The Top Ten Best Trampoline Reviews For 2018: Excellent Fun For Kids And Adults Indoor And Outdoor

As you think back on good childhood memories, what would they include? You probably remember trips to favorite destinations, childhood friends, family experiences, and most likely, you can recall a trampoline in your backyard.

Of course, you may have been one of the unlucky few who ended up with a broken arm due to the lack of safety measures or protective covering. Now as a parent, you want to provide your little one with the opportunity to enjoy trampoline fun while also keeping them safe from injury. You want the best trampoline that can be found.

Nowadays, trampoline fitness has become a popular way for people to lose pounds, stay healthy, and get in shape. It’s no wonder, as jumping helps to exercise your body in a way that other exercises do not. You can even build muscle and tone-up from time spent jumping.

You may be looking for one for your multiple children or want one for your cardio. It can be challenging to know what to look for and which options are the best for what you need. It is always important to do your research before purchase and determine what you want to use it for.

Our Top 10 Best Trampoline Recommendations

To help you in your search for reliable and safe products, we have included some of the best trampoline brands in our trampoline reviews. The following are the top 10 ones around. Take a look:


1 – Skywalker SWTC17BWS Oval

It always helps you to relax when you know that a trampoline has a galvanized steel frame. It’s one reason why this Skywalker option has families depending on it. The enclosure net is highly durable because it’s made form polyethylene material. It also has UV protection, as does the spring pad.

For those who worry about bad weather causing your trampoline to fly, the Skywalker SWT17BWS includes trusty wind stakes. It’s a unique oval shape helps it to fit well in different-sized yards. It is a large-sized trampoline which is ideal for multiple-children households.

While some options may seem a bit flimsy and you fear they could tip over, this Skywalker product feels solid and sturdy. The spring pad has extra foam padding which helps to ensure that your little one stays safe even when accidentally bouncing on springs.

  • It has a unique shape
  • It has UV protective material
  • It has a strong frame

  • The instructions are difficult to understand
  • Some may not like how large it is


2 – Zupapa with Enclosure Net

Made form heavy-duty steel, the Zupapa’s frame is one that you can depend on. The thick legs make you feel safe while jumping and because they are rust-resistant, this trampoline can last for a long time. With a UV protected mat, you can trust that you will get plenty of bounce from this option.

It allows for up to 375 pounds making it ideal for multiple children households. With spring coverings and a safety net, this product is considered to be a safe one for accident-free fun. When it comes to assembly, the trampoline is packed well and makes it easy to set up. If you want to make sure you get enough bounce for your cardio and your kid’s fun, you can trust in the Zupapa’s jumping power.

As if all of the above wasn’t enough to catch your attention, the video instructions allow for easy assembly and it even includes gloves.

  • It is made from durable materials
  • It can hold up to three or more young kids at a time
  • It has the protective coverings and safety nets you need

  • The springs are not as strong as they should be
  • The spring cover is a bit flimsy

3 – Giantex Combo Bounce Jump

Another great option for the outdoors, the Giantex is an affordable addition to your children’s playthings. The U-shaped legs help to provide a stable base for jumping, while the safety enclosure net is strong enough to last through months of use. While some trampolines can’t hold up to too much weight, this option allows for up to 350 pounds allowing for multiple children at a time.

If you’re the type of parent who can’t stand noisy toys and play items, you’ll appreciate that the Giantex has a quiet bounce. With durable, rust resistant legs and frame, this is a durable option that can provide your family with months and years of jumping and exercise.

  • It’s a high-quality trampoline
  • It allows for a high weight limit
  • It is very quiet during use

  • It is a bit difficult to assemble
  • It may flip easily in bad weather (requires anchoring)


4 – Marcy Foldable Cardio Indoor Trainer

If you are looking for a rebounder that can be used for cardio and you want one that can hold up to plenty of bouncing and jumping, this is it. As a product from one of the best trampoline brands, the Marcy rebounder can fit in small spaces. Because of its compact size and portability, you can use it small apartment living rooms, take it with you to the park, or bring it with you, no matter where you go.

It’s durable design and build make it ideal for cardio workouts for people who way less than 250 pounds. It includes a handle for added convenience during workouts and is also beneficial for children. As a highly affordable product, it’s a small investment for an item that will provide you with plenty of use. Whether you are purchasing it for personal use, for your kids, or for everyone in your home, it is a strong rebounder that you can depend on.

