Top Ten Best Standing Desk Reviews

Our long-term health is important to us so any product that is thought to help keep our bodies and minds healthy is going to become a hit. Well, this is certainly proving the case with standing desks as they are seen as the quickest selling product that helps benefit people in workplaces in America.

Research carried out in June 2017 by the Society for Human Resource Management of HR professionals in America found that 44% of companies were providing or subsidizing the use of standing desks to their employees. That figure has increased significantly in just four years from the 13% in 2013.

However, you may be under the misunderstanding that standing desks are a new concept. But this is not the case as the first sanding desk was introduced the 18th and 19th century and were popular in homes and the workplace.

It is thought that a version of the early standing desk was used by a number of famous people including U.S. founding fathers Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson as well as Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci and British wartime Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill.

The health benefits of using a standing desk would have been unknown to these famous people. But research over the past ten years has indicated that using a standing desk can help prevent conditions such as an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease, obesity and even some forms of cancer.

Using the product can also benefit a person’s posture to help prevent neck, back and arm pain.

If you are looking for the best standing desk reviews then continue reading this article.

By doing so you’ll save time and effort on trawling through countless internet reviews on standing desks.

Within this article, we have compiled our top 10 recommendations in order to provide you with more knowledge on the model that will best suit your individual needs. We are confident that by reading the reviews you will be better equipped to make a more informed buying decision.

Our Top 10 Best Stand Desk Recommendations


1 – Halter ED-258 Preassembled Height Adjustable

This Halter model may be a bit on the expensive side but it most definitely looks the part and is able to switch from a sitting to standing position in a matter of seconds. It comes fully assembled meaning you just simply have to place it right on to your normal desk.

It also has multi-height adjustments up to a maximum height of 16.14-inches which allows you plenty of room to find the right position that suits you. Another benefit is that it has handles on each side that you squeeze at the same time for easy height adjustment.

Once you find the right height that suits your needs just release the handles and the desktop will lock into that position. Despite the fairly high price the Halter is still one of the best stand desk reviews that we recommend and can hold a weight of up to 44.1lbs.

Another bonus when you buy this product is that it comes with a 1-year manufactures warranty.

  • Very stylish design.
  • Enough space to fit two monitors.
  • Has multi-height adjustments up to a maximum height of 16.14-inches.
  • Comes with a 1-year manufactures warranty.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Easy to use.

  • Some people will find that this product is not sturdy enough when at full height.


2 – VIVO Height Adjustable Standing Desk

The VIVO height-adjusted standing desk is dual-tiered and able to fit effortlessly onto your current working desk.

This product gives you the benefit of standing or sitting while you work those long hours.

Switching between the standing or sitting position is easy thanks to the gas spring lift which is smooth when you squeeze the handle. There are 8-levels of height adjustment which allow you to find the right position that suits your individual needs.

The top surface is height adjustable from 6.5 to 16-inches at maximum height but remains sturdy at this position. There is enough room for two monitors on the upper part of the product and a keyboard and mouse on the lower level.

The product has a counterbalance design that effortlessly adjusts to the weight of your desk and everything on it to enable easy upwards movement. Thanks to the steel frame this product can hold up to 37.5lbs of weight. Another advantage when you purchase this product is the fact that it comes already assembled.

  • There are 8-levels of height adjustment.
  • Easy to use.
  • Has enough room for two monitors.
  • The product has a counterbalance design.
  • This product already comes assembled.

  • Some people will find it hard to adjust the desk to the stand position.


3- SMONET Healthy Sit-stand Desktop Computer Workstation

This dual sit-stand product is thought to be one of the best desktop standing desks on the market today.

It has a tiered design which allows enough space to house two monitors on the higher level and the lower level has enough room for a full-size keyboard and mouse. You simply just place this product on top of your normal desk. It has easy height adjustment from 6.5 to 16.5-inches.

These height adjustments can be implemented by squeezing the handle to move up in eight stages. The product remains sturdy and reliable even at the highest position. This affordable product also has a strong dual gas spring lift mechanism which is able to hold a maximum weight of 50lbs.

An added advantage is that this product comes fully assembled out of the box. Top surface measurements are as follows: L31.9 x W20.5.

  • Is able to house two monitors.
  • Has 8-level height adjustments.
  • The product remains sturdy and reliable even at the highest position.
  • Comes fully assembled.

  • Some people will find that there is not enough space for the keyboard and mouse on the lower level.


4 – ApexDesk GX 36″ Desk Riser

This reasonably priced desk riser has a design with 2 tiers which provides enough space on the upper level for two monitors. You simply place this product on top of your traditional desk. The lower level also has enough space to able to comfortably fit a full-size keyboard without any issues.

