Top Ten Best Rice Cooker Reviews For 2018: Get Healthy Benefits From A Small Appliance

What could be better than making a delicious meal for the family in record timing? As much as you want to lay a delicious spread on the table every day, there isn’t always enough time. Whether you’re single or married with children, preparing well-rounded meals is often a challenge in our busy lives.

Fortunately, there are products that make life easier and one such item is a rice cooker. It can help you to achieve the perfect result—rich, flavourful, and completely cooked rice. The best pressure rice cooker can be something that you never knew you needed but that once you have it, can never live without.

This kind of kitchen appliance allows you to have the freedom to step out of the kitchen if you need to. When cooking grains in a pot on the stove, you often have to be nearby. Whether you have to adjust the burner level, avoid water splatters, or worry about it burning, it is time consuming to prepare rice the “normal” way.

The advantages of rice cooker meals are multiple. To help you in your search for a great addition to your kitchen, we have compiled rice cooker reviews on the top ones on the market. From options with several features to simple yet top-quality choices, you are sure to find the perfect one for your home. Check them out.

Our Top 10 Best Pressure Rice Cooker Recommendations

#1 - COSORI Premium 8-in-1 Multifunctional Programmable Pressure Cooker
Outstanding Rice cooker
  • Fairly priced
  • Many variety of cooking settings
  • Includes a recipe book
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup
Good Quality Cooker
  • Great price
  • For the whole family
  • Digital display
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Midea 3-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer
Accessibly Priced
  • Lightweight for easy storage
  • Safety cooking
  • Keeps rice warm
4.0 stars out of 5

1. COSORI Premium 8-in-1 Multifunctional Programmable Pressure Cooker

If you like digital cookers that allow versatility and variety in meal preparation, you’ll like the COSORI. It includes custom programs so that you can choose from 6 different options. It can also prepare pasta and other kinds of meal, making it more than just a simple rice cooker. With the option to prepare yogurt or bake cakes in the COSORI, you can get creative in the kitchen. It can also be sued to make stews, soup, vegetables, and all kinds of rice.

It also passes safety standards, so you can be at peace in the kitchen and it also allows for you to adjust the temperature. If you’re an international household, you’ll appreciate the Fahrenheit/Celsius readings. It also has a timer which allows for convenient meal preparation.


  • It is fairly priced for what it offers
  • The COSORI has a variety of cooking settings so you always get the results you want
  • It can cook more than just rice making it ideal for all types of meals
  • It includes a recipe book for some great new food ideas
  • It has space for large amounts of rice


  • It’s bulky and takes up space
  • It’s bulky and takes up space
  • It can be complicated to get used to

2. Tiger JAX-T10U-K 5.5-Cup

The benefits of rice cooker are multiple and owning one like the Tiger JAX makes life easier. For those who like updated technology on their cookers, they’ll love the computerized cooking menu settings on this baby. It has microcomputer controlled function, as well as a synchro-cooking one.

You can cook up to 5.5 cups in the Tiger which makes it convenient for meal planning and family households. The inner lid and steam cap can be removed for easy cleaning. The Tiger also comes with a cooking plate and cookbook. If looks mean anything to you in the kitchen, the Tiger is a good-looking appliance. Best of all, it does a great job at cooking your rice, as well as porridge and soups.


  • It allows for up to 5.5 cups of rice which is enough for a family or party
  • It includes plenty of cooking settings so you always get the best results
  • It has a digital display that is easy to read and adjust
  • The Tiger allows you to program your preferred cooking method
  • It is a good quality cooker at a great price


  • It isn’t as affordable as other options
  • It’s difficult to program for some who aren’t used to digital cookers
  • It does not have a retractable cord

3. Midea 3-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer

Another simple yet reliable option, the Midea is for those who want something that does the job right. With a non-stick pot that can be washed in the dishwasher, rice cooker cleaning has never been so easy. It has an automatic warming switch function and the cooker comes with a steamer, measuring cup, and spatula. Small and compact, it can fit in all kinds of kitchens.

The transparent lid allows for you to check on your food while cooking it, so you can always be sure to make perfect rice. You can also use it for steaming vegetables or preparing soups. The Midea also shuts off when cooking time is complete, so you don’t have to do any guess work.

If what you want is simple, portable, and affordable, the Midea is the best small rice cooker for you.


  • The Midea is accessibly priced
  • You can prepare soups, vegetables, and other foods in it
  • It stops cooking on its own and keeps the rice warm
  • It keeps you from burning your rice or overcooking it
  • It’s compact and lightweight for easy storage


  • It will boil over when you put too much uncooked rice in it
  • It doesn’t have measurement markings
  • It doesn’t have a digital display for programming

4. Aroma Simply Stainless 3-Cup

While this is a small cooker, it is a beauty. It is made from great materials, including surgical-grade stainless steel. Its simple one-touch button makes it a no-fuss option for people who don’t want to fool with a confusing array of programs and displays. The inner pot is easy to remove and easy-to-clean.