  • It isn’t noisy when in use
  • It fits in small spaces if you don’t have much room
  • It is portable and light
  • It is made from durable materials

  • It doesn’t work for heavier adults
  • It doesn’t have as much bounce as some other options


5 – Gymenist Portable & Foldable

The Gymenist may be the best kids trampoline for indoor use. As a rebounder that can fold up and easily transported, it’s a great option for small spaces. It even comes with a storage bag. It meets safety standards which means that you can depend on it for safe play. It also includes a bar for jumping support for younger children who may need it.

Because the mat is already assembled upon arrival, you don’t have to worry about it being difficult to put together. It can hold up to 150 pounds making it ideal for children, but it can also support smaller adults who want to use it for cardio.

While it may not be the best outdoor trampoline for multiple children, its materials can stand up to weather conditions outdoors.

  • It’s portable and easy to carry to where you want to use it
  • It’s affordable for lower budgets
  • It is easy to put together in just a few minutes

  • It may require anchoring as it tips easily
  • Its instructions are a bit difficult to understand


6 – Exacme TUV Approved Trampoline with Safety Pad

Deemed safe by top certifications and tests, such as GST, UV, and TUV, this is a great option for your family. As with many of the most reliable options, this product has w-shaped legs to ensure a safe and sturdy base for jumping. With heavy gauge springs, this trampoline offers a great bounce. When it comes to this product’s mat, it’s UV protected, which helps it to stay reliable and durable for months to come.

Because the frame is important to ensure safe jumping and fun, you can relax knowing that the galvanized steel frame will hold up through it all. As an option that can take up to 398 pounds, this may be the best trampoline for adults and children alike. Not every trampoline allows for so much weight which makes this a great option for family fun. The Exacme is also rust resistant which helps it stay strong and reliable for a long time.

To ensure absolute safety, the Exacme also includes longer net poles than normal to help prevent accidents. What could be better than choosing a product whose manufacturers have your child’s safety in mind?

  • It provides stability for a high weight limit
  • The mat is made from durable material
  • It has a sturdy steel frame that’s made to last

  • The instructions are confusing
  • Holes in rails don’t line up correctly for easy assembly
  • Customer service isn’t very helpful


7 – Ancheer Rebounder

If you’re ready for some trampoline fitness and are looking for the best indoor trampoline, the Ancheer Rebounder is an excellent option. It has a foldable design, so you can store it when it’s not in use. Yet, its portability doesn’t take away from its dependability. The non-slippery design of the rubber leg coverings ensures that you can bounce anywhere and everywhere without worrying about accidents.

If you are a stickler for color combinations, you’ll appreciate that the Ancheer spring coverings are available in black, blue, or red. This rebounder can hold up to 220 lbs which makes it an ideal option for personal fitness. Best of all, it’s very easy to install and is sold at an affordable price.

  • It is a sturdy, durable rebounder making it great for exercise
  • It’s a cheap, quality option that won’t take much convincing
  • It is a portable rebounder that’s easy to store

  • The mat is tough and hard
  • The instructions don’t explain much


8 – Merax 14-Feet Round Trampoline with Safety Enclosure

If you’re looking for the best trampoline with enclosure, the Merax is a great choice. Made with a strong, galvanized steel frame, you can depend on its stability. It can take up to 330 lbs to allow for multiple children at a time. With a soft basketball hoop and ball, this option goes a step further when it comes to trampoline enjoyment. The bright green lining and spring cover make it a fun and attractive option that will look good in your yard.

The legs are w-shaped which means they are highly reliable for hours of jumping. As a 14-feet round jumper, there is plenty of space for your kids to play on it. Just keep in mind that it may be too large for some backyards, so make sure to measure its potential “home” before purchase. It also includes a ladder for easy entry and exiting. If you’re looking for an affordable and strong backyard toy, the Merax is the one for you.

  • It’s a sturdy trampoline that will last a long time
  • It can hold up to a good amount of weight
  • It is aesthetically pleasing

  • It doesn’t include anchoring so you might want to add those to your order
  • The instructions are difficult to understand

9 – Skywalker 15-Feet Jump N’ Dunk

If you’re looking for a trampoline that will provide your household with plenty of fun for months to come, the Skywalker is a fabulous choice. Including a basketball hoop, you can be sure that your kids (and you) will get hours and hours of enjoyment from this option. With a reinforced t-bracket design, you can trust that the Skywalker Jump N’ Dunk will provide your kids with the sturdy base they need for jumping. Plus, it meets ASTM safety standards. The spring cover is available in different colors so you can choose your preference.