The product is easy to use and has 8-adjustable height positions from 6.5 to 16.5-inches. You simply have to squeeze the side handle to adjust to the height you require.

Even when at the highest position this desk is still sturdy and stable. It also benefits from having a strong dual gas spring lift mechanism and is able to hold up to 38lbs of weight.

With this desk, you decide if you want to work in a sitting or standing position and can move from one position to another with ease. Thankfully the product mostly comes fully assembled but you need to attach the extension plates. This can be done fairly easily with the 6 screws that are provided.

  • Reasonable price.
  • This product is user-friendly.
  • Has 8-adjustable height positions from 6.5 to 16.5-inches.
  • Has a strong dual gas spring lift mechanism.
  • Dual standing or sitting position.

  • Some people will not like the all black color.
  • Some people will find attaching the extension plate quite tricky.


5 – Sodergren – Height Adjustable

This dual height adjustable desk allows you the choice between sitting and standing while you work. It comes at an affordable price and has enough room on the upper level for mid-sized dual monitors or multiple laptops.

The lower tier provides you with enough space to be able to use your keyboard and mouse without having any comfort issues. Sodergren have made this very durable product out of E1 grade MDF and an aluminium alloy frame that ensures long-lasting use.

It is easy to adjust the desk height to find a comfortable working position that best suits you and is a good ergonomic fit. Adjusting the flexible keyboard to the right height and angle is also easy to ensure you are able to work in total comfort without and neck or back pain.

  • Affordable price.
  • Enough space to fit a dual monitor.
  • Multi-adjustable height position to suit different height people.
  • Flexible keyboard adjustment.

  • Some people would have expected this product to be built out of better materials.


6 – VARIDESK – Height-Adjusting Standing Desk

It is thought that a whole range of people are trying to find out which is the best standing desk converter they can buy. Well the VARIDESK is a serious competitor. It has a 2 level design which allows enough room on the upper surface to be able to hold dual monitors.

The lower level has plenty of space for you to be able to comfortably use the keyboard and mouse without any issues. This Cube Plus 40 model has ergonomic comfort in mind as it has a 9-level position height-adjustable system to ensure that you find the right position for you.

It is able to fully extend and uses VARIDESK’s spring-loaded patented setup to effortlessly raise up to 35 pounds. This enables you to stand-up or sit-down in just 3-seconds.

One of the main attractions, when buying this product, is that it doesn’t require any assembly which will be music to ears of most people.

  • Already fully assembled.
  • Duel stand or sitting position in just 3-seconds.
  • Spring-assisted lift mechanism, so you don’t need much effort.
  • Has 9-adjustable positions to cover many different preferences.
  • Has enough space for dual monitors.

  • Some people will want the product to be a bit more robust.


7 – Well Desk Adjustable Standing Desk Riser

This fully adjusting standing desk is pretty much hassle-free and best of all comes at an affordable price. If you are looking to buy the best affordable standing desk that easily fits onto your own desk then you need to seriously consider this product.

Made from high-quality precision cut Baltic Birch Plywood this product certainly looks the part especially with its epoxy acrylate finishing which helps to ensure a durable surface.

There is enough room for a single monitor of up to roughly 27-inches or a laptop workstation. One of the main benefits of this product is that you can easily create the perfect working position for yourself.

You simply have to select slots for your ideal arm alignment and monitor viewing height and is suitable for users between 5.3 and 6.1 tall. Designed with safety in mind it has a rear monitor guard which helps to give you added peace of mind and protection against any unwanted accidents.

This product is very quick to assemble and can be done in less than a minute with no tools so it will suit everyone.

  • Affordable price.
  • Comes with a rear monitor guard.
  • Easy to assemble without tools.
  • Made from high-quality precision cut Baltic Birch Plywood so it looks the part.
  • Adjustable height system.

  • Some people will expect this desk to be better built.


8 – House Of Trade Adjustable Height Desk Riser

This is thought to be one of the best adjustable standing desks on the market. It has enough room for a dual monitor and also has a sliding retractable keyboard tray. This higher range desk comes fully assembled so it saves you the hassle of dealing with complicated instructions.

A big advantage is that it comes with user-friendly dual squeeze handles on each side which allows you to adjust your position at any time. Just simply squeeze and lift.

You have the choice of sitting or standing whichever position is most comfortable for you.

It has 5-height levels from 6.5-16.5-inches high and is suitable for people from 5ft to 6.2ftin height.

This product is heavy duty and is able to support up to 50lbs. It is also available in white as well as in black plus standing mat combo. The overall measurements are as follows: W32.5-inch x D24.5-inch to 26.75-inch x H6.5 to 16.5-inch.