To add to its convenience, the Aroma also includes a measuring cup and spatula. It’s automatic warming function allows for you to serve the meal when you’re ready. Of course, you don’t only have to make rice with it. It can also be used for soups and stews, as well as oatmeal, making it highly convenient. It is the best 3 cup rice cooker around.


  • It includes accessories to make cooking easier
  • It’s fairly priced for all budgets
  • It warms your rice once cooking is complete
  • It is made from great materials that are safe
  • It has a simple, no-fuss design


  • It isn’t big enough for large amounts of rice
  • The water indicator measurement isn’t correct
  • This rice cooker tends to splatter water

5. Hamilton Beach with Rinser/Steam Basket

As much as some people like fancy digital displays, others like simplicity. The Hamilton Beach cooker is the best electric rice cooker for people who love rice. It allows for up to 4 cups of uncooked rice which is enough for most households. The Hamilton is also compact enough to fit easily in many kitchens. It has a rinse steam basket, and with a removable non-stick pot, you can easily keep it clean.

For convenience, the Hamilton automatically keeps your rice warm once it’s finished cooking. It also works quickly which makes preparing meals that much easier. While it isn’t digital and won’t let you know when it’s finished, it’s 20-minute cooking time makes it easy to keep track.


  • It cooks food quickly for when you’re under time pressure
  • The Hamilton fits in small spaces fo easy storage
  • It has a removable pot for easy cleaning
  • The rinse/steam basket is convenient
  • It is affordably priced


  • It doesn’t allow for more than 3-4 cups at a time
  • The Hamilton doesn’t let you know when the rice is finished
  • The rinse basket takes a while to drain due to small holes

6. Oster CKSTRC61K-TECO Titanium Infused 6 Cup Rice & Grain Cooker

Oster is a brand that most people rely on and they prove their validity with this fabulous cooker. It can cook up to 3 cups of uncooked rice. While this may not work for households with numerous people, it’s enough for easy meal planning. The glass lid allows you to check on your rice during the process and it works quicker than many other cookers.

With natural Dura Ceramic Titanium coating, you can rest assured that your food is safe from harmful chemicals. It also helps to make it more durable which will allow you to be able to use it for years to come. Best of all, you can also keep your food warm after its cooked with an automatic setting.

As convenient as this option is, it is available at a very affordable price making it the perfect option for those looking to save.


  • It cooks rice quickly helping to save energy
  • It has a scratch-resistant inner pot
  • The Oster keeps your food warm after cooking
  • It is easy to use with simple controls
  • The Oster pot is available at a great price


  • The measurements are a bit off on the measuring cup
  • It isn’t large enough for making more than a few cups
  • The cord is short

7. Zojirushi NS-TSC10

Yet another great rice cooker that allows for up to 10 cups of uncooked rice, the Zojirushi is a convenient option. It has an automatic function for keeping your rice warm when complete and can also reheat it. The stainless-steel material makes it easy to clean and aids durability.

With an interchangeable melody and signal, this pot lets you know when the food is ready. It has a retractable cord for easy storage and with a digital display and buttons, it’s easy to set the Zojirushi according to your needs.

It also includes settings for different types of foods. You can even bake cakes in the Zojirushi rice cooker.


  • It can cook different types of food for more flexibility
  • It has a warming/reheating function
  • It has an easy-to-understand display
  • It warms up quickly to save you time


  • It’s pricier than other similar options
  • The warming function shouldn’t be left for too long as it overcooks
  • The non-stick coating wears away after months of use

8. Instant Pot DUO60 6 Qt 7-in-1

Do you want something that only makes rice, or would you like a product that can provide you with variety? The Instant Pot is more than just a rice cooker—it has 7-in-1 function, making it a great addition to your kitchen appliances. It offers 14 different programs, so you can prepare anything your heart desires—within reason. You can even prepare yogurt in the Instant Pot which is a unique feature of the Instant Pot.

If you’re concerned about safety and chemical-free meals, the Instant Pot has no chemical coating. For perfectly cooked rice, the heat distribution in the Instant Pot is unmatched. It also includes a paddle for easy serving, a soup spoon for those delectable stews you’ll make, and a measuring cup for easy preparation. Of course, it also has a steam rack and condensation collector.

It also has modern technology that helps to adjust the heat during cooking for ideal results. The Instant Pot monitors temperature and pressure as well, so you can keep an eye on it.


  • It’s made from safe materials giving peace of mind
  • The Instant Pot can be used to make a variety of meals
  • It includes convenient accessories
  • It allows you to pick from a variety of programs
  • It’s priced affordably


  • Its handle is fragile
  • It isn’t as long-lasting as other options on the market
  • It’s time-consuming to get a replacement when you receive a faulty Instant Pot

9. Aroma Housewares ARC-914SBD 8-Cup

It may look like a T-Rex of a rice cooker, but it’s the best rice cooker for the money that it costs. Because it can cook from 2-8 cups of rice, you may want it for your household. It makes preparing rice for the week a breeze and at such an affordable price, who could say no?

