly recommended.




Like with any product you buy, in this case the best office desk chair, it will always come down to what suits your needs and budget best. There are a number of quality chairs within this top ten review list so be sure to read the list and details carefully before making your choice. We personally feel you can’t go far wrong with buying the reasonably priced Homall Executive Swivel Leather Gaming Chair.


The Top 10 Best Reviews