Because many accidents are caused by slips while jumping, the fact that it has a strong UV protected, polypropylene, woven mat makes it a highly attractive buy. The net is a patented no-gap system to protect from accidents caused by gaps in the net and springs. For all the safety features, the Skywalker is offered at a great price making it ideal for families looking for the best cheap trampoline.

  • It has a non-slip jump mat for added safety
  • It is affordable for lower budgets
  • It is safe to use for kids

  • It doesn’t include instructions for assembly
  • It isn’t as durable as other options

10 – SkyBound Stratos Outdoor

A great addition to any home, this large-and-in-charge trampoline is the perfect option for you and your kids. It provides plenty of safety features that make it a reliable option for families. For example, the concave safety net makes it safe for little and big people to jump freely. Plus, it’s UV resistant which helps to keep everyone safe from the sun. Best of all when it comes to safety, the net is installed on the inside of the trampoline to protect against injuries from straps and springs. This makes it the best family trampoline.

Of course, when thinking about safety, you also care about the SkyBound being sturdy. The 6 W-shaped legs are designed to stand up to heavy weight and pressure. It also meets ASTM safety standards. The net can be installed simply with straps and Velcro. The SkyBound Stratos is well-constructed, made from strong materials such as PVC, vinyl, Zinc, galvanized steel, etc. making it the best backyard trampoline.

  • It’s a strong and durable option making it longer lasting
  • It offers optimal safety features for peace of mind
  • It is made from quality materials

  • Its price is higher than other options
  • The net is difficult to install and keep in place


What Features You Should Focus On

As you make your decision on the trampoline for your home, you will want to consider some things before purchase. Not every rebounder is the same and you will want to make sure to choose one that will meet your needs. The following features are some that you should consider while shopping.

Weight Capacity

If you are a single-child household, you may not need a product with high weight limits. A small rebounder may even be ideal for you and your little one. But, if you want something that will work for when your child’s friends come over or if you have a few children who like to bounce, look for a weight capacity of, at least, up to 375 pounds.


Many times, serious, expensive damage is caused by trampolines that “choose” to fly away in bad weather. You will want to consider anchors if you live in an area with the potential for bad storms and windy weather. Even when you may not think that they are necessary, wind stakes and anchors can make a world of difference in keeping your bouncer firmly anchored during any type of storm.

Material Quality

Quality is extremely important when it comes to this type of product. A rip in the middle of jumping can mean a bad accident. Broken springs can mean no more bounce and bent legs can put your trampoline in the “shop.” Make sure to do your research on the quality of materials used in the product that you want to buy. It will save you time and money in the long run and even save your child’s life.

Leg Shape

Because the legs are one of the most important parts to this product, you will want to consider their shape while shopping. W-shaped legs are well-known for providing great stability during use. While many people also trust U-shaped ones, the w-shaped legs are more reliable.

Weather Protection

If you are keeping this product outside, you may realize that it will be exposed to all types of weather. While one wouldn’t think about this at first, the sun can be reason for wear and tear. That’s why you will want to look for a UV protected option to ensure its durability.


Before purchasing, you will want to determine what you want to use this product for. Are you a single looking for a way to get more exercise? Or are you a parent who wants to find a better way for your kids to get their energy out? What you need it for will help you to be able to make the decision on the best product for you.


Size does matter when it comes to shopping for a trampoline. If you have a big yard, you may not need to worry so much but with limited space, you will want to check out measurements. If you plan to do exercise on your rebounder, you don’t need a very big one. If you live in a small apartment, it may be the perfect alternative and still provide you and your children with fun times and exercise.


More than any other features or things to consider, you will want to make sure that you are buying a safe product. There are many safety features to check out before buying a rebounder or trampoline. You will want to make sure that there is padding over the springs. Gaps are not your friend and you should make sure there aren’t any near the jumping mat.

The sturdiness of the legs and frame means that your kids can jump freely. A safety net is of utmost importance on any option that isn’t a small rebounder. You will want to make sure that the option that you choose has a net that is made from strong materials that won’t tear easily. Most of all, look for the ASTM safety standard in the product description. This means it has passed testing and is deemed safe for your child’s use.

In Conclusion

As you look for the best home trampoline, consider your needs. The above options provide variety in prices, sizes, quality, and features for you to choose from. Each one includes top safety features and most meet ASTM safety standards. They also promise long-lasting use and durability.

Remember that accidents can happen any time that a child uses this type of product, even with the best safety features. It’s important to discuss safe use with your children and to be present with them during their bouncing time. Happy jumping!

The Top 10 Best Reviews