  • It has 5-height levels from 6.5-16.5-inches high.
  • Suitable for a dual monitor.
  • Ready assembled.
  • Easy to use very user-friendly.
  • This product is heavy duty and is able to support up to 50lbs

  • Some people will find the keyboard tray too small.


9 – Stand Up Desk Store 48-Inch Crank Adjustable

If you ever wanted a fully portable workstation then this stand-up desk could be the one for you. This model is totally portable and easy to move around as it has the added benefit of coming with four caster wheels that allow you to roll the desk from room to room.

The desk is sturdy and is designed so that you are able to lock the two front wheels to ensure that there is no movement while you work. This two-tire desk has a frame constructed of durable steel with a powder coat paint finish which means the desk is high-quality and durable.

This product is very comfortable and user-friendly. The 2 tier design helps to improve the ergonomics by keeping your arms at a 90-degree angle while you type. In addition to this, it also ensures the monitors are at eye level which helps to improve overall posture.

Using this product will stop you from getting any back or neck pain through overstretching in the wrong position.

  • Reasonable price.
  • Has four caster wheels so it is easy to move.
  • Two front wheels lock to secure while working.
  • Made from durable steel.

  • Some people will find that the desk space is too narrow.


10 – VARIDESK – Height-Adjustable

This height adjusting standing desk will give you a completely new way to work but it will set you back more than a fistful of dollars. The desk is able to sit on top of the existing desk you have and gives you the option of working comfortably in either a standing or sitting position.

Built with a design that fits into corners, it also has a 48-inch wide upper surface that allows you to easily fit dual monitors on. The 2 tier design means that there is also lots of room on the lower level for the mouse and keyboard.

This model adjusts to 11 different height positions so you will be able to find a comfortable working position whatever your height. If you are looking to purchase the best standing desk on the market this model remains robust even when fully extended.

It also benefits from having VARIDESK’s spring system that will effortlessly allow you to raise up to 35lbs in just 3-seconds.

Another added advantage with this product is that it comes fully assembled, meaning you simply set it up on top of your standard desk and you are ready to get to work.

  • Already fully assembled.
  • Duel stand or sitting position.
  • Plenty of space for two monitors as well as a keyboard and mouse.
  • Has VARIDESK’s spring lifting system to effortlessly allow you to lift up to 35lbs in just 3-seconds.
  • This model adjusts to 11 different height positions.

  • Some people will find the desk too expensive.


Health Benefits Of Buying One

We are constantly being told to look after our health. It is usually what foods we must eat, lower our alcohol consumption, stop smoking and do more exercise. However, recent studies have found that we can benefit from simply standing up and moving around instead of sitting down for long periods.

It is thought that if you are in a job that requires you sit at your desk for most of the working day, on average eight hours a day, then you need to stand up and move around at regular intervals.

If you are sitting for long periods you are burning fewer calories which often leads to weight gain.

Studies prove that if you stand up every 20-minutes then you will avoid any negative effects that sitting for long periods can bring on. These health conditions include an increased risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

It is little wonder that companies and individuals are investing more money on standing desks which are thought to improve the overall health of someone who uses one. There are many best standing desk reviews on the internet that help promote standing desk best practices which also help to reduce back pain.

Back pain is one of the most common complaints among people within the office workplace. So, if companies can get rid of the problem by spending money on standing desks then it will ensure the long-term health of their workforce and save the company money in the long run.

What Features You Need To Focus On

Easy To Use

Most of the standing desks featured within this article are fairly easy to use. You more often than not just simply have to place the product on top of your own desk and start working.

The models we have reviewed largely come fully assembled so you don’t have to worry about constructing it yourself.

Adjusting the height on most models is fairly simple and user-friendly. So overall the standing desk is fairly simple to use.

How Much Space Is On It?

The amount of space you have on a standing desk obviously depends on the type of model you buy, it varies between each model and style.

The models reviewed within this article mostly have enough room to fit two monitors on the top tier and enough space for a keyboard and mouse on the bottom tier.

Each model varies in size which means different sizes will suit different people so it is of paramount importance to research which model would best fit your own individual requirements.

Is The Device Portable?

The simple answer to this question is yes. Most of the models we have reviewed you simply place the standing desk on top of your own one. The overall weight of the product isn’t too heavy so moving it to different workstations wouldn’t prove too troublesome.

Some of the other models we reviewed are full desk units which would need more office space.

However, the full desk unit often comes with transportable wheels which means you can move the desk to a different location without too much trouble.


The Top 10 Best Reviews