It has a 15-hour delay timer feature for those times when you want to be able to plan your meals ahead of time. Yet the Aroma goes further in making your life easy by including a spatula, measuring cup, and steam tray. Another great feature to the Aroma is that you can also cook other foods such as meat and vegetables. The tray is also BPA free so you can be sure that you’re feeding your family healthy food, free of chemicals.

For such a great price, this is a fantastic investment for anyone looking to start meal planning. It also lets you know with an alarm when the rice is almost ready.


  • It’s simple and straightforward to use so you don’t spend hours with instructions
  • It is extremely affordable and won’t break the budget
  • You can set a delay timer so your food is ready at a certain time
  • It is made from safe materials for peace of mind
  • It can cook more than just rice


  • The timer is noisy
  • It isn’t easy to clean
  • It doesn’t come with a storage container for cooked rice

10. Cuckoo Electric Heating Pressure Rice Cooker CRP-P0609S

This baby is a beauty. It has a modern, sleek feel to it and will add style to any kitchen. But, looks aren’t all that the Cuckoo has to boast about. The inner pot is X-wall diamond coated with a stainless steel inner lid. These features help to make it easy to clean. The cooking algorithm takes guess work out of preparation helping you to prepare perfectly-cooked rice every time.

While some cookers don’t have enough space for cooking large amounts of rice, the Cuckoo can prepare up to 6 cups of uncooked grain. Whether you’re a multiple person household or you like to prepare your meals in advance, this is a great feature. With a digitally programmable heating plate, you can have a drama-free cooking experience.

The Cuckoo also includes instructions so that you can learn how to use it to make the best rice of your lifetime.


  • It is visually pleasing and will in nicely with modern kitchens
  • It has room to make 6 cups of rice at a time to feed a family
  • It has an automatic timer that you can set for daily use
  • It’s easy to clean to save you time
  • It even includes a cooking algorithm for amazing results


  • It’s more expensive than other options
  • The instructions are a bit difficult to understand
  • It may be complicated to use for those who aren’t used to digital cookers

What Features You Need To Focus On


When it comes to choosing the right option for you, you will want to consider the size. If you are a family with more than one child, you may want to find one that allows for up to 4-6 cups of uncooked rice. This is important for households where rice is an important part of your meals.

If you’re a single person or are only a few people in one home, a smaller rice cooker will do just fine. It’s also important to consider what else you will use it for to ensure that you can prepare soups, stews, or oatmeal in the space provided. Be aware that some cookers may come with measuring cups, but they may not be accurate. Make sure to read rice cooker reviews to be sure that it will provide you with the right size and amounts that you need.


If you’ve been cooking in a traditional cooker for years, you may want a manual option that makes it easy to simply turn it on and off. Of course, you won’t have as many settings and programs as digital one. While programs may seem complicated, they can provide you with more ways of meal preparation making them a convenient choice. If all you want to do is simply prepare rice, a manual one will do just fine.

Rice Only/Multiple Options

Some cookers offer variety. You can cook anything from grains to yogurt and cakes. If you like variety in one appliance, you will want to consider one of these kinds of cookers. If you’re a big rice-lover and all you care about is making the perfect rice, a rice only cooker should do just fine.


While stainless steel is usually a reliable material used in cookers, you will want to double check the quality. Sometimes, the cooker may state ‘stainless steel’ but in reality, is only coated with it. Another material that is reliable is Teflon. It’s a scratch-resistant material that can help to keep your cooker durable and safe to use.

Warming Function/Shut Off Function/Alarm

Are you a busy parent juggling cooking and homework at once? A warming function on your cooker can ensure that your meals stay hot and edible while you’re getting other things done before mealtime.

On traditional cookers, you will want one that has a shut off function that works when the rice is cooked. This way, you don’t have to rush in to turn it off when you remember. On more modern, digital ones, you will often find that they have a beeper or alarm to let you know when the food is ready. Just make sure to avoid ones that have a loud alarm as they can be annoying.


Choosing the right cooker for you is about choosing what you feel the most comfortable with. Of course, you will want to consider the above features before purchase to find the one that is functional for your household. If you love to prepare all kinds of meals in one kitchen appliance, the COSORI Premium 8-in-1 Multifunctional Programmable Pressure Cooker is ideal.

If you want simplicity and affordability, the Midea 3-Cup Rice Cooker with Steamer may be just perfect. Our top ten favourite cookers allow you the ability to choose from similar options according to your preference and budget.

Whichever one you choose, you can rest assured that rice cooking just got easier for you. And you will always get a healthy dish prepared. You’re a busy person, spend less time in the kitchen and more time doing the things that you love.

The Top 10 Best Reviews