Top Ten Best Wireless Earbuds With Bluetooth For 2018

If you have been searching for some great quality earphones you have probably found hundreds of products with different features and designs. They come in all price ranges. And you can easily spend a fortune on them to get the highest sound quality. But with all the information available, you will quickly get more confused than when you start out.

To help you with this we have put together this guide of the best wireless earbuds. These are the 10 products that we have filtered out of all the hundreds available. Weeks of research and analysis has resulted in this list. And if you pick one of these you will be making a choice that you won’t regret.

No matter what your budget is, you will find a suitable product. For sports, running and gym exercise, or just as a hands-free earpiece for driving. You will find all possible uses covered.

So, let’s get right into the details of the best rated wireless earbuds.

Top Ten Best Wireless Earbuds With Bluetooth For 2018 Compared

#1 - BOKATE Mini Wireless Headset
Perfect For Phone
  • Multifunction button built in
  • 4 hours of battery life
  • Latest Bluetooth technology for HD sound
5.0 stars out of 5
#2 - SMARTOMI Gee True Wireless

Fast And Easy Pairing
  • Cool design with great sound quality
  • Control buttons included for volume and multifunction
  • 5 hours music or talk time
4.5 stars out of 5
#3 - Otium True Wireless Stereo

Cool Design
  • Control buttons included for volume and multifunction
  • 5 hours music or talk time
  • 3 tip sizes for extra comfort
4.0 stars out of 5

1. BOKATE Mini Wireless Headset

These look a bit familiar and you are probably surprised by the price tag. But these are not the latest Apple AirPods. They are designed to look very similar and have the signature white cover. With a price tag far lower than the Apple products, these are a good option if you want that integrated look.

It is also the lightest product on this list. With just 4 grams you will barely notice it is there. Just be aware that unlike the AirPods, this only includes the right earbud.

The button on the side takes on multiple functions including play and pause music, accept calls and power on and off. The mic will allow you to make phone calls and it provides some very clear sound even in noisy places.


  • Perfect match for your iPhone
  • Multifunction button built in
  • 4 hours of battery life
  • Latest Bluetooth technology for HD sound
  • Extremely light at 4 grams


  • Only one right earpiece included
  • Not available in varying sizes

2. SMARTOMI Gee True Wireless

If you want to go for something that has the coolest design straight out of a Bond movie then get this Smartomi model. It is not the cheapest, but it looks and works fantastic. First of all, they are best wireless earbuds for music that we could find. Of all the options on this list, this one gives the best sound.

Secondly, it gives a pretty good audio time of 5 hours, which will cover most people for commuting times and exercise in a day. With the 3 buttons on the earpiece, you will quickly be able to adjust volume, play songs and accept calls. All while your phone is hidden in a pocket or bag.

The comfortable hooks mean that it won’t accidentally fall out of your ear and get lost. That’s something you might have experienced with other types of earphones while you are running or exercising.


  • Cool design with great sound quality
  • Control buttons included for volume and multifunction
  • 5 hours music or talk time
  • 3 tip sizes for extra comfort
  • Fast and easy pairing


  • Quite a heavy feel
  • Connection can drop occasionally

3. Otium True Wireless Stereo

The Otium product has a very neat design as well. It is one of the smallest products on this list. The included storage case will act as a charger and the battery in the case will provide up to 3 full charges. This is very convenient if you are away from a computer or power socket for a lot of the day.

You can also pair it with multiple devices. Essentially, you could be sitting at your computer and listen to music from your laptop. At the same time, you can receive a call from your Smartphone without having to change the pairing.

There is one button available and it is used to turn it on and off, discover Bluetooth connections, play music and answer calls. Overall, a very nice product with a lot of extra features that make it well worth the investment.


  • Cool design with great sound quality
  • Control buttons included for volume and multifunction
  • 5 hours music or talk time
  • 3 tip sizes for extra comfort
  • Fast and easy pairing


  • Limited battery life
  • Limited battery life

4. TaoTronics Wireless 4.1 Magnetic Earbuds

TaoTronics have this very reasonably priced product with some innovative features. The two earbuds are connected with a cord so you reduce the risk of losing one. In addition to that, there is a small magnet on each end.

That means you can connect the two ends and keep the cord around your neck. It’s a great way to not lose them when you want to take a break from music.

You can attach different size ear tips so that you can make them fit as comfortable as possible. With the soft silicone hooks, you will make sure that they stay in place even when you are very active or running.


  • Magnetic designs mean they can be easily worn around the neck without losing
  • Hooks make it suitable for all types of sports
  • 5 hours of music on each charge
  • Noise cancellation for clearer phone calls
  • Different size ear tips for more comfortable experience


  • Some interference with other nearby devices
  • Synchronization with phone is sometimes slow


If you are looking for something extremely discreet that is barely noticeable then the Nenrent product is a must buy. It comes in different colors that can make it match up with different skin tones.

There are a couple of standout features that make this an excellent choice. First, the battery will last for up to 6 hours on each charge. That will get you through most of the day. And while you are not using it, you can quickly top up the charge. The full charge time also only takes 2 hours.

The earpiece also has a multi-function button that can be used to skip songs and accept calls. You can leave your phone in your pocket or handbag and simply take calls at the press of a button.

The sound quality for music is also decent quality thanks to the HD audio over Bluetooth. It’s certainly good enough for when you are out of your home and don’t want to carry around large headphones.


  • Available in multiple colors, including skin tone
  • Up to 6 hours music or talk time
  • HD quality sound
  • Full charge in less than 2 hours
  • Very good range and reliable connectivity


  • No storage case included
  • Limited noise cancellation on calls

6. Phaiser BHS-730

If you are looking for some higher end sound quality then the Phaiser product is a very good choice. For a small device it will give a pretty good balance throughout the tones. The bass is lacking a bit, but that is very common in small headphones.

The earpiece and hook are designed to stop them from dropping out while you are running or exercising. And they are sweat proof at the same time to avoid any water damage from happening.

You also get an audio and visual indicator about the battery level, so you won’t be caught out half way through an exercise routine. For sports this is a really good choice and you’ll struggle to find better in this price range.


  • Secure fit makes it ideal for sports
  • Sweat proof design avoids water damage
  • HD sound over Bluetooth 4.1
  • Control buttons on cord
  • Battery level audio and visual warning


  • Don’t fit small ears that well
  • Limited battery life

7. RIF6 Eargo Running Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds

RIF6 is another very well designed product. It shows that a lot of thought has been put into making this look cool and be very functional at the same time. If you need earbuds that will stay in place during some tougher workout sessions then these will do the job.

The sound quality is not the greatest, but the design ensures that they will always stay in place and will not be easily lost. The cord that connects to the two earpieces works as a safety. If one did pop out it would not fall to the ground or get lost.

It has a built in mic to take calls and the multi button controls allow you to change volume, skip songs or accept calls. And your calls will be of good quality because of the noise cancelling technology.


  • Ideal for exercise with sweat resistant secure hooks
  • Built in mic for phone calls
  • Fast 2 hour charge time
  • Noise isolation for phone calls
  • 4 hour battery life per charge


  • Limited sound quality
  • Connection issues at longer distance to phone


Another really cool looking mini device is this Focuspower one. What is a really stand out feature of this model, is the fact that you get up to 6 hours of audio time on a single charge. Compared to other ones the same size that is almost twice as long. So, if you tend to be out and about a lot then this is a great option.

It also uses magnetic charging so you don’t have to try and connect a tiny cable into a tiny device. All you need to do is place it on the included USB device and it will start charging.

If you have multiple smartphones, then you will be able to connect to two of them at the same time. Maybe you have one for work and one for private life. Essentially, you’ll be able to be paired with both at the same time to receive calls.


  • Up to 6 hours talk time and music
  • Connect to multiple devices at the same time
  • Magnetic charging doesn’t require annoying cables
  • Ergonomically designed for added comfort
  • Fast charge time


  • Sound quality is only OK
  • No control buttons for volume or answering calls

9. Soundmoov Truly Bluetooth Earphones

One of the smallest options on this list is the Soundmoov. With a very cool and high tech design, these earbuds will fit discreetly and are hardly noticeable. What is particularly great about this one is that the storage box also functions as a charging station. With a built in battery you can recharge while you are on the go.

The entire design is wireless and you won’t need to plug the tiny earbuds into a USB connector, which can be quite a difficult task because of the size.

With Bluetooth 4.1 built in you can get HD quality sound. And for such a small device it is one of the best sounding wireless earbuds on this list. It will not compete with larger headphones you might have, but it will not be a bad experience. With different size ear plugs included you can modify it to perfectly fit you in a way that makes it comfortable.


  • Very small design is barely noticeable
  • Storage box works as the charger
  • Completely wireless design with no cord between both pieces
  • Very comfortable fit with different size earbuds
  • Bluetooth 4.1 enabled for HD sound


  • Limited battery life of 2 to 4 hours
  • Not ideal for sports

10. SENSO Bluetooth Best Wireless Sports Earphones

One of the best value for money headphones on this list is this Senso product. It has a cool looking design and is very comfortable to wear. The hooks are soft so they will not cause discomfort around the ears. At the same time, they are sturdy and this will prevent them from getting lost. Especially while running and exercising.

To accommodate different size ears there are two sizes of ear tips included. This will also help reduce other external noises. While on phone calls this model will use noise cancellation technology that will make it a lot easier to make calls in noisy environments.

You will also get audio time of up to 8 hours, which is above average for such small models. The included USB and car charger are very convenient and will get you charged up while you’re on the go.


  • True HD sound quality
  • Silicone ear tips in different sizes for more comfort
  • Up to 8 hours play time per charge
  • Comfortable ear hooks avoid movement
  • Noise suppression technology for clearer phone calls


  • Bluetooth signal is a bit weak at longer distances
  • Low battery warning every 5 minutes

What Earbud Features You Need To Focus On

When you are researching earphones, there are a few things to really try and focus your attention on. Product marketing material can often be very distracting with fancy claims and pretty pictures. Always try and look past that and take a close look at the following features.

Comfortable Fit

When you are wearing something small and possibly attached to your ear, then it has to be comfortable. If it causes pressure then that will eventually lead to pain. What sometimes happens is that the more secure devices are more likely to cause pressure. To avoid that make sure you get a product made with soft silicone.

This reduces pressure and better molds to the shape of your ear. As a result, you will also be much less likely to knock it out of position and maybe even lose one.

Bluetooth Technology

The latest Bluetooth version is 4.1. If you see a product advertising anything below this then make sure you avoid it. The outdated version will work fine into the future, but the sound quality will be drastically different. BT 4.1 will allow for HD quality sound to be transmitted and that will make listening to music a lot more pleasing.

Sound Quality

You just read that the Bluetooth technology will impact the quality level of the sound being transmitted. But even if you transmit HD quality sound, that will only get to your ear if the speaker inside the ear pieces are of high enough quality. You will never get as good quality results with the tiny devices. But at the same time, you shouldn’t have to put up with really poor audio quality.

One aspect that you will not be able to great performance on is the bass. There simply is not enough room to create a deep enough bass. But other than that, the mid to high tones should come out clear.

Battery Time

Here again you will always have limited results. 2 hours’ battery life is the absolute minimum you should expect from the smallest devices. In the above list, you will find some models that will give you 6 and more hours. And that is enough to get you through most of a day on a commute and even exercising.

Just keep in mind that the louder you listen to music the faster it will drain the battery.

Control Buttons

The cheapest products will not include control buttons, but that isn’t really the end of the world. But if you do tend to take a lot of calls then it is so much more convenient that you don’t have to go find your phone. Simply press the button on the controls to answer calls, hang up or play and skip songs.

Some products will only have one button, which works great. But those will usually not allow you to adjust volume.

Best Bluetooth Earphones For Working Out

When it comes to choosing a product that is ideal for some power work-outs, then you need to focus on some specific features. First of all, you will probably need to have hooks that wrap around your ear. This will reduce the risk of them falling out. Secondly, you will have to make sure that the product is sweat proof.

The best wireless earbuds for exercise that we can recommend are the RIF6 Eargo. They fit very comfortably and will not slip even when jumping. If you exercise a lot then the battery life will also keep you going for long enough.

Best Earphones For Running

The best wireless running earbuds we have found to be the TaoTronics product above. When you go running you will have a lot of repetitive movement. At times, you will also want to take out the earphones and then you want to be able to easily store them. To help, this product has some very innovative magnets built in.

That means you can wrap the cord around your neck, and the magnets will attach to each other. That way they will not fall off and get lost. And of course, they are sweat proof and won’t get water damaged even on longer runs.

Best Bluetooth iPhone Earbuds

Now, you can go and splash out over $150 for the latest AirPods. Yes, you will get great sound quality, connectivity and full integration with your iPhone. But is it really worth it? If you have come to the conclusion that it isn’t then you should seriously consider the BOKATE Mini Wireless Headset.

When you look at it first you will actually think it is the Apple AirPod. The main difference and consideration is that you only get one earpiece. But you get this for a fraction of the price of the Apple product.

Alternatively, you should consider the SMARTOMI earbuds which are the coolest looking ones on the list. You have a really nice iPhone, so you really want to avoid buying something that doesn’t look the part.


When you are looking for the best Bluetooth wireless earbuds you need to focus on certain features. You will now fully understand what to look out for. And when you have decided on a budget then you are ready to make that final decision. All the above products will give you great results. Just pick one that is in your price range and enjoy the new music experience.

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